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					2010 Plan for Promotion of Taiwan Tourism in the Netherlands

Instructions to Bidders
1. This procurement project shall be governed by the Government Procurement Act of R.O.C. (hereinafter referred to as GPA) and regulations and rules promulgated by the competent authorities. 2. Project Title: 2010 Plan for Promotion of Taiwan Tourism in the Netherlands. 3. This procurement object is service procurement. 4. This service procurement project shall be categorized as a procurement project with a value more than the threshold for supervision but less than the threshold for large procurement. 5. This procurement is Non-inter-entity supply contract。 6. The amount of budget for this procurement is EUR 400,000 (around NT$ 19,200,000 tax included), including annual work of public relation, promotion activities and media purchase. The final budget shall base on the budget passed by the Legislative Yuan for the same year. 7. The authority in charge: Ministry of Transportation and communication, Republic of China (Taiwan). 8. According to Article 75 of GPA, the Institute which handles the objection from bidders is the same as the Institute which invite the tender. 9. According to Article 76 and 85-1 of GPA, the Dispute Settlement Committee who handles the complaint from bidders (not for the amount of the procurement, which does not exceeding the public announcing amount) or mediates the disputes on contract (no amount limit) is Public Construction Commission, Executive Yuan: 9F., No. 3, Songren Rd., Taipei City, 110, Taiwan (R.O.C) TEL:886-02-87897500. 10. This procurement shall not be divided. 11. The tendering procedures of this service procurement project are as follows: (1) Limited tendering procedures: (1-1)Open evaluation of qualified bidders: (1-1-1)Pursuant to the provisions of Subparagraph 9, Paragraph 1, Article 22 of GPA; contract for professional service 12. This procurement is made in accordance with GPA, all bidders are able to participate in tendering fairly. (The country or region of the suppliers shall be indicated. The related regulations for the import and dealings between Taiwan and China shall be applied, if the entity allows that suppliers of Mainland China to participate in tendering) 13. The tendering procedure of this procurement shall not be conducted on a turn-key basis. 14. This labor service procurement project does not accept joint tendering.

2010 Plan for Promotion of Taiwan Tourism in the Netherlands

15. Where a bidder has questions about the content of the tender documentation, he shall submit such questions in writing to the Entity within one quarter of the period for tendering starting from the date of publication or invitation to tender, and a segment of less than one day shall be counted as one day. 16. The Entity shall give the answer for the above mentioned questions in writing at least one day before the deadline for submission of tenders. 17. Public conference for the tender: in order to make the bidders who are willing to participate in tendering clear with this procurement, there shall be a conference held on 30 November 2009 at 14:00 in the conference room of the Entity to offer bidders the related information and instructions. Since this conference shall be held in public and bidders shall participate in this conference if they need, the bidders who do not participate in it shall have no reason to ask for another conference. 18. According to Article 33-3 of GPA, this procurement shall not allow the bidder to supplement any document other than those required in the contract before tender opening. 19. According to Article 35 of the GPA: Submitting any replacement plan is not permitted. 20. The effective period of tenders: From the date of the submitting tenders till sixty days after tender opening. 21. The bidder shall submit one copy of bidder’s qualification certificates and six copies of Professional Service Proposal. 22. The language used in the tender: English 23. The date of opening tenders shall be: A. Evaluation for the qualification of the bidders: 1. Time: 10:00, 18th December 2009 2. After opening the tenders of this procurement, the qualification and certifications of the bidders shall be evaluated. If the bidder passes the qualification evaluation, their Professional Service Proposal will be considered for evaluation as the next step. The bidder who does not pass the qualification evaluation may get back the tender against a receipt. 3. If the documents from the bidder were found false, forged or altered, no matter he wins the tender or not, the entity shall cancel his qualification and shall handle this according to the law. 4. If there is any suspicion that a bidder colludes other bidders to bid together in order to win and intent to gain illegal benefits from that, his tender shall be nullified on the spot and be handled by judicial entity. The foregoing shall also be applied to that after

2010 Plan for Promotion of Taiwan Tourism in the Netherlands

contract awarded if this is proved to be true. 5. The bidders shall be allowed to send their staffs (not more than 2 persons). One of them shall be the person in charge of this company or his authorized personnel (an authority shall need to be presented). 6. The submitted tender shall be annulled if one of the following circumstances on the date of tender opening be found: (1)Where the envelope is not sealed. (2)Where one bidder sends two tenders or more. 7. If there is any part which is not clear for the Entity, the Entity is allowed to request the bidder to clarify it during opening the tenders. In case the bidder refuses to clarify or is not willing to be cooperative, his tender shall be esteemed as abandoned. 8. According to the Article 38 of GPA, the bidder shall not be allowed to participate in tendering if a bidder is a political party or affiliated to a political party. B. Evaluation for the Professional Service Proposal: 1. Time and place: all the bidders who pass the qualification evaluation shall be advised the time and place for evaluation for the Professional Service Proposal. 2. Evaluation items, standards and measures refer to article 9 in Descriptions of Tender. Place for opening tenders of this procurement publicly: in the conference room at Rheinstr. 29, 60325 Frankfurt am Main, Germany. The total number of the persons from each bidder who has the right to participate in the tender opening shall not be more than two persons. One of them shall be the person in charge of this company or his authorized personnel (an authority shall need to be presented, please refer to the attachment of tender documentation). Every bidder shall submit all documents of his tender for this procurement to the Entity at the same time and the tender shall be opened in two different steps. The qualification and certifications of the bidders shall be evaluated at the first step. If the bidders pass the qualification evaluation, their Professional Service Proposal will be considered for evaluation as the next step. Since the type of this procurement is service procurement, there is no guarantee bond for this procurement. Since the type of this procurement is service procurement, there is no performance bond for this procurement. A government estimate shall be set for this procurement. But this government estimate shall not be announced.

