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					A Pirates Treasure Hunt

Beaumont October 27,28,29, 2006 Boy Scouts

2006 North Star Fall Encampment October 27-29 Beaumont
Arrgh It be the Fall Encampment and now is the time for all Boy Scouts to put on your pirate hats and help find me buried treasure. Now in reward for your services you will get half of me booty and even better have a great weekend at that! Now, I had a map but there was a terrible storm at Beaumont and all of me copies were torn to bits. Well we are in luck because I know who has them, but they will only give them back on these conditions. -First your troop or patrol must complete a station “together” using your Boy Scout and pirate knowledge. -Once you complete the station, you will get a piece of the treasure map. -After you are done with all of the stations you will notice that you are still missing a piece to the map, now you will have to go the “Jolly Roger” (head quarters) and show them your card and map and then say these magic words, “Arrgh may we please have the last piece to the treasure map.” -Once, you have all of the pieces, follow the map, find the treasure, and enjoy your reward. If you have, any questions feel free to call either my advisor or myself Captain Joe Burkard Campmaster 314-838 -4355 Commodore Rob Kissner Campmasters Advisor 314-895-1077


“The Pirates Code”
Camp Rules and Regulations
Camp Code School vs. Scouting Early Arrivals Parking The Scout Oath, Law, and the Outdoor Code. All scouts should complete their regular school schedule that Friday before coming to camp. Any person who arrives before 4:30 PM will not be allowed to set up camp or claim any camping area/spot. Units will be designated spots to park. Car pool if possible to save room. You will be able to drop off your sons by their troops, but please only stay 10 -15 minutes to keep the traffic moving. The troop will get a roster (back of manual), which will need to be filled out and turned into HQ upon registration. Make extra copies if needed for troop use. Please keep fire in already made fire pits. Digging ditches around your tent or campsite is prohibited. There will be water there, but please bring your jugs already filled so there is Not a ruse or line at the water. Each troop is responsible for their own garbage, and must take it with them when they leave. Generators are allowed, but discouraged and must be turned off between 10:30 PM and 7:00 AM. All flammable liquids must be under adult control and supervision. They must be locked away for safety when not in use. Refer to Guide for safe scouting and you pressurized fuel training. Sheath Knives are not allowed! No expiations! You must be 18 years of age to smoke, have, and hold tobacco products. Kids found smoking under the age will be asked to leave. Alcoholic beverages or drugs other than medically prescribed are not allowed at council or district events. Violators will be asked to leave. These items are not allowed. Anyone found with these items will be asked to leave All serious accidents or injuries must be reported to HQ immediately. When your troop is ready to leave have you Scoutmaster or SPL come to HQ and get a camp staff member to inspect your campsite


Ground fires Tent ditching Water Trash/Garbage Generators Pressurized And liquid fuels Sheath Knives Tobacco Alcohol Or Drugs Fireworks and Firearms Accidents and Injuries Check Out


Important Information
On Friday night, starting at 8:00 PM the Boy Scouts will have a movie night. This will be a good time to just hang out and have fun. We will be meeting in front of the flagpoles at 7:45 and will be walking down together. You may bring a blanket, mat or something to sit on. If you bring a chair we ask that you sit in the back so everyone on the ground can see as well. You are also welcome to bring snacks. Directly after the movie there will be a Scoutmaster/SLP meeting at Head Quarters. This is a lot of fun and VERY IMPORTANT! POINT SYSTEM: 1500- 1301 = Captain (Honor) 1300- 1201 = First mate (Merit) 1000- 801= Crew member (Award) Below 800 = Participants BONUS POINTS: (50 Pts each) 1. Campfire Skit- Troops must turn their skit in to the HQ by 4:30 PM on Saturday. Their scoutmaster must sign the skit. If they are turned in late or are not signed, they will not be accepted. All troops are encouraged to turn in a skit, song are cheer. Your troop may be picked to perform their skit at Saturday night’s campfire. 2. Movie NightAfter attending the movie find a staff member to sign your card to get your points.

3. Religious Services- A scout is reverent. After going to a religious service find a staff member and give them your card, they will sign it and then keep it to turn into HQ. -At Sunday morning flags, awards will be given for Best Patrol Flag and Best Patrol Yell. Each troop competing for award needs to bring these items to HQ Saturday during designated time to show staff member at HQ. After flags and awards are done please come get a staff member to inspect your campsite when you are ready to leave. After the campsite is approved by a staff member please come to HQ to get your patches.


Boys Scout Activities
Cannon Pull (125 pts.)
It is high noon and you have just found a trading ship that your crew is going commandeer, but you notice that your cannons are not in place. Now you must move fast before the ship sails away. -Here your patrol will work together to get the cannons across the field in the best time to beat the other patrols. -Equipment: provided

Ship to ship (125 pts.)
You have just commandeered a ship but in the fight you shot a huge hole in the side of the ship so now you need to work fast to get across to get the treasure before it go down to Davie Jones’s locker. -Here your troop will have to take the scrap wood on deck and lash a bridge together to get across and get the gold. -Equipment: You will need strong rope (you can use the rope from “rising the sail”) note you will have to cut the rope so come to this station after “raising the sail” You will need to study you lashings in you Scout handbook.

