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									November 30, 2006
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Knight Beacon
Volume 48 Assumption High School Edition 3

School A Pirate’s Life for AHS And the People Have Security Spoken Stepped Up
By Brittany Handley By Matt Johnson
Last month, a number of theives broke into Mr. Murphy and Mrs. Shoemaker’s rooms at Assumption High School stealing a DVD/VCR, laptop computer, projector, two computer monitors, and the remote control to the new sign. These crooks broke in through Mr. Murphy’s window, climbed in, took what they wanted, and then proceeded out the door to Mrs. Shoemaker’s room. They broke through the window that leads to the hallway and took Mrs. Shoemaker’s computer monitor. After leaving B-7 they returned to B-5 and made their escape out the very window they penetrated. “I can’t believe those pukes got away. If I had been here I would have tackled them through the window a la my security guard days,” states Mr. Murphy on the subject of the thieves. Weeks later, the criminals were caught at Necker’s Jewelers, however, the property of Assumption High School has not been returned. Now the security systems at Assumption have been updated. Per Mar Security has been working for weeks rewiring and inserting new security systems. Most students have encountered the new door bell feature at the student entrance. Also, there are motion sensors in the back corner of every classroom. Not only that, but during gym classes the lockerrooms will be locked until students need to change back into their school clothes. Hopefully, these new security measures will improve the safety of the belongings of the Assumption family. Assumption is now becoming a strong fortress for nobody to enter. This year, the Spaghetti Supper theme was “A Pirate’s Knight in Venice”. The senior class came to the conclusion of a pirate theme after many weeks of deliberation with Mr. Huber, the senior religion teacher. There were several themes that were developed, including Cops and Robbers, Star Wars, Cowboys and Indians, and Dinosaurs; but in the end, it came down to two. It was between Pirates and Disney, and Pirates won with just two votes more. When November 12th came around the senior were ready to work. They were split into two different shifts. One came in on Saturday to set up, and the other was there for the majority of the supper and clean up. The two shifts were then split into several groups, each in charge of a different aspect of the dinner, such as: the serving line, drinks, table clearer, greeter, and tray carrier. All of the different groups helped the Spaghetti Supper run smoothly.

By Allison Kane

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Brittany Handley/Knight Beacon Senior Andrea Millea gives her pirate friend a little peck on the cheek at the Spaghetti Supper.

By Emily Hignight

Saddam on Death Row
The deliberate and systematic extermination There once was a boy who was of a national, racial, political, or cultural born into a modest but troubled home on group (source: dictionary.com)]. The trial April 28, 1937 in Tikrit, Iraq. His mother had its tense and rousing moments like on Subha, in a serious case of foreshadowing, December 5, 2005 when Hussein told the named him Saddam which in Arabic means judge to “go to hell” or on March 15, 2006 when Hussein was put on the “one who confronts.” Ever stand, said a few words and in since then, it seemed like this response to those words the boy was destined to stir up judge turned off Hussein’s some trouble, and that he did. microphone and closed the trial Saddam Hussein to the public. was recently thrown into the There were also many limelight by the American killings and assassinations during invasion of Iraq in 2003. While the trial. One of which was the in the country, one of the defense attorney of Hussein, main goals of the military was Khamis al-Obeidi, on June 21, to find and capture Hussein, 2006. Hussein immediately which would prove to be a went on a hunger strike in challenge. Hussein seemed protest which he immediately to be one step ahead of the abandoned on June 23. military, moving stealthily from The sentence for AP Photo bunker to bunker, one hole in Hussein was announced on the ground to another hole inSaddam awaits his verdict. November 5, 2006. He was the ground until December 13, 2003. Christmas came a little early that found guilty of crimes against humanity year when Hussein was found and captured and was subsequently held responsible for looking a little worse for the wear. Upon the deaths of 148 Shi’ite villagers. He was his arrest he reportedly stated, “I am the sentenced to death by hanging. This method President of Iraq,” to which an American of execution is a little outdated and can be soldier said, “The President of the United considered unorthodox in some circles, but States sends his regards.” Pictures and it still sounds pretty cool. There is a chance video footage of the fallen leader showed that the execution of Hussein won’t occur if him having a long beard and a somewhat it doesn’t happen before Sadaam’s B-Day on distraught appearance. Exact details of his April 28, 2007. It is illegal, under Iraq law, incarceration are unknown but it is known to hang someone over the age of 70, which Hussein will qualify for after that spring that he did stay at Camp Cropper. Hussein’s trial was an interesting day. Many people throughout the world are one. He was charged for war crimes, crimes keeping fingers crossed that this man gets against humanity, and genocide [definition: what is coming to him.

