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Electronics Industry
Areas of Electronics Industry Radio Extension and Growth Solid State Semiconductors



Nature of the Industry
Working Conditions Employment Occupations in the Industry Training and Advancement Outlook Earnings Top Electronics Companies of the World Electronics Industry in Pakistan

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Major Companies in Pakistan


Haier Orient Group of Companies Philips PEL Hewlett-Packard Pioneer Sun Microsystems Gateway Panasonic Cisco Systems IBM Canon Electronics Advance Electronics International Alpine Electronics, Inc. Micro Electronics International Orient Group Of Companies Samsung Comcept (Pvt) Ltd Sony Afzal Electric & Machinery Company Alfa Marine Electronics Al-Noor Transformer Co. Ahsanullah Electronics (Pvt) Limited Ameejee Valleejee & Sons Astaa Security Systems Clipsal Pakistan Electronics East West Infiniti (Pvt) Ltd Ezzi Electronics Fico Hi-Tech (Pvt) Ltd Gas Age Appliances (Pvt) Ltd. House of Khyber Lamps

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Imperial Electric Company (Pvt) Ltd Yunus Electronics (Pvt) ltd. Jei Switchgear (Pvt) Ltd Margalla Electronics Jubilee Corporation Johnson & Philips Mondial (Pvt) Ltd Prepac Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd Mushko Electronics (Pvt) Ltd Makkays M-Tech (Multi Technology) Limited Mars Electronics Pak Punjab Fans Punjab Electronics Shenzhen Hwatle Electronics Co Siemens Pakistan Engineering Truman Electronics – Pakistan

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PART ONE What Is Electronics Industry?


Electronics Industry
ALSO CALLED: Electrical Equipment Industry, Electronic Component Manufacturing Industry, Electronics and Semiconductor Industry, Microelectronics Industry, Electronic Components Industry, Electrical Products Industry, Defense Electronics Industry, Electrical Components Industry, Military Electronics Industry, Electronic Equipment Industry, Electronic Design Automation Industry, Electronic Industry, Electronics and Semiconductors Industry, EDA Industry, Electronic Products Industry, and Electronic Instruments Industry DEFINITION: Electronics industry, the business of creating, designing, producing, and selling devices such as radios, televisions, stereos, computers, semiconductors, transistors, and integrated circuits (see electronics). As sales of electronic products in the United States grew from some $200 million in 1927 to over $266 billion in 1990, the electronics industry transformed factories, offices, and homes, emerging as a key economic sector that rivaled the chemical, steel, and auto industries in size. The industry traces its origins to the invention of the two-element electron tube (1904) by John Ambrose Flemming, and the three-element tube (1906) by Lee De Forest. These inventions led to the development of commercial radio in the 1920s, which boosted radio sales to $300 million by the end of the decade. In 1947, the electronics industry made another important advance when John Bardeen, Walter Brattain, and William Shockley invented the transistor. Smaller, lighter, and more durable than the vacuum tubes that had been used in radios, transistors touched off a period of progressive miniaturization of electronic devices. Integrated circuits, which were developed in the 1950s, allowed the integration of several circuits into one circuit, and the introduction of analog devices in the 1960s vastly increased the amount of information that could be stored on a single silicon chip. Other important sectors that have made great advances since the 1970s include laser and optical electronics, digital electronics, and microwave electronics. Advances in the field of electronics have also played a key role in the development of space technology and satellite communications; inaugurated a revolution in the computer industry that led to the introduction of the personal computer; resulted in the introduction of computer-guided robots in factories; produced systems for storing and transmitting data electronically; greatly expanded the market for popular music and culture; and, in the process, transformed life at home, the office, and the factory. Many of these innovations, such as the transistor, had their origins in military research, which needed increasingly complex electronic devices for modern high-tech warfare. In the 1960s, the U.S. consumer electronics industry went into decline as manufacturers were unable to compete with the quality and pricing of foreign products, especially the electronic goods produced by Japanese companies such as Sony and Hitachi. By the 1980s, however, U.S. manufacturers became the world leaders in semiconductor development and assembly. In the 1990s semiconductors were essential components of personal computers and most other electronic items (including cellular telephones, televisions, medical equipment, and “smart” appliances). While U.S. companies are still a major presence in the semiconductor industry (representing about 40% of world sales in 1998), the consumer items themselves are mostly made overseas. Worldwide electronic sales were nearly $700 billion in 1997.

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Future Of Electronics Industry In Pakistan


Areas of Electronics Industry
Electronic devices are used in every sector of the modern economy. The industry employs over a million people in developing, manufacturing, and selling electronic equipment and devices. Plants manufacturing such equipment are located all over the country, although most of them are in eight states: California, New York, Illinois, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Indiana, New Jersey, and Texas. About 34 percent of all workers in this field work for companies that make electronic components, such as semiconductors, electronic coils, and transformers or electronic connectors. Computers, communications equipment, navigational systems, and other electronic equipment are sold to the government, businesses, and industries to be used in transportation and data processing and in automated production systems. Television sets, digital cameras, wireless telephones, and personal computers are some of the many electronic products sold to consumers. Consumer Electronics Laser and Optical Electronics Digital Electronics Microwave Electronics Organic Electronics Industry Electronic Equipment Industry

Electronics Industry
By Daniel Holbrook | Jan 1, 2008 The electronics industry consists of two main sectors: components (vacuum tubes, semiconductors, connectors, and so on) and equipment (computers, audio and video, television, and the like). The industry has been marked by the influence of government, often military, agencies, the establishment of a broad and deep research and development foundation, technological upheavals, and relatively free dissemination of technical and scientific information through licensing, personnel mobility, and government decrees. With roots in the nineteenth century, electronics by the late twentieth century grew into one of the most important industries in the world, essential to almost every other industry and central to the creation of modern society.

“Wireless” transmission of information began in the late nineteenth century; radio pioneer Guglielmo Marconi achieved transatlantic transmission by 1901. Early radio attracted the attention of companies such as General Electric (GE) and Westinghouse in the United States, as well as that of European naval officers, who saw the advantages of wireless communications with and between offshore vessels. The United States Navy, initially reluctant, also soon adopted wireless technology. Early sound radio relied on so-called “cat's whisker” radio sets that used crystal diodes of galena, silicon, and other materials to rectify the signal. Their fickle unreliability notwithstanding, crystal sets, enthusiastically assembled by amateurs, fostered the first sound radio broadcasts. The twoelement vacuum tube, invented in 1905 by English physicist John Ambrose Fleming (though with roots in earlier work by Thomas Edison), and the triode (three-element) tube, invented the following year by Future Of Electronics Industry In Pakistan 7 | Page

PART ONE : WHAT IS ELECTRONICS INDUSTRY? American Lee De Forest, formed the basis for the modern electronics industry. These tubes generated, detected, and amplified radio waves, making possible commercial radio broadcasting and receiving.

Extension and Growth
Television research was well established by the mid-1920s; like radio, the earliest television technology was the work of inspired amateurs; it was soon picked up by corporate labs. RCA gained particular importance when its electronic black and white television was established as the industry standard by the FCC. After World War II, television, radio, and other consumer electronics became a large industry; few technologies have spread faster than television, and the coming of home stereo spurred a great expansion in the market for electronics, as did the 1950s introduction of color television by RCA. In the United States RCA dominated, though the television industry had other large players such as Magnavox, Motorola, and Westinghouse. RCA's strong patent position and its policy of licensing its patents as a package provoked anti-trust charges. In reaction, the company increased its foreign licensing. RCA's failed diversification program drove it out of television manufacturing; no other United States firm could pick up the slack. Foreign companies, notably the Japanese, soon dominated the industry. In the 1990s, Korean and Taiwanese companies, often with Japanese aid, entered the industry and gained a significant market share.

Solid State
In the mid-1930s Bell Laboratories formed a solid-state physics research group. Focused mainly on silicon and germanium, Bell Labs research quickly yielded increased understanding of these materials' electrical characteristics and the importance of junctions between N- and P-type semiconductor materials. This work coincided with the buildup to and outbreak of World War II.

During the 1950s Japanese firms, at the urging of the government, began a program of semiconductor research and development. By the late 1950s they produced large numbers of transistors, as well as equipment using them. Sony, Toshiba, Mitsubishi, and other companies established themselves in the industry. Though Japanese exports increased hugely, United States companies remained dominant through the 1970s. Much of the spread of the industry after about 1985 resulted from the vertical disintegration of semiconductor manufacturing. Once unified, design and manufacturing steps and processes became separate industries, typified by “silicon foundries,” which specialize in manufacturing integrated circuits designed elsewhere. The electronics industry remains of central importance to world economy. It is widely perceived to be an important multiplier industry, the core around which other industrial development can occur. See also Computer Industry.

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Future Of Electronics Industry In Pakistan

PART TWO Nature Of The Electronics Industry


Nature of the Industry
The computer and electronic product manufacturing industry produces computers, computer-related products, including printers, communications equipment, and home electronic equipment, as well as a wide range of goods used for both commercial and military purposes. In addition, many electronics products or components are incorporated into other industries’ products, such as cars, toys, and appliances. Goods and services. This industry differs somewhat from other manufacturing industries in that production workers make up a relatively small proportion of the workforce. Technological innovation characterizes this industry more than most others and, in fact, drives much of the industry’s production. This unusually rapid pace of innovation and technological advancement requires a high proportion of engineers, engineering technicians, and other technical workers who carry out extensive research and development. Likewise, the importance of promoting and selling the products manufactured by the various segments of the industry requires knowledgeable marketing and sales workers. American companies in this industry manufacture and assemble many products abroad to take advantage of lower production costs and favorable regulatory environments. Electronic products contain many intermediate components that are purchased from other manufacturers. Companies producing intermediate components and finished goods regularly choose to locate near each other, because doing so allows companies to receive new products more quickly and lower their inventory costs. It also facilitates joint research and development projects which benefit both companies. As a result of having the skilled workforce that fosters product improvement, several regions of the country have become centers of the electronics industry. The most prominent of these centers is Silicon Valley, a concentration of integrated circuit, software, and computer firms in California’s Santa Clara Valley, near San Jose. However, there are several other centers of the industry throughout the country. Globalization has become a major factor in the electronics manufacturing industry, often making it difficult to distinguish between American and foreign companies. Many American companies are opening plants and development centers overseas and overseas companies are doing the same in the U.S. Many products are being designed in one country, manufactured in another, and assembled in a third. The U.S. electronics industry tends to be focused on high-end products, such as computers and microchips. Even so, many components of final products manufactured in the U.S. are produced elsewhere and shipped to an American plant for final assembly. Products manufactured in this industry include computers and computer storage devices, such as DVD drives, and computer peripheral equipment, such as printers and scanners; communications equipment—wireless telephones and telephone switching equipment; consumer electronics, such as televisions and audio equipment; and military electronics—for example, radar, communications equipment, guidance for “smart” bombs, and electronic navigation equipment. The industry also includes the manufacture of semiconductor products—better known as computer chips, or integrated circuits—which are key components of computers and many other electronic products. Two of the most significant types of computer chips are microprocessors, which are the central processing units of computers, and memory chips, which store information.

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Future Of Electronics Industry In Pakistan

PART TWO : NATURE OF THE ELECTRONICS INDUSTRY Industry organization. The computer and electronic product manufacturing industry has many segments. Companies in the industry are generally classified by what they sell. Computer and peripheral manufacturing is made up of a wide variety of companies that make computers and computer-related products. A relatively large number of companies build computers for home or business use. Most computers are built by a small number of well-known brands, but there are also many small companies that sell their products locally or on the Internet. Because computers are very complex products, they are made up of a wide range of components, such as motherboards, central processing units, graphics cards, hard disk drives, and power supplies. Although some computer manufacturers build some of these products themselves, many of these products are purchased from other companies and assembled as part of the computer. As a result, many finished computers are simply the combination of a number of other products. The communications equipment manufacturing segment of the industry produces a number of devices that simplify communication between individuals or groups. It includes telephones and cellular telephones, as well as equipment used by television and radio stations to transmit information. It should be noted that this does not include computer-related peripherals—such as networking cards or modems—which allow computers to connect to other computers. Audio and video equipment manufacturing is a relatively small industry in the United States and includes companies who produce consumer electronics. These include televisions, stereo receivers, compact disc and DVD players, and other such devices. While these devices are widespread in the U.S., most of them are produced overseas, making employment in this industry relatively small. Semiconductor and other electronic component manufacturers produce a wide variety of integrated circuits, or computer microchips, which power a wide range of electronic products. They also produce a number of other electronic components, such as resistors and capacitors, as well as printed circuit boards. Unlike most of the companies in this industry, these manufacturers start from basic materials such as silicon and copper and produce intermediate products that are only rarely sold directly to consumers. The exceptions to this rule include companies which produce central processing units and memory chips, although even these products are more likely to be pre-installed in a new computer. The navigational, measuring, electro medical, and control instruments manufacturing segment is a diverse group of companies that produce products mainly for industrial, military and health care use. It also includes some consumer products, such as global positioning system (GPS) devices, as well as clocks and watches. This segment is one of the largest in the industry, mainly because the Federal Government puts so much money into defense and health care. Manufacturing and reproducing magnetic and optical media is another segment of this industry. Firms in this segment produce blank compact discs, DVDs, and audio and video tape. They produce some of this blank media for sale to consumers, but most of it they use to duplicate on a mass scale audio recordings, videos and movies, software, and other media for distribution to consumers and business users. Establishments in this segment are generally either subsidiary of companies that create the software, movies, or recordings or are independent firms licensed by such companies as distributors. Recent developments. The rapid pace of innovation in electronics technology makes for a constant demand for newer and faster products and applications. This demand puts a greater emphasis on R&D Future Of Electronics Industry In Pakistan

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PART TWO : NATURE OF THE ELECTRONICS INDUSTRY than is typical in most manufacturing operations. Being the first firm to market a new or better product can mean success for both the product and the firm. Even for many relatively commonplace items, R&D continues to result in better, cheaper products with more desirable features. For example, a company that develops a new kind of computer chip to be used in many brands of computers can earn millions of dollars in sales until a competitor is able to improve on that design. Many employees, therefore, are research scientists, engineers, and technicians whose job it is to continually develop and improve products.

Working Conditions
Hours. About half of all employees work regular 40-hour weeks, but pressure to develop new products ahead of competitors may result in some R&D personnel working extensive overtime to meet deadlines. The competitive nature of the industry makes for an exciting, but sometimes stressful, work environment—especially for those in technical and managerial occupations. Work environment. In general, those working in computer and electronics manufacturing—even production workers—enjoy relatively good working conditions. In contrast to those in many other manufacturing industries, production workers in this industry usually work in clean and relatively noisefree environments.

The computer and electronic product manufacturing industry employed 1.3 million wage and salary workers in 2006 (table 1). Few workers were self-employed. Table 1. Distribution of wage and salary employment in computer and electronic product manufacturing, by detailed industry, 2006 (Employment in thousands) Industry Audio and visual equipment manufacturing Computer and electronic product manufacturing, total Manufacturing and reproducing magnetic and optical media Semiconductor and other electronic component manufacturing Navigational, measuring, electro medical, and control instruments mft. 12 | Page Computer and peripheral equipment manufacturing Communications equipment manufacturing Employment 32 1,316 41 463 438 199 144 Percent 2.4 100.0 3.1 35.2 33.3 15.1 10.9

Future Of Electronics Industry In Pakistan

PART TWO : NATURE OF THE ELECTRONICS INDUSTRY The industry comprised about 19,000 establishments in 2006, many of which were small, employing only 1 or a few workers. Large establishments of 100 or more workers employed the majority—78 percent—of the industry’s workforce.

Companies in this industry also may employ many additional workers in establishments that are part of other industries. Some workers who perform R&D work at separate research establishments that are not actually part of a manufacturing facility in this industry, although owned by the companies in this industry, and so are included in a different industry—research and development in the physical, engineering, and life sciences. However, due to the importance of R&D work to the computer and electronic product manufacturing industry, computer and electronic product-related R&D is discussed here even though a large proportion of the associated workers is not included in this industry.

