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									Issue 1 Volume 3

The Oceanside High School Foundation/Alumni Association was originally formed in 1986. The Foundation is a 501 (C) 3, non-profit corporation, and all donations are tax deductible. The purpose of the Foundation is to raise funds to be expended for the benefit of the students and staff of Oceanside High School. These benefits include, but are not limited to, student programs, capitol improvements to the school, reunions, other events, and scholarships. The Foundation/Alumni Association also serves as a liaison and database for alumni and their respective classes. All membership information will remain the exclusive property of the Foundation and will not be given or sold to anyone outside of the Foundation or the school. As the Foundation grows and establishes more funding sources, we hope to develop various ways to promote and assist Oceanside High in becoming an even better place to learn, work, and play.

About The Foundation5 Contact Us:

OHS Foundation/Alumni Association P.O.Box 58 | Oceanside, CA 92049-0058 760-722-8201 x5069 | Pat Kimbrel, Chairman Emeritus Dean Baldridge, Chairman of The Board Tom Adams, President/Newsletter Editor Zoe Erickson, Treasurer Diana Costantino, Vice President Rita Gray, Secretary Zoe Erickson, Web Master

760-433-9078 760-439-8417 760-639-2998 760-726-1930 760-212-8734 760-433-9187 760-726-1930

New Officers In October, the following Board was voted into office for the term beginning in January 2009: President ...........................................Tom Adams Vice President ...................................Diana Costantino Secretary ...........................................Rita Gray Treasurer ...........................................Zoe Erickson/Sally Baldridge

Scholarship • Glenda Kimbrel Hall of Fame • Pat Kimbrel Paver Tiles • Sharon Williamson, Dean & Sally Baldridge Historical/Archives • Laurie Boone Homecoming Sundowner • Tom Adams & Dean Baldridge Publicity • Rita Gray Membership • OPEN Correspondence/Distribution • Laurie Boone Endowment Fund • Diana Costantino, Sally Baldridge & Sharon Williamson

Foundation Committees & Chairpersons
By Tom Adams ‘71

Newsletter • Tom Adams Database • Tom Adams Homecoming Weekend • OPEN Fundraising • Diana Costantino Website • Zoe Erickson & Tom Adams

All committees welcome more help and support. Please contact any member of the Foundation board for more information and if you are interested in getting involved.

The President's Perspective

Hello Pirates! Many new changes and events are coming your way with this new year and new board. This electronic newsletter is just the first of many things we will be accomplishing this year, this will save us money, and allow us to reach many, many more Pirates, and hopefully get more of you interested in joining with us as we serve our school and our students. We have lots of committees available and only require 8 to 10 hours per month of your time, depending on which committee or event you are involved in. We have a solid core of alumni that are committed to making this foundation function and thrive, and have been here since September 2005, when we planned the Centennial Celebration of our school, and also the Hall of Fame. This core of dedicated alumni needs your help and support. Please look over the opportunities that we have for you to participate and join whichever committee you desire. We usually meet the third Wednesday of each month in the OHS Staff Lounge at 7:00 PM. Please consider participating, we have many opportunities for you to get involved as the OHS Foundation continues to grow.

S how your Pirate Pride! Buy A Paver Tile!

By Rita Gray ‘62

The Oceanside High School Foundation/Alumni Association invites you to be part of a very special commemorative opportunity. In September 2008, a beautiful, permanently engraved ivory tile wall was installed on the OHS Campus above the Senior Fountain. Now Phase II begins! The same tax-deductible donation of $50 will pay for a 4”x 8” tile, or $100 for an 8”x 8” tile, displaying your name, or message, or that of a family member, friend, or local business. This lasting memorial will be part of the campus beautification and will help the foundation meet its goals: • Assisting OHS students with scholarships • Helping teachers with special needs • Securing the best high school facilities for OHS • Promoting Pirate Pride with reunions and celebrations Don’t miss out! The deadline to order your tile(s) is May 1, 2009! Go to our website, and download your order form NOW! If you have any questions, call Dean or Sally Baldridge at (760) 439-8417 or Sharon Williamson at (760) 722-4463.

Our Pirates Win Another Award Cookbooks For Sale

On March 7, our Oceanside High School Drum line won first place in the Southern California Percussion Alliance Competition. The Pirate Drum line competed against 15 other schools at Westview High School in San Diego. Way to go Pirates!!

