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					Ordering HOPE worldwide Chapter Business Cards Yes, you can order business cards for your chapter! Along with letter head, envelopes, etc. The business cards come in sets of 500. The cost is $59.95, plus shipping ($8.50) for one set. Please follow the instructions below: First off, ask yourself... have you become an official chapter of HOPE worldwide? If the HOPE worldwide national office has not received your chapter application, please hold off on ordering business cards. Contact for questions regarding the HOPE worldwide Chapter Toolkit and Chapter Application. If you are an official chapter of HOPE worldwide, Follow link to access our online print shop. Please select the Chapter Business Cards by clicking “Add to Cart." Then hit the blue "continue" arrow. You will need to type in the name of your order. Please type "______ Chapter” (your church’s chapter name) as the order name. Then hit the blue "Customize Your Product" arrow to add all of your information. To customize your card, look to the left hand bar that says "Start Here" in green and click the green button that says "edit card." A pop-up box should appear. Please fill in the information it asks for - Name & Chapter Title - Your Chapter Name - Your Address - Your phone & fax number(s) in the "000-000-0000" format. - Your email address. If you have a email address you would like to use, great! If you have another email address, please put that on the card. If you are officially a chapter, you should have the option to add a hopeww email address. If you are confused by this... call us before finishing your order! - Your website, if you have one for your programs. Double check the information on the proof. If it is right, check the box that says that you "confirm everything is correct." Then hit “continue.” Please confirm the mission statement on the back of the card. Click the green “Mission copy” button on the left hand side and then hit “submit.” Check the box that says that you "confirm everything is correct." Then hit “continue.” Either “continue shopping” or finish off the order. You can add additional comments for us to read through if you have concerns or questions. Finally, enter payment information. If you are looking for the business cards to be paid for out of your HOPE worldwide Chapter Account, please contact your accountant at HOPE worldwide or keep your receipt and submit an eCRF to HOPE worldwide for reimbursement. **Marcia Scaggs & Jenni Clemens will approve the cards before they are printed, so if there is a format error, they will catch it. **