Occupations in the Industry
The computer and electronic product manufacturing industry has a diverse workforce mainly composed of professionals, who conduct research and development work, and production workers, who are directly involved in the assembly and testing of the industry’s products. Professional and related occupations. About 1 in every 3 jobs in this industry is in a professional occupation (table 2). About 15 percent of those workers are engineers—predominantly electrical and electronics engineers and computer hardware engineers, but also many industrial and mechanical engineers. These workers develop new products and devise better, more efficient production methods. Engineers may coordinate and lead teams developing new products. Others may work with customers to help them make the best use of the products. About 6 percent of workers are engineering technicians, many of whom work closely with engineers. Engineering technicians help develop new products, work in production areas, and Future Of Electronics Industry In Pakistan

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PART TWO : NATURE OF THE ELECTRONICS INDUSTRY sometimes assist customers in installing, maintaining, and repairing equipment. They also may test new products or processes to make sure that everything works correctly. Production occupations. About 3 out of 10 employees are production workers. About half of those are assemblers and fabricators, who place and solder components on circuit boards, or assemble and connect the various parts of electronic devices. Electrical and electronic equipment assemblers are responsible for putting together products such as computers and appliances, telecommunications equipment, and even missile control systems. Semiconductor processors initiate and control the many automated steps in the process of manufacturing integrated circuits or computer chips. Some assemblers are highly skilled and use their significant experience and training to assemble major components. A skilled assembler may put together an entire subassembly or even an entire product, especially when products are made in relatively small numbers. Other, less skilled assemblers often work on a production line, attaching one or a few parts and continually repeating the same operation. Management, business, and financial occupations. About 16 percent of the workers in the industry are in management, business, and financial occupations. Top managers in this industry are much more likely to have a technical background than their counterparts in other industries. This is especially true in smaller companies, which often are founded by engineers or other technical professionals who found companies to sell the products they develop. Office and administrative support occupations. About 10 percent of workers in the industry hold office and administrative support jobs. The largest occupation in this group is secretaries and administrative assistants. Sales and related occupations. A small number of workers are involved in selling products manufactured by the industry. Sales positions require technical knowledge and abilities; as a result, engineers and technicians may find opportunities in sales or sales support. Table 2. Employment of wage and salary workers in computer and electronic product manufacturing by occupation, 2006 and projected change, 2006-2016. (Employment in thousands) Employment, 2006 Number All occupations Management, business, and financial occupations Top executives Marketing and sales managers Industrial production managers Engineering managers Purchasing agents, except wholesale, retail, and farm products Accountants and auditors Future Of Electronics Industry In Pakistan 1,316 209 23 18 12 29 20 14 Percent 100.0 15.9 1.8 1.4 0.9 2.2 1.5 1.1 Percent change, 200616 -12.0 -11.8 -19.2 -13.5 -10.3 -8.3 -10.7 -11.7


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PART TWO : NATURE OF THE ELECTRONICS INDUSTRY Professional and related occupations Computer software engineers, applications Computer software engineers, systems software Computer support specialists Computer systems analysts Aerospace engineers Computer hardware engineers Electrical engineers Electronics engineers, except computer Industrial engineers Mechanical engineers Electrical and electronic engineering technicians Industrial engineering technicians Sales and related occupations Office and administrative support occupations Bookkeeping, accounting, and auditing clerks Customer service representatives Production, planning, and expediting clerks Shipping, receiving, and traffic clerks Secretaries and administrative assistants Office clerks, general Installation, maintenance, and repair occupations Production occupations First-line supervisors/managers of prod. and operating workers Electrical and electronic equipment assemblers Electromechanical equipment assemblers Team assemblers Machinists Inspectors, testers, sorters, samplers, and weighers Semiconductor processors 446 38 46 14 13 14 32 34 36 31 21 42 15 47 133 11 15 15 17 22 14 38 411 29 114 28 59 15 36 41 33.9 2.9 3.5 1.1 1.0 1.1 2.4 2.6 2.7 2.3 1.6 3.2 1.1 3.6 10.1 0.8 1.2 1.1 1.3 1.7 1.1 2.9 31.2 2.2 8.7 2.1 4.5 1.1 2.7 3.1 -7.7 3.1 -10.1 -15.5 -8.8 1.0 -15.3 -9.2 -10.7 8.7 -8.6 -10.8 -2.8 -12.0 -14.2 -9.5 -0.2 -11.1 -14.3 -13.0 -14.2 -6.5 -16.1 -9.7 -29.3 -8.4 -8.5 -2.8 -15.6 -13.8

Note: Columns may not add to totals due to omission of occupations with small employment

Training and Advancement
15 | Page Training requirements vary greatly among the different occupations in the computer and electronic products manufacturing industry. Workers in all fields must have strong technical knowledge and an ability to work in teams. In most cases, advancement comes in the form of leadership and increased responsibility.

Future Of Electronics Industry In Pakistan

PART TWO : NATURE OF THE ELECTRONICS INDUSTRY Professional and related occupations. Entry into engineering occupations generally requires at least a bachelor’s degree in engineering, although those with 4-year degrees in physics, computer science, or another technical area may qualify as well. Some positions, however, may require a master’s or doctorate degree. Most advanced positions require a certain amount of relevant work experience. Computer systems analysts or scientists usually need a degree in computer science or a related field, and in many cases they also must have considerable programming experience. Production occupations. Although assembly workers generally need only a high school diploma, assemblers in the computer and electronic product manufacturing industry may need more specialized training or experience than do workers in other manufacturing industries. Precision assembly work can be extremely sophisticated and complex, and some jobs may even require formal technical training. A certificate or associate’s degree in semiconductor technology or high-tech manufacturing is good preparation for semiconductor processor operator positions. Management, business, and financial occupations. Managers and executives in this industry tend to be much more technically oriented than in most fields. Because technology is fast-changing, managers and executives must be able to speak intelligently about new developments. They must also be able to work directly with engineers to come up with viable strategies for business development. Many managers in this industry are actually trained as engineers or other technical professionals. Furthermore, many companies in this industry are founded by an inventor or group of inventors who design a new product. Although in many cases these individuals hire others to manage the business, there are still several companies whose CEO is the product inventor.

Employment in the computer and electronic product manufacturing industry is expected to decline over the next decade, but there should still be favorable employment opportunities in certain segments of the industry. Employment change. Wage and salary employment in the computer and electronic product manufacturing industry is expected to decline by 12.0 percent between 2006 and 2016, compared with a projected increase of 11 percent in all industries. Although the output of this industry is projected to increase more rapidly than that of any other industry, employment will decline as a result of continued rapid productivity growth—the ability of the industry to produce more and better products with fewer employees. Employment also will be adversely affected by continued increases in imports of electronic and computer products, including intermediate products such as components and microchips. Although a great deal of the design work in this industry takes place in the U.S., much of the manufacturing process has been moved overseas.

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Future Of Electronics Industry In Pakistan

PART TWO : NATURE OF THE ELECTRONICS INDUSTRY Table 3. Projected employment change in computer and electronic product manufacturing by industry segment, 2006-16

Industry segment

Percent change

Computer and electronic product manufacturing, total Communications equipment Manufacturing and reproducing magnetic and optical media Navigational, measuring, electro medical, and control instruments Semiconductor and other electronic components Audio and video equipment Computer and peripheral equipment

-12.0 0.4 -3.7 -4.5 -13.7 -21.1 -33.5

Employment in navigational, measuring, electro medical, and control instruments manufacturing is expected to decline relatively slowly at 4.5 percent due to heavy spending on military and health care electronics. Employment in audio and video equipment manufacturing is expected to decrease by 21.1 percent, due largely to continued import competition as well as improvements in productivity. Employment in communications equipment manufacturing is expected to increase by 0.4 percent despite automation and consolidation among firms in the industry. Employment in the manufacturing and reproduction of magnetic and optical media is expected to decrease by 3.7 percent, because of higher productivity and more efficient production processes. Because defense expenditures are expected to increase, sales of military electronics, an important segment of the industry, will likely pick up. Furthermore, firms producing electro medical equipment will continue to expand as new health care breakthroughs are made. Smaller, more powerful computer chips are constantly being developed and incorporated into an even wider array of products, and the semiconductor content of all electronic products will continue to increase. New opportunities will continue to be created by the growth of digital technology, artificial intelligence, and nanotechnology, as well as the expansion of the Internet and the increasing demand for global information networking. Job prospects. Despite the overall projected decrease in employment, many employment opportunities should continue to arise in the industry due to the technological revolutions taking place in computers, semiconductors, and telecommunications, as well as the need to replace the many workers who leave the industry due to retirement or other reasons. Opportunities should be best in research and development. The products of this industry—especially powerful computer chips—will continue to enhance productivity in all areas of the economy. 17 | Page Despite the rapid decline of production jobs, prospects should still be good for qualified workers, especially those with formal training in high-tech manufacturing. Although fewer positions are now available, changes in the nature of the work have meant that workers need to have a higher skill level than before. Many positions require a certificate or associate’s degree from a technical school. Future Of Electronics Industry In Pakistan


Industry earnings. Earnings in the computer and electronic product manufacturing industry are generally high; this is partly because many of the lower wage production jobs have been automated or exported to other countries. Average weekly earnings of all production or no supervisory workers in the industry were $768, higher than the average of $568 for all industries in 2006 (table 4). Table 4. Average earnings of no supervisory workers in the computer and electronic product manufacturing industry, 2006

Industry segment
Total, private industry Computer and electronic products manufacturing Computer and peripheral equipment Audio and video equipment Communications equipment Electronic instruments Semiconductor and other electronic components

$568 768 884 789 776 766 711

$16.76 18.96 23.00 20.33 18.99 18.89 17.30

Earnings in selected occupations in several components of the computer and electronic product manufacturing industry in 2006 appear in table 5. Table 5. Median hourly earnings of the largest occupations in computer and electronic product manufacturing, May 2006

Computer hardware engineers Computer software eng. systems software Computer software engineers, applications Electronics engineers, except computer Electrical engineers Electrical and electronic eng. technicians Semiconductor processors Inspectors, testers, sorters, and weighers Electrical & electronic equipment assemblers Team assemblers

Computer and electronic product manufacturing
$43.75 43.33 43.16 39.23 38.54 22.05 15.76 14.32 12.25 11.73

All industries
$42.54 41.04 38.36 38.97 36.50 24.35 15.80 14.14 12.29 11.63

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Benefits and union membership. Benefits are very good for workers in this industry with companies offering health care and retirement plans at a minimum. Compared with other manufacturing industries, union membership is relatively small. Future Of Electronics Industry In Pakistan


Top Electronics Companies of the World
Top Electronic Companies of Japan:
Alpine ◄► Brother Industries ◄► Canon ◄► Casio ◄► Clarion ◄► Corega ◄► Denon ◄► Eizo (Nanao) ◄► Epson ◄► Fujifilm ◄► Fuji Xerox ◄► Fujitsu ◄► Funai ◄► Hitachi ◄► iiyama ◄► IO Data ◄► JVC (Victor) ◄► Konica ◄► Minolta ◄► Kyocera ◄► Marantz ◄► Melco (Buffalo) ◄► Mitsubishi Electric ◄► Mouse Computer ◄► NEC ◄► Nikon ◄► Oki ◄► Olympus ◄► Panasonic ◄► Pentax ◄► Pioneer ◄► Planex ◄► Renesas ◄► Ricoh ◄► Sanyo ◄► Sharp ◄► SII ◄► Sony ◄► TDK ◄► Toshiba

Top Electronic Companies in Taiwan:
Acer ◄► Asus ◄► BenQ ◄► ECS ◄►EPoX ◄► Gigabyte ◄► MSI ◄► Soyo ◄► TSMC ◄► VIA Technologies ◄► SURYA

Top Electronic Companies in China:
Aigo ◄► Haier ◄► TCL

Top Electronic Companies in India:
Bharat Electronics Limited ◄► Videocon ◄► Voltas ◄► BPL

Top Electronic Companies in Germany:
Grundig ◄► Siemens

Top Electronic Companies in Korea, South:
Daewoo Electronics ◄► LG ◄► Samsung

Top Electronic Companies in Netherlands:

Top Electronic Companies in Scotland:
Tirna Electronics ◄► Finlay

Top Electronic Companies in the United Kingdom
Tirna Electronics ◄► Northern Hi-Tec

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Future Of Electronics Industry In Pakistan


Electronics Industry in Pakistan
Countries covered: Pakistan Pakistan’s domestic consumer electronics devices market, defined as including computing devices, mobile handsets, and video audio and gaming products, was estimated to be worth around US$1.35bn in 2008. Despite current economic and political headwinds, this is expected to increase to US$2.1bn by 2013, driven by growing affordability of key products. Computers Computers accounted for around 18% of Pakistan consumer electronics spending in 2008. BMI forecasts Pakistan domestic market computer sales (including notebooks and accessories) of US$238mn in 2009, up from US$220mn in 2008. Computer hardware CAGR for the 2008-2013 period will be around 12%, with the corporate and SME segment accounting for above 50% of sales. AV AV devices accounted for around 32% of Pakistan consumer electronics spending in 2008. Pakistan’s domestic AV device market was estimated at US$438mn. The market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 15% between 2008-2013, to a value of US$883mn in that year. Mobile Handsets Pakistan mobile handset sales accounted for around 49% of Indian consumer electronics spending in 2008. Pakistan market handset sales are expected to grow at a CAGR of 4% to 16.8mn units in 2013, as mobile subscriber penetration reaches 70%. However, growth will be slower than in the preceding five years due to the sizable grey market and slowing subscriber growth.

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Future Of Electronics Industry In Pakistan


Consumer Electronics (Types of Products)
Amplifier Blank Records & Tapes Cables Camera Accessories Car Audio Car Communications Car Reversing Aid Card Readers Cassette Recorder & Player CD Player Chargers Consumer Electronics Stocks Digital Batteries Digital Cameras Digital Photo Frames Digital Voice Recorder DVD, VCD Player Earphone & Headphone Film Cameras Handheld Video Games Speakers HDD Players Home Theatre System Karaoke Player Memory Cards Microphone MP3 & MP4 Accessories MP3 Players MP4 Players Navigation & GPS Other Auto Electronics Other Consumer Electronics Other Home Audio & Video Equipment Quran Players Radio Remote Control Screen Cleaners Screen Protectors Television Video Camera Video Game Accessories Video Game Players Video Glasses Home Audio & Video Parts & Accessories

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Future Of Electronics Industry In Pakistan

PART THREE Introduction To Major Electronics Manufacturing Companies In Pakistan


Major Companies in Pakistan
Major Multinational and Domestic Companies working in the field of electronics are the following:-

Orient Group Of Companies Panasonic Samsung Sony Philips Yunas Electronics (Pvt) Ltd PEL Hewlett-Packard Pioneer Sun Microsystems Gateway Cisco Systems IBM Canon Apple Computer Micro Electronics International pvt ltd Asistent Engieer Elecronics Advance Electronics International Amera International Ameejee Valleejee & Sons Pvt. Limited Astaa Security Systems Mondial (Pvt) Ltd. Metlex Corporation (Pvt) Ltd Makkays Macks Electronics Int'l Inc. Monga Corporation Mars Electronics Nazir Industries (Pak Punjab Fans) Simtek power services Teletronix Industries Punjab Electronics

Clipsal Pakistan Electronics Jubilee Corporation Micro Electronics Intl (Pvt) Ltd. Mushko Electronics (Pvt) Ltd. Jei Switchgear (Pvt) Ltd. HAIER Comcept (Pvt) Ltd Detection Security Systems Digital Security Systems E.G.I. Electronics Ecs (Pvt) Ltd. Fiber Electronics Goldstar Appliances (Pvt) Limited, Gas Age Appliances (Pvt) Ltd. Ginza International Corporation House of Khyber Lamps Hybrid Technics (Pvt) Ltd IEASTECH Electronics Co.ltd Imperial Electric Company (Pvt) Ltd Irinatech (Pvt) Ltd. Jubilee Corporation Johnson & Philips (Pakistan) LTD. Khyber Electric Lamps Mfg. Co. Ltd. Khawaja Electronics (Pvt.) Ltd Margalla Electronics M-Tech (Multi Technology) Pvt. Ltd. NingBo Neutrik Electronics Co. Numei Electronics Co.,Ltd Rameez Electric Industries Shenzhen Hwatle Electronics Co., Ltd Truman Electronics – Pakistan

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Future Of Electronics Industry In Pakistan


About Haier Group
Haier was incorporated in 1984 only producing household refrigerators. Over the past 20 years, the company has witnessed significant prosperity and is now a transnational organization widely recognized in the world community. Haier currently manufactures a wide range of household electrical appliances, 15,100 varieties of items in 96 product lines, and exports products to more than 100 countries. Haier’s international promotion framework encompasses global networks for design, procurement, production, distribution and after-sales services. Haier has established 15 manufacture complexes, 30 overseas production factories, 8 design centers and 58,800 sales agents worldwide. Over the past 20 years, Haier provided more than 100 million appliances to worldwide consumers and paid cumulatively a total tax of RMB13.6 billion, of which RMB2 billion in 2004, RMB5.5 million per day on average.