Treasures from the Pirates’ Galley, a compilation of delicious recipes and a new fundraising project for the good works done by the OHS Foundation, is for sale now for only $20. You can buy them by check at P.O.Box 58 | Oceanside, CA 92049-0058, or at several Oceanside businesses. For more information call Rita Mazzarella Gray at 760-433-9187.

Sunday, June 14, 2009 • 11:00 AM -5:00 PM at Heritage Park Village Museum on Peyri Road (near Mission San Luis Rey) for information, call Edith Swaim at (760) 433-8297 It will soon be time for the annual All Class Reunion of the Oceanside Carlsbad Union High School (now OHS and CHS), O-C Jr. College (now Mira Costa College), and any interested Old Timers. Please come to Heritage Park for another great day of reminiscing with old friends and classmates. If you can, please send copies of this flyer to interested family, friends, and class members. This year’s featured class, OHS 1959, will be present to celebrate their 50-year anniversary and will meet again in September for a country club party and cruise. Other classes usually plan potluck lunches, or you may purchase food, drinks, and ice cream at the snack bar at reasonable prices. Those class representatives who are setting up an area for their classes, should come to the park on Saturday, June 13, from 9:00 AM-2:00 PM Canopies are recommended for shade. On the day of the reunion, all chairs or tables belonging to the village must be signed out and returned to the storage area. Be sure to start returning furniture and packing belongings before 5:00 PM The Heritage Park Village Museum is asking for a $1.00 donation to help pay for this event. Please pay and sign up at your class table or at the Friends table by the gazebo. Regular and handicapped parking for visitors is in the back lot. Enter through the gate. The parking in front of the park is for village volunteers and docents only. Those with special needs should contact Edith Swaim. Do not park on the street in front of the Park; tickets will be issued by the police.

OH S /OCU H S All-Class Reunion

In Memory of...

By Tom Adams ‘71

Sadly Pirates, two days after Thanksgiving we have lost another Pirate, and Hall of Fame Inductee. Mr. John Steiger, Class of 1937, died from an undisclosed illness. He was 88 years old. Mr. Steiger’s Oceanside roots run deep. His grandparents came to Oceanside in 1888 to run a farm. His mother graduated from Oceanside High School. He was a local businessman for forty years, a city councilman, and President of the Oceanside Chamber of Commerce. He spent his entire life selling Oceanside, a city he loved to others, so that they would come here, live here and work here. Mr. Steiger was also elected President of the Oceanside Cultural Arts Foundation in 2002. For the last 20 years, he and his wife, Mary, have been in charge of organizing the Heritage Ball, an annual event that raises money to maintain Mission San Luis Rey. On February 26, we lost another Pirate, coach, and mentor. Arthur Hemingway Jr., Class of 1978, was only 48 when he passed away in his home. Arthur was Oceanside’s star blocking fullback and was an All-CIF first team selection at that position. Hemingway, along with Junior Seau and C. R. Roberts, is one of only three Oceanside High football alumni to have his jersey retired. He was drafted by USC on a football scholarship, but just days before his freshman year, a driver fleeing police in a stolen car hit him, and his life was forever changed. After years of surgeries and physical therapy, he went back to USC in the late ‘80’s and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English Literature, then returned and earned a master’s in education. He returned to North County, where he coached at Oceanside, El Camino, Rancho Buena Vista, and Carlsbad High Schools. Arthur founded the Arthur Hemingway Foundation, which provides scholarships for disabled students so that they can continue their education. The foundation will continue operations under the leadership of Tom Kimbrel, Arthur’s good friend and foundation co-founder. Arthur lived life to the fullest, and in the end, his greatest achievement was his work with the kids. Kids came first to Arthur Hemingway, and he will indeed be missed.

