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					Principals News Welcome Back I would like to warmly welcome all staff, pupils and their families back to Guardian Angels for the commencement of Term 3 2006. We have a number of new staff and new pupils, and these, too are warmly welcomed. We welcome Leigh-Maree Foster onto our staff. Leigh-Maree will be teaching in preschool for the remainder of 2006. We welcome back, too, Sandy Collins from an extensive overseas break. From all reports a wonderful holiday for the Collins family. School Officer Position Congratulations Bernadine Norman on being appointed as School Officer at Guardian Angels for the remainder of this year. It was pleasing from my point of view to have so many good quality applications submitted for this position. I would encourage all those who applied to not be discouraged when next a School Officer position comes up. Over the holidays Once again our school has been well maintained over the break. All airconditioners have been serviced, all carpets cleaned, all interior walls of the school were either painted or attended to, painting the exterior surfaces have been commenced, all alarm systems, fire extinguishers, exits were serviced, the courtyard garden was beautified. Prep Buildings Our new prep classrooms have finally commenced construction. There were delays with Council, but now all is on track. If all goes to plan the construction will take 20 weeks, with 17 November as planned completion date. School Fees School Fees for term 3 will go home this week. Parents are reminded that, if they are paying fees by the term, that this will be their last account for the year. We have structured our fees so that all fees are paid in the first three terms, allowing parents time to budget for the Christmas break. Pick up times after school All children are released from school at 3:00pm. Unless we have a note stating otherwise, it is expected that ALL children gather outside the Year 2 classrooms and await the arrival of their parents’ cars. Hours of Duty I am required to advise parents and children that school duty commences each day at 8:20am. Children should not come onto the school grounds before then (unless involved in supervised sporting or cultural activities, or attending Outside School Hours Care). School finishes each day at 3:00pm. Children catching buses are supervised until 3:30pm, or until the last bus arrives. Parents collecting children should do so before 3:30pm P&F Meeting All parents and friends of Guardian Angels are invited to come to this Wednesday’s meeting at 7:30pm. Prior to this meeting, at 7:00pm, there will be a meeting of all Year 7 parents to discuss this year’s Southern Tour. Internet usage I have been informed that our web site has exceptional usage, with 3gigabytes of downloads in 22 days. This equates to 100MegaBytes per day. It has been suggested that we should place ads on the web site. Interested?

Mobile phones Parents are reminded that their child is NOT to bring a mobile phone to school. If it is absolutely necessary, any phone brought to school must be turned off and handed in to the front office for the day. Failure to do so may result in the child losing their phone for a period of time. Principals Review I am happy to report that my review was successful. Many thanks to all those who were involved. Principals Conference I will be attending the annual Australian Primary Principals Conference in Alice Springs next week Camps This Term Our Years 4, 5 and 7 pupils will be enjoying the excitement of their school camps this term. A reminder that it is school policy that each child attending school camp must wear their full school tracksuit with sports top both to and from the camp. There will be a meeting of all Year 7 parents concerning their children’s trip tomorrow evening. Health Warning We will be speaking with all children this week about the importance of washing one’s hands after going to the toilet. This is an important health issue for all of us, and we would really appreciate families stressing not only the importance of washing hands after EACH visit to the toilet, but also the importance of washing one’s hands correctly. Rugby League Metropolitan Finals (North Zone V South Zone) This Friday, our second open side is playing in the Open C Metropolitan Final against Gilston State School (1:00pm), and our 10 year side will play in the 10 B Final against St Augustine’s (1:50pm). Both games take place at Helensvale Hornets grounds. We congratulate both teams on getting to these finals and wish them a successful game. Congratulations, too, to the coaches of these sides (Mr Cleverly, Miss Hogan and Mr Maunder) Terry GIMPEL Principal Assistant Principal Religious Education Year 4 & 5 Camps and Southern Trip notes At the end of last term all students in Year 4, 5 and 7 were given forms about their camps. The teachers in these grades are busy completing the final details for the camps and all notes/forms are must be back at school by Friday 14 July. If you have misplaced a form please see you child’s teacher for a replacement. Catholic Education Week Catholic Education Week runs from Monday 24th to Friday 28th July. To celebrate this week there will be a whole school Mass on Tuesday 25th led by our Year 7s. The week will conclude on Friday with Year 7 leading the Prayer Assembly. Assembly will be followed by a performance from the school band and classrooms will be open for visitors to have a look at what our children have been doing.
“Let everything that lives, praise the Lord.” Psalm 150:6

Everything that lives on earth, praises God simply by being itself. All creatures great and small, whatever their nature be, are a song of praise to God. So too is each human person. The Word of God “Let everything that lives, praise the Lord” is an invitation to praise God simply in being who you are. In your own special way, you reflect the wonder, the mystery and the beauty of God. Being yourself then, is a song of praise to God. Michael Lister APRE

