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					Ref: IUC-CC/PUR/1204

TENDER DATE: 22/01/2008 DUE DATE: 3 PM ON 25/02/2008


Sub: Invitation of Tender against requirement of Squid Magnetometer as per specification attached herewith (Annexure-I) Dear sir, On behalf of Director, UGC-DAE CSR, sealed Tender/Quotation is invited for supply of SQUID MAGNETOMETER as per specification attached herewith. If you are in a position to quote for the supply in accordance with the requirement stated below, you may submit your sealed quotation in TWO PARTS. Sl. No. 1. Name of the Equipments Quantity

Manufacturing, Supply, Installation/Commissioning 1 unit Of SQUID MAGNETOMETER for DC magnetization measurements with integrated cryo-cooled dewar system with air-cooled compressor as per specification attached in Annexure-I.

Please go through the contents particularly the tendering condition & ensure that your quotation reaches us on or before the due date indicated above.


Manufacturing, supply, installation/commissioning of a SQUID Magnetometer for dc magnetization measurements with integrated cryocooler-dewar system with air cooled compressor . Maximum field 7 Tesla Field uniformity ~ 0.1% over 3 cm. Sensitivity 10-8 e.m.u. Residual field < 1G Temperature range 1.5 K to 400K Additional items i) ii) iii) iv) v) Note. A> A> Bidders should quote separately for the following combinations. Basic system + option i) Basic system + option i) + option ii) +option iii) Basic system + option i) + option ii) +option iii) + option iv) Basic system + option i) + option ii) +option iii) + option iv) + option v) 7 Tesla ac susceptibility measurements 7 T ultra low field measurements option Environmental magnetic shield Fibre optic sample holder High pressure cell attachments

B> The supplier should provide on-site training to consortium personnel after successful installation of the equipment. C> The bidders should provide performance bank guarantee equivalent to 10 % of the equipment value which should be valid the entire guarantee period i.e. 12 months from the date of installation.

UGC-DAE Consortium for Scientific Research
(Formerly : Inter University Consortium for DAE Facilities)

Kolkata Centre LB/8, Bidhan Nagar, Kolkata-700098

Name of the Equipment: Manufacturing, Supply, Installation/Commissioning Of SQUID MAGNETOMETER for DC magnetization measurements with integrated Cryo-cooler Dewar system with air-cooled compressor. .

Due Date and Time of Submission of Tender : Due date & Time for opening of part-I of the Tender i.e Technical part Address for submission of tender :

: 3 PM on 25/02/2008 : 3 PM on 26/02/2008

Administrative Officer-I (Stores) UGC-DAE Consortium for Scientific Research LB/8, Sector-III, Bidhan Nagar, Kolkata – 700098

General Condition of Tender : 1. Submission of Tender : Tender should be submitted in two parts in sealed envelopes to the Administrative officer-I (Stores) at the address mentioned above. The Part-I (Techno-commercial) and Part-II (Price), duly sealed separately in two envelopes, should be enclosed in a common sealed envelope super scribed with the Purchaser’s tender number and sent to abovementioned address, so as the same reach within the last date & time specified for submission of tender as indicated above. Offers sent/submitted by fax, cable, telegram & e-mail will not be considered at all and are liable for rejection without any notice to the tenderers. 2. Part-I (Techno-Commercial) : This part of the tender should contain/include only technical details, technical specification, drawings & also the commercial terms & condition of the contract for the supplies to be made and the services to be rendered EXCLUDING ANY PRICE details thereof. In this part, the bidder should also submit his company profile, organizational set up, credentials, etc. The bidder are required to attach entire NIT (except the price bid part) duly signed and stamped as a token of acceptance to the NIT conditions with this bid. The following specific conditions are essential to qualify for the technical bid:

i) ii) iii) iv) v)

List of clients for similar items supplied successfully in the last five years and the number supplied. Technical support available in India should be specified in the technical bid. Entire NET (except price bid) duly signed and stamped by the bidder Any technical deviation should be attached with technical bid No deviation for commercial terms & conditions is acceptable