Target Practice (125 pts.)
-Here you troop will get a chance to work on there aim by throwing knifes at a target. -Equipment: none

Pirate games (125 pts.)
Pirates loved to pass the time by playing games with there ship mates like dice, cards, arm wrestling and strong man contest, so come behave like a pirate and win some gold (candy). -Here you troop can play some games and when some prizes. - For the “strong man contest” think of a story ahead, about five minutes long about your troop’s tuff pirate adventure.

Raise the sails (125pts.)
Today is the day that your crew will set sail. It is your job to raise the sails and tie the knots to keep the sail up. -Here, your patrol will tie ropes to the sail raise it up and tie it down so that it can withstand the wind. -Equipment: You will need to bring an 8-foot piece of rope. You will need to study the knots below.


Double half hitch

Fishermen’s Knot

Sheet Bend

-For tying up when the line is Already under tension.

- A more permanent way to tie two lines together. —two simple overhand knots tied around the accompanying line

-For tying together two ends of different rope.


Anchor Bend

-Makes a lope in a rope which will not slip.

- A knot which closes tightly by doubling the Loop around the anchor ring.

Figure Eight

Stunsail Tack Bend

-A stop knot, which can be used to keep a line from coming out of a block.

-Makes the loop in the end of a line Which will slip closed, making tight knot.


Is there a doctor aboard? (125pts.)
During a bloody battle for a ship, your captain was stabbed and some of your shipmates have been injured from falling debris, but there is no doctor aboard to help, so now all the crew must put their knowledge together to save him. -Here you troop will use their first aid knowledge to deal with a broken limb and a knife cut wound. Equipment: you will need to study you first aid in your Scout handbook.

Quicksand (125 pts.)
As you were searching for you buried treasure your crew came among some “quicksand” Since there is no way around the quicksand, you will just have to cross it. -Here your troop will be given some wood to get from point A to point B with a few obstacles along the way. -Equipment: None

! HELP! (125 pts.)
You and your pirate crew are in a dire situation. Your captain is tied up and is soon to be taken away. Using materials at hand start a fire and burn through the rope in timely fashion so that you and your captain can escape and stay alive! Remember that if it comes to it, stick to the code. –Here, your troop will build a fire high enough to burn though a piece of rope. – Equipment: You will need paper and matches

Cannon fight (125 pts.)
In the afternoon you patrol will have a time to have a lot of fun by getting the staff really wet. Your troop will have to build cannon with a sling shot system that can propel water sponges and water balloons at the staff. (Boy Scouts Only 3:00-3:30) -Equipment: You will need to bring your own cannon (Already made) You will need sponge balls or zip lock bags (cannon balls) CANNONS - NO metal - NO air powered cannons - Wheels (optional) - Barrels no longer than 4 feet - Slingshot cannons only (slingshot, rubber band etc.) - A staffer will approve ALL cannons before use.


Joined Activities
A pirate’s life (75 pts.)
Here your patrol or den will learn fun and important facts about the life of being a pirate, pirate’s clothes and pirate lingo.

Candle Making (75 pts.)
Back in the time of the pirate’s, they did not have electricity for light, so when the needed to write something or find something they had to do it by candle light. Here your patrol will have fun making there own candles.


(75 pts.)

Come see the different weapons of a pirate and hear the fight stories of a pirate of the seven seas.

Root beer chugging contests (75
Now it is time for some “friendly” competition. We will have a root beer chugging contest where one representative from each patrol and will den compete against each other to see who can chug there root beer the fastest. (Head Quarters 11:30-11:45)

A true pirate (75 pts.)
There will be re-enactors walking around so make sure that you stop to talk to them and learn some information about that particular pirate.


Webelos Activates
Shoot “out” (10 pts.)
Draw! Oh no from behind you, you here one of your shipmates calls you out…. And you accept, so now you will have to prove you shooting skills to prove that you are the better pirate. – Here, your den will race to see who can shoot out the candles with a water gun in the fastest time. –Equipment: none

It all yours (10 pts.)
Now is your chance to design your own pirate flag. You can put your own twist on it and make it your own. Then you can bring it up to headquarters and it will be judged. (Webelos only) -Equipment: Pole to fly flag on.

