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Athena Gardens Rules of Hire
Before you commit to Hire Athena Garden, please familiarize yourself with the Rules of Hire. Clients hiring Athena Garden, their caterers and contractors are required to adhere to these rules. A Duty Manager and 2 deputies will be present during events to supervise the premises and to ensure that these rules are upheld. Essential rules for outside contractors • All contractors must liaise with the Duty Manager on their proposed plans for the event so that we can make appropriate Health and Safety checks. • The Hirer is required to supply no later than d day before the event a list of all the contractors and subcontracts names and timelines which should include arrival setup times and departure to the Duty Manager so as to coordinate the delivery areas. • Contractors are required to have a list of personnel on site for H & S reasons. • The Duty Manager will act as Evacuation Marshall for the Garden but the hirer’s contractors are responsible for the safety of their staff. • Contractors and sub-contractors are advised that the garden houses a collection of plants which should not be damaged during setup. (We will make a charge of between P35 and P50 per plant damaged). • All equipment must be cleared from the site by 10:00 am the following day. Clearance times must be agreed with the Duty Manager. Access and parking • All deliveries must be coordinated with the Duty Manger and agreed before the Event. • Catering and other deliveries are made via the Front Gate and should be done before the arrival of the bridal party as their cars will block the drive way after their arrival. • No deliveries should come through after the bridal parties have arrived as the gate is shared. • No vehicles are allowed to drive onto the lawn for whatever reason, all deliveries must be offloaded at the designated areas and no exceptions will be made.

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My gift to you! ________________________________________________________________________ • Parking is availed and will be pointed out to your staff, all delivery vehicles have to move their vehicles to the designated parking areas once delivery is done. No vehicles should be parked in the delivery area during setup. • The Hirer is required to provide parking marshals to control and assist guests with parking. • Special parking can be arranged with the Duty Manager which is located inside the premises; we recommend that the vehicles in this parking should be reserved for guests who will stay for the entire function e.g. family members to avoid traffic during the function. Disabled access • Please make prior arrangements with the Duty Manger for your disabled guests parking and toilet facilities. • Please note our paths are gravel and grass. • The hired toilets are unfortunately accessible only by steep stairs. Make shift Kitchen • The kitchen supplied does not include any cooking facilities, only water. Please supply all your cooking utensils and utilities. • The hirer and their caterer are expected to leave the kitchen in the same condition in which it is found. • The facility fee does not include cutlery, crockery, table linen, food or drink, or the cost of staff labor to service the function. • All refuse must be taken off site by 10:00am the following morning. If collected the following morning, please arrange access in conjunction with the Duty Manager. • Sinks must be left clean. • Nothing must be thrown down the drains outside the kitchen or House.

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Athena Gardens | Tel: +267 392 8129/ 7262 1109| P. O. Box 3099 Gaborone

My gift to you! ________________________________________________________________________ • The kitchen windows cannot be used for deliveries or for any other purpose. • Ice must be disposed of in the drains and not on the flower beds. Garden lighting • Garden lighting must be discussed and agreed with the Duty Manager and recorded on the Booking Form. • Oil flares and wax candles in drip-proof containers are allowed on the main paths only but not in the flowerbeds, on the Kiosk or in any of the buildings. • Further electric lighting can only be arranged with our approved lighting supplier. • Lighting contractors have responsibility for the Heath and Safety of their staff.

Music and noise • All musical arrangements must be discussed and agreed with the Duty Manager and recorded on the Booking Form prior to the event. The Musicians have to meet with the Duty Manager at least 2 hours before the ceremony to sort out power points and setup • Any music or other amplified sound in the Garden must finish at the time agreed on the Booking Form. The latest time that music or other amplified sound can possibly finish is 02:00am. • No speakers are allowed outside of any of the Garden’s permanent or temporary structures. • Guests are requested to leave the premises quietly, by 01:30 at the latest (or 02.30 if an event extension has been agreed, at an additional cost of P100.00). • Local residents have the mobile number of the Duty Manager if noise from the event becomes a nuisance and if noise levels are not rectified they will ask the local Police to close the event.

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Athena Gardens | Tel: +267 392 8129/ 7262 1109| P. O. Box 3099 Gaborone

My gift to you! ________________________________________________________________________ Safety • If a Fire should go off, all staff and visitors must congregate quietly at the maid gate. • The Duty Manager will act as Evacuation Marshall and will be responsible for making sure the Chief Fire Officer is kept informed. • The hirer must ensure there are enough responsible adults dedicated to the care of children present at any event. • All young persons must be supervised at all times; there are poisonous bugs in the area, as well as one deep pond. and finally.. • Caterers must provide ashtrays or large receptacles for people who smoke in the Garden, and dispose of the contents. • No smoking, naked flames or candles are allowed in the building, marquee or awning. • Photographs are not always representative of how the Garden may look on the day of your Event. The Duty Manager can update you on any new projects planned.

Further information
For more details, bookings or a Hire Pack, please email or telephone +267 7262 1109.

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Athena Gardens | Tel: +267 392 8129/ 7262 1109| P. O. Box 3099 Gaborone