In Other News . . .
Swimming pool closed due to flood New Ruler for France over 1 foot long. Race car driver loses race, forgets keys

On November 8, 2006 Democrats across the country celebrated their party’s victory. With a turnout of nearly sixty million voters, a change in the government was made. Both the House of Representatives and the Senate shifted from a Republican majority to a Democratic majority. The Senate now favors Democrats 51 to 49. While sixteen states did not have elections, Democrats were still able to pick up six previously Republican states including Missouri, Montana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Virginia. The House of Representatives is also now dominated by Democrats. Democrats control 232 seats, while the Republicans only have 191. This is considered a tremendous change, especially considering that the Democrats have not held the majority of chairs since 1995. Also, accompanying the Democrats’ win, the first-ever female speaker, Nancy Pelosi of the House was appointed. The state of Iowa followed the national trend. Although there was not a senate race, the democratic wave still swept through the state in two of the most publicized races. In the Iowa’s first Congressional district race, democrat Bruce Braley received fifty-five percent of the vote to defeat Republican Mike Whalen. Likewise, in the Governor’s race, Democrat Chet Culver took a decisive win over Republican Jim Nussle. Taking these results into account, many voters believed that changes needed to be made in out country, starting with the war in Iraq. The Democrats’ major platform for this election was the war, and it was polled as the number one concern of voters. This issue is thought to be the reason for the high voter turnout, and is believed to be responsible for the Democratic shift in the government. The country will have to wait until winners take office on January 3, 2007, to see if changes in our country can truly be made.

AP Photo Nancy Pelosi, the newly appointed Speaker of the House, will take her new position in January.

Volume 48

November 30, 2006
of months.” Hibernating is one option, but for those of us who can only sleep at most sixteen hours at a time, we just need to stay warm. For this, I am strongly recommending building an igloo. I have built many igloos in my time, and I am still making improvements every year. When I was little, I tried filling a cooler with snow, dumping it out in bricks, and stacking the bricks. Of course this failed. Over the next few years of my life I learned that making a huge pile of compacted snow and carving out my tunnel works the best. Chilling in an igloo is a staple of winter, so if you’ve never made one, you’re missing out. Jack Frost. Pluto. Granola Bar. Strawberries. Walrus. Slice of gum. Pumpkin Spice. Winter is a time of weariness of traveling and unsafe conditions. On the road, slippery streets slow several sane swashbucklers and sadly send sightseers inside. Staying safe may be difficult, but slowing down while driving is advised. Also advised is not listening to local weathermen. Mrs. Tompkins might agree with me, but Terry Swails is not as accurate as one might hope. No offense if you end up reading this Mr. Swails, but every time I see the ten o’clock news and you do your weather forecast about every five minutes, you end up being wrong about the next day. What stinks about it is that I’m the one standing in the middle of a blizzard with short sleeves freezing like a popsicle in an industrial strength freezer. At least it is a compliment that I watch the KWQC Channel Five news… right?

Section Editor
Edition 3

Kevin O’Brien

The Bananasplit
By Daniel Banas
The leaves are changing colors, the temperature is tumbling, and most importantly, the fact that winter isn’t waiting. Although snowfall has been poorly timed for the past few years, this winter might yield snow for the holidays. As many of you are well aware of, snow can lead to sledding, skating, and snowball fights. Beginning, I’ll be bringing a bevy of blissful behaviors that bag boredom and break boundaries: • • • • • Build a snow fort Build an igloo Bobsledding Go for a sleigh ride Paint a snowman using squirt bottles filled with water colored with food coloring. Catch a snowflake on your tongue Ice-skate on a lake Make snow angels

Gems & Stones
By The Mod Squad Opening Night of The Mousetrap 23% increase in Hunger Drive 5 day Thanksgiving Break Holiday season is here See the murderer in the 1st Act Lost to Alleman by 100,000 lbs. Students in activities still at school early Spending lots of $ on gifts

By Matt Danz

Where Is Canada?

