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Mysore Division, 4th Main, ‘E’ & ‘F’ Block, Ramakrishna Nagar, Mysore-23.
No: KSPHC/EE/MYS/ DC-12th finance/BTND-4/ 437/2009-10 Dated: 24.09.09

Brief Electronic Short Term Bid Notification
1.0 Karnataka State Police Housing Corporation (KSPHC) will be conducting Online eTendering coupled with Reverse Auction (RA) event for the award of the work on item rate basis:Approximate value of work (Rs. In Lakhs ) 4 8.02 Tendering Charges (in Rs) 6 8320 Online reverse auction Date & Time 9 30.10.09 10.30 AM to 11.30 AM 30.10.09 4.30 PM to 5.30 PM 30.10.09 12.30 PM to 1.30 AM 30.10.09 2.30 PM to 3.30 PM

Sl. No. 1 1.

Name of Work 2 Construction of Police Outpost at Rammanahalli, Mysore district. (2nd Call) Construction of circle police office at Ullala, D.K. District. (2nd Call) Construction of CPI office at Kapu, D.K. District. Construction of sub divisional office at Mangalore in D.K. District.

Scheme 3 DC- XII Finance DC- XII Finance DC- XII Finance DC- XII Finance

EMD (in Rs.) 5 16040

Period of contract 7 4 months

Class of Contractor 8 Class-III & above Class-II & above Class-II & above Class-II & above





6 months





6 months





6 months

2.0 Minimum qualifying requirements: The intending bidder should satisfy the following minimum requirements to participate in the online tendering / reverse auction. 2.1The intending bidder should be registered with KSPHC valid for one year. Those who have not registered with Karnataka State Police Housing Corporation Ltd may do so as per the procedure laid down indicated for agency registration in our web site Page 1

2.2 The intending bidder should be class-II & above for Sl. No. 1 & class-III & above for Sl. No. 2,3,4 registered contractor of Central / State PWDs /MES. 2.3 Posses a digital signature certificate for placing the commercial bids online. 2.4 The intending bidder should have satisfactorily completed similar works costing not less than 30 % of amount put to tender during any one of the past 3 financial years in any Govt. Dept. / Govt. undertakings / Autonomous bodies / Local or municipal bodies with Govt. grant. Certificate regarding this requirement is to be furnished duly issued by an officer of Rank not less than Executive Engineer or equivalent Rank. 2.5 The Annual Turnover of the Contractor during any one of the past 3 financial years should not be less than the 50% of the amount put to tender. In this regard Certificate / Audited Balance Sheet from Chartered Accountant is to be enclosed. 2.6 The intending bidder should enclose the Certificates regarding IT clearance Certificate, ST clearance Certificate. 2.7 Contractors should have their own E-mail ID and have in their Company / firm computer personnel capable of uploading information about project progress through internet to the project Website of the KSPHC and a competent person to participate in the online tendering / reverse auction process. 2.8 Such of the bidders who satisfy the above requirements will only be issued tender documents through CD/Hard copies. 3.0 Documentary evidence for the minimum requirements described herein above along with the compliance statement shall be enclosed along with the application for issue of bid documents. For those bidders who are found eligible the bid documents in the form of CD/Hard copies will be issued on payment of EMD & non refundable tendering charges as prescribed above through a crossed DD drawn in favour of Executive Engineer, KSPHC Ltd., Mysore Division, Mysore. 4.0 Calendar of Events: Last date for receipt of details pertaining to pre qualifying requirements and application for issue of bid documents. Intimation to the eligible contractors regarding their eligibility.
Receipt of tendering charges and EMD

a b c

05.10.09 (upto 5-30PM) 08.10.09 09.10.09 to 14.10.09 upto 5.30 PM

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Training on e-tendering to eligible bidders by KSPHC’s e-tendering service provider Issue of online tender document by KSPHC’s e-tendering service provider Date for submitting online tender document including schedule-B through KSPHC’s e-tendering service provider Online reverse auction Opening of closed online bids uploaded by the bidders at the office of the Executive Engineer, KSPHCL, Mysore division, Mysore Submission of details of auction bids in writing

15.10.09 20.10.09 to 24.10.09 online 29.10.09 (upto 5.30 PM) 30.10.09 (for details see para-1, column 9) 30.10.09 from 4.30 PM onwards 04.11.09


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5.0 Bids with stipulation for settlement for disputes through arbitration will be summarily rejected 6.0 The bids containing conditions what so ever will be summarily rejected. 7.0 The bid document will not be issued to such of the Agencies/contractors. whose Contracts have been terminated/ foreclosed on account of their default in KSPHCL and / or elsewhere in last ten years. The Agency/ contractor shall give a declaration that none of their contracts are terminated / foreclosed in KSPHCL/elsewhere. 8.0 The contractor who have purchased the tender document and who do not submit their offers consecutively for three times will be disqualified to participate in any tenders from then onwards for a period of twelve months. 9.0 KSPHCL reserves the right to verify any information/ document furnished, in respect of works carried out by the bidder should the circumstances so warrant in the overall interest of the Corporation. 10.0 KSPHCL will not be responsible for any postal delay OR delay caused by courier service provider 11.0 KSPHCL reserves the right to accept any or reject any or all bids without assigning any reason therefore. Further details can be had from the undersigned during working hours of the office. Executive Engineer KSPHCL, Mysore Dvn., Mysore. Page 3

Copy to 1) The Chairman & Managing Director, KSPHC Ltd., Bangalore for kind information. 2) District tender bulletin officer, Deputy Commissioner office, Mysore & D.K. for kind information & to publish in the District Tender Bulletin. 3) Chief Engineer, KSPHC Ltd., Bangalore for kind information. 4) The Superintendent of Police, Mysore / D.K. District for kind information. 5) Superintending Engineer (South), KSPHC Ltd., Bangalore for kind information. 6) Financial Advisor, KSPHC Ltd., Bangalore for kind information. 7) The Executive Engineer, Contracts Division, Bangalore for kind information. 8) The Executive Engineer, Quality Division, Bangalore for kind information 9) The Executive Engineer, Project Monitoring, Bangalore for kind information and to upload in our website. 10) Executive Engineer, KSPHC Ltd., Bangalore City / Bangalore Rural / Davanagere / Belgaum / Gulbarga for information and to display in the notice board. 11) Asst. Executive Engineer, KSPHC Ltd., No. 4, 5, 6 & 8 Sub division, Mysore, Chamarajanagar, Hassan & Mangalore respectively for information for wide circulation & AEE, Mangalore to submit the tender schedules on or before 05.10.09. 12) Contractors Association, Mysore / Chamarajanagar / Mandya / Hassan / Mercara/ Mangalore / Udupi for information. 13) KSPHC E-tendering service provider for information (To :, CC: 14) To all registered contractors. 15) To Accounts Branch / Cashier / AC1 for information.

Executive Engineer KSPHCL, Mysore Dvn., Mysore

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