Haier has scheduled to finance 100 Project Hope primary schools, of which 47 are put into operation. Haier has 51,000 full time employees and hires 175,000 contract service personnel, providing a total of 230,000 job opportunities. Haier Pakistan is the Pakistan Sales & Marketing division of the international Haier Group, a globally recognized manufacturer of world-class electrical home appliances. The joint venture between Ruba General Trading Company and Haier Group of China has brought Haier to Pakistan with an initial investment of about US$35 million and a commitment to provide worldclass innovative products based on uncompromising quality to the Pakistani consumer. The plant spreads over a vast area of 63 acres with a covered area of 0.6 million square feet including a workers’ colony on Raiwind Road, Lahore. The project is expected to produce 0.9 million pieces of household appliances per year with plans to export to the Middle East and all over Asia. In the first year of its operations, Haier will generate employment opportunities to 600 individuals with potential to grow up to 1200 within the next 5 years. Furthermore, Haier will supplement income of 1000 to 1500 families providing indirect earning and employment possibilities. Haier Pakistan has entered the local market with a commitment to help its consumers reap the benefits of modern lifestyle and to provide them world-class innovative products, unmatched

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Future Of Electronics Industry In Pakistan


nationwide customer support, a vast dealer network and a steadfast after- sales-service throughout the country.

Air Conditioner

Deep Freezers

HD 60-40T


Washing Machines



HR 7803SS




Microwave Ovens

EB 3690EG

HR 5702D

E - Series

EA 2070M



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Inverter - Series

Future Of Electronics Industry In Pakistan


Orient Group of Companies
Company Profile
Orient Group of Companies was established in Lahore in 1957 with Photo Goods Business. In 1975, the company launched its Import Division. With hard work, excellent services, honesty and truthfulness, and by following the business ethics, the import business grew at a rapid pace and resulted in the formation of ‘M/s Orient Enterprise.’ Orient Enterprises became a private limited company in 1983, and established Mini Labs all across the country. Today, Orient is recognized as the second biggest organization in consumer goods industry nationwide, especially in electric and electronics. In 1985, Orient started marketing various products and by virtue of extreme struggle, experience, skilled professionals, strong financial background, and above all the consumer confidence, earned a remarkable reputation throughout the country. Being the sole distributor of the world’s renowned brands like OSRAM Lighting System, Mitsubishi Air conditioners, Yashica Cameras, Solaris Color Films and Mitsubishi Color Films, Orient Group have a unique identity. Mitsubishi Electric Mr. Slim air Conditioner is the only 100% Japanese imported brand in Pakistan which is being offered by Orient and is extremely popular for its durability and economical aspects; and that is why every household in Pakistan asks for Mitsubishi Mr. Slim. Keeping in mind the domestic needs, Orient Group of Companies has introduced Orient Air-Conditioner. Orient Airconditioners are produced at the state-of-the-art Orient Factory that meets all the international standards. With its advanced technology and genuine T3 compressor, it greatly adds to energy saving and works perfectly, even at 53 degree centigrade, which is why it is the most suitable for AirConditioner for Pakistani weather conditions. With an aim to providing every Pakistani household with advanced technology home appliances, OGC has introduced an exclusive range of products which includes Water Dispensers, Microwave Ovens, Washing Machines and Vacuum Cleaners. Moreover, products like Orient Color Films have a very strong association with Orient Photo Goods. Firdous Fazil Welfare Trust In order to play a positive role to over come the issues created by social and economical instabilities and the humanity in general, Orient Group of Companies has established “Firdous Fazil Welfare Trust”. The more prominent works under this project are the establishment of Firdous Fazil Jamia Masjid equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and Firdous Fazil Free Dispensary where the employees are treated for free.

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Future Of Electronics Industry In Pakistan



Introduction Welcome to the world of Philips in Pakistan! A world of Products and Services that will excite you and are designed with our company wide credo of "Let's make things better" in mind.
More >>

Lighting Philips is No.1 in the global lighting market, a position supported by leadership in innovation combined with a systematic approach to seeking out new market opportunities. Philips Lighting strives to improve people’s lives with effective and appealing lighting solutions based on a thorough understanding of people’s needs, desires and aspirations.
27 | Page More >>

Consumer Electronics Philips is one of the world's top three consumer electronics companies, with a range of products based on the company’s world-leading digital technology competencies, and designed to enhance consumers’ everyday lives - at home, at work or on the move.
More >>

Domestic Appliances & Personal Care The Domestic Appliances and Personal Care (DAP) division is responsible for a wide range of products that help us prepare healthy food and beverages, take care of our home and garments, and enhance our natural beauty and sense of wellbeing.
More >>

Future Of Electronics Industry In Pakistan


Welcome to the world of Philips in Pakistan! A world of Products and Services that will excite you and are designed with our company wide credo of "Let's make things better" in mind. After fifty five years of operations in Pakistan, Philips has grown into one of the leading companies involved in Consumer and Professional Lighting, Electronic Goods and Domestic Appliance Products, employing over 382 Pakistanis.

Of the 146 million people living in the country, most know our name quite well. Via this website we invite everyone to get to know us even better. We hope you will enjoy your visit to Philips Pakistan. In the early years beginning 1948, Philips began its operations here in Pakistan dealing with only a few consumer domestic products that is Light Bulbs and Radio. An apt beginning, the Light Bulb and radio paved the way to an even brighter future for Philips in Pakistan. Today Philips Pakistan has come full cycle. Its business operations have spearheaded further to include, local assembly and manufacturing of Electrical and Electronic Products. It is evident that the company has achieved a recognizable status as a major Business Unit of Electronic Products and a net contributor to the Pakistan Economy. Philips Pakistan a company of turnover reaching Rs. 3.0 Billion in 2001 with a work force of 382 people is one of the prestigious companies in the country, which has been awarded "Best Twenty Five Companies Award" from Karachi Stock Exchange on a number of occasions. Philips Pakistan is indeed dedicated to living up to the company's global philosophy of "Let's Make Things Better".

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Future Of Electronics Industry In Pakistan


Welcome to Philips Lighting
The foundations for what has become one of the world's biggest electronics companies were laid in 1891 when Gerard Philips established the company in Eindhoven, the Netherlands to manufacture incandescent lamps and other electrical products. Today, Royal Philips Electronics is ninth on Fortune's list of global top 30 electronics corporations.

Philips the lighting leader in Pakistan was present in undivided India. Operation in Pakistan started in 1949. Industrial operations started in 1954 in Karachi. The lighting factories located at Karachi established in 1971. It produces glass shell, incandescent & fluorescent lamps. The only lighting company which provided the total lighting solution under one umbrella, hence has been a house hold name in lighting Philips not only lighting the domestic user house, but also catering the need of professional market. Philips has special expertise in lighting design, which has been extended to all professional architects & electrical consultants. Projects of the major nature have been illuminated by Philips Pakistan. Philips Pakistan first entered the sports field in mid eighties with lighting up of hockey stadium at Karachi and till now has lit up all cricket & sports fields in the country. In Philips, we strive to introduce meaningful products and technologies for our customers and end users. Our aim is to explore new ways to improve products and to offer an exciting range of products that enhance your lives, anticipating your needs. At the forefront of technology. At Philips, we recognize that the products we make and the services we provide affect the people who use them and the environment they are in. We recognize our responsibility and we care about the environment. By our commitment in Philips Lighting, we hope to make a real difference in your lives.

Philips Pakistan Lighting Website

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Future Of Electronics Industry In Pakistan


Consumer Electronics
Delivering Enhanced Experience

Philips is one of the world's top three consumer electronics companies with a range of products that use the company's world-leading technology competences to deliver a brand experience that enhances consumers' everyday lives. These products are designed to bring consumers the benefits of the latest digital technologies at any time and any place: at home, at work or on the move. Philips Pakistan has a deeply entrenched presence in the country since the time of its independence. Philips had a sales office in Lahore at the time of Pakistan's independence in 1947. Two years later, Philips Electrical Company started operations in Karachi. In 1954, Philips Electrical Industries was established as a manufacturer of radio sets. In 1970, the Philips' manufacturing base grew sharply, as four new factories were set up including one for the production of Audio-Video products. Down the years, Philips has continued to focus on innovation and providing the consumer with the very best in technology. Philips continues to evolve in response to the dynamism in the market and at the same time retains the qualities that made it a global leader in the industry. One of the world's largest color television manufacturers and recognized for its expertise in technological innovation, Philips is a leader in the development and market introduction of the widescreen television format and flat TV. Philips Consumer Electronics is one of the largest Electrical/Electronics companies in Pakistan, #1 position in Monitors, and a strong presence in Sound & Vision products. Philips has immense opportunities for growth in this market and is continuously innovating to introduce the latest technology to the Pakistani Consumers in integration with their global launches. Philips Consumer Electronics in Pakistan has brought in the latest technology in DVDs, Color Televisions with Pixel Plus Technology, Plasma Televisions, MP3 & VCD Enabled Audio Mini systems and CD-RCRs, Light Frame Monitors & LCD Monitors. Philips CE is striving to capture the market by bringing value to all consumer segments; High-end and Economy. The objective is to provide the masses with easily attainable technology, which will keep them abreast of the wave of innovation. The Highest value in conjunction with top-of-the-line technology.

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Future Of Electronics Industry In Pakistan


Pak Elektron Limited (PEL) is the pioneer manufacturer of electrical goods in Pakistan. It was established in 1956 in technical collaboration with M/s AEG of Germany. In October 1978, the company was taken over by Saigol Group of Companies. Since its inception, the company has always been contributing towards the advancement and development of the engineering sector in Pakistan by introducing a range of quality electrical equipments and home appliances and by producing hundreds of engineers, skilled workers and technicians through its apprenticeship schemes and training programs. The company comprises of two divisions:  Appliances Division  Power Division

This Division of PEL consists of appliances manufacturing.

PEL Air Conditioners
PEL window-type air conditioners were introduced in 1981 in technical collaboration with General Corporation of Japan. Ever since their launch, PEL air conditioners have a leading position in the market. PEL air conditioners cooling performance has been tested and approved by Copeland and ITS USA. With the shift of user’s preference from window type to split type air conditioners, PEL has started manufacturing split type air conditioners.

PEL Refrigerators
The manufacturing of refrigerators started in 1986-87 in technical collaboration with M/s IAR-SILTAL of Italy. Like the air conditioner, PEL's refrigerators are also in great demand. Today, PEL Crystal has 30% market share. Its cooling performance is tested and approved by Danfoss, Germany and its manufacturing facility is ISO 9002 certified by SGS Switzerland.

PEL Deep Freezers
PEL deep freezers were introduced in 1987 in technical collaboration with M/s Ariston of Italy. Because of durability and high quality, PEL deep freezers are the preferred choice of companies like Unilever.

PEL Power Division manufactures energy meters, transformers, switchgears, Kiosks, compact stations, shunt capacitor banks etc. All these electrical goods are manufactured under strict quality control and in accordance with international standards. Over the years, PEL electrical equipment has been used in numerous power projects of national importance within Pakistan. PEL has the privilege of getting its equipment approved and certified by well-reputed international consultants such as:
  

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Preece, Cardew and Rider, England Harza Engineering Company, USA Snam Progeti, Italy

Future Of Electronics Industry In Pakistan

  

Societe Dumezm, France Miner & Miner International Inc. USA Ensa, France

In spite of stiff competition from emerging local and multinational brands, PEL Group's appliances and electrical equipments have remained in the spotlight due to constant innovation. Strategic partnership with multinationals of repute have enabled the PEL Group to incorporate new technologies into existing product ranges, thus giving the Pakistani market access to innovative, affordable and quality products.

Stanford University classmates Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard founded HP in 1939. The company's first product, built in a Palo Alto garage, was an audio oscillator—an electronic test instrument used by sound engineers. One of HP's first customers was Walt Disney Studios, which purchased eight oscillators to develop and test an innovative sound system for the movie Fantasia.

Follow HP as it evolves through the years. » HP interactive timeline

View in-depth descriptions and photos of notable products from the collection of the HP Archives. » Virtual museum

Follow HP's efforts to preserve for future generations its most famous piece of real estate — the HP garage. » HP Garage

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Future Of Electronics Industry In Pakistan



» Notebooks & Tablet PCs

» Desktops & Workstations

» iPAQ Handhelds

» Monitors

» Printing & Multifunctioning

» Scanners

» Digital Photography

» Supplies

» Accessories

» Servers

» Storage

» Networking

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Future Of Electronics Industry In Pakistan


About Pioneer

Company History
Pioneer was founded in 1938 in Tokyo, Japan by Nozomu Matsumoto - a man with a passion for music that he hoped to share with the world through high quality audio speakers. That passion began with a small operation to repair and manufacture speakers in Matsumoto's garage. It has since grown to international stature as a manufacturer of audio and video products for use at home, in the car and in business environments.

Fast Facts:



Unlike most other companies in the industry, Pioneer chose not to develop videocassette recorders – instead developing the LaserDisc. The company’s involvement in optical disc technology grew from LaserDisc to include a leadership role in the development of DVD and Blu-ray Disc technology. Pioneer leads the professional DJ equipment industry with innovative products like the world’s first digital vinyl turntable and the world’s first DVD turntable – allowing DJs to spin, scratch and otherwise manipulate CDs and DVDs. Pioneer opened its first office in the United States in the Empire State Building in 1972.

The element that has not changed in nearly 70 years is the passion for audio and video products that we hope to share with the world. From the employees at our research labs looking for the "next big thing" to the engineers at our factories focused on quality assurance to our product trainers explaining the new technology to our customers - we remain passionate about creating an unbeatable entertainment experience.
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Pioneer through the Ages
Nozomu Matsumoto founded Pioneer as an audio products manufacturer in 1938, making speakers in his garage. Future Of Electronics Industry In Pakistan

PART THREE INTRODUCTION TO MAJOR ELECTRONICS MANUFACTURING COMPANIES IN PAKISTAN Today Pioneer is a world leader in electronics products for the car, home and business markets, respected for our role in introducing such innovations as consumer laser disc (1979), car CD player (1984), GPS car navigation (1990), DVD-Video player (1996), high definition plasma display (1997) and organic electroluminescent (OEL) display (1997). To this day, Pioneer still develops and manufactures innovative and high-tech entertainment and electronic products. As we move further into the 21st century, the environment of the electronics industry is changing rapidly. In the midst of such change, even more foresight and flexibility are required, particularly in research and development. R&D has been crucial to Pioneer's growth, creativity and leadership. With seven percent of revenues invested back into R&D, we continue to develop imaginative products that best fit the lifestyle of the new century. Whether it's a Pure Vision plasma television with crystal clear high definition images or a sound system for your car that allows you to hear every bass-thumping note, we want to add that extra feature that makes the music and movies really touch your soul. In many ways, our corporate slogan says it all – sound vision soul. "Sound" not only indicates Pioneer's very origin - the audio field - but also refers to our aim to resonate with customers. "Vision" refers to the video business in which Pioneer maintains a leadership position with Bluray Disc technology and next generation plasma displays at the core. It also suggests the company's clear commitment to the future and innovation. "Soul" emphasizes Pioneer's determination to raise entertainment to the level of pure emotion. Pioneer truly believes in the power of sound and vision to 'move the heart and touch the soul.'