• • •

There are other things that come along with winter. Personally, I am looking forward to scraping the frost off my windows and being able to see my breath the moment I wake up. However, there are some people that are un-phased by the cold. Senior Matt Schlue a.k.a. Snowflake a.k.a. Ice Tray a.k.a. D-Trick a.k.a. SchlueDaddy-Dollars a.k.a. Schloshki a.k.a. Schlosh-Bosh-Bi-Gosh a.k.a. Schloser a.k.a. Chill Box a.k.a. Matt Frost a.k.a. the Polar Bear says, “Usually, I just eat all I can during Thanksgiving and then sleep it off for a few

With election season comes political commercials. Every time I turn my television on, I am bombarded with advertisements that not only endorse a candidate, but immaturely condemn and criticize their opponent. In a time where our country is in dire need of a strong, politically upright government, are politics drifting away from what our for-fathers intended? Are they turning into a popularity contest won only by focusing on the weakness of the opponent, instead of the strength of the candidate? I understand the need for politics to center around an individual’s character. I understand that a person’s morality and beliefs are what determine their choices in office. I understand that citizens want a trustworthy political figure to represent the country well. However, I don’t understand why one candidate must spend hundreds, thousands, or millions of dollars on tearing down their opponent in order to achieve these things. Imagine if all of this money was used for the betterment of the country and was invested into individual communities rather than political “mud-slinging.” I believe that if politicians were limited to a certain amount of funds (determined by the office and location they were running to represent.) the country might be able to return to more issue-based and traditional politics. George Washington, one of the founders of our country, believed that “Government is not reason, it is not eloquence, and it is force; like fire, a troublesome servant and a fearful master. Never for a moment should it be left to irresponsible action.” In our modern time, the “irresponsible action” is a simple-mined political campaigning that is fueled through faults and flaws. I believe that something needs to be done. Before this “fire” spreads into the future and disrupts the traditions of American politics. Sincerely, Allison Kane

Election Overide

Censorship in the class is getting to be ridiculous! We are sick of being restricted to allow the children of the catholic community to remain ignorant of the truth! I wouldn’t be surprised if this entire article was censored! Something needs to be done to allow more to be said without consequence! It’s our right as the American people to remain ignorant and say whatever the hell we like! If you don’t believe how ridiculous censorship is getting than you have been living in the dark!. You can’t even shoot a hooker in an English video project anymore. Why shouldn’t you be allowed to urinate into a Wendy’s cup?! You cannot even commit an innocent act of libel in a yearbook anymore. What is this world coming to!? Cam can’t even drop “f ” bombs in the hallways anymore. WHAT’S UP WITH THAT!?!? We believe we have come up with a solution to this problem *************** *********************** raging******** cactus********************************** **************************************** ********************cockfight*********** **************************************** ************************************ slice of *************************** ***** **************************************** **************************************** ******samurai*************************** **************************************** ********************************* llama********************************** *********************because the horse is Mormon, you see! You obviously see things our way now. If you don’t we will ***************. Let’s start work at repairing this problem. Stop hiding the truth from our children damn it! The movement needs your help! Sincerely, Cam DePauw and Brett Dugan

It was second period American Government class again and we were going over the material verbally. We were learning a whole lot of fun stuff about Congress and all of its powers when senior Sara Baldwin interrupted the flow with a random question. We were looking at a map of the United States and it was showing something about how much land is government owned and she raised her hand and asked “where is Canada?” The whole room was silent for a second deciding if she was serious or not. Random outbursts from students tried to aid this confused little girl. She was confused because she couldn’t find Canada on the map of the United States. That almost makes sense but Canada is not part of the United States (neither is Mexico by the way *wink wink*). Mr. Murphy tried to explain to her that Canada was not on this map because this was only a comparison map of the U.S. She was still clueless. The class was exploding with laughter, and then tears. Mr.

