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Part 5: Tendering to the RTA the OHS Criteria
The RTA is committed to maintaining the highest possible standard of health and safety at its work sites. The RTA also acknowledges that it shares a legal responsibility for the health and safety of contractors it engages to work on its projects. To help meet its commitments and legal obligations, the RTA tries to make sure that the contractors it engages are competent to effectively manage health and safety on large scale and complex work sites, or to manage health and safety in circumstances of particularly high risk. To achieve this objective, the RTA requires those contractors who submit tenders for RTA work to provide information which demonstrates how well they have handled health and safety on previous projects. In addition, the RTA will ask tenderers to show how they would effectively control specific hazards that will be encountered on the project. Tender documents which are assessed as not satisfactorily addressing these OHS issues will be eliminated from further consideration in the tender process. an original or certified copy of a list obtained from WorkCover of any prosecutions or fines imposed on the contractor for breach of OHS laws or regulations. If there have been prosecutions or fines imposed the contractor will show how the company has responded an outline of the OHS experience and professional qualifications of key company personnel who will work on the project, and a copy of a Site Specific Safety Management Plan provided to the contractor by a sub contractor for a project since prequalification was granted, along with a sample of safe work method statements that were prepared for the project.

Controlling Project Hazards
During concept development and design activity, various hazards associated with the project will be identified and assessed. In some cases it will be possible to apply design options to eliminate these hazards. However, those hazards which can't be eliminated will be recorded to make sure they are addressed during construction. The hazards identified in this way, and which are considered to be specific to the project, will be recorded in the OHS contract specification for major works, G22. As part of the tender assessment contractors will be asked to indicate how they would go about controlling those hazards which have been highlighted in clause 5 of G22. In addition, at clause 4.3.2 of G22 a list is provided of high risk activities which may be present on major works projects. Contractors tendering for work will be asked to provide copies of their safe work procedures for those high risk activities which are likely to be encountered during work on the project.

The OHS Performance Criteria
Contractors tendering for major works contracts with the RTA will already have provided OHS performance information when obtaining prequalification status. As part of tender assessment contractors will be asked to update this OHS performance information. The areas of OHS performance information and evidence required are: copies of an independent/third party audit carried out in the previous twelve months, along with an outline of any corrective actions that were required lost time injury statistics which cover the period since prequalification was granted