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Literature and Promotional Materials Online Order Form
Order Information Date Requested: Name: E-mail Address: Shipping Information Contact: Organization: Address: Phone E-mail: Order Instructions 1. Order by INTERNET: Visit and click on the publications link. Follow the instructions to complete the online literature order form. 2. Order by PHONE: To place your order by phone, call the HelpLine office at 740.363.1835, ext. 112 3. Order by FAX: Complete this form and fax it to 740.369.0358, Attn. Tamika Vinson 4. Order by US. POSTAL MAIL: Complete the order form and return to HelpLine, Attn. Tamika Vinson, 11 N. Franklin Street, Delaware, Ohio, 43015. All orders will be filled within 2 weeks of requests. Date Needed: Phone: Fax:

Rev. 2/08

HelpLine Catalog
211 Item Code Qty. BM211 211 Bookmarker BC211 211 Business Card CAL211 211 Calendar KEY211 211 Key Chain MAG211 211 Magnet PEN211 211 Pen STIC211 211 Post-it POST211 211 Poster Consumer and Family Development Family Support FAM001 Services Brochure Family Ed. Support FAM002 Services Flyer Connections CON001 Connections Brochure Elec. Fingerprint/ CON002 Background Check Flyer CON003 2008 Training Catalog HelpLine HL001 HL Brochure HL002 HL Business Cards HL003 HL Calendar HL004 Spanish HL Brochure Spanish HL Business HL005 Cards Victim Resource HL006 Service Brochure HelpLine Promotional Items HL007 HL Bags HL008 HL Balloons HL009 HL Bottles (H20) HLDVD HL Corporate Video HL010 HL Safety Key Ring HL011 HL/211 Pen HL012 HL Pencil HL013 HL Power Clip/Magnet HL014 HL Magnilens HL015 HL Post-Its HL016 HL Poster HL Stress-o-Meter HL017 Rulers

Information and Referral Item Code NAMI Delaware Co. Resource RES001 Brochure Morrow Co. Resource RES002 Brochure Resource Directory – RES003 Book ($20)
Include $3.50 for postage & handling - payable by check, money order or online.


Resource Directory – CD-ROM ($20)
Include $3.50 for postage & handling - payable by check, money order or online.


Sexual Assault Resource Network (SARN) SAR001 SARN Brochure SAR002 SARN Business Cards SAR003 SARN Cups SARN Parents & SAR004 Friends Book SAR005 SARN Poster SAR006 SARN Recruitment Flyer

Note: Due to the large volume of requests and a limited supply, we will be unable to accommodate request for more than 100 pieces of literature. If your request exceeds this limit, please contact Tamika Vinson at 740.363.1835, ext. 112.

Rev. 2/08