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Deltora Quest : The Forests of Silence by Emily Rodder Reviewed by: Rebekah Swift (13) Themes: Other Times, Magic, Good and Evil, Death and Dying, Other Places, Fantasy, Friendship, Adventure, Courage, Action, Thriller What the book‟s about: Two companions set out to dangerous places hoping to re-complete the magical belt of Deltora. They set out first to the Forests of Silence where there are horrors beyond belief. My Opinion:  I liked it because you are holding your breath to see what will happen next.  A compelling story of adventure, action, enormous courage and mystical magic.  A great read – 10/10 I think the book is most suitable for: Years 8 and 9


Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J.K. Rowling Reviewed by: (13) Themes: Magic, Death and Dying, Fantasy, Adventure, Romance, Courage, Action, Growing Up, Mystery What the book‟s about: Harry Potter is chosen as the 4th Champion. He has to face three tasks to win. My Opinion:  I liked the book a lot  I liked it for the magic and adventure  I rated the book 10/10 because I loved it.  I think the book is most suitable for: All ages


Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince by J.K. Rowlings Reviewed by: Michael Becroft and Matt Frasier (14) Themes: Magic, Good and Evil, Fantasy, Friendship, Adventure, Action, Book for Boys What the book‟s about: Harry thinks Snape is up to no good. Harry learns about Voldermort‟s past. My Opinion:  I liked the book.  It had lots of action and adventure  Rating: 9.5/10  I think the book is most suitable for: Years 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12


Danika vs the Monster Slayer by Ranulfo Concon Reviewed by: Rhiannan Allen Themes: Magic, Good and Evil, Fantasy, Book for Girls What the book‟s about: This book is about a 12 year old named Danielea and she has a doll named Mandy who lives in a place called the „underworld‟. The only way to get down to the underworld is the toilet. But things stir up when a boy who has a crush on her follows her down to the underworld. My Opinion:  I really enjoyed the book because it‟s one of those books that, once you start reading, you can‟t put it down.  I give this book a 9½/10 I think the book is most suitable for: Years 8 and 9. SEE BELOW!


Inkheart by Cornelia Funke Reviewed by: Rachael Clark Themes: Magic, Good and Evil, Fantasy, Science-Fiction What the book‟s about: There is a girl named Maggie and her father Mo who lived a
simple life. However, Mo held a secret. He could read things out of books but, when he reads them out, something from his world has to go in to replace it. Then one night he read Capricorn, Busta and Dustfinger out of the book and his wife and their two cats when into it. Many years later Dustfinger shows up at their farm house. Dustfinger and Mo talk for a long time and, finally, Mo decides to move south, but he doesn‟t know that he is running into Capricorn‟s trap. Capricorn is after Mo and a special book that Mo has. Maggie and Mo are going to stay at Maggie‟s Aunt Elinor‟s place. When they show up at Elinor‟s place, Mo hides the book in her library. One night Capricorn‟s men came to take Mo and the book away but Mo takes the wrong book with him. They took him hostage to catch Maggie. They took her because they knew that Mo would do anything to save his daughter‟s life. Mo, Maggie and Elinor escape with Dustfinger‟s help. After a few months, Elinor returns to her home to find all her book sin her library burnt and a dead red rooster hanging from the rafters of her library. When Maggie is captured again, Mo and Elinor go after her. They devised a plan to rescue her, but Maggie and the author of the book, who is also held captive, have a plan to kill Capricorn.

My Opinion:  I really liked “Inkheart”. It was one of the best books I have ever read.  It was good because of all the action, excitement and magic.  Also because, just when you thought that it was over, it took another twist and something else happened to keep it exciting and going.  I give it a 9/10 for its overall result. I think the book is most suitable for: Years 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12.


Unicorns of Balinor by Mary Stanton Reviewed by: Katelyn Challenor Themes: Magic, Good and Evil, Fantasy, Book for Girls. What the book‟s about: The story starts by telling us that a girl named Ari has had a really bad accident. She owns a horse (that is really a unicorn and Ari is a princess) but the unicorn‟s horn was chopped off in the accident. There are two lands in the book and the unicorn and Ari came from Crustle Valley. My Opinion:  Yes, I really enjoyed the book because it was an enthusiastic book to read and it had a good description on all the characters.  I really liked the way Ari had a mind of her own.  I give the book a rating of nine and a half out of 10. I think the book is most suitable for: Year 8.


Witch by Christopher Pike Reviewed by: Toni Rolfe Themes: Magic, Friendship and Mystery What the book‟s about:: A witch who can heal with her touch and see through a pond. She looks into the moonlight. She sees the future, the death of a friend. She tries to prevent it, but it turns out worse. My Opinion:  I loved this book because it kept you guessing the whole time and kept you reading so you couldn‟t put it down.  10/10. I think the book is most suitable for: Years 8-12 students.


Wild Magic by Tamora Peirce Reviewed by: Nikita Kostaschuk Themes: Magic, Fantasy, Adventure. What the book‟s about:: A girl called Daine controls wild magic. She makes a perilous journey with a woman called Onua, escaping from monsters called Immortals. Living with the trainees for the riders, Daine learns how to control the madness and gets caught in the battle of Pirate‟s Swoop. My Opinion:  Yes I loved the book because it‟s full of excitement and mystery about Daine‟s past and whether she can control the urge to join the need. 10/10. I think the book is most suitable for: Years 8 to 12.


Goose Bumps – Danger Time by R.L. Stine Reviewed by: Hannah Duncan Themes: Magic, Horror, Mystery What the book‟s about:: Arnie and Pat found a new store in town so they thought they‟d take a look. The store didn‟t turn out the way they wished it. My Opinion:  I really enjoyed this book! I liked it because it‟s a book I can read without putting it back after 3 words. My rating of this book is 8/10. I think the book is most suitable for: Years ?

10. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by J. K. Rowling Reviewed by: Dylan Lakin Themes: Magic, Good and Evil, Fantasy, Adventure. What the book‟s about:: Harry keeps having a dream as if he is Voldermort and he does some bad things. He finds out that his dad was sort of a bully at school and the minister of magic is trying to do everything he can to make Harry and Dumbledore look like a bunch of barking mad liars. My Opinion:  I reckon the book was fantastic. It was imaginative. I wonder where she

gets her ideas from. I would definitely give it a 9¾/10. I think the book is most suitable for: Years 8 to 12. 11. THE LAND OF ELYON – THE DARK HILLS DIVIDE by Patrick Carman Reviewed by: Taylor-Jade Burchett Themes: Magic, Good and Evil, Fantasy What the book‟s about:: In this book there is a twelve year old girl named Alexa. Each year she comes to Bridewell for a holiday with her dad. Alexa is a very curious girl and always wants to know more about everything and everyone. She wants to find a way outside the walls, will she accomplish it or not. My Opinion:  I enjoyed reading this book because it had a lot of twists and turns.  Heaps of adventure on each page and you are always wanting to know what is going to happen next.  I would rate this book 9.5/10 I think the book is most suitable for: Year 8, 9 and 10 12. MAGIC OR MADNESS by Justine Larbaliestier Reviewed by: Selene Harris Themes: Magic, Good and Evil, Individuality What the book‟s about:: A girl named Reason has lived in the outback for 15 yrs. She is on the run from her evil grandmother. Suddenly Reason‟s mother goes psychotic and Reason is sent to live with her grandmother. She walks through her grandmothers back door and onto a New York Street, where she befriends a girl her age name JayTee. My Opinion:  I liked this book because it was interesting and descriptive.  The characters are all very unique.  Shows the difference between the Australian and American culture.  I would rate this book 8/10. I think the book is most suitable for: Year 8, and 9. 13. Artemis Fowl by Eoin Golfer Reviewed by: Batrick Bugler Themes: Magic, Good and Evil, Fantasy What the book‟s about:: Artemis Fowl is a twelve year old criminal mastermind. When he kidnaps a fairy he doesn‟t know what he is in for. The fairy Leprechaun send in their best but is it enough to beat Artemis and his man servant???.. My Opinion: I did like the book because the fairies aren‟t normal. You see a whole new side to the bedtime fairies everyone is used to. It‟s not only about fairies it‟s about guns, trolls and more challenges than you could ever think of. I give it a rating of 10 / 10. I think the book is most suitable for: Years 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12. 14. Wild Magic by Tamora Pierce

Reviewed by: Megan Williams Themes: Magic, Fantasy, Animals What the book‟s about:: Daine has a horrific past which includes the murder of her family by villains, but when she leaves the small town to escape from the town-people she does not expect to be accepted. To her surprise Onua, a trainer of the Rider‟s horses, hires her to help her get the horses to Tortall. On the way they encounter Stormwings and find a Hawk, which is really a shape shifting man and a friend of Onua‟s. They call a nearby Rider group, including the Kings champion, which helps them get back on track. The man gets back to normal then finds that Daine has a magic, not the Gift, but Wild magic. He becomes her teacher and helps her to control it. Daine faces Spidrens and Zhenah Bitterclows, a Storm-wing Queen, griffins and a dragon. The people of Tortall are in a fight with the Cathaks and the King of Tortall does not want war although a raid was forced upon them they were attacked by a dragon that was about to hive birth when it came through the port hole from the divine realms. When Daine touches the dragon she heals the dead baby in her stomach and sets her into labour to the dragons great delight. The dragon dies whilst trying to help Daine, but she has already given birth in a cave nearby. My Opinion: I really enjoyed this book. It is a book that is in the fantasy range and I would recommend it to any one who, like myself, like fantasy. I would read this book over and over again if I had to. It was fantastic. The writer Tamora Pierce is so good at describing that it feels like you are a bystander on all the action. I would definitely give this book a 10 / 10 rating. It was a great experience to read a book done by such a fantastic writer and I am reading the rest of the series. I think the book is most suitable for: Years 8, 9 and 10. 15. The Two Rivers by Robert Jordan Reviewed by: Caitlyn Payne Themes: Magic, Good and Evil, Fantasy What the book‟s about:: There are three boys, Rand, Mat and Perrin, who live in a farming town called the Two Rivers. On the evening of Bel Tide (a spring festival) they are attacked by trollocs – fearsome man-beasts. A stranger, known as Morainine, and her guard, Lan, lead the boys from the fight and ride off into the night with them. Mat, Perrin and Rand soon discover that Morainine is an Aes Sedai, a powerful sorceress, who is hiding them from the Dark One. She plans to take them to Tar Valon, her city, but along the way, they meet more trollocs and Mydryaal. They are joined by Euygene and Thom Merrilin as they travel northwards. However, as they draw closer to Tar Valon, they are separated by another attach by trollocs, leaving Euygene with Morainine and Lan, Mat and Rand with Thom, and Perrin alone in a forest, horseless, foodless, and hunted by hungry wolves My Opinion: The book was really good. It was full of twist and turns, with great descriptions and imagination. . It was a bit hard to follow at the start, as the explanation was not that good, but, if you read past the first few pages, it unravelled really well. Some of the words were a bit far-fetched but it only added to the imagination. It ended with you left on the edge which is annoying. I rat it 9/10 I think the book is most suitable for: Year s.

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