Sun Microsystems
Our Company Sun Microsystems develops the most innovative products and services that power the network economy. Guided by a singular vision -- "The Network is the Computer" -- Sun drives network participation through shared innovation, community development and open source leadership.  Sun Microsystems News
Get the latest news and information about Sun.  Press Releases  Jonathan's Blog  Good News

 Executive Perspectives
Get the latest inside thinking from Sun's leadership team.  Connect with Jonathan, Scott, Mike, Greg, and Peter.

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 Investor Relations
Find information and resources for Sun's investor community.  Earnings Releases

 Sun Federal
Sun Microsystems Federal, Inc., is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sun Microsystems, Inc.  Executive Staff

Future Of Electronics Industry In Pakistan

 Annual Report  Bill Vass' Web log  News

 Corporate Governance
Learn about Sun's rigorous standards of business conduct and integrity.  Board of Directors  Stock Ownership Program

 Corporate Responsibility
Sun shares in the commitment to a sustainable global community.  Eco Responsibility  Business Practices  Global Citizenship  Workplace

 Diversity

Sun's culture is supported by practices, policies, and leadership that is committed to inclusive business  Sun Open Work Platform practices.  Global Inclusion  Sun Microsystems Labs Sun's applied research and advanced development  Supplier Diversity arm.  Research Projects  Publications

 Contrarian Minds

All Sun Products
 Software
Application & Integration Services >> Application Development >> Collaboration & Communication >> Databases >> Desktop >> Enterprise Computing >> Identity Management >> Java Technologies >> Mobility >> Networking >> Operating Systems >> Portal Services >> Security >> Storage Device Software >> Storage Management Software >> Systems Administration >> Systems Management >> Virtualization >> Web & Proxy Servers

 Servers
Blade Servers >> Chip Multithreading (CMT) Servers >> Entry Rackmount Servers >> High-End Servers >> Midrange Servers >> Netra Carrier-Grade Systems >> SPARC Enterprise Servers >> x64 Servers >> Solutions

 Storage
Open Storage >> Tape Storage >> Disk Storage >> Storage Networking >> Storage Software >> Solutions

 Networking
Ethernet >> Fiber Channel: Host Bus Adaptors >> Fiber Channel: Switches, Directors >> Infiniband

 Desktops & Workstations
Workstations >> Sun Ray Clients >> Monitors >> Peripherals >> Graphics Cards

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 Trade-In Programs
Entry-Level Servers >> Mid & High-End Servers >> Storage >> Workstations >> Components >> Promotions >> Leasing >> Returns >> Remanufactured Systems

Future Of Electronics Industry In Pakistan


About Gateway

Find information on Gateway and our products, for both consumers and the media. Learn More

Trade in your old technology and get cash for a new Gateway, or recycle your hardware responsibly. Learn More

Gateway is committed to corporate responsibility and good governance and to our community and the environment. Learn More

We want people with knowledge, skills and a desire to work in a dynamic business setting. Learn More

Need to get in touch with Gateway or find support information? Just give us a call or click. Learn More

Find important legal information about our company, website and products and about the use of our brand and logo. Learn More

Founded in 1985 in an Iowa farmhouse, Gateway has grown into one of America's best-known brands with millions of satisfied customers. Starting with a $10,000 loan guaranteed by his grandmother, a rented computer and a three-page business plan, Ted Waitt turned Gateway into a revolutionary company whose innovations helped shape the technology industry. The company—previously called Gateway 2000—received national acclaim in 1991 when it introduced its distinctive cow-spotted boxes, a tribute to its farm heritage. In 1993, it cracked the Fortune 500 and went public, trading on the NASDAQ before moving to the New York Stock Exchange in 1997. The following year, Gateway shifted its headquarters from North Sioux City, South Dakota, to the San Diego area. In early 2004, the company acquired e-Machines, one of the world's fastest-growing and most efficient PC makers. The company moved its headquarters to Irvine, California in September 2004. 37 | Page In October 2007, Gateway was acquired by Taiwan-based Acer Inc., and the combined entities now comprise the third-largest PC Company in the world. Gateway always has been devoted to treating customers with respect and decency while focusing on Future Of Electronics Industry In Pakistan

PART THREE INTRODUCTION TO MAJOR ELECTRONICS MANUFACTURING COMPANIES IN PAKISTAN service, quality and value. Gateway, since its earliest days, has pioneered numerous industry trends and practices. It was the first PC Company to offer systems with color monitors as standard, the first to offer a standard three-year warranty and the first to commercially explore convergence of the PC and television. It was one of the nation's early "bricks and clicks" retailers, and it was among the first direct retailers to sell its own branded consumer electronics with the launch of the highly successful Gateway® plasma TV and digital display. As Gateway pushes into new frontiers, it remains dedicated to its original objective of helping people improve their lives through technology.

Panasonic Corporation of North America (PNA), based in Secaucus, NJ, is the principal North American subsidiary of Osaka, Japan-based Panasonic Corporation (NYSE: PC) and the hub of its branding, marketing, sales, service, product development and R&D operations in the U.S. and Canada. For nearly 50 years, Panasonic has delighted American consumers with innovations for the home and business. Panasonic's consumer electronics and technology products range from awardwinning VIERA High Definition Plasma and LCD TVs and LUMIX Digital Cameras to ruggedized Tough book® laptop computers, communications solutions, networkable office solutions, security systems, home appliances, personal care products, components and entire in-flight entertainment and information systems. Panasonic operations in North America include R&D Centers, manufacturing bases, the highly rated Panasonic Customer Call Center in Chesapeake, VA, business-to-business and industrial solutions companies and consumer products, sales and service networks throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Panasonic Corporation of North America and its subsidiaries and affiliates employ about 12,000 people in the region. Consumer-First Philosophy Established in New York City in 1959, Panasonic Corporation of North America was known as Matsushita Electric Corporation of America until 2005 when its company name was changed to strengthen its connection to the brand and the consumer. Throughout its history, Panasonic has made understanding how its products can impact people's lives a core focus for product development and refinement. "Ideas For Life" is a reflection of that commitment and a guiding force for what can be expected from Panasonic in the future. 38 | Page

Future Of Electronics Industry In Pakistan

PART THREE INTRODUCTION TO MAJOR ELECTRONICS MANUFACTURING COMPANIES IN PAKISTAN Panasonic Corporation Panasonic Corporation, which until October 1, 2008 was known as Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd., recorded worldwide consolidated net sales of Y9.07 trillion (about US$90.52 billion) for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2008.

Company Profile Panasonic stands for quality, value and innovation. Learn about the company and its rich history here.

Putting Ecology into Technology Coexistence with the global community through environmental technology.

Ideas For Life Ideas For Life is more than a slogan. It's how we create new products and solutions around the world.

Making a Difference Fostering community involvement through outreach.

Independence Bringing the benefits of advanced digital technology to everyone.

Putting Customers First Need Help? Receive support and information for all of Panasonic's consumer, business and industrial products.

Career Opportunities We are committed to creating a diverse work environment and proud to be an equal opportunity employer.

Up-To-Date News and Releases The latest press releases and news from Panasonic USA.

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Future Of Electronics Industry In Pakistan


Cisco Systems
Corporate Overview Quick Facts
Founded in 1984 Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) Q4 FY09 Revenue: $8.5B Q4 FY09 Employee Count: 65,545

Quick Links
Corporate Fact Sheet Company Milestones About Cisco

Corporate Overview Cisco Systems, Inc. is the worldwide leader in networking for the Internet. Today, networks are an essential part of business, education, government and home communications, and Cisco Internet Protocol-based (IP) networking solutions are the foundation of these networks. Cisco hardware, software, and service offerings are used to create Internet solutions that allow individuals, companies, and countries to increase productivity, improve customer satisfaction and strengthen competitive advantage. The Cisco name has become synonymous with the Internet, as well as with the productivity improvements that Internet business solutions provide. At Cisco, our vision is to change the way people work, live, play and learn.
Read More

Founded: Cisco was founded in 1984 by a group of computer scientists from Stanford University. Incorporation: Cisco was incorporated on December 10, 1984 in California. Stock Symbol: DOW: CSCO IPO: Cisco went public on February 16, 1990 at a split-adjusted price of about 6 cents. Employees: As of the end of Q1 FY2010 (ending October 24, 2009) Cisco has 63,756 employees worldwide. Corporate Headquarters: San Jose, California, USA Worldwide Locations 40 | Page

Future Of Electronics Industry In Pakistan


Company Milestones
Cisco was founded in 1984 by a group of computer scientists from Stanford University. Since the company's inception, Cisco engineers have been prominent in advancing the development of IP- the basic language to communicate over the Internet and in private networks. The Cisco corporate timeline includes information on the company's history and product innovations.

Flash Version

PDF Version

About IBM

IBMers value... - Dedication to every client’s success. - Innovation that matters – for our company and for the world. - Trust and personal responsibility in all relationships.

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Future Of Electronics Industry In Pakistan


Who we are
The past, present and future The history of the world's most forward-looking company. The way we THINK Looking at the world differently. Approaching challenges in a new way. Take a closer look Unique perspectives and thoughtprovoking ideas. Global innovation insights Collaborative forecasts of business and society. Making headlines Don't miss the latest news on IBM innovations. Collaboration that matters Our corporate responsibility to solve tough problems.

IBM Archives
Valuable resources on IBM's history

Clock corner
For more than 70 years, IBM and its predecessor companies produced time-keeping equipment for schools and businesses. Many of these products are considered collectibles today.

About IBM's Archives
The IBM Archives documents the evolution and accomplishments of one of the world's most influential technology companies. Check out our reference room. IBM FAQ (PDF, 303KB) IBM dictionary (PDF, 312KB) How to request information IBM clocks

This we believe
A century of essays and quotes from IBM management. IBM management principles & practices (136KB) Quintessential quotes (117KB) Get Adobe® Reader®

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Future Of Electronics Industry In Pakistan


Canon Electronics
Corporate Profile

Company Name Founded Headquarters Chairman & CEO President & COO Common Stock Number of Employees Net Sales Net Income

Canon Inc. August 10, 1937 30-2, Shimomaruko 3-chome, Ohta-ku, Tokyo 146-8501, Japan Fujio Mitarai Tsuneji Uchida 174,762 million yen (As of December 31, 2008) 25,412 (As of December 31, 2008) Non-Consolidated 2,721,094 million yen (2008) Consolidated 4,094,161 million yen (2008) Non-Consolidated 224,135 million yen (2008) Consolidated 309,148 million yen (2008)

Ordinary Profit 359,086 million yen (2008)

Main Activities of the Canon Group
Main Activities
Business Machines Office Imaging Products Network Multifunction Devices, Laser Multifunction Printers, Copying Machines Laser Beam Printers, Inkjet Printers, Inkjet Multifunction Printers, Image Scanners Computers, Document Scanners, Handy Terminals, Calculators, Electronic Dictionaries

(As of December 31, 2008)

Computer Peripherals 43 | Page Business Information Products

Future Of Electronics Industry In Pakistan

PART THREE INTRODUCTION TO MAJOR ELECTRONICS MANUFACTURING COMPANIES IN PAKISTAN Digital Cameras, Digital Video Cameras, Interchangeable Lenses, LCD Projectors Semiconductor Production Equipment, Mirror Projection Mask Aligners for LCDs, Broadcast-use Television Lenses, Medical Image Recording Equipment, Large-Format Inkjet Printers, Vacuum Equipment for Electronic Components


Optical and Other Products

Advance Electronics International

44 | Page

Future Of Electronics Industry In Pakistan


Alpine Electronics, Inc.
Corporate Profile
Alpine Electronics Inc., a part of the Alps Group based within its parent company, Alps Electric Co., Ltd., develops, manufactures, and sells audio products for automobiles and information and communication products.

TOKYO 1-1-8 Nishi-Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-8501, Japan Phone:81(3)3494-1101 Fax:81(3)3494-1109 Date of Establishment President & CEO Paid-in Capital Number of Employees (Consolidated) Description of Business Stock Exchange Listing Common Stock Total Issued Stocks Net Sales (Consolidated) May. 10th, 1967 Seizo Ishiguro ¥25,920 million 11,573 (As of March 31 2009) In-car Audio Products/ In-car Information & Communication Products Tokyo Stock Exchange 160,000,000 shares 69,784,501 shares Operating Income (Consolidated) Ordinary Income (Consolidated)

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Future Of Electronics Industry In Pakistan


Micro Electronics International (Pvt.) Ltd
Micro Electronics International (MICRO) is a technology oriented industry involved in Design, Manufacturing and Sales of Hi-Tech Radio Communication and Electronics Equipment in Pakistan since 1982. MICRO is the largest Defense Electronics Industry in the private sector having unique collaborative arrangement with the DGMP and Ministry of Defense Pakistan.

Future Plans
Micro Electronics International (MICRO) has the following projects and strategy lined up for the future:  Secure Trucking (mobile Multi-channel Multi-access) Radio Systems  Secure Voice/Data Network Solution for Defense  Telemetry and Command & Control System  Prepaid Energy Meters for Military  Marketing in South Asian and Central Asian Countries Our Products

PK/PRC-786 Transceiver

PRC-786N Transceiver

PRC-786 125 Watt Digitalized Anti Jamming Transceiver

PRC-786 20 Watt Digitalized Anti Jamming Transceiver

Digital Encrypted Handset


PK/PRC-2505 (SMT) Handheld

PRC-2505 Handheld Hopper Transceiver

PRC-2505 Frequency Hopping Transceiver

46 | Page

PRC-2505 50 Watt Vehicle Borne Hopper Transceiver

Future Of Electronics Industry In Pakistan


Orient Group Of Companies
About us
Orient Benko Freighters Ltd is one of the leading national, international, freight forwarding company in air, road, and sea. Providing customized solutions to company’s exports and imports in transporting their valuable cargo from home to any part of the world. Registered as a clearing agent too, we provide single window clearance to our clients. Having company registered offices in Nairobi, Malaba, Uganda, Lokichogio, Mombassa and Juba since its inception in the year 1999 by its founding Directors Mr. John Maina Githaiga and Mr. Paul Mutiro we have made our presence felt in this much needed professional field. Orient Trasjopa Ltd. has opened its own office in Nairobi, Kenya as the corporate head office with up coming offices in other major parts and cities in Kenya, for its operations. Orient trasjopa Ltd. entered the Kenyan market way back in 2000. Due to sharp rise in business and also to comply with new Kenya Revenue Authority system i.e. the simba system, the company decided to separate clearing and forwarding from transport and thus how Orient Benko Freighters was founded as a corporate entity. All our companies are wholly Kenya owned and managed. We are proud to be Kenyan in total but with differences in professionalism and efficiency. We are confident that our group of companies is very prefident and professional in the field of clearing and forwarding, warehousing, shipping and transport including road, air and sea. We have big ideas and dreams. Dream with us and we will bring change in imports and exports, warehousing and transportation business. All what you give us is confidence and support. In return we promise you professional, effective and efficient personalized service. To us you are special and unique clients. It is our sincere endeavor to establish a long-term relationship with our esteemed clients and our respective customer base nationally and internationally, with our operational efficiency benchmark and effective global networking. We in Orient Benko Freighters Ltd. take "personal ownership and care", for 100% customer satisfaction. We are members of the Kenya Transport Association and are also a member of KIFWA (Kenya international Freight and Warehousing Association)

Our Fleet (click on the picture to enlarge)

These are some of our newly acquired vehicles and have helped in expanding our service delivery capacity

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Should you wish to learn more about us, kindly contact us on the address given in our contact us page and our team of friendly staff will be glad to answer any enquiries that you may have about us. Also please feel free to request for a quotation on our services.