Murphy suddenly sprinted out of the room after surveying the area. At this point I don’t really know what was happening because I was crying on the floor and my face was hurting. He came back with a globe in his hands and put it on Sara’s desk. He then pointed out the mass country of Canada and suddenly the light bulb clicked on. “Oh that’s Canada; I remember where Canada is now.” Sara was obviously embarrassed that she made such a silly mistake but she stood with her confusion stating that “A map should show everything so not to confuse people, I want to sue the map companies *edited* garsh dernit! I did not want this little confrontation end so easily. I was saddened that a senior in high school did not know where Canada was. I can honestly say that Canada really is not that important but you think they would do something so that people would know about them or something. Certainly some other students

Canada continued on page 3

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Knight Beacon
Novemver 2006 Vol. 48, No. 3 Assumption High School 1020 W. Central Park Ave. Davenport, IA 52804 563-326-5313 Editorials reflect the opinions of the author(s) and not necessarily those of the staff and administration. The Knight Beacon publishes eight issues per school year through the efforts of the publications class. Publisher: Kevin and Bridget Murphy Editor: Kevin O’Brien Section Editors: Daniel Banas, Tim Rohlf, Molly Tomsha, and Lizzie Wilkens Reporters: Samantha Barber, Allie Brandtner, Meghan Connors, Matt Danz, Molly Daly, Cam DePauw, Brett Dugan, Emily Fuller, Stephanie Fox, Michaela Gray, Brittany Handley, Emily Hignight, Matt Johnson, Allison Kane, Andrew McClanahan, Liz Phinney, Ben Schlichting, Matt Schlue, Casey White, Julia Wonio

Section Editor
Kevin O’Brien

The Jester’s Journal
Volume 48 November 30, 2006 Edition 3
grandfather of Goblox, the turkey that is destined to lead the rebellion against the evil master chickens. It was these chickens that after a freak accident with the radiated marshmallows became super chickens. They became the masters of the avian world and soon enslaved the turkeys. They would no longer stand to be raised and eaten for dinner and turned into nuggets. So races of deformed turkeys were developed by the chicken scientists. The turkeys would exit the womb smothered in gravy, gravy filled with the giblets… Giblets from a MONKEY! As a result the French craved this new food and it soon became the only food source for France, which is now called Robo-France 29. I was later killed by the master chickens after being tortured with my brother Billy. But I was rebuilt into my formal self, Turketron, to travel back in time and make sure that the chosen one Goblox will make it to the year 9595 to rescue all of the turkeys from this madness. That turkey you have there is the ancestor I had a better idea, let’s talk to Sara’s friends. Perhaps some late night slumber parties with hot boys and painting nails had confused a mass group of teenagers. I told junior Molly Moiland what happened to Sara and asked her if she knew where Canada was or how to get there from here. She assured me with bright eyes and said “Of course I do, you just have to fly over that ocean up by New York and all of those states.” I was in awe. I asked her if there was any way that you could “drive” to Canada but she said that you had to have a boat or a plane because there was water separating Canada from the U.S. I did not even try to explain to her the mass of Canada and how it borders pretty much all of the northern edge of the U.S. Instead, I went to their lunch table and asked some other cheerleaders if they knew where Canada was or how to get their. I was trying to explain to them how Canada and the U.S. were attached by land but they would not believe me. Senior Katie Conrad’s theory was that “if there is water separating two countries


Turkeys Take Over
By Matt Danz
It’s that time of year again finally when all of the family gets together and my uncle Jimmy gets too drunk off of the wine at dinner and hits my Aunt Sophia. It’s actually a really fun time because everyone slows down from their stressful lives and a homemade meal is cooked and served with lots of love. My favorite part of Thanksgiving is the amazing turkey, but I hope this year doesn’t go down like last year… We were just sitting down finishing our prayer and everything that we were thankful for when a random knocking came to our door. I answered it and was astonished when a robot turnkey creature was standing there. I didn’t know what to say but he welcomed himself in. He then began to start this huge drawn out speech that went something like this: “I have traveled back in time from the year 9595 to rescue the great, great, great

