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									Contractor guidance for the E-tendering of Section 28 contracted out school inspections

February 2008

TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Introduction 2. Contractor Registration 3. Invitation to Tender (ITT) 4. Tender Completion 5. Publishing 6. Amending Qualification/Commercial Responses After Publishing Tender 7. Help & Support 1 1 2 3 10 11 12

INTRODUCTION Estyn will be implementing electronic tendering (e-tendering) from the Autumn 2008 inspection term for all section 28 school inspection contracts. All contractors who wish to participate in the future tendering of school inspection contracts will need to do so electronically (paper based tendering will no longer be available). This guidance is provided to assist all contractors in the completion of e-tendering.

CONTRACTOR REGISTRATION In order to complete e-tendering through the e-tender website all contractors will be required to complete online registration with etenderwales. Online registration will only need to be completed once by contractors. Subsequent access to the website will be via a username and password. The following steps will guide contractors through the registration process. 1. Open your selected internet browser. 2. Go to the bravo solutions webpage at:

3. Select Suppliers Register here.

4. Read user agreement – save/print pdf version as required. 5. Agree user agreement and select continue. Contractors not agreeing the user agreement will not be able to complete registration. Contractors who do not complete registration will not be invited to tender.


6. Complete registration data (mandatory fields highlighted with a must be completed). Contractors will need to create a username. The username will allow the contractor to successfully login to the website. There is no specific guidance for creating a username so Contractors are able to choose any username they wish (personal names; company names, numbers etc.). 7. After completing the registration data select save. The following message will then appear: “Thank you for completing your registration. For security reasons you have now been logged-out of the site. An email containing your username and password has been sent to confirm your registration. Upon receipt of this email you may log-in to the site. If you do not receive an email, please contact the Helpdesk using the contact details shown on the homepage” Contractors will be able to use the website link contained in the email to log into the site. 8. Contractors must log back into the site using their username and password. At this time contractors will be asked to develop a new password as the one provided is only a temporary password. Contractors will then be able to use their own username and password for all future login requirements. INVITATION TO TENDER Only contractors who have completed registration will be invited to tender. An automatically generated email will be sent to all registered contractors inviting them to tender when an Invitation to Tender (ITT) as been uploaded onto the website by Estyn. (Please refer to appendix 1 for a copy of the email inviting contractors to tender).


TENDER COMPLETION A. B. Go to e-tender website as per previous steps 1 & 2. Enter your username and password in the spaces provided.


Select My ITTs.


D. This screen will display all ITTs that contractors will have been invited to tender for. You must select Estyn’s ITT by selecting the relevant ‘ITT code’ and not the descriptive text. Please note the following: • • • ITT Title (this will be the inspection term and year) ITT Closing Date ITT Status – one of 3 options − Running – tender is live − Closed: To Be Evaluated – tender has closed, buyer to evaluate − Closed – Award to One/Multiple Supplier/s – tender is closed contracts to be awarded • Response Status – one of 3 options − Response Not Submitted To Buyer – response has not been published − Response Partially Successful – tender partially awarded − Response Submitted To Buyer – response has been published


E. Read summary of steps which are intended as a guide for the completion of the qualification response and the commercial response electronically.

F. Step 1: Select Settings, Buyer Attachments & Messages (located to left of page).


G. Step 2: Read overview of tender. This overview provides a general summary of the tender including the requirements for tender submission.

H. Step 3: Select Buyer Attachments (located to left of page).


I. Step 4: Select, open and read attachments 1 to 3. These attachments are Estyn’s standard tendering documents.

(Please refer to appendixes 2 to 4 for copies of these attachments). J. Step 5: Select and save attachments 4 to 8 as required. Contractors need only select and open the attachments for which they intend tendering. (Please refer to appendix 5 for a copy of attachment 4. For an example of a school specification which represents primary, secondary, special and PRUs please refer to appendix 6). All attachments can be saved and or printed as required by the contractor. K. Step 6: After reading all the required attachments please select My ITTs and re select the relevant ITT (Step 7). This will bring you back to the initial tender screen and the qualification response.


L. Step 8: Please answer questions 1 to 13. These qualification responses seek assurance from contractors that they have read and understood the terms and allow contractors to provide details regarding capacity and conflict. All fields are mandatory and must be answered in order to submit a tender. (Mandatory Fields are marked with an )

M. Step 9: Once all questions have been answered save responses selecting Save at either the top or the bottom of the main page.

N. The following message will appear. Select ‘OK’ to continue.


O. Step 10: Select Commercial Response (located to left of page).

P. Step 11: Contractors should complete the commercial response for inspections tendered for. The commercial response is where the contractor inputs the tender price (VAT exclusive), for each of the contracts available (Primary, Secondary, Special & PRUs). Tender amounts are entered into the Unit price column. The "Answered" box must be changed to "Not Answered" if you do not wish to tender for that particular inspection.


Contractors do not need to fully complete the tender once logged onto the website. The tender could be completed in parts if required. The contractor must ensure that all work is saved by selecting save at either the top or the bottom of the screen. A contractor can log back onto the website at any time whilst the tender is live and return to the page they were working on. Q. Step 12: Save responses by selecting Save at either the top or the bottom of the main page. When work is saved the following message will appear. Select ‘OK’ to continue.

PUBLISHING Upon completion of both the qualification and commercial response contractors need to publish their tender documentation. Once the tender has been published contractors are able to review, amend and re-publish the tender as often as is necessary up until the scheduled closing date and time. For the purposes of awarding inspection contracts the most recently published tender prior to the scheduled closing date and time will be used by Estyn. Previously published tenders will not be available. Estyn does not have access to any published tenders prior to the scheduled closing date and time. R. Step 13 To publish the tender Publish must be selected (under Actions located to left of page).


S. After selecting ‘Publish’ the following screen will be displayed. Contractors should check their responses for accuracy and select ‘Confirm’ at the top or bottom of the page.

T. Once confirm has been selected, logout and exit your Browser.

AMENDING QUALIFICATION/COMMERCIAL RESPONSES AFTER PUBLISHING If a contractor wishes to review and amend their Qualification/Commercial responses after publication of tender they may do so at any time up until the scheduled closing date and time. Amendments can be made following the steps above. Please note however that when saving responses contractors will automatically be asked to confirm and republish amendments.

The Bravo Solutions site will allow contractors to submit a late tender. However, Estyn will not accept any tenders that are late and these will be rejected.


HELP & SUPPORT 1. Should contractors have any contract related enquires relating to a particular tender round please contact the Contracts team via email or by phone: Alan Bullas – 02920 446306 Gill Stanton – 02920 446323 Dean Andrews – 02920 446332 2. Should contractors experience any difficulties with the website the following resources can be accessed: • • E-tendering help desk E-tendering user guide which can be viewed online or downloaded as required. This user guide is only accessible once logged onto the system on the main page.






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