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2010 Plan for Promotion of Taiwan Tourism in the Netherlands

30. The contract shall be awarded to the most advantageous tender according to Article 22-1-9 of the GPA. 31. This procurement shall not be conducted with multiple awards. 32. The way of awarding the contract shall be adapted with total amount. 33. If the contract can not be awarded, the negotiations stated Article 55 and 56 in GPA shall not be conducted. 34. This procurement is made accordance with the exception mentioned in Paragraph 1, Article 106 of GPA. 35. The basic qualification of the bidders and the certificates to be submitted are as follows: A. Basic qualification: Legal established Advertising agency, PR or Travel Marketing Consultant company. B. Certificates: 1. Copy of Company Registration. 2. Financial statement certificate: certificates from the banks, the financial report signed from Accountant or Credit certificate issued from the financial or credit organizations etc. 36. If needed, the Entity has the right to request bidders to submit the original documents within a time period for the purpose of inspecting all the copy documents submitted by the bidders. If the copies are not accordance with the original ones and found forged or altered, the regulation of Article 50 in GPA shall then be conducted. 37. The qualification of the foreign bidders and the certificates: If there is any difficulty to submit part of the document for the foreign bidders due to the condition of that country, the bidders shall be allowed to state this situation on their tender or submit the equivalent qualifications as replacement. 38. The function, beneficial result, measurement, standards, quantity and places for the procurement and the liability of the awarded bidder for executing the contract shall be prescribed in the contract attached. 39. If there are requirements for specific Logo or name for the products, patent, design or mode, special product of origin, producer or supplier, the bidders are allowed to submit equivalent products. The bidders shall prescribe the mark, price, function, beneficial result, standards and characters of the equivalent product in the tender for the supervision by the Entity. 40. The bidder shall execute the contract within the area of the Netherlands. 41. The currency of the tender from bidder is Euro. 42. When the procurement is involving Intellectual Property Rights, the Entity shall obtain all relevant rights.

2010 Plan for Promotion of Taiwan Tourism in the Netherlands

43. Intended bidders shall not be allowed to bid, be awarded with contract or be subcontractor or assist other bidders: A. The intended bidders who make the tender documentation for this procurement. B. The intended bidders who provide evaluation service in this procurement. C. The intended bidders who execute the contract with the Entity and know the secrets or the information that the other intended bidders can not get and therefore have advantage to win the tender. D. The intended bidders who offer project managing service for the Entity, which is related to this procurement. 44. The tender documentation include the following: (1)Instructions to Bidders (2)Declaration of the Bidder (3)Contract (Draft) (4)Descriptions of Tender (5)Details of the Bidder 45. The bidder shall fill out the Declaration of the Bidder attached in the tender documentation (please do not use pencil), seal it together with the qualification certificates and other documents stated in the tender documentation in one small envelope and then seal this small envelope together with 6 copies of Professional Service Proposals in another big envelope for participating in tendering. Please write the name, address of the bidder and project title of this procurement on each of the small and big envelopes. 46. The tender shall be sent to the address: “Rheinstrasse 29, 60325 Frankfurt am Main, Germany before 09:00 on 18th December 2009 (arrival time) per post or per personal delivery. The tender which arrives later than the time-limit shall not be handled. Please pay attention to the delivery time of the post office, the date stamp of the post office will not be esteemed as a proof. 47. The circumstances which are not stated in these instructions shall be handled according to the regulations in related Government Procurement. 48. Other instructions: A. Please refer to Descriptions of Tender. B. Any question or objection arises concerning this procurement, please contact Mr. Thomas Chang, Director of Taipei Tourism Office in Frankfurt under the Telephone no.: 49-69-610743 C. If there is any illegality in this procurement, accusation lines and mailboxes are: 1. Taiwan Tourism Bureau Inspection, 886-2-23491740

2010 Plan for Promotion of Taiwan Tourism in the Netherlands

2. Audit task for procurement of Minister of Transportation and Communication, Tel: 886-49-2370030,Fax: 886-49-2391508 3. Public Construction Commission, Executive Yuan, 886-2-87897500 D. All the costs for the tender shall be afforded by the bidder himself no matter he wins the tender or not. E. After the deadline of accepting documents, the bidder shall not be allowed to supplement any documents or ask for correcting, revising or adding the contents in Professional Service Proposal.