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									7. Uploading Attachments
Size Limit of Attachments • Each attachment is limited to 3.5MB, but the number of attachments are unlimited • The most straightforward way of uploading attachments to is to compress the files into a folder first, then upload the folder to EBP To do this o Select the documents you wish to compress o right click your mouse and choose “Send to” another menu will then appear o click “Compressed (ZIP) file” o Check the compressed file is not greater than 3.5MB. If it is you will have to reduce to less than 3.5MB by removing one or more files. o Now choose the compressed folder to be uploaded to EBP

• •

9. Continued
N.B. Once this option has been chosen, you will no longer be able to modify the bid or resubmit your bid The following message should then appear confirming the bid has been submitted.

EBP Tendering Tool Suppliers Quick Reference Guide

10. General Information
Do not use the Browser Back or Forward buttons

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Alternatively, you may upload each file separately
You must ensure you save after uploading each attachment to EBP

These buttons act on the browser, and are not part of the EBP software. Change

To upload an Attachment • Click on the “Browse” button and select the appropriate file from your PC using the drop down menu that appears. Highlight the specific file to be uploaded, then click “Open” • Repeat this step until all attachments have been uploaded. To delete an Attachment • To delete an attachment that may have been uploaded by mistake, simply click on the waste bin icon that appears to the right of that attachment:

1. Contact Details
If you require technical assistance •
The “change” button allows you to edit any of the existing information. Each time you save, this button must be pressed to allow any edits to be made. If you have saved your bid for example and then wish to submit your bid you must click “Change” and then “Submit Bid”. Maximising and Minimising Windows To expand the main screen, click on the arrow shown at the side of the menu on the left which will minimise this section • • Telephone the EBP help desk on 01355 845 145 or email:

scottishpower-suppliers@scottishpower.com Please ensure you provide the following contact details: supplier name, supplier EBP ID, the EBP tender number, and a description of the problem
Please note, opening hours are 08:30 to 16:30 (GMT) TAKE A NOTE OF YOUR INCIDENT NUMBER THE HELPDESK GIVE YOU

8. Saving your Bid
• To save your bid, click on the “Save Bid” button shown at the top of the screen.

• •

To bring the menu back again, simply click on the arrow again:

If you require functional assistance Please contact the buyer who issued the tender to you if you are unsure on anything related to EBP or the tender documents. This leaflet contains information on how to access the tender documents and load your bid, please read it and don't leave accessing EBP to the last minute.

9. Submitting your Bid
• To submit your bid, click on the “Submit Bid” button shown at the top of the screen.

EBP Password – Important Information
One EBP user ID and one password per supplier • There is only one username and password for each supplier, we recommend that the necessary employees who work within the company communicate and manage their account. The helpdesk can reset your password but this is not an ongoing option.

2. Logging Into EBP
Bid Invitation Email • When the tender is published, the contact for the supplier will receive an email inviting them to participate in the tender. The email will also include a link to the EBP system •

• 3. Continued You can also search for tenders by tender number, name and status. • • • •

You can then log out of EBP and start working on your bid response.

6. Creating a Bid
Once you are ready to submit your bid, please make sure that each file or folder you want to attach is less than 3.5MB Log on to EBP, locate the tender and click into the tender. Click on the “Create Bid” button located on the top left hand corner of the screen. You will then notice a fourth tab appears called ‘Suppliers Bid Information’ this is where you should attach your tender response documents.

• •


Click on this link and the main EBP screen should appear and you will be prompted to complete your log in details. If it is the first time the supplier has been invited to participate in a tender using the EBP system, they should contact email cas.admon@iberdrola.es as indicated in the email to request their initial password. When the supplier first connects, the system will then automatically request a change of password. Enter the User ID in the first field, the password in the second field, then click “Log-on”.


To perform a “wildcard” search, enter “*” at the beginning and end of the string. For example, if you were searching for a tender that included “temporary” within it’s name, then you could enter *temp* All tenders which contained “temp” within their title would then be displayed – as illustrated below:


Basic Data Tab • Within the basic data section, you are required to complete four mandatory fields which are highlighted below:

3. Accessing the Tender
Once you have logged in to EBP, select “Tender for Supplier” from the menu on the left hand side of the screen


To select the tender, click on the number of the tender, The details of the tender will then appear in a new screen.

4. Viewing the Tender
• • The bid invitation email which you received inviting you to participate in a tender will have a note of the EBP tender number. Enter this number into the “Document Number” field then click “Start” The tender should then be displayed. To view the details of the tender, click on the number of that tender, the details of the tender will then appear in a new screen. To search for another tender within EBP • All tenders issued to your company from ScottishPower will be contained within this search function. Simply leave all fields blank and click ‘Start’ and all tenders that your company has been invited to tender for will be displayed. • • • • • • • Once you have clicked on the tender you wish to view, a screen will appear containing the details of the tender. Three tabs are shown: Basic Data, Partn./Ship, and Attached Tender Documents. The Basic Data tab will contain information such as Bid Name, the Bid Submission Date, the Supplier’s contact person assigned to the tender, and the Tender Number The Attached Tender Documents tab will contain the tender documentation and any message from ScottishPower. The Partn./Ship tab gives the name of the buyer issuing the tender.


5. To View Tender Documents
To view tender attachments, the user must click on the Attached Tender documents tab and click into each document displayed. The system will ask if they would like to either “save documents to PC” or “Open them from current location”. We recommend that you save all documents to your PC and open them from there.

Bid Reference (your company’s tender reference for the work, otherwise put a fictitious number in e.g. 123456) o Date of offer (this should be the date you will be submitting the offer and be in the format dd.mm.yyyy o Product number (enter fictitious number if you don’t have one e.g. 123456) o Price (your procurement contact will advise if this is the total price or otherwise – please don’t put any full stops in if you need to add pence you must use a comma e.g. £101.12 should be 101,12). Suppliers Bid Info Tab o


You can then begin to attach any tender documents you wish to send to ScottishPower as part of your Bid.

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