By Brett Dugan
of the great Goblox and I will be needing that now.” I was speechless. All he wanted was our turkey. He threatened us with “laser-guided tube socks” if we did not comply. Quite frankly, we were tired of his company and told him to just take the turkey even though it was already dead. He then proceeded to take the turkey and walk into my curtains claiming that he needed to take the bird into the “time rift” with him to a time before it was cooked to save the entire race of turkeys as we know it. Without a turkey we had nothing left to eat so my mom ordered us some tacos from Taco Bell. This “Turketron” guy was still standing in my curtain waiting for the time rift when he saw that we ordered out. The last thing he said was to “Enjoy those tacos, for in a thousand years they will be illegal.” I think we all know why. I just hope this year goes a little more smoothly than the last. then you need a passport, and there must be water because you do need a passport to get into Canada!” I tried to explain to them that you would need a passport to go from any country to another, even those countries that are land locked. Junior Liz Hassenmiller was trying to help me out but Katie and Molly would not budge on the topic. She tried to find a map in her history book to show them but even after that they believed that there was some kind of “large lake that separates Canada from the U.S. and that’s why you have to cross a bridge to get there.” The rest of the table at lunch was full of girls that knew where Canada was but were too ashamed to even enter the conversation knowing it would not go anywhere. I got discouraged after trying to ask them who I would have to get to prove to them that Canada and the U.S. were not separated by water for the majority of the border. Molly Moylan said that the only way she would believe is if she saw it herself. I then walked away from the table. Are you afraid? You should be! Commies are going to come to your house and kill your woman, deflower your men, and plunder your goods. So watch out because commies are every where! I went to Ben Schlicting to find out more. He tells me that “Commies are lame and have no friends.” You can use this information to defend yourself if you see a commie. Tell him he has no friends and he will probably cry. The truth hurts. Ben also added that, “Commies remind me of a little infant hamster, running across the road, and me running it over with my new tires.” No one really knows what the hell that means but it sounds bad. He also knows that they can’t walk and chew bubble gum at the same time. If you are worried about commies contact Ben, he seems to know a lot about commies. He could know so much because he is in fact a commie, though. So how do you know if some one is a commie? Here are ten ways as created by Ben Schlicting: 1. Short legs. 2. Have huge receding hair line, we’re talking back to their ears. 3. When they twitch. 4. When they itch their chin. 5. They will have a lisp. 6. When they have to sit down to pee. 7. When they have a short prosthetic leg. 8. When they have one tooth and they’re good on 2nd Street. 9. Your nickname is “Dirt” 10. You know you’re a communist when you work down at Sugar’s. If you or anyone you know show any of these symptoms go to the doctor immediately or contact Ben Schlicting for more information.

Canada continued
would know where Canada is. I asked some seniors who were in Mr. Simpson’s second period psychology class if they knew where Canada was and they looked at me like I was moderately handicapped. I explained to them why I was trying to find out about Canada and they understood. Kevin Kadavy told me that during their class Mr. Murphy had crashed into the room stating “I need to borrow your globe somebody in my class doesn’t know where Canada is.” The class erupted into laughter and asked who it was but Mr. Murphy was confidential and said “I don’t want to embarrass Sara Baldwin.” I wanted to see if anyone else was confused about the location of Canada so I asked some inexperienced freshman of course. Surprisingly all of them knew where Canada was. They clearly had not lost all of their grade school wits from countless hours of pointless high school classes. Then


Student Life
Volume 48 November 30, 2006 Edition 3

Section Editor
Molly Tomsha

Honors AHS brings in 19,000 Welcome Pounds Home, Spanish IV Scotty! Celebrates Dia de los Muertos
By Matt Schlue By Emily Fuller
Señora Shoemaker assigned her Honors Spanish IV class a festive project that could be a fun assignment as well as educational for the students. For their project, they were to build an altar in memory of a person who had passed away. This is a tradition in Mexico called Day of the Dead. Families build altars adorned with pictures, special food, candles, and crucifixes to honor their loved ones who have passed away. The students were put into groups and within their groups they got to decide who they wanted to make their altar for. Saints and celebrities were popular choices. After lots of preparation, the day came for the students to set up their altars around Señora’s room. When they were finished with their displays, teachers and staff of AHS judged them and voted on which alters were their favorite. The group who got the most votes won the competition and the grand prize which was dinner at Azteca with Señora Shoemaker. One contending group included Meghan Connors, Michelle Riefe, Scott Copeland, Anthony Miller, and Amber Clements. This group decided to do their altar on Steve Irwin, the crocodile hunter. For their altar they decided to bring in many different kinds of stuffed animals and a crocodile head. Their altar truly was a symbol of Steve Irwin. However, their display was just not good enough, and they sadly did not win. Drum Roll Please…the winners of the altar contest were Matt Johnson, Jennifer Blaser, Anthony Pham, Beth Wendling, Kyle West, and Emily Hignight, with the altar in honor of Saint Elena. They brought in candles and many different prayers that resembled St. Elena. They also brought in a crucifix to symbolize St. Elena’s love for God. Not to be forgotten, it was not only the winners who had good looking altars. All the students in the class did a nice job. Way to go! “WOW!” is all that can be of these methods proved to be effective. When the end of the food drive said about the Hunger Drive this year! The student body really worked came around the Hunger Drive committee hard to make this a successful drive by using pitched in to buy, box, and load all the cans up into a semi. All the cans collected great fundraising werebrought to t a c t i c s . the River Bend Collecting the food bank, canned goods where they is the biggest would then challenge. This be distributed year many good to the various ideas used. One organizations. of the methods used this year This the was a dodge Assumption ball tournament raised 19,700 in which pounds of participants paid food. This an entry fee in was a huge cans. Another 23% increase way was to collect over last year. can by was “trick The official or treating”, nu m b e r s where students came out to went door to be 53 pounds door asking for of food per canned good AHS student. donations. For Kevin O’Brien/Knight Beacon the second year inSam Thrapp and Michelle Riefe use teamwork to unload boxes. The Hunger Drive committee a row “boo grams” was awarded a were sold. The not so new but improved check to be used for next years drive for money war definitely helped bring in extra cash. The final method of collecting cans finishing second in their division behind was holding theme days. Students could dress Alleman. One could sum up this years up in themes such as super hero day, and 80’s efforts by saying it was one small step for day if they donated to the hunger drive. All Assumption, one giant leap to end hunger. BOTTOM: Scott and his mom, Mrs. Erskine, spoke to the student body during the Thanksgiving mass.