Scholarship News

By Glenda Kimbrel ‘68
Alumni Association, the students were able to attend a three-hour leadership experience through Disneyland Park where they discovered Walt Disney’s “secret of making dreams come true.” The ASB Students were challenged to dwell in the possibilities, have the courage to step out of their comfort zone and understand the importance of diversity. Throughout the program students learned how to work together through a team building experience, become confident in how to accomplish their goals and be motivated to achieve the impossible. The students were broken off into groups of ten and were lead by two Disney Y.E.S. leaders. They moved throughout the park and were engaged in numerous tasks and games. The learning objectives were designed to help the students: • Understand their personal leadership skills and how to apply them to a team setting. • Discuss the importance of diversity. • Brainstorm for creative ideas and solutions. • Apply different ideas to a project. • Explore and approach a project from different perspectives. • Gain the confidence to overcome obstacles. • Find courage and determination to accomplish goals and believe in their dreams. • Lead a project to completion while maintaining a positive attitude. Upon building Disneyland, Walt Disney had many problems to overcome. One of which was the building of Matterhorn Mountain. The building codes at that time would not permit a structure to be built as high as the design for the Matterhorn called for. However, Walt and his team of “Imagineers” discovered that there was an exception to the building code. Gymnasiums could be built to any height. So Walt had his design team build a basketball court at the top of Matterhorn Mountain (it’s still there today). This was one of the examples used to help the students understand that anything is possible if you use your imagination. Thanks to the funding from the OHS Foundation Faculty Grant, the OHS Robotics Club participated in the Botball Regional Tournament. The Faculty Grant helped to pay for the registration to the tournament. The institute that organizes the competition provides a 2-day training session for the students, detailed instruction on how the competition will be scored, a kit with hundreds of parts and electronic components to build the robots, and software to program the robots. They also provide hotline and electronic technical support for the students. This is a well-run, extremely valuable educational experience for our high school students. It models the type of design, building, programming, testing and planning activities used in industry on hi-tech projects. Students love the experience in planning, designing, building and testing the robots they build. This is the seventh time OHS has participated in the Regional Botball Tournament with faculty member Tim McFadden.

This year the OHS Foundation will award three $1,000 scholarships to three OHS seniors who demonstrate true Pirate Spirit. Students are asked to discuss their experiences at OHS and how attending OHS has influenced their lives. Also, through the generous donations from the Calvin C. Gabriel and the Larry Hatter families, scholarships will be given to deserving students. Both families have established, through the OHS Foundation, scholarships to be awarded each year to OHS graduating seniors. The Calvin C. Gabriel family scholarship will be awarded to a student who has participated in the OHS Music program and plans to major in the field of music. Through the Larry Hatter scholarship, a student who has demonstrated their leadership abilities will be awarded this scholarship. Selection of the recipients for these scholarships will be done in late spring and will be awarded to graduating seniors during their Senior Awards Ceremony in early June. If you are interested in sponsoring a scholarship to deserving OHS seniors, please contact Glenda Kimbrel, or (760) 433-9078, OHS Foundation scholarship chairperson for more information.

Faculty Grants Awarded

By Glenda Kimbrel ‘68

This year, we have three recipients to our Faculty Grant awards. Each year the Foundation sets aside funds for worthwhile projects to enhance the academic, artistic, athletic and vocational achievements of students. These funds can be used for classroom books, supplies, equipment, field trips, or any other meaningful project. Funds are available for up to $1,000 per school year per faculty member. Here’s a brief description of each of the Faculty Grant awards: On March 6, 2009, OHS Biology teacher, Ellen Bartlett, was able to take 32 Biology students on a field trip to the San Diego Wild Animal Park and adjacent CRES (Conservation and Research for Endangered Species) Institute. This trip was made possible, in part, by an OHS Foundation/Alumni Association faculty grant to fund the bus transport to Escondido. Students were selected based on their academic performance at the end of first semester. First stop was a tour of the CRES Research Facility. This included visiting scientific research labs and the “Frozen Zoo” which stores cells and tissues from 7,200 samples, representing 675 species/subspecies. The samples are stored in large liquid nitrogen filled tanks. It was then off for a few hours on safari at the Wild Animal Park. Last stop was back to the CRES Institute to try their hands at some research in the Conservation Education Lab. Robin Keith, Conservation Education Research Coordinator, was their instructor and guide during this process. Students had the opportunity to conduct a Polymerase Chain Reaction Test. (This is similar to DNA testing that is seen on your favorite TV crime show.) Rather than examining human DNA, students tested for a fungus disease that is fatal to frogs. Through this activity, students had hands-on scientific experience in a working lab. On December 10, 2008, teacher Mike Fisher and the Oceanside High School Associated Student Body attended the Disney Leadership in Action: Pursuit of Excellence program. Thanks to a grant from the Oceanside High School Foundation/

Betchya Didn’t Know
The graduating class of 1909 had 5 students….All women!

