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All song written and performed by Stephen Simmons P & © 2008 Stephen Simmons, Shiny Geode Music, SESAC Basic tracks Recorded and Engineered by Brent Truitt at Le Garage Studios in East Nashville, TN Additional Recording and Engineering by Richard McLaurin at House Of David Studios in Nashville, TN Mixed by Richard McLaurin at House of David Studios, Nashville, TN Mastered by Alex McCollough at Yes Master Studios in Nashville, TN

Cover painting of Green Luna Moth with Apple Blossom: Courtesy of & © McCord Museum M987.158.3 (used with permission) Graphic design: Alicia Bequette --------------------------------------------------------Stephen Simmons: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Harp Richard McLaurin: Pedal Steel, Dobro, Mandolin, Electric Guitar, B-3, Percussion


Well she came down from Altamont in the snow Just two years ago It hardly snows down here in the valley below Down in Wilson‟s Cove But that all changed that year Things had been hard in the summer before Fifth dry year in a row Nothing could grow no crops to show nothing more Than a drought that seemed Hell born Till Heaven‟s snow covered those fields Chorus: Patty you just don‟t know What your love did to my soul I‟m fine in the summertime when it‟s warm But in the fall I fear the winters to come At night I‟d lie in bed and wonder where she went In her dreams while she slept And in the morning I‟d watch the sunlight dance on her skin As she lay by the window seal And wait for the snow to come in Chorus

OH ALLISON (TRY AGAIN) Spitting in a Sundrop bottle The Red Man, the Golden Blend Sweet on my tongue I‟m buzzing again The gas pumps at the viaducts

She caught me with her best friend She caught me with my shirt undone And my pride tucked in Chorus: Oh Allison Oh Allison Looks like we‟ll have to try again Cool liquid on the lips again Trying to numb nervous hands But a hundred buttons won‟t help you when We finally give in Something for old time friends Something to remember when Something I can‟t pretend Didn‟t work its way in Oh Allison Oh Allison Looks like we‟ll have to try again Oh the rain came down on the homecoming game The storms moved in on the field that day I stole a kiss and they called you away And I‟ll be damned if they didn‟t call the game Oh Allison Oh Allison Looks like we‟ll have to try again


It was a little bit of Memphis A little bit of mischief And I spilled a little whiskey on the bed

There were a lot of reasons I can‟t say Reasons that seem like little things But it‟s the little things that get in the way and betray you like a kiss Chorus: Dancing with you Memphis Moon Are you still shining on me Did you feel it too Is this what you do Well you can make me your Memphis fool It was a grand affair and we all came But brought the things that we can‟t change The preacher got drunk and the jilted lovers sat on the street The wine went down like the river to the gulf And we danced in the city on the edge of the bluff And in the shadow of the greater one that we‟d just made Chorus You let your guard down And maybe I just lucked out But baby our time ran out And I was running when I met you like I‟m running now Chorus

HEY SHANNON Well the leaves sure turn a pretty color In the autumn‟s mid-day noon And it‟s a tourist town, but there really ain‟t much a nuthin‟ to do Just here because I have to be and I‟d guess that you are too But I‟d give you a light and buy you a drink Just to find out what you do

A doctor or a lawyer, an executive or an engineer They all sound so nice, but none of them are what I do for real I‟d say anything you want me to, but just to tell you the truth I‟m just a guy Trying to talk you Chorus: Hey Shannon Do you remember me Could you possibly recall an old man and a fake ring It was a really good story And we had fun and drink Hey Shannon Do you remember me Yeah this whiskey‟s good, though I don‟t drink much No I don‟t know the name of this place Yeah I only smoke when I drink and I don‟t normally do this kinda thing You say we coulda been married In another life you think I think that it‟s crazy, crazy we fall so easily Chorus It‟s been a really crazy night, with all your friends and me Guess I‟ll take you up on the ride home, it‟s cold and I got a bad knee Girl you know what you started, but enough about fate and dreams All I need to know right now, is how you feel about me Well I called just like I said I would, but I knew deep down inside That you‟d be gone though it seemed so right and I‟d be alone again tonight It‟s pretty here with the leaves all turning brown and gold from their old green Just to fall of in the winter For the new leaves in the spring Chorus

A MAN WALKS INTO A BAR You‟d think that girl was happy there Damn near all time I swear Those big brown eyes and that smile Can light up this town for half a mile But when she lets her guard down Her worn out cheeks turn into a frown Stares off in the distance so dissatisfied Where her mind‟s been the whole damn time Chorus: Have you ever heard the one? Where a man walks into a bar Picks up a girl and falls in love Like the dog that finally caught that car At times she seems to laugh Oh as if it never gets that bad Oh you‟d think that something was wrong If she didn‟t look happy for long It‟s a sound she makes with her mouth To imitate the sound She tries to sell as a laugh But it‟s feigned and with a hint of sad Chorus Don‟t she know we don‟t believe her Maybe so but she seems convinced she‟s a good deceiver Oh I can‟t lie Sometimes it hurts when she cries That‟s how my baby gets by Chorus