By Allie Brandtner
On Sunday, October 29 , a homecoming party was held for Scott Smith in the AHS cafeteria. Many members of his family were there to greet the guests who ranged from friends, students, teachers and even two waitresses from Hooters. Monday November 13, 2006 was Scott’s first day attending North High School. Originally, he was planning to go to West, but soon found out that North had a better rehabilitation program that would better suit and benefit him. Every day he goes to class for one block (90 minutes) and this class helps him catch up academically. After school Scott attends therapy for one hour. Scott is one of AHS’s biggest fans and did not want to go to either North or West. To persuade him into going to another school other than Assumption, his parents had to tell him a little white lie, West was the “West end of Assumption” and North was the “North end of Assumption.” However, next year Scott will be attending the real Assumption as a senior. He is very excited about being home for good and back in school.

Man on the Street
By Matt Johnson

Mathew Golden Grade: 11 Matt or Mathew? Mathew or Mateo. How does it feel to be one of the rare four sport athletes at AHS? Actually, I play five. My fifth sport is dunkball. How do you lie having your mom serve you lunch? It’s awesome to see the face of my mother everyday at lunch; it brightens up my day.
AP Photo/Knight Beacon Steve Irwin, crocodile hunter, beams while holding a giant crocodile. An altar was made for him for the Day of the Dead celebrations.

Molly Moylan Grade: 11 How does it feel to see your sister on the Wall of Fame everyday? It’s like looking in a mirror, except not quite as great. Do you one day see yourself on the wall? Of course, I rock at life. They will just put me up there because I went to Assumption. What do you like most about AHS? Matt Johnson and, of course, Emily Fuller. What is your favorite part of being a wrestling cheerleader? The boys in spandex...work it!

Is it true that Jay (his younger brother) owns you at dunkball? Ha ha...not at all. I make him cry on the court.

TOP: Scott was happy to see everyone at his welcome home party. MIDDLE: Scott was glad to see his waitress friends again.

Section Editor
Molly Tomsha

Student Life
Volume 48


Lesser Known Places
By Molly Tomsha
In nearly every school there is a room that is always hidden behind a closed door that is off limits to students. Teachers sneak off to this room during their free periods. The proper name for this so called hide away is the teacher’s lounge. There is indeed such a place at AHS. It is located near A-wing in the wing that actually has no name. Just what exactly is in the teacher’s lounge?... Well, first off, there are two comfy couches for the faculty to rest on. And during the warm months of the school year they can relax in the air condition. If they get hungry they can always grab their lunch that they brought from home and have stored in the fridge or freezer. And if they need to warm anything up they can just pop it in the microwave. After eating they may need to relieve themselves in the bathroom. Yes, there is a private bathroom in there. After their meal they may feel like they need desert or a drink to wash it all down with so they can purchase either at the vending machines which are cheaper than those in the cafeteria. And if they are up for a little adventure, they can tear up some carpet, open the hatch and hop into the tunnels below the school. After their long break in the nice, luxurious lounge teachers, faculty, and staff have to return to the real world and leave their comfortable lounge behind.

