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					Career Management Library
Located at 1M in Stairway Y Phone: (212) 854-6070
Career Services Online System - COIN

Monday - Thursday 9-7 Friday 9-5 Saturday 10-3

Monday - Thursday 9-5

Jay Corcoran, Assistant Director, Career Services Manager, Career Resource Center

Ways to locate items in the CRC: CRC Directory
Lists all the resources by type. It’s a white binder always on the front counter of the CRC.

Two locations of items in the CRC: On Reserve
All job postings, business cards, high-demand books and other current resources are kept behind the counter. We will need to hold onto your ID while you use any reserved resources.

– and – Open Shelves
Valuable books, all magazines and any take-aways are kept on the open shelves.

Career-Related Books
See the CRC Directory for Complete List
The CRC contains over 800 books on a wide range of career-related topics. Books are located both On Reserve behind the counter and on the Open Shelves of the CRC. See the item's catalog details to determine the location. Topics include: Career Development: Includes self-assessment, career changing—anything that focuses on the "big picture" of your career. MBA Job Search: Resources specifically designed for MBA students conducting a job search, including company directories, self-assessment and job search advice. Resumes: Resources providing advice and examples to produce effective resumes. Cover Letters: Resources providing advice and examples to produce effective cover letters. (Career Services also has a compilation of sample cover letters on reserve in the CRC.) Networking: Advice on how to contact individuals, request interviews and generally schmooze your way to success. Interviewing: Resources that prepare you for questions to expect and questions to ask. Books on presentation skills are also filed under this topic. Some industries—most notably consulting and investment banking—have specific interview guides. Such resources are filed under their respective industry. Negotiating: Advice on getting the most money and the most perks out of your new or current employer. Diversity in Business: Resources specifically addressing women, minority or gay issues in the job search, workplace and business world. Business Etiquette: Resources addressing the proper ways to walk and talk, wine and dine. Business Practice: A broad category that includes management and leadership issues, the future of business, narratives of a successful companies—books that are really about business. Geographic: Resources that identify companies and highlight locales by city, state or region. International: Pertinent CRC resources for students interested in working abroad include guides to international companies in various regions, directories of internationally based companies, and an international binder showing more than a decade of placements of Columbia international students and MBAs obtaining non US positions.

Executive Recruiters: Includes directories of executive recruiters as well as advice on making the most of them. Industry Categories: All the resources that pertain to particular industry are categorized by that industry. These resources may focus either on the industry in general or specifically on one company in that industry. The categories listed below also include subtopics.  Consulting  Consumer Products (including retail, consumer goods and services)  Entrepreneurial  Finance (including accounting, hedge funds, investment banking, venture capital, trading/sales and more)  Healthcare (including biotech, pharmaceuticals)  Industrial (including manufacturing, energy)  Internet & Technology (including telecommunications, computer hardware and software)  Marketing (including advertising, brand management, and PR)  Media (including publishing, sports, film/TV)  Social Enterprise (including for profit, non-profit and government)  Real Estate

Current Job Postings
Available online via COIN for current students at Job
Opportunities> Search Job Opportunities
You can use this database to search for BOTH on campus and off campus opportunities. Select “Only Job Postings” for all OFF CAMPUS opportunities. Select “Only Interviews” for all ON CAMPUS opportunities. All postings, including those that have expired off the COIN system, can be seen in hard copy in binders at the CRC. These binders include:  Full Time Positions  International Full Time Positions  Summer Internships  International Summer Internships  Part Time Positions  Executive Search Postings  International Executive Search Postings

Industry Binders
Includes Relevant Job Postings
Also includes articles, contacts and recommendations to other resources in the CRC:  Brand Management & Marketing  Entrepreneurial  Equity Research  General Management (including rotational/leadership programs)  Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology  Internet & Technology

        

Investment Management/Hedge Fund Marketing Media & Entertainment (ALSO SEE LA STUDY TRIP) MIDI (Managers for International Development Initiatives) Real Estate Retail Social Enterprise Turnarounds/Restructuring Venture Capital/Private Equity

Wetfeet Insider Guides
For Overview Information of a Company or Industry
Current students can access these via COIN > Career Resource Center >Wetfeet Wetfeet guides are a useful source for getting concise, insider information on a number of industries and companies. These guides are for use only in the CRC. For a complete list, type "wetfeet" in the CRC Online Directory or consult the Quick Guide always on the counter in the CRC. We also have a limited number of hard copy Vault guides on the CRC shelves.

