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					NC Apprentice Link Farmer Information Sheet Farmer Name: _Sam Maren & Anne Maren-Hogan___ Farm Name: _______Camp Celo Gardens______ Number of Years Farming: __5_ Town/City in closest proximity to your farm_____Burnsville, NC______________ **In which NC county is your farm located? ________Yancey_______ 1.Please Describe the physical setting of your farm and the nature of the community in which you live (i.e. what is you farm acreage, woodlands, pasture, what infrastructure do you have on the farm, are you in a remote location or close to town?, is there recreation available?) The Camp Celo farm is located in Celo, NC and is a functioning farm within a summer cam program. It is 16 acres made up of woods, pasture, and a large organic vegetable and flower garden.

2. Describe your farm operation, machinery used, and products sold.

We raise vegetables and flowers. We also keep goats, cows, ponies, rabbits, guinea pigs, and chickens. Our garden produces blueberries, raspberries, sweet corn, salad greens, asparagus, tomatoes, peppers, squash, potatoes, beans and peas, and more. The produce is grown for the summer camp kitchen and is also delivered to restaurants, grocery stores, and wholesalers in Asheville, about a one hour drive from Celo.

3. Describe the work to be performed and skills to be learned by apprentices (i.e. care of livestock, plowing, planting, cultivating, harvesting, marketing work, carpentry, food preservation, milking, etc)

We are seeking an apprentice to help us in all aspects of the gardening and marketing operation. The position starts in the spring and would involve work in the greenhouse, preparing soil, setting out seeds and plants, and weeding and maintaining the crops. Planting, harvesting, preparing, packaging, and delivery of vegetables is a major responsibility, as is maintaining and developing marketing relationships with commercial and local customers. There would be the opportunity to learn to operate some power equipment such as mowers and the roto tiller with the possibility of some tractor work. Work with the animals is optional. We are also seeking a garden intern to help us plant and maintain the crops, and to help teach campers and other staff about gardening. The position starts in April or May and would involve work in the greenhouse, preparing soil, setting our seeds and plants, and weeding and maintaining the crops for our camp. There would be an opportunity to learn to operate some power equipment. Work with animals is optional.

4. What do you expect of an apprentice? (i.e. hours/day, days/week, heavy physical labor, etc) All positions require an appreciation for hard work and a desire to make our gardens as beautiful and productive as possible. The ability to work as a team member is as important as the ability to work independently. Previous experience is preferred for the apprentice position. You will work full time and have two days off each week as well as most evenings off. This will allow you some time to yourself and a chance to get to know other folks in our intentional community. A drivers license is required for this position. No previous experience is required for the garden intern position. You will work 30-40 hours a week and allow some time to yourself and a chance to get to know others in our intentional community.

5. How do you intend to provide instruction or training to apprentices? (e.g. will you work alongside them, or will you demonstrate and then expect them to work alone? Will you assign readings? Have classes? Etc.)

The instruction we provide is primarily through working alongside experienced farmers/gardeners but will include some demonstrating with the expectation of independent work, readings, and usually some other classes or workshops given by the Extension service or other organizations. We are also members of the CRAFT WNC training program

6. How would you describe your farming library? Non-existent__ Fair __ Good _x_ Excellent 7. What resources exist in your community to provide additional training to your apprentices? Many other organic farms: Green Toe Ground, Firefly Farm, Mountain Gardens, Sparkling Earth Farm, and others. Also see question 5 above.

8. Will you provide room and board? If so, please explain the situation (i.e will the apprentice be living with you? Living with other apprentices? Are there children on the farm? Pets? Will household chores be required? What are the meals like? Do the have to cook? What are the house rules? If you have specific views about smoking and drinking, please include here.) Room and board are provided.

9. Would you provide wages or allowance? Please explain. Yes. Stipends start at $150, but for apprentice position, will be based on experience.

10. Do you grow your crops organically? Yes_x_ No___ Comment below: We grow organically but are not certified. We use sustainable practices with very few off farm inputs.

11. Would you like for prospective apprentices to visit your farm before final arrangements are made? Yes _x_ No __ 12. Briefly describe yourself, your family, your background, and your farming philosophy or goals: Camp Celo is a summer farm camp run by the Barrus Family since 1955, and the farm, which operates year round, provides the setting for the camp. Anne Maren-Hogan and Sam Maren are responsible for managing most aspects of the gardening at Camp Celo, and apprenticeships are organic-market-garden focused. Anne and Sam are lifelong gardeners. They have been managing the Camp Celo gardens since 2004. The farm is run cooperatively by the Barrus’ and the Maren-Hogans with the Barrus Family having ownership and taking responsibility for the animals. Children still living on the farm are in their teens and the families have several adult children in the region. Our basic philosophy is to live and farm in a manner which improves and enhances the land, animals, and people in the region.

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