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Open Tendering Method


									Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh
Office of the Executive Engineer Kishoreganj PWD Division, Kishoreganj
Invitation for Tender ( IFT)

Open Tendering Method

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Ministry/Division Agency Procuring entity Name Invitation for tender No & date Name of Project Name of Work

Ministry of Health and family Welfare. /Department of Health services Public Works Department (PWD) Executive Engineer, Kishoreganj PWD Division, Kishoreganj Tender No . 05 /E/M/2008-2009 date: 17/12/ 08

Upgradation of Dist Hospital from 100 beds to 250 beds = 5 N0s (One at Kishoreganj).

Supplying and installation of a)Electrical sub-station equipment, b) Diesel operated emergency 150 KVA Auto Generator, c) LT Overhead line and compound light.
Open Tendering Method (OTM) 500 KVA Tansformer, H. T switch gear, L. T switch gear, P.F .I ,HT, LT cable , diesel operated Generator, L. T over head line. 06 ( Six ) Month. (from the date of issue of work order) As stated in Tender Document and shall also meet the following qualifying criteria. This invitation for Tenders is open to all eligible Tenderers who has satisfactory completed similar nature of work valued not less than 60 (Sixty) Laces during the last 5(Five) years in a single tender under any Govt./Semi Govt./Autonomous organization. The certificate shall have to be issued by the officer not below the rank of Executive Engineer of the concerned Department/ Organization duly verified by the Executive Engineer of PWD of that District/Area under whose Jurisdiction the work has been done (Format-A ) (b) Tenderer Must have 2008-2009 Fiscal Year Trade License. (c) Tenderer Must have valid Vat clearance Certificate from the NBR. (d) Tenderer Must have up –to-date (2007-2008) income Tax Clearance Certificate from the NBR. (e) Tenderer must also possess contractors license from licensing Authority and may have ABC contractor’s license from Electricity Licensing Board of Govt. of Bangladesh. (f) Average annual construction Turnover shall be greater than Tk. 240 (two hundred forty) Laces over the last 5 (Five ) years. g) Minimum Liquid assets or cash flow should be Tk. 40.00 (Fourty) Laces only. h) Attested copy of document mentioned in SI NO. a.b.c d.e.f.g to be submitted along with the tender and also Original money Receipt. (a)

7. 8. 9. 10.

Procurement Method Brief description of Works and related services Time for completion of the Work Eligibility of Tenderers

11. 12. 13.

Budget and source of funds Price of tender document Tender security/earnest money

Government Bangladesh (GOB)
Tk. Tk.3,000/- (Tk. Three thousand ). Only per Set of tender schedule (Non – refundable) Tk. 2,98,000/- (Tk. Two Lac. Ninety Eight Thousand ) only. in the form of PO or BD or Bank Guarantee( From W-3) dully Plagued from any Schedule Bank of Bangladesh.


Name and addresses of the offices selling tender documents

i)Office of the Undersigned. ii) Dhaka PWD E/M P&D Division - I. II, Dhaka E./M Division I,II,III,IV,V,VI,VII,VIII,Wood work shopSher-e-Bangla Nagar. Work shop Division Sher-e-Bangla Nagar.Dhaka.Chittagonj PWD E/M P&D Division, Chittagonj PWD E/M Division-I,II Agrabad, iii) Office of the Executive Engineer, Dhaka PWD DivisionI/II/III/IV/Medical/Motijheel/Azimpur/Mirpur/Mohakhali/Savar/ City PWD Division/PWD Resource Division /S.B Nagar PWD Division-I/II/III, Dhaka /PWD Maintenance Division, Dhaka/Munshiganj/Manikganj /Narayangonj/Norshingdi/Gazipur/Mymensingh/Tangail/Jamalpur/Netrokona /Sherpur PWD Division, Chittagong PWD Division-III/ Rajshahi PWD Division-I/Khulna PWD Division-I/Barishal PWD Division/Sylhet PWD Division .


Name and addresses of the offices receiving tender documents

: i) Office of the Executive Engineer, Kishoreganj PWD Division, Kishoreganj.Phone No -0941-61751 ii) Office of the Deputy Commissioner, Kishoreganj. iii) Office of the Police Super , Kishoreganj.

16. 17. 18. 19.

Name and address of the office opening tender Last date for selling tender documents Tender closing date & time Tender opening date & time

: Executive Engineer, Kishoreganj PWD Division, Kishoreganj. : : : 18 /01 / 2009 during office hours. 20 / 01 / 2009 Up to 1-00 Pm. 20 / 01 / 2009 at 03-00-Pm (Intending tenderer or their authorized representatives are allowed to attend)


Special instructions


: a) Rate must be quoted both in figures & words for each item in the bill of quality and quoted rate will not exceed two digits after decimal point. b) If the Tenderer submits any false/incorrect or forged certificate, or statement the tender security may be forfeited. c) The Procuring entity reserves the right to accept/reject any or all the tenders without any reason whatsoever. d) If it is proved at any stage that information furnished in the tender by the tenderer is false and the tender is signed and submitted in a way of fraudulent practice instead of signing the same by the actual tenderer/ their authorized signatory, his tender/work order will be outright rejected and action will be taken according to ITT3. e) If it is not possible to receive the Tender on the Scheduled date due to any unavoidable circumstances the same will be received on the following first working day at the same time and same venue . Notice inviting tender, schedule of items ,additional tems and conditions etc. duly signed by the tenderer in every page on the space Provided will form a part of the agreement and be binding upon the tenderer.

( Md. Habibur Rahman Bhuiyan ) Executive Engineer Kishoreganj PWD Division, Kishoreganj

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