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									How to remove virus manually
The first thing you have to know is how the virus work, what it does and why it slow down PC? If you start learning it, then you will take at least a year and might forget what you are doing. So it’s better always to find simple answers to a thought question. Yeah now you would be thinking ways to defend the attack on your system. The answer is simple, just follow the steps and you will be able to safeguard your PC.

First: Always prepare yourself to watch for any virus attack in your PC.
Second: If you found virus slowing down your pc then STOP it immediately. Third: Find the place where it is hiding and delete it from your computer. Fourth: edit your registry and save it. It’s not just work. It’s an experiment. AIM: To remove virus from computer. Tools required: how to remove virus document, process explorer (which you can download from Now I will tell you how this process explorer works. Process explorer is a Microsoft’s greatest tool that acts as task manager, it will show all the processes that are going in the computer. If there is any virus that is running the explorer shows the process with pink color so you can know it as unwanted or unsecure process running without your permission. Now all you have to do is click on it and press Del button, the process ends there. The process explorer will also show you the RAM that is your computer is using in the form of graph. NOTE: To follow the next step you must have your tool (process explorer) installed in your computer and you know what it is absolutely FREE, so rush and download it.

So you got the tool, ok now let us continue………………………………. First step: Actually the first step is the last step of the solution. Just looking after your computer processes. Second step: Double click the tool (process explorer, through out the chapter you will understand process explorer as tool) and look the any process that is using the RAM unnecessarily. Double click on the process, a new window pops that will show you it’s directory. Now click on the process inside the tool and press DEL button and STOP the process immediately. Third step: In the popup window you look at the path, bellow it you will find something like c:\something\something (here something refers to the folder name not exactly the same word lol). Now you are about to do some serious work. Bellow are the steps to show hidden files in the folder you want. If you know how to do it then skip the steps and delete the virus folder from the current folder and recycle bin. Step1: click start and run. Step2: type “cmd” and press enter. Step3: type: cd\ and press enter Step4: type: cd [space] the folder path leaving the virus folder name that ends with .exe and press enter. Step5: type: attrib –r –s –h and press enter Step6: now open the path folder and you will find the virus with .exe. Step7: delete it by pressing shift+del.

Step8: feel proud that you did it. You have removed the virus but tell you what, you still not removed it totally. Don’t worry just follow the steps bellow. NOTE: if you find autorun.exe in your folder except in the c: folder the please delete it. I will suggest you to open the autorun.exe in notepad and read it if possible, if you find it opens the virus name then it is the one starting the virus. Fourth step: Now you have to find the virus that is inside the registry. Step1: click start, open run. Step2: type: regedit and press enter Step3: now press ctrl+f Step4: type the virus name. e.g.: gphone.exe and delete the registry key by pressing Del button. Step5: search again by pressing f3 button and delete it. Continue this step until you have edited all the registry. That’s all you have completed the task. Cheers ! NOTE: editing registry is complicated but do not try to delete the registry that you don’t understand, be careful while editing. Also learn how to save registry in my next document. If you find any trouble please write to my mail: Thank you, Yours RAJKUMAR.

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