3. Part-II (Price) : This part should contain only the price, price break-up, Freight/safe delivery charges, charges for training of the Purchaser’s engineers wherever applicable, lump sum charges for erection & commissioning work etc if applicable towards the stores offered for supply and the charges for the services to be rendered. Discount offered in case of procurement of increased quantity should be mentioned in this part. The price should be quoted exclusive of custom duty. The tenderer will co-relate the prices in Part-II of the tender with the description of the stores indicated in Part-I by allotting a running serial number in order to enable the purchaser, to identify the prices with the relative items in Part-I. 4. If the Tenders fails or omit to furnish/reach any one part of the tender i.e either Part-I or Part-II within the initial due date & time specified for its respect, such tenders will be treated as incomplete and are liable for rejection. If the tenderer includes prices of any nature in Part-I (Techno-commercial) of the tender such offer are liable for rejection without any notice to the tenderer.

5. TECHNICAL CLARIFICATIONS: After opening the Part-I (Technocommercial) of the tender, if it becomes necessary for the technical authorities/user department to seek clarifications from the tenderers, the same will be sought for from the tenderer by the Technical authorities/user department. Have an option to modify the price based on the technical clarifications or discussion the tenderers had with the user department, In case they wish to make any revision in the price, they should communicate such revision in price in a sealed envelope justifying the revision & forward to the Administrative Officer-I (Stores) at the address mentioned above, on or before the due date and time specified for its receipt. 6. Validity of Tender: The Tender shall be valid for our acceptance without any charge in rates and NIT conditions for a period of 180 days from the date of opening of price bid. 7. Delivery Period : Should be within a year.

8. Scope of Work : Detailed scope of works, terms and conditions, specifications etc. are enclosed with this NIT as per Annexure I. 9. Deviations: No deviation from the stipulated terms and conditions will be allowed. Tenders should be unconditional. 10. Correspondence: All the correspondence in respect of tender/contractual obligation shall be made to A.O.-I (Stores), UGC-DAE Consortium for Scientific Research, LB/8, Sector-III, Bidhan Nagar, Kolkata-700098. 11. Mode & Terms of Payment: Unless otherwise specified in the Contract, payment in full( excluding the amount of commissioning included in the price payable directly by the Purchaser to the Indian Agents in Indian Rupees) shall be made within fifteen days from the date of presentation of the following documents to the Purchaser through the Purchaser’s bank specified in each contract. (i) Negotiable Bill of Lading or Airway Bill as the case may be evidencing shipment. (ii) Invoice for the shipment (iii) Packing List (iv) Bank Guarantee for ten percent of the value of contract in respect of Equipment towards performance-bond which should be valid for the entire guarantee period i.e. 12 months from the date of installation. 12. Bank Charges: While the purchaser shall bear the bank charges payable to his bankers & the contractor shall bear the bank charges payable to his Bankers including the charges towards advising/amendment commissions. 13. Agency Commission: Commission payable to the tenderer’s Agents in India, if any, shall be included in the price. Name and address of the Agents and the percentage of the commission payable to them and included in the price shall be clearly indicated. The commission will be paid directly to the Indian Agents in equivalent Indian currency. 14. Guarantee/Defect liability period: The Contractor should guarantee for the works/items executed/supplied by him from the manufacturing/engineering defect and bad material/workmanship for a period of one year from the date of acceptance by the Centre. During this period if any replacement of items and/or repairs/rectification is needed, he shall make the same free of cost.

15. Arbitration: All disputes arising in connection with the present contract shall be finally settled under the Rules of Conciliation and Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce by one or more Arbitrators appointed in accordance with the said Rules.


ASSIGNING ANY REASONS. THE DECISION OF THE CENTRE IN THIS REGARD WILL BE FINAL AND BINDING OR ALL BIDDERS. 17. Any dispute arising out of this contract will be subjected to jurisdiction of Kolkata.


(Signature of bidder)
Note : Entire NIT (except price bid) is to be attached with “Technical bid (Part-A)” duly signed & Stamped by the Bidder.

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