Future Of Electronics Industry In Pakistan


Welcome to Samsung for over 70 years, Samsung has been dedicated to making a better world through diverse businesses that today span advanced technology, semiconductors, skyscraper and plant construction, petrochemicals, fashion, medicine, finance, hotels, and more. Our flagship company, Samsung electronics, leads the global market in high-tech electronics manufacturing and digital media. Through innovative, reliable products and services, talented people, a responsible approach to business and global citizenship, and collaboration with our partners and customers, Samsung is taking the world in imaginative new directions.

In every area of Samsung's business, we work to improve our global society.

Learn how Samsung contributes to a better society.

Samsung harnesses the power of the digital revolution.

Meet the leaders who are fueling Samsung's growth.

Explore the next step in your career - discover what's possible at Samsung.

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Future Of Electronics Industry In Pakistan


Corporate Profile

Samsung is guided by a simple philosophy, strong values and high ethical standards that inform our work every day. In everything we do, we strive to help people live better lives.

Samsung is dedicated to developing innovative technologies and efficient processes that create new markets, enrich people's lives, and continue to make Samsung a digital leader.

To learn more about the performance of our company, download the annual reports issued by Samsung Group and Samsung Electronics.

For more than 70 years, Samsung has been at the forefront of innovation. Our discoveries, inventions and breakthrough products have helped shape the history of the digital revolution.

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From its inception as a small export business in Teagu, Korea, Samsung has grown to become one of the world’s leading electronics companies, specializing in digital appliances and media, semiconductors, memory, and system integration. Today Samsung’s innovative and top quality products and processes are world recognized. This timeline captures the major milestones in Samsung’s history, showing how Future Of Electronics Industry In Pakistan

PART THREE INTRODUCTION TO MAJOR ELECTRONICS MANUFACTURING COMPANIES IN PAKISTAN the company expanded its product lines and reach, grew its revenue and market share, and has followed its mission of making life better for consumers around the world.

Comcept (Pvt) Ltd
About us
Incorporated in 1992, and ISO 9001-2000 certified, Comcept consists of a team of 300+ multi-disciplined professionals sharing diverse engineering exposure. Comcept develops and manufactures standard products as well as customized solutions in the fields of Telecommunications, Alternative Energy, Special Purpose Electronic Modules, and Management Systems. Driven by the passion to achieve technical excellence, Comcept is known for its competent and vibrant engineers to offer practical solutions at affordable price. Our products include CNG Dispensers, VoIP Call Centers, Payphones, Fixed Wireless Phones, Payphone Network Solutions, Power Supplies and Customized Applications for Telecom Networks. Our Customer Support includes Hands-on Training, Logistics, Installation, Integration, Commissioning, Online Help, On-Site Maintenance and Component Level Repairs. In addition to own products spectrum, we offer contract product design, manufacturing and consultancy services to customers worldwide.

Our products include CNG Dispensers, VoIP Call Centers, Payphones, Wireless Desktop Phones, Payphone Network Solutions, Power Supplies and Customized Applications for Telecom Networks. During development of products, Quality remains a primary objective in Comcept as a means to achieve total customer’s satisfaction. Comcept is committed to be customer-focused through out entire scope of activities with the goal to exceed customer expectations.

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Future Of Electronics Industry In Pakistan



Company Name Sony Corporation Founded May 7, 1946 Headquarters 1-7-1 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0075, Japan
 Access & Map

Major Products
 Home audio, portable audio, etc.

 Video cameras, digital still cameras, and DVD-Video players/recorders, and Digital-broadcasting

receiving systems Televisions  LCD televisions, projection televisions, CRT-based televisions, etc. Information and communications  PC, printer system, broadcast and professional use audio/video/monitors and other professionaluse equipment Semiconductors  LCD, CCD and other semiconductors Electronic components  Optical pickups, batteries, audio/video/data recording media, and data recording systems

SONY Car Amplifiers (5) >> SONY Car CD Changers (3) >> SONY Car Visual Screens (4) >> SONY CD / VCD HiFi System (6) >> SONY Car DVD Players (4) >> SONY DVD HiFi System (6) >> SONY Memory Cards (3) >> SONY Car Woofers (4) >> SONY 14 21 inch TV (4) >> SONY Netbooks (2) >> SONY SLR Lenses (18) >> SONY 25 - 29 inch TV (4) >> SONY Car Speakers (8) >> SONY Optical Drive (4) >> SONY Car HDD Players (1) >> SONY Car CD Players (1) >> SONY DLP Projectors (7) >> SONY DVD Players (4) >> SONY Home Theatres (3) >> SONY HDD Handycam (3) >> SONY Handycam (3) >> SONY DVD Handycam (2) >> SONY DVD Recorders (2) >> SONY Gaming Consoles (4) >> SONY Gaming Accessories (1) >> SONY Laptops (11) >> SONY LCD TV (6) >> SONY Digital Cameras (10) >> SONY Laptop Accessories (4) >> SONY Photo Frame (4)

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Future Of Electronics Industry In Pakistan


Afzal Electric & Machinery Company
 

Business type: manufacturer, retail sales, wholesale supplier, exporter, importer Product types: water pumps, Submersible Pumps,Centrifugal Pumps,Mono Block Pumps,Multistage Pumps,Non Clogging Pumps,Boiller Pumps,Fire Fighting Pumps,Garden Pumps,Deep Well pumps,Gear Pumps,Ejector Pumps,Clean water Pumps,Pressure Tanks,Switch Gears,Change Over Switch,Main Switch,Electric Sirens,Electric Motors,Mechanical Seals,Transformers,Fire Hydrant Pumps,Booster Pumps,Turbines,Diesel Engines,Generators,.

Alfa Marine Electronics
Alfa Marine Electronics is a subsidiary of Alfa International, the family owned company with business experience of over 100 years in various fields from owning General Stores in Macao to being distributors of top companies like Imperial Tobacco Company, nestle etc to manufacturing household Insecticides, which is among top 3 brands in Pakistan. Alfa Marine Electronics was launched with a vision of providing quality products and services to Marine vessels visiting Pakistani Ports. In support of the launch, Alfa Marine Electronics quickly entered a period of strategic recruitment, appointing the best marine electronic engineering staff to strengthen the engineering qualities and potential of our new company. The engineering department, as a result of our successful recruitment drive, has a considerable technical capability, with focused, committed and dedicated technicians providing the customer with unwavering levels of support and real value for money. Alfa Marine Electronics can deliver a comprehensive range of marine services, from technical sales support, covering a vast range of products from all of the leading manufacturers, to a wide range of electronic engineering services in support of the electronic package onboard vessels and offshore facilities. High standards of electronic engineering are provided 24/7/365 throughout Pakistan. Our people are totally committed to assisting the customer to meet their business objectives and recognize the time sensitivity that exists on a daily basis within our industry. Fast response in every aspect of our business is clearly recognized as being important to the customer and key to our success and popularity as a marine services company. Alfa Marine Electronics is building an enviable reputation and strong relationships with customers locally, nationally and internationally based on trust and respect, qualities that are not in abundance from within the marine industry to date. 52 | Page Alfa Marine Electronics is a new and refreshing company in the marine services market place, setting new standards and benchmarks in all core business areas for others to adopt and follow.

Future Of Electronics Industry In Pakistan


Range of Products we offer:
· · · · · · · · · · · Autopilots Echo sounders & Speed Logs GMDSS GPS & DGPS Gyro Compass Navigator & Chart plotter Navtex & Weatherfax Radar Systems Radio Communications Sarts & Epirbs Satellite Communication

Al-Noor Transformer Co.
:::About Us:::
Drawing on its in-house resources of estimators, trained and well credentialed engineers, Al-Noor has designed and constructed numerous electro-mechanical projects. Through its exposure and experience with some of the specialized international companies NC, has managed to develop its in-house capabilities for data acquisition and proper supervision. Through the various projects that were executed, AlNoor has managed to acquire working experience outside Iraq by successfully completing various projects in the region enabling it to gain important experience in coordination with some of the international contractors. Al-Noor has also established working arrangements with some of the most well known international manufacturers of electrical equipment and materials.

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As a leading contractor in Iraq, Al-Noor is very well equipped with a full range of construction machinery such as trucks, graders, tractors and diesel generators of various types and capacities.

Future Of Electronics Industry In Pakistan


Ahsanullah Electronics (Pvt) Limited
About Us
Our Services started in 1985 with Computers (Apple) and peripheral repair works and moved on into communications with complex PBX setup from ITT/Alcatel Austria including installation, configuration and analogue networking between PBX to PBX on leased circuits on Satcom, Microwave DRS, other Radio links and VHF Repeaters. At the same time we joined hands with Comspec of Texas to extend data-comm. solutions to Oil businesses for error-free transmission of their data on noisy circuits. One of our specialty since 1991 is error-free bulk file transfer on phone and now Email over HF ssb Radio & Vsat for Rigs & remote locations. With expertise from North America & Europe we support leading edge radio communication and switching solutions. Now, for well over 18 Years, today we coordinate planning, implementation and support for Voice & Data Communication projects for leading trail blazers, US and European Oil companies and others operating in Pakistan, including

Our Achievements
We have to our credit the great successes of the Pakistan Oil & Gas Digital Business including the success stories of Badin Fields, Kadanwari, Miano Feilds and Bhit Fields.All these sites have one thing in common which is state of art communication setup. All because we took the right decision the very first time for voice and data.

Communication Licensing
During the past 15 years we also gained a substantial insight into the Government Communication licensing aspects including procedures and matters relating to the PTT, FAB, PTA and the Communication Ministry of Pakistan, while working very closely together with the administration departments of our clients.

Industry Partners
Our INDUSTRY PARTNERS includes Alcatel Austria, Comspec of Texas, Int'l Datalink of Texas, nStor of San Diego ca, Motorola, Paktel Telecom UK, ISE ComsatRSI Utilicom, BSIL Silicon, Graphics, SCS AG, Airmail, PTCL, Best Power of USA, Lucent Pakistan, Newbridge networks, Southern Avionics (NDB), Telecard, SuperNet, PDL etc.

When you choose Ahsanullah Electronics for your Terrestrial Microwave and Cellular Turnkey System, you get products and services that lead the industry in quality and reliability. Ahsanullah Electronics Turnkey System Management Teams have the proven capability and expertise to completely coordinate and manage your next project. In addition to supplying all of the materials and components, Ahsanullah Electronics can provide people to help in preplanning and design, site preparation, installation, testing and maintenance. Since every project is unique, you can pick and choose from any or all of our services to meet your specific requirements. We provide complete site preparation including site clearing and grading, construction of foundations for earth station antennas, towers, equipment buildings site clean up and debris disposal. electrical work, fence installation, construction of access roads, Ahsanullah Electronics can provide complete field service capabilities for delivery, installation, testing, site preparation and program management of all your systems applications. Ahsanullah Electronics Field Service performs all aspects of site construction including:

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 System engineering, installation preplanning, scheduling and program management Future Of Electronics Industry In Pakistan

PART THREE INTRODUCTION TO MAJOR ELECTRONICS MANUFACTURING COMPANIES IN PAKISTAN       Site civil work such as site clearing and grading, access road construction, fencing and grounding Tower and building foundation construction Delivery to site of all system equipment Tower erection Antenna and transmission line installation Factory installation of radio racks, wiring, power source equipment and other equipment in concrete shelters  Installation of concrete shelters and on-site power connection  Testing and guarantees System  Crews are self-contained and arrive fully equipped.

Ameejee Valleejee & Sons (Private) Limited
About Us

With 142 years of history, AVS is one of the leading innovators in its industry's realm. AVS is a symbol of experience, stability, steady growth and a forward looking management style. Over the years, we have had the pleasure of representing a host of global organizations in Pakistan and continue to do so today. Cognizance of market needs in today's dynamic economic sphere, business foresight, entrepreneurship, organizational stability and vision have contributed to customer satisfaction, an ever expanding client base and a prominent position in the market. AVS is known as a corporation that makes a difference, keeping up tradition with innovation. 55 | Page AVS Methodology At AVS, our central focus is to ensure that all our clients’ requirements are met. The client’s needs are reassured at every stage of the process to guarantee satisfaction. This method allows us to have a flexible development process which can be catered to meet each unique clients needs. Future Of Electronics Industry In Pakistan

PART THREE INTRODUCTION TO MAJOR ELECTRONICS MANUFACTURING COMPANIES IN PAKISTAN Quick Glance at AVS AVS was established in 1867 in Karachi, in the then undivided subcontinent. Initially AVS dealt with the supply of light engineering products. Over the years, the product line gradually increased and coverage also began to expand beyond Karachi. The founding fathers and subsequent generations have since then made their mark on the country's industrial progress by their entrepreneurship and innovative business activities. AVS Group of Companies AVS carries out much of the older businesses of the parent company. It is engaged in marketing of industrial plants and products and financial structuring and management of contracts to the last stages of implementation. Tapal Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd. is a subsidiary, primarily holding responsibility for management of working capital and financial engineering of cash intensive projects. Industrial Engineering and Construction Ltd. was formed to carry out industrial installation activities. It holds to its credit major electrical and mechanical works at power plants set up by WAPDA in former East and West Pakistan during the 1960s. Tapal Chemicals (Pvt) Ltd. has been recently formed to enable concerned business managers realize the growth potential this business holds. The current textile chemicals business is a thriving one, supplying textile auxiliaries to majority of the textile mills in Pakistan. Upon implementation of diversification strategies it is expected to cater to a particular market niche for specialized chemicals. Tapal Energy (Pvt.) Ltd. was one of the first few private sector companies to receive a Letter of Support for power generation. TEL was developed with Wartsila Group, which is already a well-known name in the power sector in Pakistan. The 126mW diesel power plant commenced commercial operations in June 1997. AVS Today The 1971 war with India and the subsequent separation of East Pakistan caused major losses to companies with business interest in the eastern wing. AVS, too, suffered a setback, in terms of loss of revenues from the shipyard as well as loss of a growing market. The company, however, proved to be resilient and began to recover rapidly. During the 70s, power plant equipment was supplied to many generation plants of KESC and WAPDA. Industries that came up during this period (rice processing, sugar, fertilizer and chemicals) were equipped with AVS supplied products. 137 Years – at a glance (1867 to 2004) AVS was established in 1867 as a partnership concern in Karachi, in the then undivided subcontinent. It dealt with supply of light engineering products and grew steadily by adding product lines and extending coverage to areas other than Karachi. The founding fathers and subsequent generations have since then made their mark on the country’s industrial progress by their entrepreneurship and innovative business activities.

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Future Of Electronics Industry In Pakistan





Established in the subcontinent

Established a construction company under AVSSupplied textile machinery to all major textile mills in Pakistan Supplied machine tools to Pakistani industry through a Polish barter programme.

Franchise of Wartsila Group Supplied National Fibres Plant from Lurgi Supplied boiler house equipment to WAPDA Francise of Sortex, world leader in grain colour sorting.


Supplied shortwave transmitters to Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation Franchise of Atlas Copco, one of the largest manufacturers of compressor systems

First company to set up ship repair and engineering facility


1970s 1940s
Supplied switchyard equipment to power plant at Korangi, Karachi First private company to own a cargo shipping line Franchise of one of the world’s largest engineering companies, Krupp Engineering Supplied rice processing equipment to the Rice Export Corp of Pakistan. Supplied shortwave transmitters to Pakistan Television Corp Supplied pickling line for the cold rolling mill to Pakistan Steel

Supplied over 450 MW of power generation equipment to private power producers Established market position as a major supplier of textile auxiliaries Supplied Scada system to KESC Tapal Enery Ltd. commences commercial operations in 1997.

