Ahoy, Mate! It's a Pirate Party! by fjzhangm


									Aloha! Let’s Get Ready To Party! Please Bring Your Signed Liability the Day Of the Party, and be ready to HAVE FUN! Party Liability Release: Must Be Signed By All Participants or Legal Guardians of Guests if Minor(s). One per immediate family. I, the attending guest and/or the parent/guardian of the party guest(s) agree and understand that swimming is a hazardous activity .I recognize that there are risks inherent in the sport of swimming, including but not limited to paralyzing injuries and death. I also understand that any persons accompanying the participant and/or the parent/guardian to and from the scheduled event at ALOHA Aquatic Center are also waived from ALOHA Aquatic Center liability while observing, playing, and/or occupying existence within the premises. We hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless ALOHA Aquatic Center, its coaches, officers, directors, employees, and affiliates against any liability that may occur. The participant and all accompanying individuals also agrees to indemnify ALOHA Aquatic Center, LLC for any damages incurred arising claims, demand, action or cause of action by the participant(s). The participant authorizes any representative of ALOHA Aquatic Center, LLC to have the participant and all accompanying individuals treated in any medical emergency during their participation and/or occupying existence within the premises of ALOHA Aquatic Center, LLC. *Parent’s Name(s):________________________________________________________ *Attending Child(ren) Name(s):______________________________________________ *Home Address:__________________________________________________________ *Emergency Number:__________________ ^ Email :_________________________ *Signed:____________________________ *Dated:_________________________ Each Child or Family must have a liability form filled out in order to attend the party or event. You will not be allowed past the Front Desk without turning one in.
^ By Filling out the Email Address Information above, you give ALOHA Aquatic Center the right to contact you with Coupons and Free Events, and Aloha’s discounts. Information is NEVER shared with any third parties.

Ahoy, Mate! It's a Pirate Party!

1011 N. Val Vista Drive Gilbert, Az 85234 (480) 786 – 0703 www.AlohaAquaticCenter.com

We are located on the East Side of Val Vista Road, Between Baseline and Guadalupe Roads (just north of Serrano’s Restaurant)

*Please bring the signed liability form on the back of this invitation on the day of the party.*

Come and Celebrate With Us! Bring a Suit and Towel and be Ready for a Party of Splashing fun! RSVP at:

AHOY, MATE! You are invited to _______________‘s Pirate Party!

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