ASHEVILLE GIRL If I‟d known It would be Anything like this babe that‟s usually where I‟d leave So what now? What do I do? Just sit and stare all day in those deep brown eyes so true Chorus: They say heaven‟s far away For a boy Who‟s lived this way But there‟s no meanness in your world Everything‟s is beautiful when you‟re Just an Asheville girl And I‟d bet You don‟t wanna feel this way About me and believe me babe don‟t think I can‟t relate So I guess We leap and our net may Magically appear someday so we just hope and pray Chorus I thought I heard my Grandma say That boy‟s ok he‟ll fall one day Well it‟s cool Up here on this Blue Ridge And blue‟s what my heart would be if to you I did not give Everything To you from the start Or I might as well just leave tonight and let this town just break my heart Chorus

EASY It was easy then Being in love So what now? Now that all is done Now love‟s just something that you say dear Is it easy now It‟s still hard to know Must be, this pain tells me it‟s so When everything she says just hurts me Chorus But I‟m on a roll I‟m on a real good roll I‟m going back to the way it was before Won‟t be coming back this way no more Cause a heart that‟s returned Comes apart so easily So is it easy now Yeah now that it‟s done And I‟m back to where I started from Guess time had erased just how bad it was then So it seems that now It‟s all that it was My vision of Eden‟s back into dust And time just played the worst of tricks on me dear Chorus Refrain: It‟s so damn easy for a girl to do Fall in love with the first boy who plays her fool Is it so easy to not give a damn Can you hurt now like I am Chorus

PINS AND NEEDLES I don‟t know why I go on for hours Sometimes I get so tired of trying I don‟t know why I can‟t seem to figure out Just what she‟s feeling inside I never know just how she‟s going to act It‟s always different every time I‟m steady and I‟m always predictable Exactly what she seems to despise Chorus: Sometimes I feel like I‟m walking on pins and needles Around my sweet baby‟s heart She loves me all the way but sometimes I can‟t say for certain Who she‟s gonna be today I don‟t know why I go on about it Couldn‟t change things if I tried Says it‟s just a phase she‟s going through Then can‟t look me in the eye I guess the truth is an elusive thing And just might lie somewhere in between Is she closer to the girl who says she loves me Or the one who acts like she tolerates me Chorus Cause I go up with her when she‟s spinning round Bouncing around among the clouds And down with her when she goes down Try to save someone from sinking till you both drown Chorus

AMANDA Another Friday night Another week gone by Are you really gonna stay Are you really gonna try this time Babe don‟t anybody know just how you feel inside right now But you can‟t just let each town get you down Oh babe I tried To be satisfied Sometimes you gotta learn to be still for just awhile Chorus: Oh Amanda I never thought that I could lose your love Oh Amanda Was this love true? Today I happened to drive By that house we wanted to buy And I recall how every little room Girl just made you smile And now 1436 Greenwood sure did sound like home In some other world, but in this one we move on Did I feel enough? Or just get down on this love? You know I hide inside my mind when things get tough Chorus Another New Years Eve night Another year gone by Supposed to celebrate old friends And sing Auld Lang Syne But I ain‟t got one friend that I could call tonight That wouldn‟t ask about you each time

I thought you‟d be here A million years When you said I ain‟t just messing around either dear Chorus

T’ SERCLAES In a quiet soft lit bar Somewhere off an ancient cobbled street “I Only Have Eyes For You” on the jukebox That‟s true tonight for me I scribbled „I wanna kiss you‟ On a used ticket from the train And your Portuguese mother‟s dark brown eyes From mystery to surprise they changed Chorus: And T‟serclaes only knows what I wished on Brussels streets As I kissed your lips and pulled you close to me And a thousand trains and planes that have since all been caught But French Belgium‟s never far from my thoughts And I felt just like an American G.I. Falling on the battlefield of the War Close brush with death but still alive And falling for a nurse in the wounded ward With a wound that went too deep And too close to this soldier‟s heart And an angelic Belgique nurse Who had a way with men with scars Chorus And there‟s a silver moon a shining

Over these thirteenth century skies And up towards her ancient buildings rising And not even T‟serclaes can put out this fire Chorus It‟s hasty rendezvous that birth words You only whisper in the dark And modest hotel rooms that set these scenes For lovers who play these foolish parts So many things you believe true Under the spell of Moonlight And the letters come at first and then they fade Like the ink with which you write Chorus

HARD TO SMILE It‟s so hard to smile, when it hurts And it‟s so hard to laugh, when things just don‟t work And darling I have looked deep inside But you know courage how it likes to hide Chorus: But I‟ll Be sitting on a cloud In the sky Come rain or shine A Hundred miles High up over the earth For what it‟s worth I‟ll be with you all the while It‟ll be so hard smile, when she goes

And how she felt before, now I know I saw my life, my unborn child in your eyes Must have been wrong, ole crystal ball‟s lost its shine Chorus

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