Hall of Fame News

By Pat Kimbrel ‘68

The deadline for 2009 nominations for the Hall of Fame is June 1, 2009. Applications are available on line at the OHS Foundation website at Nominees must have graduated from OHS and attended at least the last two years of high school at OHS. Once nominated, the candidate shall remain in the pool of candidates for consideration for a period of five years, including the initial year nominated. You may nominate a candidate in any one of the following areas: Academics, Arts, Athletics, Business, Community Service, and Public Service. Please include as much information as possible when making a nomination; the selection committee will not seek out additional information. The Hall of Fame Class of 2009 will be honored in the Annual Hall of Fame Ceremony at OHS on Saturday, October 17, 2009 during Homecoming Weekend. Other festivities are planned for that fun-filled weekend, so please plan to attend. More information will be posted on our website as we get closer to the time. Last year’s inductees included two doctors, one world-class musician, an Olympic athlete, a high level Hollywood animator and two men who devoted their lives to the Oceanside community. Check out our website for more information on these honored alumni. This year guarantees to be as interesting and promising as the nominations continue to come in. If you have any questions, please contact Pat Kimbrel, Hall of Fame Chairperson at

The O-C Class of 1958

By Laurie Boone ‘68

The Oceanside-Carlsbad High School (The O-C) class of 1958 was a unique and closely bonded group. The 165 seniors of that year were Pirates from their freshman year until midway through their senior year. In February of 1958 they split -up and those classmates living in Carlsbad became Lancers and opened the brand new Carlsbad High School. There was a special drive over caravan in February of 1958 with cars and school buses carrying students from the Horne Street campus of OHS to the Monroe St. campus of CHS including the 54 seniors. For those who were underclassmen, it was exciting to be opening their own school, but for those who were seniors it was very difficult. As one member from that senior class has recalled, “Many tears were shed that day, not only by those of us left behind, but by those who left.” The melancholy of those ‘58 Pirates and Lancers has served to keep those seniors a close knit group, nothing like the later rivalry that existed between OHS and CHS. Beginning with their 10-year reunion these graduates of ‘58 have always had a joint class reunion. When the historic re-enactment of the ‘58 drive-over was held in February of 2008, there was a large group of these classmates driving beautifully restored 1950’s cars. Many there that day wondered if possibly these Pirates/Lancers had lived during the best time to be a high schooler! These 1958 seniors were also the graduating class responsible for donating what was always known as the senior fountain. This same fountain was the location chosen for the placement of the Phase 1 of the commemorative tile fundraising project. At the 50th reunion of this great class, it was discussed and voted on to purchase 2 8x8 tiles to commemorate the senior fountain and the end of the O-C era. These tiles will be placed on the fountain in time for the 2009 Homecoming activities. We thank this class for their addition to the foundation’s efforts to preserve the heritage and promote the future of Oceanside High School.

OH S Sports History

By Laurie Boone ‘68

North County Times Sports writer, Terry Monahan, was sitting in the bleachers in the OHS gymnasium covering a game, when, during a lull in the play, he glanced around at the many athletic banners hanging there. These banners celebrate the Pirate’s many accomplishments throughout the school’s 103-year history. It was then that he spotted one that really peeked his interest. Tucked into the corner of the gym is the oldest championship banner in San Diego County history. It is remarkable in that it is from the 1908-09 school year, more than 40 years before the CIF San Diego Section was formed, and, it is for the GIRL’s basketball team! Spotting this banner led Monahan to contact OHS for more information which led to a referral to our foundation and alumni association. We were happy to assist him with research in our archives stored within OHS library. In full support and cooperation with Dean Capralis, OHS librarian, we have been able to amass a treasure of memorabilia and history of the school. When the library was updated in 2003 a climate-controlled room was designed and now used for just this purpose. Along with donated photos, scrapbooks, megaphones and team uniforms, is the most complete collection of OHS yearbooks anywhere. Turning to the foundation archives for information on the winning ‘08-’09 girl’s team, Monahan learned much from the student published 1909 yearbook called the Nautilus. The names of the players, and a description of each player’s strengths, a team photo, and more. For example, the coach, Mr. Sheldon, was also the school’s principal. The students were assessed 25 cents each for the purpose of buying a sprinkler and marker for the basketball courts. A committee was appointed to ask the high school board to pay for the grading of the high school lot for the basketball courts. (Remember this was decades before the building of the gymnasium and an indoor court!) Not only was the winning team the girl’s, but it was the only school team. It is surprising today to learn that the girls dominated the high school scene then. As the Nautilus stated,” The feminine element of the Oceanside-Carlsbad Union High School is predominate!’ The graduating class of ‘09 consisted of five, and all were girls. As sports writer Monahan found, much can be learned about history from reading school yearbooks. It is one of the goals of the Foundation and Alumni Association to preserve the heritage of OHS and make this history available to others. If you have an interest in viewing the archives, or would like to donate historical items and memorabilia to our preservation efforts, please call Laurie Boone (760) 729-6444. Hall of Fame inductee, and former Olympian, Willie Banks donated his OHS letterman’s jacket and sweater in ‘08 for just this purpose.