2000s 1950s
Now developing Western Electric a 150mW thermal power plant and Green Energy a 100mw wind energy plant in Karachi. Franchise of Buehler, Germany for rice machines and plants

Franchise of world’s largest engineering company Lurgi GmbH Franchise of Brown Boveri Co. (BBC) Franchise of Union Matex, a leading export house of textile machinery Franchise of Henkel, Germany , one of the largest chemicals manufacturers in the world

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Setup National Shipyard in Chittagong, East Pakistan

Future Of Electronics Industry In Pakistan

Electrical Products

AVS has been one of the oldest companies associated with power generation in Pakistan. As a representative of Brown Boveri Co. (now ABB), AVS has been supplying switchyard equipment and low, medium and high voltage components to power plants and industries. AVS currently markets low voltage products from ABB through a countrywide dealer network and also assemble them locally under license.







ABB i-bus









DC Drivers



























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Future Of Electronics Industry In Pakistan


Astaa Security Systems
Astaa Technologies offers professional network video surveillance equipment and security accessories to commercial, government and law enforcement agencies. Operating since 2001, our innovative video surveillance products include network surveillance cameras, Explosion proof cameras, wireless surveillance systems, network video recorders, video management systems, etc. All of our surveillance solutions offer advanced video surveillance using IP networks and a variety of IP-Surveillance products at affordable prices. Digital technology has become the driving force in the industry as an offshoot of advancing computer technology. Open architecture software will enable CCTV systems from different manufacturers to communicate with each other thereby releasing the hold that one manufacturer has on a using customer to buy systems from only that manufacturer. The convergence of computers and CCTV is inevitable as digital technology advances. We continue to be involved in the design, creation and merchandising of superior video surveillance products. Having steadily expanded our product portfolio using expertise in video surveillance to deliver integrated surveillance systems our systems are utilized in a variety of applications including commercial, government and law enforcement. Satisfied repeat clients include schools/universities, banks, hospitals, convenience stores, and govt. agencies.

Astaa Technologies Offer
Complete solutions for your network video needs, from network cameras and video servers, to video management software and accessories.

Network Cameras

Video Servers

Wheather Proof Housing


Software Systems

Wireless Equipment

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Astaa Technologies offers you a unique and diverse range of products and solutions that differs from the traditional systems being offered by other organizations. Products and solutions from large scale network camera solutions spanning over a thousand cameras to night vision cameras that see 3 kilometers into complete darkness. Not only do we provide you with technologically advance products and solutions as they are introduced across the world, we have a team of experts locally and correspondents all across the world with expertise in their respective fields to provide these solutions and that's just one of the facts that gives us the upper edge and gives justification to Astaa Technologies.

Future Of Electronics Industry In Pakistan


Clipsal Pakistan Electronics

Clipsal Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd as a subsidiary of a multinational public limited company M/s Clipsal Industries (Holdings) Ltd, Singapore (which is listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange)now Clipsal Asia (Holdings Ltd. Hong Kong started operation in Pakistan in early 1997. Most of Clipsal Pakistan's imports of electrical and wiring accessories are sourced from Gerard Industries in Adelaide, South Australia where the Clipsal brand was born almost 80 years ago. Gerard Industries has led the way in developing a global network of subsidiaries and associate companies to the point where the Clipsal brand is the market leader in Asia and ranks in the top three manufacturers and distributors of electrical and wiring accessories in the world. The Clipsal brand is renowned for the innovative design and quality standards of its product range, which has an extensive number of quality endorsed certification to its credit. In a short span of time we have effectively penetrated the market and "Clipsal" is now a name to reckon with. Our factory, ware house and Head office building spread over 2000 sq yards. Now we plan to enter into manufacturing and our scope of activities will further expand.

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Future Of Electronics Industry In Pakistan



East West Infiniti (Pvt) Ltd
East West Infiniti (P) Ltd. Company enjoyed a reputation of being a well respected name in the private sector high-tech electronics, with special interest in defense electronics. The Company has diversified presence in the high tech electronics basically focusing on innovative electronic force multipliers for the military, system upgrades, unmanned craft and other classified programs. In the commercial segment we have entered IT activities involving multimedia VPN technologies. We possess the expertise and know how to provide professional technical solutions, consultancy, turnkey systems, program management, after sales support and training. We have a team of highly qualified engineers and ex-military personnel, with unique understanding of military doctrine which allows us to undertake military and commercial electronic projects previously not conceivable in Pakistan. East West Infiniti’s system engineering projects involve design, integration and manufacturing solutions incorporating COTS wherever possible. EWI has undertaken several projects that are firsts for a Pakistani Company.

SpeedWitness Series
SpeedWitness is world's leading manufacturer of Traffic Speed measurement devices. Recognizing that various traffic enforcement forces have varying preferences for technology EWI has the full range video proofed speed devices, using advanced Stalker Radar & Lidar products. ECOM speed measurement equipment for law enforcement provides new capabilities that the Police forces can finally afford: setting new standards in the enthused speed enforcement with undeniable video evidence.
For Complete Line of SpeedWitness Series Click Here

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Products Manufactured by EWI

East West Markets its products internationally under the brand name ECOM. East West has a extensive experience, exposure, human resources and electronic infrastructure we are in a position to carry out systems engineering, using a mix of International and Indigenous system design incorporating imported and local technologies to provide end solutions. We offer consultancy in the fields of Communication, Future Of Electronics Industry In Pakistan

PART THREE INTRODUCTION TO MAJOR ELECTRONICS MANUFACTURING COMPANIES IN PAKISTAN SCADA & Telemetry and IT integrated communications. We handle projetcs in the following areas: Hydrology Telenetery, DGPS Reference Systems, Flood Forecasting Systems, Oil & Gs SCADA Solutions, Metrological Systems, Wide Area Communications for government and corporations, DAM, Water works Monitoring.
For Complete Line of ECOM Products Click Here

Our presence in this sector is depicted by a wide spectrum of military products, that include a mix of indigenous, designs and system engineered systems using a mix of indigenous products and COT products of imported origin. We design Produce, Integrate and Market indigenous ECOM brand of equipment. The products include: Military Aviation Radios, Power Systems for TOW, Artillery Target Acquisition Systems, Tank Commander's Position Awareness Systems GPS integration in Aircraft, Marine Craft and Subs, Unmanned Aircraft Video and Data Communication, UAV Ground Control Systems, Receiver Multicouplers, Solar Power Units, Ni-Cad Battery Packs for Military Radio Sets etc. Future Products Include Tactical GPS Jammer, Airborne UHF Radios, Air Laser Target Identification, unmanned Bottom Mapping Systems, Submarine Video watch systems, etc.
For Complete Line of Military Products Click Here

Our presence in this sector is depicted by the following products and activities, and the future opportunities of this nature. We market and support products in Pakistan or in the region form several major international names including. VERTEX Japan radio communication equipment, GARMIN USA, GPS, SIEL Italy, FM broadcasting equipment, Walter Dittel Germany, Aviation Radios, Zetron USA, Telemetery solutions, Audio Logging Systems, Weather Satellite Imaging, Solar Panels, Fugawi Canada GPS Mapping, Micronta - Studio Delay Units, CCTV solutions etc.
For Complete Line of Products We Market Click Here

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Future Of Electronics Industry In Pakistan


Ezzi Electronics
About US: Who we are: We are a team of dedicated and qualified Professionals, Engineers and Technical Experts with extensive experience in the building security and controls ranging from Fire, Gas, and Security to Cable Management. Our business is to manage and protect your assets and buildings and provide you with the best solutions to meet your needs. Something to know about us: Ezzi Engineering started its life in 1996 as a Cable Tray manufacturer. Gradually it expanded its business by forming alliances with world- renowned brand in Fire safety, Gas detection, Fire suppression, Electrical Wiring, Lighting and controls Video monitoring to provide integrated solutions for diverse building needs of its commercial and industrial customers Our systems and services reflect our strong commitment to provide you with the best. Whether it’s a switch or a complete integrated security system that you buy from us, one thing is for sure. “You are not spending your money. You are investing it!” We claim so, because we don’t just sell systems; We provide complete solution. Buying a security system can be a cost for some, but for our customers it means an investment - a life long investment. As your partners we won’t leave until have ensured that your people, facilities and assets are perfectly protected. You can count on our consultation services, design and engineering assistance and be sure that the systems you buy,wll best suit your needs of quality and reliability. To date we have provided our services to more than a thousand projects in all major industries of Pakistan and abroad. Talk to us now and tap into our knowledge and expertise to better protect and secure Your Valuable Assets.


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      

Aspiratory System Cable Trays System Emergency Lightening Solutions Raised Access Floors Gas Detection System Network Cables Solution Parametic Security Solutions

      

BMS System CCTV System Fire Alarm System Fire Suppression System Nurse Call System Public Address System Switches & Wiring Accessories

Future Of Electronics Industry In Pakistan


Fico Hi-Tech (Pvt) Ltd
About Us

FICO was established in 1952 with name FAIZI INDUSTRIES and was incorporated as a Private Limited Company in 1985. Since then FICO is involved in manufacturing of Switchgears, Control Gears, Distribution Protections and Measuring Equipments. FICO is associated with the group of companies comprising of M/s Climax Engineering. Co. Ltd, Faizi Brothers, Aziz Steel Mill and Aziz Electric Co. These Companies are playing a key role in development of Industrial sector in Pakistan. FICO made revolutionary developments with its wide range of well-designed and engineered Distribution, Protection and Measuring Equipments and also meet all parameters of International Standards. FICO focused its all efforts to produce highly reliable and quality product to compete relevant competitive products. With same considerations FICO made contracts of technical collaboration in decades 1960’s with following International Reputable Companies: 1. 2. 3. M/s William Sanders of England (for the manufacture of fuse switches) M/s Ottermail Switchgear (LT Fuse Switches, Changeover, HRC Fuses and Fuse switches) M/s English Electric Company of England (for the manufacture of 11KV switchgears)

Within short span FICO was considered as the Name of Guarantee. After achieving an honorable position in the economy FICO started manufacturing of Low Voltage & 11 KV Medium Voltage Current Transformers with great zeal and zest during the year 1985 by their own experience and research. The continuous struggles and aim to produce best quality product resulted high demand of FICO make LV & MV Current Transformers. In 1995 the name of FAIZI INDUSTRIES (PVT) LTD was replaced by FICO (PVT) LTD and during the year 2002 FICO (PVT) LTD was bifurcated to further two separate companies, based on nature of its products, with commitments to make entire efforts for development, improvement and best quality of their particular products according to International recommended standards:
Our Products Range

Low Voltage Current Transformer

11KV Medium Voltage Current Transformer

3.3 KV to 11KV Voltage Transformer

64 | Page

CBC Current Transformer

MLC Low Voltage Current Transformers

11 KV to 33 KV Dropout Cutouts

Future Of Electronics Industry In Pakistan


Gas Age Appliances (Pvt) Ltd.

In search of a good source of gas/electric appliances? You’ve arrived at the best options available on the market today! Walk into a whole new experience at Ambassador showroom that shows an entire range of home appliances like cooking range, burner/stove, gas/electric water heater, electric water cooler, gas room heater, and room cooler etc. "AMBASSADOR" is the popular brand name being manufactured by GAS AGE APPLIANCES (PVT.) LTD. The company was established in 1969 by Mr.Fazal Mahmood as ‘sole proprietorship’. It was then formulated as a Private Limited company in 1979. Backed up by its expertise of 40 years and the extensive experience of its founder, GAS AGE APPLIANCES (PVT.) LTD has come along. Way and remains a leader in the manufacturing of gas/electric appliances industry in Pakistan. It has developed an effective and comprehensive network of sales, service and spare parts dealers who cater to the needs of the customers and carry out the after sales service nationwide. Ambassador products are already a huge success in Pakistan and now they are being considered for exports. The company is headed on the highway of continued growth and will keep up the brilliant performance.

Our Products
Commercial Kitchen Eqipment & Home Appliances

Cooking Range

Gas Hot Plates


Pizza Oven

Deep Fryer

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Gas Tandoor

Cold Table Chiller

Working Table



Future Of Electronics Industry In Pakistan


House of Khyber Lamps
The "House of Khyber Lamps" comprises of Khyber Electric Lamps Mfg. Co. Ltd. (1977), Al-Karam Lamps (Pvt.) Ltd. (1989), Crown lighting (Pvt.) Ltd. (1996) and Imperial Electronics Lighting (Pvt.) Ltd. (2006) – the largest manufacturer of incandescent light bulbs, specialty bulbs, tube lights and Energy Saver Lamps (CFL) in Pakistan. The “House of Khyber Lamps” achieved a mile stone in Pakistan by incorporating M/s Imperial Electronics Lighting (Pvt.) Ltd. (2006) to manufacture Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL), the first ever hi-tech, state of the art and highly sophisticated plant in Pakistan and for this purpose the management have signed memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and an agreement with the Kumho Electric INC., Korea for the transfer of technology and technical knowledge. Today, by the grace of Allah almighty, the House of Khyber Lamps is a widely recognized company in Pakistan with more than 60% of the market share. The House of Khyber has always believed in the challenges of the modern era such as the ones put forth by the World Trade Organization. It emphasizes on trade expansion to meet the diversity of the growing demands of our respectable consumers. It advocates for the creation of employment opportunities in the local market as well as in checking the monopoly of the multi-national companies All the manufacturing units of the “House of Khyber Lamp” are “ISO 9002” certified, which clearly indicates our commitment, dedication and aim to light the world. Our ambition is to set the pace in the lighting industry as the first-choice innovative partner for the supply of creative and costeffective lighting solutions. Our goal is to become a world-leading technology company, which means we must constantly grow and innovate. Building on the knowledge of our 32-years history and learning from the challenges we face in the future will enable us to bring meaningful technological innovations to peoples lives. Values We are a dynamic organization and reward our employees for teamwork and collaboration. It is this spirit of cooperation that enables us to be an "Employer of Choice", offering exciting work, a positive environment, and consistent recognition. Equal opportunities House of Khyber Lamps is committed to a work environment in which all individuals are treated with respect and dignity. We believe that each person has the right to work in a professional atmosphere that promotes equal employment opportunity and prohibits discriminatory practices, including harassment.

Products List
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Light Bulbs >> GLS Bulbs Light Bulbs>> Pearl Verity Fluorescent Tube Lights Compact Fluorescent Lamps Glass Shells / Blanks Lead-in-wires (Electrodes)

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Future Of Electronics Industry In Pakistan


Imperial Electric Company (Pvt) Ltd
The Imperial Electric Co. (Pvt.) Ltd. was set up in 1931. Ever since it has provided its clients with worldclass products and services. For 75 years, our clients have relied on us for innovative and economical solutions to their problems. We employ highly qualified individuals specializing in various branches of engineering along with sales and marketing personnel to deal with our diverse customer base. IEC is a leading OEM of Diesel Generating Sets (5 - 800 KVA). It manufactures diesel gensets from 5KVA to 800KVA coupled with world renowned engines & alternators. Some of the world’s renowned manufacturers, IEC represents include Sceneider Electric, Thorn Lighting, Ferraz Shawmut, Thermoweld, Hitzinger, PUMA, Yotai Refractories and Foster Wheeler.

Company Profile
Yunas Metal Works (Pvt) Ltd. Gujrat, is renowned name among the fan manufacturers of Pakistan for last six decades and is serving its esteemed clients by supplying quality products under the popular brand name “YUNAS”. Due to the relentless and sheer dedication of the management and highly skilled workforce, this name has been established as a benchmark in the manufacturing of home appliances.

