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					University of California, San Diego Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Procedure for Ordering Student Business Cards

1) Student business cards will be ordered once per year with a deadline established by the Office of Student Affairs (OSA). 2) All orders must be placed through the Office of Student Affairs. Imprints will not accept orders except through the OSA. 3) Students may only order UCSD Seal Option 3 (Black thermographic seal and text). 4) Students must complete an Imprints Business Card Order Form as follows: Type directly on the PDF file or print it out and type or print legibly in the section to the right of UCSD Seal Option 3 on the form: a) Line 1: Where it asks for Name, enter your name. b) Line 2: Where it asks for Title, Line 1, you have a choice of two options: 1.) Option 1: enter Student Pharmacist, Class of …. 2.) Option 2: enter Pharm.D. Candidate, Class of …. Where it asks for Title, Line 2, enter other school-related title you wish on the card. This is subject to the approval of the Student Affairs Office (optional). c) Line 3 and 3a: Building Name and Department are already entered. d) Line 4: Mail code already entered. e) Line 5: enter a telephone number if you wish it on the card. (optional) f) Line 6, Fax, leave blank g) Line 7, E-mail: Enter your UCSD e-mail address. Only your official UCSD e-mail address will be approved for use on the card. h) Line 8, URL, leave blank. i) Check the box for Quantity 250 cards. 5) If you wish to see a proof of your card before final printing, check the box and enter the following Fax number: 858-822-5591. There is an additional $6.00 charge for a proof. If you do not request a proof and there is an error, you must live with it until the next time cards are ordered. If you order a proof, it will be placed in your school mailbox. Once you have reviewed it and signed it, return the proof to the Student Affairs Office. 6) Bring the form and a check made payable to the “UC Regents” to the Student Affairs Office. If you want a proof of your card the check must be for $27. If you do not request a proof, the check must be for $21.

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Updated November 2005