Don’t forget to update your contact information with our database if you change your address, phone number or email!
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Upcoming Events For 2009
Monthly meeting at OHS Campus, 7:00 PM, room K-31 Fundraising dinner at Q’s Restaurant, 2725 Vista Way • Oceanside


Deadline for Phase II tile orders Monthly meeting at OHS Campus, 7:00 PM, room K-31

22 Fundraising dinner at Shakey’s Pizza | 4141 Oceanside Blvd. 29 Monthly meeting at OHS Campus, 7:00 PM, room K-31 August 1 Newsletter article submission deadline
Phase II tile project installed on campus

Hall of Fame selection committee meets to select inductees.

Deadline for Hall of Fame Nominations Award Scholarships to OHS seniors Last day of school All-Class Reunion, Heritage Park, Oceanside. 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM 7th annual OHS Pirate Alumni Flag Football Game, Simcox Field, 10:00 AM. Dinner in campus MPR, 5:00-9:00 PM. For more info, go to Monthly meeting at OHS Campus, 7:00 PM, room K-31


Preparations for Hall of Fame, Homecoming Weekend Monthly meeting at OHS Campus, 7:00 PM, room K-31

OH S Renovation News

With the passage of the most recent Oceanside Unified School District Bond, Oceanside High School is slated for some tremendous changes. The athletic fields, including Simcox Field, and the performing arts building will be involved in “extreme makeovers.” With the bond money, Simcox Field will be totally redone, with a new athletic and bleacher facility, ticket booth, synthetic turf and track. In addition, OHS will add a new performing arts facility that will be used for both school and community performances. Even with the bond money covering a majority of the expenses, there will be a number of projects not covered in the budget but needs to be included in the construction. Once there is a completed list with costs, the OHS Foundation/Alumni Association will be involved in helping to raise funds to complete these projects. Please continue to check our website at for updates on the projects and ways you can contribute. The Pirate Legacy lives on!

Our Sponsors and Members
We are proud to acknowledge our business sponsors and members that have generously donated to our Foundation so that we may reach our goals. Please support these fine businesses whenever you have an opportunity. Remember membership fees are due on an annual basis, unless you become a Lifetime member! BUSINESS MEMBERS Jerry Bryan Photography David Kiss/North County Printers Pala Band of Mission Indians/Pala Casino Terry Cross/Harbor Fish & Chips Photo DuCoeur Sam & Sharon Williamson/Farmer’s Insurance REGULAR MEMBERS ($25 or more per year) Eldean Bratton (Ledgerwood) ‘54 Cynthia McPherson (Davenport) ‘46 John & Marge Oakley (Barthel) ’44/45 Wanda Cramer (Kittelson) ‘63 Tony Mata ‘50 Barbara Stone (Boodry) ‘54 Nancy Dumford (Gabriel) ‘55 Elaine McHenry (Prado) Harris ‘72 Leon Patterson ‘48 Bill Christopher Jr. ‘65 Jerry Davenport ‘65 Jeri Gruner (Kennington) ‘70 Jeannie Rickard (Childress) Lora Benedict (Benedict) ‘61 Susan Keifer (Cosney) ’62 Henrietta Blacic (Scheunemann) ’42 Tim Garrison ’63 Gail Stillman (Teschendorf) ’63 Irene K. Strause (White) ’57 Mary Gleisberg Jerry Davenport ’65 Ronalee Ellsberry (Ulmer) ’69 Sherry DeLoach (Moore) ’68 Carl Dreibelbis ’69 Ardith (Ardi) Davis (Wrede) ‘57 SUPPORTING MEMBERS ($50 or more per year) Kathee Eckstrom Rick Wykoff Carole Guitron (Reeves) Jane Cowgill (Stokes) ‘62 Debbie Martinez (Scott) Jean Asher (MacDonald) Edith Ronsee Swaim ’42 Tillman & Camille Eakes (Denaro) ‘58/59 Antonio Ruiz Jr. ’98 Linda Cox (Pope) ’58 Connie Snodderly (Butler) ’63 SILVER MEMBERS ($100 or more per year) Rita Gray (Mazzarella) ‘62 Mona Ballard (Miller) ‘55 Dean Baldridge ’75 Edith Ronsse Swaim ’42 GOLD MEMBERS ($250 or more per year) Lark Montgomery (Baynton) ’68 LIFE MEMBERS ( 1000 or more one-time) Bart Ortega ‘50 Mark Wilson ’68 Judy Henderson (Sherman) ’62 Clyde Warner (retired teacher)