Assistant Principal Administration. Welcome back to Term 3. Yesterday staff were industrious across all areas of the curriculum working on consistency of judgment of students’ work and assessment and reporting. The end of year report this year will reflect the current changes in reporting to parents while maintaining our values and beliefs about learners, learning and learning communities. School photos take place this Wednesday and Thursday. Students are required to wear their formal school uniform rather than the sports uniform. The cost of the school photo is covered by school fees. If families require a family photo, please ask one of your children to go to the front office on Wednesday to collect the necessary envelope. This will be an additional cost to your family. A timely reminder that students with shoulder length hair should wear it tied back with a scrunchie or band that coordinates with the school uniform. Also there is no place for make up for the senior girls. The term ahead is another busy one with camp for year 4 and 5, the Southern Tour for the 7’s, athletics the focus in PE and many other experiences planned for the students. If you have any questions about events please see the class teacher in the first instance. In peace Trish Daniell Coming Events General News Thirty years six and seven students recently sat for the International Mathematics Competition. Twenty two of these whose achievements were outstanding, were awarded Certificates of Credit, Distinction and High Distinction. Congratulations to all the students who made the extra effort to enter. High Distinction: - Rosalind Cartmill, Jessica Hilton Distinction: Michael Davoren, Emily Norman, Elliott Flowers, Isabella Leung, Kyle Weise, Lachlan O’Connell, Valentino Huic, Luke McGarrity Credit: Zak Johnson, Alice Jiong, Nadja Mathewson, Natasha Miller, Declan Milne, Mitchell Leeson, Georgie Patching, Katarina Volarevic, Richard Chantra, Nicholas Hall, Shane McMahon, Jack Sheehy. Congratulations also to Katy Dyer and Georgie Patching whose names were omitted from the results of the International Science Competition. Both girls received a Credit. Opti-MINDS News With only three weeks to go, our two Opti –MINDS teams are hard at it! They are trying to solve the challenge of making the ordinary EXTRAordinary. They will be presenting on Sunday 30th July at Griffith University. Everyone is welcome to come and support them. We also need lots of helpers to host the day. Mrs Dorothy Healy will be coordinating the helpers in their roles and I am hoping to find more judges to help the day run quickly and efficiently. Anyone interested (absolutely no experience necessary!), please contact either of us through the school or simply fill in the attached forms and return to the office or class teachers. A big thankyou to all those who have already nominated to help us! We are well on the way to making this another fantastic event. Our teams will be receiving their Opti-MINDS T-shirts today and will be able to wear them every Friday, as part of their school uniform, up until the Regional Day. These T-shirts were designed by the teams themselves and modified for printing by Nyleta Swindells, printed by Amy Byth in Toowoomba.

Swimming Pool Coaching every afternoon from 3:30 – 5:00pm and on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 7:00 to 8:00 am. Learn To Swim – Mondays and Fridays. Water temperature in main pool is 28 Celsius. Small pool is 32 Celsius. All bookings call Anthony on 55 972 116 or go to the pool after school. Tennis Tennis coaching begins 2nd week back in term 3. A great way to keep fit and have fun, if interested please phone Brian Birch 55391361 P & F Meeting Wed12th pm in the Library. Refreshments provided. Items for discussion include proposals for items to submit for $3000 Volunteer Grant. Notice Board – If anyone has 15 minutes to spare on a Monday morning (or Friday afternoon) we would appreciate some volunteers to do our notice board. Usually you are rostered on for the month. Please call Louise Slorach if you can help on 55 970696 or 0417 631 421. Thank you to mums who have undertaken these duties thus far! QLD Schools Shared Car Raffle Results 1st Prize Kym Boy Tkt No: 156456 2nd Prize Aida Goyne Tkt No: 334843 rd 3 Prize David Morgan Tkt No: 063426

Tkt sold by Woodstock SS Tkt sold by Palm Beach SS Tkt sold by Bentley Park School

The P & F made $6400 profit from the raffle and it will be used to fund the literary resources currently being purchased for your children. If any conveners still have their badges from the night of the fete could you please return them to the office. (especially the G.A blue P&F badges)
Sports News Athletics Training High Jump - Monday Lunch time – 12 & 13 year olds – Mr Beard - Tuesday Lunch time – 8, 9, 10 year olds – Ms O’Brien - Wednesday Lunch time – 10 & 11 year olds – Mrs O’Keefe - Thursday Lunch time – 8, 9 & 10 year olds – Ms O’Brien Long Jump - Monday and Wednesday Lunch time – 8, 9 & 10 year olds – Miss Hogan - Tuesday and Thursday Lunch time – 11, 12 & 13 year olds – Mr Cronin Shot Put – Tuesday 8:15 am – 11, 12 & 13 year olds – Mr Cleverly - Wednesday 8:15 am – 8, 9, & 10 year olds – Mr Cleverly 800m training – 10, 11, 12 & 13 year olds – Monday 3:15 to 4:00 pm – Mrs O’Keefe - Thursday 8:00 am – Mrs O’Keefe Sprint training – Monday and Friday 8:00 am – Trezise and Ms O’Brien When relay teams are selected relay training will be 1:30 pm Monday to Thursday – Ms O’Brien. Training will begin on Wednesday of week 1. Children will need to bring runners and shorts if they have a training day which falls on a non-sport PE day. Also a reminder that all sports shirts/jerseys need to be back. Please give to your Coach with your name attached.

Canteen Roster – Commencing 11 July Monday – Pupil free day Tuesday – Chris Thomson, Sue Hogan Wednesday – Jane Smith, Trish Wilsmith, Debbie Fleming Thursday – Annemarie Nuvoli. HELP NEEDED!! Friday – Louise Slorach, Kym Jamieson, Gillian Mackin Baking – Sharryn Twomey, Amanda Hall, Paula Purcell, Terese Sellens, Tina Buzzell Meal Deal Ice Age 2 – Hot Dog, polar krush & fruit jelly $3.00 Weekly Specials Monday – toasted chicken, cheese, tomato & avocado wrap $3.00 Tuesday – sushi $2.00 Wednesday - cheese burger $2.50 Thursday – Pasta Day – ham & cheese macaroni $2.80 Breakfast Menu: 8.15-8.30 every Tuesday and Thursday $3.00. Two hot banana pancakes topped with Greek style yoghurt. For Sale Betty Crocker cake mix $1.00 & Corn Flour 50c A big thank you for all the support the canteen has received throughout term 2.

Lost  

A school tracksuit jacket size 14 was lost on Friday. If anyone has found it could they please return it to the clothing pool. New Tracksuit Top belonging Callum Scanlon. Please return to S.E.U.