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Future Of Electronics Industry In Pakistan


Jei Switchgear (Pvt) Ltd
Corporate Info
JEI Switchgear (Pvt) Limited was established in late sixties with a mission to market good quality and economical priced electric panels in Pakistan. Fortunately, soon after its establishment, JEI started embracing successful market response and it kept on growing both in production capacity and market share. Today JEI is rated as on of the leading switchgear companies in Pakistan. There is no denying fact that we believe in zero error performance. Encouraged by our previous achievements, we are motivated enough to improve ourselves every single day.

Our products are
              Low voltage Switchgear (Cubicle/Compartmented) Automatic Synchronizing Panels Automatic Main Failure (AMF) Panel PLC Panels Automatic Power Factor Improvement Panel Motor Control Centers Compartmented Design Motorized Bus Coupler Panels Bus Bar Trunkings & Bus Tie Ducks Feeders Pillars Distribution Boards (Flush/Surface) Power Distribution Board Air Conditioning Control Panels Industrial Lighting Cable Trays & Ladders  Control Desk  11 KV Packaged Substations upto 2500 KVA

Margalla Electronics
Margalla Electronics is an electronics defense company located at Margalla Hills in Islamabad, Pakistan. This company is involved in research and development for electronic equipment for Pakistan armed forces. ME was founded and established by noted Pakistan nuclear Scientist dr. Samar Mubarakmand in 1984. ME is nation's one of the main electronic parts and technology provider. Margalla Electronics is a subsidiary of NESCOM. ME also actively supports other strategic sectors such as defense (Kahuta Research Laboratories (KRL)), space (SUPARCO),civil aviation, information and broadcasting, telecommunications, insurance, banking, police, and Para-military Forces, oil and gas, power, space education, health, agriculture, steel and coal.

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Future Of Electronics Industry In Pakistan


Jubilee Corporation
.:: Company Profile ::.
Jubilee Corporation, Pakistan is a private engineering organization established in 1962. The main area of activity is at present stocking, sales and technical support for Low Voltage Switchgear Products, Factory/Building Automation Components and Instrumentation & Control products. We are the leading organization in Pakistan for the range of products handled by us. We are working with more then 30 different manufacturers all over the world. Our main office is in Karachi with a Liaison office in Lahore and with a distribution network spread all over Pakistan. At present over 15 application and sales engineers provide application and technical support to all our customers, all over the country. Industrial/ Commercial requirements of products and services are met by us and our distributors/dealers network.
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Company Milestones
Established: 1962 LV Switchgear products:1966 Electronic Components: 1972 Moulded Case Circuit Breakers: 1976 Air Circuit Breakers: 1978 Sensors And Controllers: 1979 Factory Automation Products: 1980 Instrumentation & Control Products: 1980 Pneumatic Automation Components: 1980 PFI Capacitors & Regulators: 1985 Overcurrent/Under & Overvoltage Protection: 1987 Energy & Harmonics Measurement: 1992 Variable Frequency Drives & PLCs: 1993 Load Break & Changeover Switches: 1995 Non-Contact Temp. Measurement: 1996 Generator Synchronising Controls: 2002

.:: Company Logo ::.
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Energy capsule Energy related products & services Energy management & conservation

.:: Company Slogan ::. Technology Driven Quality Service
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Main Activities
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Service is the prime objective of the company. Service being provided is of top quality. Service is driven by the modern technologies.

LV Switchgear & Control Components/Products Factory/Building Automation Products Instrumentation & Control Products

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Marketing - Stocking - Sales - Technical Back-up

Future Of Electronics Industry In Pakistan


Company History
The story of electricity and the history of Johnson & Philips have been linked for almost one and a quarter century. Johnson & Philips started as a small company in a London suburb, in 1875, for the manufacture and sale of telegraph cable and associated equipment. As the use of electricity increased, J&P expanded its activities t meet the need of this new industry. As early as 1905, J&P handled its first large Switchboard contract, consisting of 6.6KV remote control oil circuit breakers. By 1918, they had a complete range of high tension oil circuit breakers and low tension Switchboards. Some of the gear supplied by J&P in 1918 is still in operation. Operating in Pakistan since 1948, the company was renamed Johnson & Philips (Pakistan) Limited in 1958, and incorporated as a Public Limited Company, in 1961.

Beginning in Pakistan
After creation of Pakistan in 1947, J&P was the first foreign company to open a sales office in the country. In 1948, J&P opened a small sales office in Karachi. By 1949, J&P had built two production bays and an office block at Sindh Industrial Trading Estates, Karachi where it commenced the manufacture of low tension Switchboards incorporating imported Circuit Breakers and Switch-fuses. In 1954, work started on two new production Bays and these were completed early the following year. Jigs were imported and machinery bought to extend the range of manufacture to high tension Switchboards.

P.F.I Plants Circuit Breakers Distribution & Power Transformer CTs / VTs Low Voltage Panels Motor Control Centers Control and Relay Panels Bus Tie Ducts Distribution Board Cable Trays Pallet Trucks Rotary Switches Generators

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Future Of Electronics Industry In Pakistan


Mondial (Pvt) Ltd

About Mondial Mondial Traders (Pvt.) Ltd. was incorporated in 1986 as a trading company for international imports and exports, and its subsidiary Mondial Security Electronics was established in early 1990's. Main emphasis is given on CCTV Systems and Security Electronics. Research and Development of technology and designing & installation is very important segment of our organization and we are in collaboration with Research Centre and Electronics Department of University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore to further innovate the CCTV Technology in our industry. Although our business relies mainly on conventional CCTV Systems installed for Security or Observation in Industry and other Organizations, but we are actively participating in many new avenues of CCTV, however, selling cameras is still our main emphasis. Covert Security, BioMedical, Biometrics and Software Development are few of the main examples in the advanced CCTV we are working on. We have successfully deployed CCTV System for CCD Astronomy during a project at National Museum of Science and Technology. We have also worked on CCD microscopy and not only interfaced camera with optical microscope but have also developed a Software toolkit for Image Processing and Analysis. EAS, Anti Shoplifting, access control system and RFID are new area in which we are active since 2002. In this regard we have completed projects related to anti-shop lifting, library access control and employee's time management. We are proud to have a list of more than 200 successfully running CCTV Systems in Lahore and its suburbs, apart from hundreds of more customers throughout the country using our other products. However, few of our main CCTV Cliental is as follows:
Military Sector:
Anti-Narcotics Force, Head Quarter Punjab (CCTV and Covert Security) Anti-Narcotics Force, Lahore Airport Anti-Narcotics Force, Multan Airport NAB Punjab

Banking Sector:
Allied Bank of Pakistan Ltd. Habib Bank Limited. Askari Commercial Bank. Muslim Commercial Bank Ltd. National Bank of Pakistan Limited. United Bank Ltd.

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Future Of Electronics Industry In Pakistan


Industry Sector:
Candy Deep Freezers Five Star Foams Hussain Can (Pvt.) Ltd. Mondiali Paper Mills Premier Paper Mills Silver Textiles Ltd. SKM Industries Ltd. Supreme Pipe Industry ICI Polymer Fiber Works Hispania Textile

General Sector:
Butt Sweets Hotel Dubai International Habib Carpets Ltd. Iqbal Engineering Company Lahore Feeds (Pvt.) Ltd. Lahore Stationers Film Star Muhammad Ali Rahat Bakeries Royal Edu Care School System Saloos Resturant

Government Sector:
CID, Investigation Cells, Lahore Central Jail, Kot Lakhpat, Lahore Punjab Police Central Jail Sahiwal Medical Sector: Akram Medical Complex New Mahmood Medical Store Noorani Surgical (Pvt.) Ltd. Fazal Din & Son

Prepac Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd
Prepac Profile
Salam Enterprises was established in 1979 with the initial objective of manufacturing machines and providing consultancy services to its clients. Prepac caters for its clients by providing them with different solutions on how to package their products that would give them optimum results in market. Prepac manufactures automatic from fill and seal machines under license from a French company Prepac France. We are also manufacturing solid machines for packing of sugar, rice, salt, chips, lentils etc. We are an ISO 9001:2000 certified company. Our machines are mechanically and electrically in accordance with European standards. We have 650 machines working all around Pakistan in the dairy, vegetable oil/butter oil industries. Our solid machines are working in the sugar, rice, salt and other industries within Pakistan. We have also exported machines to Congo, Singapore, Bangladesh, France, Egypt, Indonesia, Malaysia and Dubai for packing of various viscous products. 72 | Page

Future Of Electronics Industry In Pakistan


Mushko Electronics (Pvt) Ltd

1948 - MUSHKO & Co (Pvt.) Ltd founded as a Trading House for Grundig Radios, Germany 1953 - Sole Distributors of Bell & Howell Projection Equipment 1953 - Established Contact with Hewlett Packard Late Mr. Afsar Ali with the late Mr. 1960 - Entered into the Defense Electronics Hewlett, founder of Hewlett Packard. Market 1961 - Appointed Rep. of Ampex, Magnetic Tapes & Sounding Equipment 1963 - Appointed Sole Distributors of Hewlett Packard in Pakistan 1966 - Acquired the agency for the Plessey Group of Companies 1970 - Appointed Sole distributor of Leica Formerly known as WILD 1970 - Acquired the agency for Bruel & Kjaer 1984 - Started Marketing Hewlett Packard Peripherals PCs and Intel Servers 1987 - MUSHKO Electronics (Pvt.) Ltd was formed.

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Mushko, the provider of world-class products and services, having mandate of “Committed to Excellence” was established in 1948 as a trading house, at Karachi Pakistan. With its successful expansion strategies, it has branches and authorized service centres in major cities of Pakistan, like Lahore and Islamabad. Mushko’s area of services ranges from personal computers to servers, peripherals, networking, storage, printers, and handheld products so on and so forth. The maintenance support facilities include LAN management, 24 x 7, Hardware and Software support for Windows NT and UNIX based servers, Application and Operating Systems Software support as well as services for Hewlett Packard Test and Measurement products and Leica Surveying equipment. Mushko feels elated for its corporate philosophy to attract, hire and retain the best professionals from all areas of commercial and professional sectors, for our core team of professionals is our real strength to scale new heights of distinction and excellence.

Future Of Electronics Industry In Pakistan


Company Overview
Established in 1982, MAKKAYS commenced its business in the field of scientific and electronic components and equipment. Today, MAKKAYS is the market leader in providing cutting edge technology as a single source of branded electronic, electromechanical, power and communication technology related components and products Our core strategy is to provide the best products and solution that best fulfills our customers’ needs and demands. This is done through a high level of commitment and dedication by our highly professional and motivated team.

Product line
Electrical, Electronic and Industrial (EEI) MAKKAYS’ commitment to provide high quality branded components and products with after sales service and warranty is the key that differentiates it from other competitors. MAKKAYS’ main strategy is not to compromise on product quality which has resulted in boasting a long list of satisfied customers. Components & Industrial
Active & Passive Components >> Connectors & Cables >> Optoelectronics, Indicators & Display >> Switches & Relays >> Power Supply & Converters >> Process Control & Automation >> Pneumatics >> Sensors & Transducers >> Instrumentation >> Contactors & Circuit Breakers >> Tools-Air, Cutting, Hand & Precision >> Soldering & Desoldering >> Prototyping

Power Systems
UPS >> Telecom Rectifiers >> Batteries >> Power Line Conditioners >> Power Solutions >> Service & Maintainance >> Power Supplies

Test & Measurement 74 | Page
Electrical Tools >> Industrial Process >> Predictive & Pre-Emptive Testing >> Precision & Metrology Testing >> Power Industrial Solutions >> Educational Test

Future Of Electronics Industry In Pakistan


M-Tech (Multi Technology) Pvt. Limited
About us
M-TECH is Pakistan’s leading manufacturer of power quality and conversion solutions for the industrial, resource and commercial sectors. Since the company’s foundation in 2000, our product line has grown steadily in response to technical advances and market needs. Today, it encompasses variable speed drivers, voltage and current regulated DC power supplies, motor control centers, low voltage switchgear, medium voltage switchgear, medium voltage pad mounted transformer, customized panels, energy savor ballast and more.

 Pad Mounted Transformer  Medium Voltage Switchgear  Low Voltage Switchgear (LV) o Low Voltage (LV) Distribution Systems o Draw-out Type Enclosure o Synchronizing & Load Sharing System o Self Power Generation Switchgear o Load Take off Panel o Power Factor Improvement Plants (PFI) o Bus Coupler Panels o Bus Tie Ducts o Power Distributor Board o Lighting Distributor Board  MMC o Compartment Type MMC o Draw-out Type MMC o Intelligent MMC o Automation & Control  Energy Savor Ballast (36 & 40WATT)  DC Power Supplies (1KVA to 50KVA)  Accessories o Cable Trays o Cable Ladder

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Future Of Electronics Industry In Pakistan


Mars Electronics
MARS ELECTRONICS is an Indian company established in 1990. The company began as manufacturing and exporting wide range of products and has grown into one of India's largest manufacturer and exporter of Precision Quality Electronic, Electrical & Scientific Instruments for Institutions, Research & Industries. Mars Electronics head office is located in Ambala Cantt. Haryana, the only state giving maximum exports through out India. For offering high customer service and products quality, Mars Electronics has achieved an ISO 9002 certification. The main products include : DC Regulated Power Supplies, Electronic Testing & Measuring Instruments, Electronic and Electrical Training Kits, Resistance Boxes, Capacitor Boxes, Inductance Boxes, Electrical Bridges, Moving Coil Meters, Digital Meters, Microscopes, Instruments for Physics, Chemistry & Biology Labs, Laboratory Standards, Battery Invertors, UPS and Automatic Voltage Stabilizers. Since its existence, MARS has created a wide dealer network all over India. It has been manufacturing Electronic Instruments for leading exporters in India. Its export market includes countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Middle East and Gulf Countries. The success of the organization is a result of a number of factors including : A comprehensive and diverse product range Competitive and flexible pricing policy offering the best value for customers Substantial experience obtained through broad and dynamic customer base Large and sophisticated warehouses and distribution capabilities An experienced and committed staff and management team

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Future Of Electronics Industry In Pakistan


Pak Punjab Fans
WHO WE ARE........
The Company was established in1965 with the aim of manufacturing the complete range of "ELECTRIC FANS". We had with us long history of research and development in this are of manufacturing. Now the company stands distinguished not only in the local market but has a prominent presence in the international market. Our manufacturing units are totally resonant with the best techniques of Engineering and aerodynamics. Quality assurance and innovation departments are two important arms of our company. We use high quality Japanese ball bearing, finest silicon electric steel sheets, 99.9% superb pure copper wire and high grade insulating material to maintain the highest standard of quality. To ore credit are ISO 9001 certification, PS1 standard certificate and SASO standard certification. We have been exporting the complete range of our products to the Middle Eastern and ASIA Countries for the last 10 years and we aim to market our products else where in near future.

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Future Of Electronics Industry In Pakistan


Ceiling Fans

Expo >> Antique Victoria >> Supreme >> Standard >> Deluxe >> Classic >> Super Classic >> Fantasy >> Super Fantasy >> Golden Crysta

Exhaust Fans

Expo >> Plastic Body >> Round Old >> Square Old

Louver Fans

>> Louver {Wall) >> Louver (Stand)

Dryer & Washing Machines

FP - 108 >> Hero - 107 >> PP - 20N >> DX - 106 >> PP - 105Y >> Standard >> DX - 109 >> PP - 201DX

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Future Of Electronics Industry In Pakistan


Punjab Electronics
Punjab Electronics was founded in 2000 in Lahore, Pakistan by Tanveer Abbass. A person with passion for music that he hoped to share with the world through high quality car audio. That passion began with a small operation to repair and import car audio products in Lahore, Pakistan.

Vision & Core Values
Our vision At Punjab Electronics our vision is to become best Car audio dealer, not only in Lahore but in other regions of the country. We believe in solid commitment to professionalism, quality, and time efficient performance. Core values Our success is based upon our customer focus. We listen to and connect with customers, making it easier for them to do business with us. We keep promises, and offer our customers value and quality services. We always look for better ways of doing business. We are tenacious and we compete fairly.