Frames Plus Beau Kimbrel ’00/Kimbrel Designs Doug & Lynn Thompson/Reunion Specialists Vigilucci’s Osteria (Carlos) John Daley/101 Café Applebee’s Oceanside, Hwy 78 & Jefferson Q’s Restaurant, Oceanside Martha Schossow (Blinman) ‘45 Mr. & Mrs. Clyde Newman Dr. Douglas Butchart ‘45 Jackie Montamble (Giro) ‘48 Michelle Bray Davis ‘59 Patricia Dewlaney (Staats) ‘66 Robin Prestwood ‘63 Marie Flanagan (Moulthrop)’56 Harold Welborn Patti Weber (Stettler) Betty Shannon (Horn) Marlene Engelbritson (Scheunemann) ‘51 Barbara Thompson (Kaplon) ‘63 Gary Mitchell ‘63 Jeanette MacDonald (MacDonald) Elin Leonhard (Fick) ’62 Bobby Thill (Wilcox) ’46 Tom Adams ’71 Bob Cozens ’35 Don Huffman ’44 Pat Brown (Saccomano) ‘80 Laurie Boone (Nelson) ‘68 Virginia Graves (Long) ’68 Wanda Rosenquist (Walton) ’50 George Lopez ’59 Barbara O’Connor Karen Robin (Wilder) Melvin Johnson James Burnett Diana Costantino (Vitello) ‘62 David & Shirley Childs (Hamilton) ‘48 Harold “Sam” Higley ‘48 Judith Nichols (Mazzarella) ’66 Esther K. McCord (Engebretson) ‘45 John & Marge Oakley ‘44&’45 Kay Klinker (Austin) ’68 Corinne Phillips (Ventar) ’71 Pat & Glenda Kimbrel (Bedwell) ’68 Joan Moore (Wilson) ’56 George Diehr ’59 Richard Adams ’68 Harlen Stelmach ‘63 Barr Baynton ’70 Betty P. Kitchin ‘57 Pat & Glenda Kimbrel (Bedwell) ’68 Beau & Tiffany Kimbrel (Molifua) ‘00 Russell C. Holmes M.D. ’70

WebDesigns By Zoe Oceanside Florist Bob Moyer/Oceans 11 Casino Sunshine Brooks Theatre/New Vision Theatre Co. North County Times Shakey’s Pizza, Oceanside

MaryJane Dunn (Dunn) ‘56 Rachel Martin (Gomez) David Preciado Glenda Rosenblatt (Glenn) ‘53 Jann Newman (Hull) ‘66 Patricia Feist (Harbour) ‘62 Lupe Magana ‘57 Fred Boodry ‘56 Beverly Young (Staats) ‘57 Alice Tykac (Kerr) ‘49 Eleanor Ruane (Imbilli) Ray Wilkerson ‘60 Bob Erickson ‘67 Sandra Vitkovic ‘62 Janice Ulmer ‘63 Scott & Yvette Prather (Davis) ‘83 Robert Farquhar ‘48 Mary M. Cloud E.W. Bill Dominquez ‘56 Richard Davis ‘52 Valerie Schmidt (Evans) ‘56 Sandra Peters Eileen Miller (Nolan) ‘44 June Floyd Blair ‘87 Joan Largent (Britsch) ‘50 Skip Richard Franklin ‘60 Joan Randall (Cooke) ‘61 Mary J. & Mary K. Helper Laurie Boone (Nelson) ‘68 Valerie Schmidt (Evans) ‘56 Edward R. Fisher Gerry Geisel (Geisel) Carl Wickham (Teacher 1964-1989) Noah Miller ‘72 Fred & Carol Ganoe (Glenn) ‘55 Lenore D. Walker (Morrison) ‘46 June Chapman (Clark) ‘57 Paul Carlin ‘49 Frederick Dyle ‘65 Jann Newmann Hull ‘66 Larry E. Whalen ‘67

Jack White ‘57 Robert &Rita Gray (Mazzarella) ‘62 Dean & Sally Baldridge ‘75 Wayne & Sandy Caskey (Hayes) ‘65 Warren Mobley ‘66


Barbara Gabriel (George) ‘59 in memory of her father Calvin C. Gabriel

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