Over 40 Business, Trade and Job Search Magazines
A limited number of back issues of the following periodicals are also available on the open shelves:  Advertising Age  Inc.  Black Enterprise  Information Week  Broadcasting & Cable  International Career Employment Weekly  Business Week  Kiplingers  Chief Executive  Mediaweek  Chronicle of Philanthropy  National Real Estate Investor  Commercial Mortgage Alert  Non-Profit Times  Consultants News  Private Equity Analyst  Crain’s New York Business  Real Estate Alert  Daily Deal  Red Herring  Daily Variety Gotham Edition  Treasury & Risk Management  Economist  U.S. News and World Report  Entertainment Employment Journal  Wall Street Journal  Entrepreneur  Wired  Forbes  Women’s Wear Daily  Fortune  Workforce Management  Harvard Business Review  Hispanic Network  Hollywood Reporter

Corporate Files
These files are On Reserve and for use only in the CRC. Within a corporate file you might find all or some of the following material:  Annual Reports  Corporate History  Career Opportunities  Internal Publications  Publicity  Reprints of Feature Articles/News Stories  Recruiting/Contact Information

Blue Covered Industry Research Guides – A must have! Industry specific guides on how to best conduct your job research.
Includes information on popular web-sites, how to find out about conferences, books that we have at the CRC, industry directories, and additional research opportunities both at the CRC and at Watson Library. These are for the taking and are available on the wall to your right when you first walk into the CRC. See also: COIN > Career Resource Center > Industry Research for some helpful industry specific websites.

Search COIN > Career Resource Center Section
View MBA specific websites, such as: o General Job Search o MBA Search o International Job Search o Industry Research (arranged alphabetically by industry type) o Executive Recruiters

Additional Resources
    Industry Specific Company Directories Career Services Course Presentations/Publications Bid Histories (seasonal) First and Second Year Resume Books for the past 5 years including current students’ resumes online: o View Sample Resumes via COIN > Marketing Yourself > Resumes > Sample Resumes o View Current Students Resumes via COIN > Networking > Student Resume Book o View hard copy resume books dating back to 1997 at the Career Resource Center. To research past internships and contacts online go to COIN > Networking > Student Placement Database. View hard copy at the Career Resource Center in the Pink Books.


  

Special Binders on various topics such as Salary Information and Networking Tips & Techniques Applications for conferences / internships Other free materials (magazines, conference brochures, etc.)

Frequently Asked Questions:
Can I take books out overnight?
It depends. Most books on the open shelves can be taken out for at least overnight for current MBA or EMBA students ONLY (alumni may not take out books overnight). If you look at the back of the book, it will state how many days you can take out the book. Usually, the books with the highest demand are for overnight loan. Anything that you need your ID card to view is not allowed to be taken out of the CRC.

What are your hours? For the Fall? Spring? Summer?
-During the fall and spring semester, we are open every day until 7pm, except for Friday’s where we close at 5pm. We’re open on Saturday from 10am – 3pm. -During the summer, we are open 9 – 5 every day except for one weeknight we refer to as ―late night‖ where we’re open until 7pm. We are closed on Saturdays in the summer.

Can I leave the Center with any of the materials?
The only thing you can leave the Center with is a book that you have checked out. Any other resource must remain at the Center at all times. There is a photocopy machine for use at any time to make copies at 10 cents per page. Copy card can be purchased at Lehman Lounge on the 3rd floor of Uris. Alumni may not take out materials overnight.

How do I go about getting a list of companies within the industry I am interested in?
The CRC carries a line of some very good directories within certain industries. In each blue-covered industry guide (located on the wall to your right when you first walk in the CRC), there is a list of directories that one might consult for any industry you’re interested in. Some are housed at the CRC, and others are at the Watson Business School library, so make sure to check out both locations, and ask for help.

Are your job postings on file the same ones that I see through COIN?
Yes, they are. The only difference is that we hold onto a full year’s worth of job postings in each of the respective binders (i.e. full time, part time, etc). That means if a position has expired from COIN, we still have the hard copy posting in the appropriate binder. (Ask to see archived job postings at the CRC). Some students have found it helpful to look at expired positions, especially for summer internships to get a feel for what companies have posted with us in the past. This is but one proactive and strategic way to do company outreach. Alumni can search job postings on the alumni website, BANC. Job postings are updated frequently and cover a range of industries. You can search by location, industry, position,

or company. To access the job postings, log on to BANC and click on ―Job Search‖ under Jobs and Career in the blue box on the left side of your screen.

How can I get in touch with Alumni?
Alumni can search for other alumni by logging into BANC and clicking on ―Alumni Search.‖