Tough as a Pirate (10 pts.)
Your pirate crew must show their abilities to face obstacles that a normal pirate crew would face in every day life. These are things like walking with a peg leg, walking the plank, and others dangerous but exciting things. ARGGG! -Equipment: none

Light your fires (10 pts.)
Crash! Boom! Bang! During a terrible storm, your ship was destroyed and your crew barely made it to a shore. So now, you need to send up a signal to get help from a fellow pirate crew.- Here your patrol will have to use the fire burning skills to send up a smoke warning. You will have to build your fire high enough to burn through a piece of string. -Equipment: you will need paper and matches

Knots of the Seven Seas (10 pts.)
-Here we will master the knots that are most important to the sea. Learn to tie the anchor, learn to fix a rope that has ripped off the sail, and learn much more. Pirate crews be ready to be tested in your ability to successfully, rig the ship. – Equipment: None

Treasure hunt (10 pts.)
You have just landed on Dead Man’s Island where you buried your treasure last and now you must find it before someone else does. -Here your den will have to use their compass skills to find the treasure. -Equipment: You will need to bring one compass per group.


Schedule of Events
4:00 PM 5:00-8:00 PM 7:45 PM 8:00- end After Movie 11:00 PM Earliest Arrival Registration at “the Jolly Roger” (HQ) and camp Setup Meet at flagpoles for movie (bring chairs only if needed) Movie Night Scoutmaster and SPL meeting at “the Jolly Roger”(HQ) Lights Out

6:00 6:30-7:30 6:15-8:00 8:15 8:45-11:30 11:30-11:45 12:00-1:00 1:00-3:00 3:00-3:30 3:30-4:30 4:45- 6:30 6:45 7:15-8:15 8:15 8:30 11:00 Wake Up Saturday Morning Registration Breakfast Morning Flags/ Announcements Morning Activities Root Beer Chugging Contest Lunch Afternoon Activities Cannon Fight (Boy Scouts Only) Turn in skits and Pictures (last chance to turn in flags and to do patrol yell) Dinners Flags/Announcements Religious Services (cards are due at services) Meet at Flag Poles Campfire and Slideshow Lights Out

6:15 6:30-9:00 9:15-9:45 9:45 Wake Up Breakfast Flags/Closing Ceremony Clean up/ Campsite Inspections

Have a Safe trip home Pirates


Pirate lingo
The Galley- the Galley was a long square-rigged sailing ship that also had a row of long oars or sweeps projecting from the sides. Pike- Metal-pointed spears with a heavy wooden shaft ten to twenty feet long. Thrown at the target or used as stab weapons in hand-to-hand combat. Axe- Axe were used by pirates to help them climb up the sides of ships and to cut rigging lines. Also, us to open locked doors or chest, very deadly in close combat. Musket- a good snipping weapon in the right hands and could to clear the deck of a prize ship before an attempt was made at boarding. Starboard- The right side of a ship. Port- The left side of a ship. Bow- The front side of a ship. Stern- The backside of a ship. Cutlass- A rough, heavy, broad-bladed singled-edged sword usually about two feet long. Driks, mains, guche, stilettos, poignards- Different names for daggers. Pistols- Pirates praised the pistol above all other weapons. Pirates had many types of pistols by they were best at combat with a pistol. Sloop- Sloops were single-masted sailing vessels rigged fore-and-aft with a main sail and a jib. Gallows- the gallows where places were criminals and pirates were hung, and most of the time these were in the center of town because people use to gather to watch. Filibusters- another name that the French called pirates.


Patrol Name: ________________________________________________ troop #____________ A campfire is a fun activity at the end of a busy day. Enjoy the antics of other patrols as well as having fun with your own skit. The instructions for your patrol participation are in the manual. (Remember a scout is clean; clean in mind as well as body. So treat your skits accordingly.) Please Print; it helps us clarify questionable words. Name/ Title____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________ Troop Leaders Approval: _________________________________________________________ Staff Notes__________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________.


District Copy

North Star District Fall Encampment – 2006
At Beaumont

Oct. 27-29, 2006 Troop Registration



Please provide your best estimate, fees will be adjusted at Camporee check-in based on actual attendance. ___ Scouts @ $6.00 ($9.00 after Oct.13) ___ Scouters @ $6.00 ($9.00 after Oct. 13) ___ Total Paid Reservation Fee (minimum of 4 / $22) ___ Balance Leader in charge at camp: ____________________ Scoutmaster: ________________________________________
(If different from above)

$___________ $___________ $ ___________

No. of Patrols _____________ Troop is camping ___ with Pack#_____

$___________ Phone________________________ Phone________________________

Mail to Greater St. Louis Area Council, BSA 4568 West Pine Boulevard S1.Louis, MO 63108 Attention - North Star District Fall Encampment

Please Note: Early Bird Registration cut-off is 0ctober 13th Roster of attendees must be submitted at Check-in All checks should be payable to: Greater St. Louis Area Council, BSA (GSLAC) Account Code# 1-6801-536-20

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Troop Copy

North Star District Fall Encampment 2006
Early Bird Troop Registration

Cut-Off is October 13
___ Scouts @ $6.00 ($9.00 after Oct. 13) ___ Scouters @ $6.00 ($9.00 after Oct. 13) ___ Total Paid Reservation Fee (minimum of 4 / $22) ___ Balance $___________ $___________ $ ___________

No. of Patrols _____________ Troop is camping ___ with Pack#_____