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									The ХVI International Exhibition

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«FLOWERS’ 2009»
3 - 6 September 2009, VVC, Pavilion No.69
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INFORMATION on import and declaration of cargo
Your company is a participant of the International Exhibition “FLOWERS 2009’. Please carefully read this information referring to customs declaration and clearance of exhibition cargo, quarantine certification of seeds, planting stock, forest and ornamental plants, fresh cut flowers, pot and dry plants. DMW-Expo is a General Declarant and transportation Agent at the International Exhibition “FLOWERS 2009” which renders transportation and forwarding services and makes provisions for customs clearance. Director General: Nickolay Avalov Tel.: 007 (495) 544 38 10, Fax: 007 (495) 544 38 11. E-mail: Website:


Customs-, On-Site-Handling- & Transport-Services Please get in contact with our partner and nominated official sole On-Site-Exhibition Freight Forwarder for all questions regarding transport to and from fairground, on-site-handling and customs procedure: Panalpina Welttransport GmbH / PAN-FAIRService® Hamburg Mr. Volker Baumann - Manager Europe / Russia / C.I.S -

Nagelsweg 37, D-20097 Hamburg / Germany Direct-Tel. +49 (0) 40 23771 - 1182 Mobil-Tel. +49 (0) 160 880 5718 Mail Fax +49 (0) 40 23771 - 1245 Internet All exhibition cargo is to be addressed in accordance with the requirements stated here. Equipment for the exhibition decoration, instruments, floristic and information materials shall arrive to Moscow by 20.05.2009. Pot plants, seeds, planting stock and dry flowers - by 01.06.2009. Fresh cut flowers - no later then by the morning of 02.09.2009 Information about the type of cargo, its weight and quantity shall be conveyed to “DMW-Expo” address in advance 1-2 weeks. Transport documents are to be sent by fax immediately after the dispatch. Goods subject to re-export after the exhibition closure (exhibition equipment, instruments, etc.) are declared for temporary import arrangements. Specific exhibition goods connected with the exhibition subjects, namely: seeds, planting stock, fresh cut flowers, pot plants, etc, information and advertising materials are declared as importation for free circulation arrangements only. CONSUMED The quantity of exhibition samples shall not be that of a trade lot and it is determined only by the requirements of stand decoration with an allowance for the necessity to renew samples spoiled during the exhibition period and samples needed for presentations. It is prohibited to realize goods and to sell them from exhibition stands during the exhibition period. Only free distribution of exhibition samples as gifts and souvenirs for guests of honor, business partners, specialists and exhibition visitors is allowed. Participating companies pay dues and taxes in accordance with the rates stipulated by Russian Customs Legislation. Transportation, forwarding and customs services are paid in accordance with “DMW-Expo” tariff. To prepare cargo for customs clearance it is necessary along with transport documents to enclose the following documentation:  Proforma-invoice (packing list) with exact data on imported goods (description, GATT code, quantity, cost, weight, delivery conditions).  It is necessary to ensure full conformity of goods in each shipped package with that specified in the proforma-invoice (packing list).  Original copy of a phyto-sanitary certificate of an exporting country certifying phyto-sanitary condition of goods.

In accordance with quarantine regulations of the Russian Federation it is allowed:  To import fresh cut flowers and pot plants only from zones free of “frankliniella occidentalis” and “liriomyza trifolii” (it must be stated in the quarantine certificate issued by the quarantine service of the exporting country).  Roots, rootstocks and flower bulbs are to be washed clean of soil.  Rooted plants in pots are to be in nutritious substrata (peat, perlite) without admixtures of soil. it is prohibited to import:  Young plants of the rose family from countries of “ervinia amylovora” spread.  Rooted cuttings of chrysanthemum and pot chrysanthemum. To receive a permit for import of seeds and planting stock in due time the participants are requested to present to the Exhibition Management lists of seeds and planting stock to be sent to the exhibition no later then 20.06.2009. The lists must show botanical species, plant variety, supposed quantity to be displayed at the exhibition (Form 1). All arriving cargo is subject to obligatory phyto-quarantine control by the Moscow Quarantine Service.

Please complete this form and return it to the Exhibition Management before 01.06.2009. Data listed below is a basis for obtaining a permit of Russian Customs and Quarantine Inspection for import of fresh cut flowers, pot plants, seeds and planting stock. Important. The data listed by you below is to be in full conformity with that specified in invoices accompanying your exhibition cargo. 1.Fresh cut flowers ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ Latin name (species) Quantity, pc. (approx.) ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ 2. Pot plants _________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ Latin name (species) Quantity, pc.(approx.) ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ 3. Flower seeds by species and varieties _________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ Latin name (species) Variety Quantity Total: species____________________ Varieties _______________. Weight:_____________ kg. 4. Planting stock of flowers, trees and shrubs ______________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ Latin name (species) Variety Quantity ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ Total: species__________________ Varieties ______________. Weight:_____________ kg.

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Note: Do not forget that you are responsible for providing the Forwarder with all necessary information & documentation about your cargo in due time.

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