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PREFACE God’s word says that the effectual and fervent prayers of the righteous availeth much (James 5:16) and we, as Christians, have known that this is true. Throughout my life, God has always been there to answer my prayers. Sometimes my prayers have been answered quickly and sometimes it took him a while to answer my prayers. Whenever God has not answered my prayers as quickly as I wanted them to be answered, I had to always remind myself that all things works together for the good of those who love the Lord and who are called according to his purpose (Romans 8:28). We must always teach our children to pray and we must teach our children that God answers prayers. We must teach them to have faith and that Jesus loves and cares for them. God wants them to pray to him and he wants to answer their prayers. I have always known that God answers prayers. As a witness to the power of God and the way he answers prayers, I would like to share with you my own story. MY STORY Being born as the oldest child in my family and the oldest Grand Child for my Maternal Grand Mother and Grand Father I sometimes yearned for a large family with lots of sisters and brothers. As I grew older and developed friendships with other children my age, I always knew that I wanted to have more sisters and brothers. Both my Mother and my Father had lots of loving sisters and brothers to keep them company and most of my friends came from large families with lots of sisters and brothers around. Playing with my younger brother was fun but I always wanted more. I would even become secretly jealous whenever other friends and relatives sported their new baby brothers and sisters around. I would silently wish that that was my Mom and Dad sporting their new baby around but it seemed that it was not going to happen. As my brother and I began to grow and I developed more of an interest in dolls and my brother became interested in trucks, cars and airplanes, we would sometimes retreat to our own little worlds and play alone. One warm Friday evening as I lined all of my dolls and teddy bears up in chairs in order to play school, I suddenly began to feel very lonely. Then God placed it on my heart to get down on my knees and pray. I kneeled before my Grandma’s old rocking chair and asked the dear Lord to please let my Mom and Dad give birth to two (2) girls and a boy. To this very day, I don’t know what propelled me to ask for two (2) girls and a boy but I do know that I wanted my little brother to have someone to play with also. So, if I was going to pray for two (2) sisters for me, certainly he needed someone to play with also so I asked God for a boy for my little brother. I can’t recall ever being selfish as a child and I always wanted to share with my little brother.

As summer came to an end and another school year emerged, I found out that my Mother was expecting a baby. I was so happy!!! After all of these years alone, my brother and I were finally going to have a little brother or sister of our very own. What a joy! On March 13, 1969, my parents became the proud parents of a “picture perfect” baby boy. What a lovely sight! He was everything I every wanted and I couldn’t wait to get home from school each day to be with my new baby brother. He was such a wonderful child! Everybody doted on him and we loved him so much. My Mother was a “much loved” teacher so most of my Mother’s class would come over to see my new baby brother after school. They missed my Mother so much while she was on leave with my baby brother. About two (2) years later, I began to since that something was about to happen in our lives. Soon after, we learned that my Mother was expecting another baby. I was so happy! Maybe I would finally get my baby sister at last. On May 5, 1971, ten years after my own birth, my parents became the proud parents of another “picture perfect” baby. This time it was a little pretty and petite baby girl. I had my baby sister at last! My! How I enjoyed showing her off to my friends. They thought she was sooo pretty. She even looked a lot like me. Our family is complete, I thought. My brother had a little brother and now I had a little sister. It never dawned on me that God was not finished with us. Remember, I had prayed for two (2) girls and a boy. My baby sister remained the baby of the family for about three (3) years. She spent a lot of time with me and my friends and as a result, she was a very mature little girl. She was wise way beyond her years. I should have known that God was up to something. Then one day while taking a break from playing outside with our friends, my brother and I ventured into the house. As we were headed back outside, I overheard my Mother talking to her doctor’s office over the phone asking for an appointment because she thought that she was pregnant. I nearly stopped in my tracks but I kept going because I did not want her to know that I was eavesdropping on her once again. My brother never was a big eavesdropper so it never dawned on him what was being said. This time, my parents threw hints in order to prepare us for the big event. We were even allowed to touch my Mother’s tummy and ask questions this time. All of this interaction was off limits during her previous pregnancies. Mother looked so pretty. My Father bought us fur coats which we wore with pride. Still, I couldn’t believe it. This can’t be real, I kept telling myself. Certainly she’s not going to spring another baby on me. By this time, the responsibilities of being a big sister had begun to take a toll on me. My Paternal Grand Mother had passed away by this time and my Father traveled four (4) days a week with his job so my Mother needed me to assist her with the chores and in taking care of my younger siblings since I was the oldest. I was assigned more chores and had assumed more responsibility around the house. My Maternal Grand Mother always encouraged me to help my Mother and my Mother was always talking about how much she helped her Mom as a child being the oldest of nine so I wanted to set a good example even though it was difficult at times. After all, I loved my little sister and brothers very much and I wanted them to have the best so I did what I had to do.

It seemed like this baby took it’s time getting here. We thought that it would arrive around Christmas. Christmas came and went and still no baby. Maybe, this would be a New Year’s baby we thought but New Year’s Day came and went and still no baby. Finally, on January 25, 1974, my Mother and Father became the proud parents of a chubby, rosy cheeked baby girl. She was as cute as she could be. She was such a fat, cuddly little child that she instantly won everybody’s heart and we spoiled her rotten. Now our family was complete! I now have a big family just like my friends and cousins. I really enjoyed showing off my little sisters and brothers and my Great Aunt and Uncle who lived next door really doted on them just like they were their very own Grandchildren. They instantly became surrogate Grandparents to them. By this time, I was a teenager and some of my friends were becoming Aunts and Uncles but my parents still had babies at home but I didn’t mind at all. I had my two (2) girls and my brother had a little brother so we were happy. Soon after, it dawned on me that God had answered my prayer just the way I had prayed it that warm Friday evening in front of my Grandmother’s old rocking chair. Now when I think back on that prayer and the miraculous way that God had answered my prayer, I’m sometimes struck with awesome wonder and amazement. God had heard the prayers of a little, brown seven (7) year old girl on a warm Friday evening and had stepped in and answered her prayers the exact way she had prayed them. As a seven year old child, I could not have imagined the magnitude of God’s imminent powers and abilities but he had revealed himself to me in such a magnificent way at a very young age. We serve an awesome God! He had heard the simple prayers of a little seven year old girl and he had answered my prayers. WHEN A CHILD PRAYS, MIRACLES HAPPEN! I’m a living testimony. I’m now passing on the blessings to my husband and now to our very own miracle child, DJ, and to others who would lend an ear to what God has to say. I love my little miracles so much! Note to Readers: If you have a true story that you would like to share regarding a prayer that you prayed as a child or that a child you currently know has prayed and God has answered that prayer, I would like to hear your testimony. I’m in the process of collecting true stories of how God has answered the prayers of a child and I would like to also hear your true stories of faith. Please contact me if you would like to share your story with me.

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