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									175 Federal St. Salem, MA 01970 (978) 270-7619 |

M.S. in Computer Science / Bioinformatics
     3.9 GPA

UMass Lowell – December 2007 UMass Lowell - May 2006

B.S. in Computer Science / Bioinformatics
Magna Cum-Laude Certificate of Achievement in Computer Science. Certificate of Outstanding Service to the Computer Science Department UMass Lowell Honors Program

Programming Languages
 Python, Java, C, C++, MySQL, Perl, OpenGL, XHTML, XML, CSS, ActionScript. Some JavaScript, JSP, PHP, Scheme, and ML, and additional experience in other languages Windows, Mac OS, DOS, Fedora and Red Hat Linux Eclipse + TDD, NetBeans, Visual Studio, Matlab, Processing SSH, SCP & FTP, MS Office, Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver, Illustrator NAMD, VMD, BLAST, CN3D, GROMACS, Apollo, TreeView, ClustalW, Align, Emboss Solid understanding of PCR primer design, sequence analysis, alignment algorithms Basic understanding of sequencing techniques, genome annotation, N/S/W blots

Software & Operating Systems
  

  

The Broad Institute Cambridge, MA
[Software Engineer] – 2008-Present  Java development for CellProfiler Analyst, a data exploration and visualization tool for high-throughput image-based biological screens.  CellProfiler Analyst redesign and development in Python. o Coded modules for GUI, visualizations, image display, image readers, database querying, etc.  Coded image modules for WormProfiler, a tool for identifying C.Elegans (worms) across large experiments via user-driven classification of image pixels.  Other programming work including writing Python scripts, and manipulating MySQL databases

Molecular Dynamics Researcher
[Research Assistant] - 2007  Modeled and conducted simulations on hydrocarbon systems.  Programming and automation in Perl. Some TCL.

Lowell, MA

Teaching Assistantship in Molecular Dynamics
[Teaching Assistant] - 2006  Assisted students with MD simulations on simple poly-peptides  Installed MD software such as NAMD and VMD  Designed and maintained website

Lowell, MA

Institute for Visualization and Perception Research

Lowell, MA

[Visualization Researcher] - 2006-2007  Researched highly interactive regional mapping visualization for the web  Designed haptic-feedback surgery simulation using extreme programming  Participated in research activities related to the IEEE VAST Symposium Contest  Research on Pedigree Visualization  Assisted the 5th annual Bio-IT World Conference & Expo in Boston

Brontes Technologies Inc. (A 3M Company)
[UI Designer/Programmer] - 2005-2008  UI workflow design and interaction with dentists performing market preference testing  UI design and iconography for touch-screen, dental imager  Prototyped UI in Flash prior to implementation  HTML, CSS, and Clear Silver coding for website and local systems  Other design work

Lexington, MA

UMass Lowell, Computer Science Department
[Systems Operator] – 2003-2006  Performed computer lab setup and maintenance, imaging, updating etc.  Assisted students and faculty on Linux, Windows, and Mac platforms

Lowell, MA

Ryan & Wood Inc.
[Designer] – 2009-present  Presently designing a website to launch the company’s new vodka, gin and rum labels

Gloucester, MA

Vaward Communications LLC
[Designer/Developer] – 2001-2004  Designed, implemented, and maintained a Flash-HTML hybrid website  Designed brochures, business cards, media kits, sell-sheets, menus and other print media

Lowell, MA

Cebula Design Inc.
[Designer/Developer] – 2001-2006, 2007  Designed, implemented, and maintained two Flash websites  Performed other design work including business cards, stationary, and advertisements

Newburyport, MA

Molecular Dynamics Research UMass Lowell- 2007
I conducted research to study the forced rupture kinetics of “hydrophobic bonds” between hydrocarbons. Molecular dynamics (MD) simulations were performed on the forced rupture of C16H34-C16H34 and C60-C60 hydrophobic bonds. I Used the MD software packages NAMD and GROMACS to study the physics of small systems. Paper is currently in the works.

IEEE VAST 2006 Symposium

Baltimore, MD- Fall 2006

VAST 2006 asked participants to design and use visual-analytical tools to explore a synthetic dataset for potential threats to national security. I helped evaluate the data set and develop metrics for scoring participants on their findings. I also played a role in running the live contest and helped to evaluate the success of the contest.

MGH Avon Breast Cancer Project

IVPR at UMass Lowell- Spring 2006

An ongoing project between the Institute for Visualization and Perception Research (IVPR) at UMass Lowell and the Avon Breast Cancer Center at Mass General Hospital which is exploring and developing novel visualizations to aid in breast cancer risk assessment and analysis. I designed and prototyped novel visualizations and tools and explored graph drawing algorithms to display family pedigrees.

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