Areas of Expertise
Car Audio Punjab Electronics is working with Car Audio Products since 2000, having a wide range of car audio systems. Also imports large variety of car audio products as well as distributes and supplies all these products to various large cities of Pakistan. OEM Service Punjab Electronics has a team of expert technicians and is highly capable for any kind of Car Audio Repairing & Assembling, and also to provide complete accessories and services regarding OEM.

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Future Of Electronics Industry In Pakistan


Shenzhen Hwatle Electronics Co. Ltd
Shenzhen Hwatle Electronic Co,. Ltd.was established in 1999, is a professional manufacturer and exporter for various kinds of two-way radio equipment and accessories. our main products are two-way radio, Repeater, battery packs, charger, earphones, Speaker Microphones, Antenna, power supply, Carry case, Housing, blet clip, Programming Cable, and so on. They are compatible with Motorola, Kenwood, HYT, Icom, Yaesu Vertex Standard, Alinco, Kyodo, Tait, Maxon, Uniden. In 2003 our company extend and registered for specializes in Digital Photo Frame, MP3/MP4/MP5 Player manufacturing. Now Hwatle is the leading manufacturer and exporter for Digital Photo Frame, MP3/MP4/MP5 and Advertising players. Up to now, our products have exported to over 60 countries in Europe, North America, Asia, Africa, Australia and South America. And have got a good reputation in both of domestic and international market. Hwatle is growing with the support of customers and help of authoritative departments and now becomes a leading manufacturer of two-way radio accessories and equipment.

| Products
HYT Motorola Kenwood Vertex Standard Alinco Linton Beifeng Other

Two-way radio

Motorola Kenwood Icom & HYT Yaesu & Vertex Standard Kyodo & Alinco Tait & Simoco Uniden & Standard Maxon & Nokia Ericsson,F-Johnson,Nissei

Battery pack

Single Charger


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Transceiver Antenna Vehicle Antenna


Future Of Electronics Industry In Pakistan


Siemens Pakistan Engineering Company Ltd.
Siemens AG (Berlin and Munich) is a global powerhouse in electronics and electrical engineering, operating in the industry, energy and healthcare sectors.

The History of Siemens – From Workshop to Global Player
From a small back building workshop in Berlin to a global firm - there are few industrial corporations that can look back on such a long history of success as we can. Through this website, we invite you to take a fascinating trip through time over 160 years of Siemens history.

Consumer Products
Computers Cordless Phones, Broadband and Home Media Electrical Installation Systems Hearing Instruments Home Appliances Home Security Home Automation Lighting (OSRAM)

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Future Of Electronics Industry In Pakistan


Truman Electronics – Pakistan
About Us
Proudly introducing TRUMAN in Pakistan, TRUMAN, having a successful track-record in Europe, Middle East and African countries over the years, contains an array of products keeping in mind the customers’ need and expectations. TRUMAN is a German brand and its head-quarter is located in Egypt. Through a continuous Research & Development (R&D) process by the experts, innovative features of products, keeping in view the competitive edge and market positioning of the company, TRUMAN ensures a comprehensive and professional assistance in After-Sales and Warranty packages of each product.

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Future Of Electronics Industry In Pakistan



Electronics Line Digital Satellite >> LNBF >> Televisions >> LCD Televisions >> DVDs >> VCDs >> Tape Recorders >> Home Theaters >> Digital Camera >> Coxial cable >> Positioners >> UPS >> Stabilizers >> Rechargeable fans >> Energy savers >> Telephone sets Kitchen Line

Electric Kettles >> Juicer Blenders >> Microwave Ovens

Home Line

Washing Machines >> Air Conditioners >> Vacuum Cleaners >> Electric Steam >> Dry Irons >> Refrigerators >> Deep Freezers >> Electric & Gas Heater >> Electric & Gas Gyzer

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Future Of Electronics Industry In Pakistan

PART FOUR Electronics Industry Trends And Forecasts In Pakistan


Summary & Conclusion
Threatened by tariff discrepancies, corruption and smuggling Electronics Industry Pakistan Nov 19 - 25, 2009 The proliferation of Information Technology across the globe has opened new dimensions for the electronics industry especially for those countries having a sound industrial base in this particular industry. It is however unfortunate that accepts a few cosmetic steps; no genuine efforts were made to establish this important industry in Pakistan. Currently, Pakistan is merely involved in assembling the electronics goods, especially the TV sets, while major manufacturers are not producing radios, which still have a large market in our rural areas. Unlike automobile industry, there was no deletion policy adopted in electronics industry as a result of which transfer of technology did not take place. All major components in electronics industry are imported. This situation indicates that even large multinational companies assembling TV sets are as a matter of fact engaged in import business, as they are actually selling the imported parts just after giving them the shape of an assembled product. Sources said that the picture tube, the main component used in TV manufacturing is not produced within Pakistan and the entire electronics industry is using the imported components. As far as electrical appliances are concerned, Refrigerators, Deep Freezers, Air conditioners are being manufactured within the country, yet the industry is depending on imported Compressors for manufacturing these items. Pakistan has a considerable market for a host of electrical items almost all of them are being imported or smuggled into Pakistan. One of the major reasons for not developing the local industry is the culture of giving preference to the imported goods as compared to those produced locally. One should however accept the harsh fact that usually the poor quality goods produced locally were enough to shift the interest of the consumers towards the imported goods. Spelling out the facts which gave way to the menace of smuggling in Pakistan, specially the electronics goods; sources identified the double standards of duty structure for Karachi and Sust borders at Karakuram (Silk Road), as the loophole of this industry. Describing the official discrimination in tariff rates as one of the major concerns of the electronic industry and the business community engaged in import business. The import of energy saver bulbs is the glaring example of this discrimination between Karachi and the Sust Border. The duty rate for energy saver bulbs is one dollar for Karachi while it is merely 35 cents at Sust Border. 85 | Page Abdul Khalique Jafarani, Chairman, Pakistan Electrical & Electronics Merchants Association (PEEMA) while talking to Page on this issue described this discrimination as a sort of smuggling under official cover. Future Of Electronics Industry In Pakistan

PART FOUR : ELECTRONICS INDUSTRY TRENDS AND FORECASTS IN PAKISTAN Corruption at Customs stage where undue discount on import price and quantity discount and lower ITP valuation is given to the favorites are dragging down the local electronics industry, said Sarfrazuddin, Chairman of Pakistan Electronics Manufacturers Association. Although the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has taken action against the corrupt in CBR yet action again certain people involved in gross violations was still awaited. These elements openly violated the rules and their names are with the NAB but action has not been taken against them for the reasons best known to the authorities. Sarfraz feels that rampant corruption, under invoicing, and of course the smuggled electronics goods and electrical appliances which have flooded the local markets are the major concerns of the electronics industry in Pakistan. Welcoming the steps taken by the present government for documentation of the economy and the present campaign launched for Tax Survey, Sarfraz fully supported the government stance to bring the black economy into the tax net. The wild and free undocumented economy is another major hurdle in the proper growth of the regular industry already in the tax net. Instead of sharing the socioeconomic responsibility, those out of tax net are in fact trying to put the entire burden on the formal economy. This is quite unfair. Even the immunity scheme announced by the government is a sort of favor to the black economy as under this scheme those who had always evaded the taxes would whiten their black money only after paying a 10 per cent of the declared money. This gives a bad taste to the regular taxpayers that paid their taxes in all those years while those who were outside the ambit enjoyed the tax evasion. Sarfaraz, however, expressed the hope that with the firm determination of the present government to bring the informal economy into documentation will improve the situation both in the public and private sector. Since Radio sets manufacturing has almost come to zero level, the electronics industry is merely confined to production of Television sets in Pakistan. Despite the fact that some big multinational companies are engaged in this business the electronics industry is not capable to produce television sets with local components. A very insignificant percentage of deletion has been achieved by this industry; otherwise the major and basic components are still being imported even after passage of 50 years in Pakistan. Following production chart of television sets gives a real picture about the total strength of the electronics industry in Pakistan. Yearwise comparison of production/ revenue
Year Quantity 72,573 104,470 224,286 288,834 Total Revenue 290,541000 305,777000 351,906000 499,840000

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1996/97 1997/98 1998/99 1999/2000

Future Of Electronics Industry In Pakistan

PART FOUR : ELECTRONICS INDUSTRY TRENDS AND FORECASTS IN PAKISTAN The above figures regarding level production and revenue contributed by the industry can be taken as a perfect case to see as to how the exorbitant taxes affects the growth of production and revenues. For example, in the year 1996-97 there was a 10 per cent regulatory duty, 18 per cent sale tax and 5 per cent central excise duty imposed on this industry. In that year the volume of production as well as revenue contribution both were at the lowest ebb. In the year 1997-98, there was a general withdrawal of regulatory duty and a general reduction of Sales Tax from 18 per cent to 12.5 per cent and waiver of Central Excise duty. These withdrawals altogether brought a positive change both in volume of production as well as revenue contributions reflected in the chart. In 1998-99, the government went a step ahead by reducing import duty to 5 per cent on five major components, which produced encouraging results. The reduction in tariff regime did not hurt to the receivables of the government. Instead these positive steps gave a quantum jump to the revenue from Rs290, 540,000 to Rs499, 840,000 in the current year. The outcome of these tax reforms introduced in the electronics industry proves that lowers the tax rate higher the volume of tax paid by the people. This pattern can be taken as a model for rest of the tax regime for enhancing the overall tax net in this country. Welcoming the government's crusade against smugglers and illegal traders, the electronics industry has suggested to the government to review its policy for providing more incentives/ concessions to the industry. Acknowledging the efforts of the government through remedial measures and incentives allowed to the industry in the past, the industry representatives observed that the steps did help not only to survive during those difficult days but also were able to generate comparatively higher revenues for the national exchequer. In the face of the current challenges unduly arresting the growth of the electronics industry, Pakistan Electronics Manufacturers Association (PEMA) has strongly recommended to the government to bring down the current rate of duty from 5 per cent to zero level. PEMA feels that if the suggestions were approved, it would counter effectively the illegal trade and other ills besides giving a strong production base to the electronics industry in Pakistan. Currently, following is the duty structure on the following basic components imported by the electronics industry:
Components Picture Tube Deflection Yoke Transformers Tuner Remaining Kit PCT Heading 8540.1100 8540.9100 8504.3100 8529.9090 Respective Nos. Duty Rate 5% 5% 5% 5% 10 % Recommended Rate 0% 0% 0% 0% 5%

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Elaborating the benefits expected out of above recommendations sent to Abdul Razzaq Dawood, the Federal Minister for Commerce and Industry, Sarfrazuddin, Chairman, PEMA told PAGE that with the implementation of these recommendations, the electronics industry in Pakistan would produce the following results. • Current production level could be doubled. • Employment for thousands & thousands skilled and non-skilled could be created. • Current revenues for the government from the local TV Industry would increase manifold. Future Of Electronics Industry In Pakistan

PART FOUR : ELECTRONICS INDUSTRY TRENDS AND FORECASTS IN PAKISTAN If implemented, the recommended incentives would enable the local industry to compete effectively with the smuggled TV sets thus helping Government in eliminating the menace of this illegal trade from the country. This would ensure availability of quality products at competitive prices. Recalling the bad days when the electronics industry was passing through one of the worst period of its history, Sarfrazuddin said that in 1997, PEMA launched a very aggressive campaign against smuggled Japanese popular brands of TV sets and took some unprecedented drastic actions. So much so, it forced/ compelled the dealers to boycott sale of smuggled TV sets. The government did not only appreciate the crusade launched by PEMA but it also helped and supported the electronics industry. Due to serious and continuous efforts of PEMA to create awareness among the dealers and consumers abut the adverse impact of smuggling on the economy of this country and also on the local industry, the industry has achieved encouraging results. One of the positive outcomes of this campaign was arrival of a popular TV brand into local production. Earlier this brand was involved in large scale smuggling into Pakistan market. This company decided to produce its brand locally by acquiring the industrial facilities of an idle member industry. As a result of that one of the sick units was also revived to production. That company set a good example for other brands which also followed suit. Sarfraz said that this industry therefore proudly helped in generating unprecedented revenues to the national exchequer by way of: Increasing local production significantly Indirectly forcing the smugglers to use legal channels thus helping in generating revenues on imports which hitherto was not coming. The PEMA Chairman however conceded that the success and the achievements of this industry were not possible without help and support from government by way of fiscal incentives announced in 1998. He observed that local production of TV sets because of the facts mentioned above increased from 72000 in 1996/97 to 288,834 in 1999-2000 resulting in sharp increase in revenue from Rs290.0 million in 1996-97 to Rs499.8 million in 1999-2000. It is worth to mention that government did not suffer any loss of revenue because of reduction in duty but in fact benefited considerably. He said that during various meetings with the Central Board of Revenue in the past while agreeing to the current tariff structure for this industry, it was agreed that government would favorably consider industry's recommendations. The significant point of the recommendations emphasize for reducing duty on five components to zero per cent provided the industry generated the same revenue to the government. 88 | Page Electronics merchants Abdul Khalique Jafrani, Chairman of Pakistan Electrical Electronics Merchants Association (PEEMA) spelt out his views about what he called official smuggling through Sust Check Post. He said that all over Pakistan all commercial importers and industrial importers are registered in Sales Tax Department and Future Of Electronics Industry In Pakistan

PART FOUR : ELECTRONICS INDUSTRY TRENDS AND FORECASTS IN PAKISTAN they are issued Registration Number. However, at Sust check post the importers are not registered nor issued Registration Nos. from Sales Tax Department. Customs are clearing cargo to these unregistered importers at Sust Border without sales tax numbers. Even there is no record about the volume of import through that border. As against that at Karachi and other Dry ports the importers have to file returns every month and they have also to maintain the input and output registers. Why the Sust border importers are exempted of this formality. Jafarani described this practice as a clear case of smuggling under the official patronage hence damaging and harming the national exchequer depriving it of hundred of millions rupees every month. Jafarani said those incorrect declarations of value, false and improper quantity and description of goods imported from China through Customs post at Sust border are still in practice. He observed that at Sust border neither complete description of imported goods is recorded in the bills of neither entry nor the normal values nor values fixed under Section 25B of the Customs Act 1969 are applied. He demanded of the present government that to prevent this gross irregularity, all goods should be imported through Sea route and if the Sust importers want to transit their goods they can take the cargo to Rawalpindi or other dry ports from Karachi. The PEEMA chairman strongly urged the government that taxes should be collected equally in all parts of the country. In case the equality is not restored and all the segments of the business class were not treated at par, the government may lose its credibility is resulting a huge loss of in the shape of moral values as well as national income. He also suggested that the issue of Sust border affecting the overall trade in electronics and electrical appliances should be discussed with customs authorities in China. They may be requested to supply the copies of export manifest/ export bills filed by the exporters showing the appropriate value, quantity and description of goods and the assessment in Pakistan may be made as per these documents. Goods consigned for areas other than northern areas may be examined and assessed at Dry port Rawalpindi or Islamabad. The customs officials at Sust shall seal the containers and accompany the consignments to Rawalpindi Dry port where these shall be released after filing of correct declaration and payment of correct amount of duties and taxes. Competent, trust worthy staff having know how of customs appraisement be posted at Sust border who shall examine the goods as per Examination Manual issued by the Central Board of Revenue and apply the correct values for assessment purposes. Since most of the electronics goods imported at Sust borders ultimately find their way into Karachi and other major markets of the country. This on going practice is rendering the genuine importers incompetitive in the market. If the situation allowed prevailing, the total import of electronic goods will naturally divert from Karachi to Sust border, as there seems to be no wisdom in competing with smuggled goods after importing at costly duty rates. 89 | Page

Future Of Electronics Industry In Pakistan


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Future Of Electronics Industry In Pakistan

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