Lights, Camera, Action ! Spaghetti
By Julia Wonio
During the first semester, the senior English classes were assigned to make movies that pertain to the Canterbury Tales. There were groups consisted of three to four students and each group was assigned a certain tale. The guidelines were as follows 1) address the prologue, 2) tell your tale, 3) address the morale, 4) Do it all on film! Many groups got the main idea of their tales after reading the tale thoroughly. The students came up with some really creative ways to depict their tales. Allison Kane, Michaela Gray, Stephanie Fox, and Lisa Stanforth added music to theirs including Britney Spears’ “Hit Me Baby One More Time” and the Spice Girls’ “Wannabe.” Emily Fuller’s group used creative costuming and she even dressed up as a man! Many groups had trouble with editing; the one with the most problems was probably Eddie Coryn, Chad Giganti, Tim Rolhf and Daniel Banas. They ended up working late into the night and even into the early hours of the morning. Cam DePauw, Brett Dugan, Matt Danz, and Mike Thompsen had a different problem on their hands. They had to re-make their movie three different times. Their first attempt had too many swear words; their second video was even worse than the first try and cannot even be described in this article. The group’s third and final movie was filled with no emotion and was boring compared to their past movies. After watching the many movies that the seniors made, it is safe to say that the they worked hard to make movies for everyone to enjoy, and that is A+ work.

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A major factor in the success of the Spaghetti Supper was the entertainment. This year, the Assumption jazz band, duets, and several soloists were featured. The band played for about an hour, and then came the singers with Mr. Logue as the accompanist. The soloists included Mary Jo Paar, Jessica Elizondo, Rebecca Kleug, Ryan Beckenbaugh, Brady Frieden, and Andrea Millea. Lisa Stanforth and Brady Frieden also sang a duet to the popular hit song by the Rascal Flatts, “Broken Road”. Andrea Millea and Jessica Elizondo sang a duet to the song, “Remember Me”, by Mark Schultz. Rebecca Kleug played an amazing song on the violin. The theme of the supper was pirates, so the seniors were asked to dress up in an outfit that resembled a pirate. They also had the option of printing a design from online and ironing it onto a t-shirt, which several seniors did, but the pirates looked best. First place for the male pirates goes to is a tie between the outfits of Tim O’Donnell and Drew Rodriguez. Second place goes to Kevin O’Brien for his all out attempt at the pirate look. Third place Matt Danz with his trusty parrot. First place for the pirate ladies was Andrea Millea, who was a pirate from head to toe. Second place goes to a set of twins: Brynne Zinnecker and Meghan Connors, and third place goes to Lizzie Wilkens with her super pirate shirt. Mr. Huber, who organized the Spaghetti Supper, enjoyed the dinner and thought that the seniors did a terrific job. The Spaghetti Supper was a huge success, and as always, helped the seniors raised money for their class gift. The seniors thoruoghly enjoyed their chance to serve others through the Spaghetti Supper.

AHS History: 50’s Edition
By Casey White

1954: The Immaculate
Conception Academy Senior Cemeo Players performed the play “Pride and Prejudice.”

1958: The newspaper was
created. They did not know what to call the newspaper so they had a contest at the school. A junior boy won the contest and called it the Knight Beacon.

1958: Two schools, St.
Ambrose Academy and Immaculate Conception Academy combined and created Assumption High School.
Durnig their breaks teachers can grab their lunch out of the fridge in the teacher’s lounge.

1959: The school fight
song was created. The music was to the tune of the University of Nebraska.

The Nut Cracking Emperor Mouse Line
November was an eventful time for stages in the area. The Knight Players performed “The Mousetrap” as their straight play and thespians from across the state performed the musical “A Chorus Line”. “The Mousetrap” was performed on the third and fourth in Assumption’s Sunderbruch auditorium. The state musical was performed for the public with free admission on the ninth at North Scott Senior High School’s Auditorium. “The Mousetrap” is a murder mystery written by Agatha Christie. It is a two-act performance that is set in the early 1950’s at Monkswell Manor Guest House during a blizzard. The show opens with a murder. Mollie Ralston (Molly Tomsha) and Giles Ralston (Kevin O’Brien), are getting

By Samantha Barber
on. The costumes and set looked great, the acting was superb and all the tech cues went as planned. Congratulations to everyone involved for a great show! The state musical is put on by thespians from all over the state of Iowa. Hopeful actors audition a year prior to the show. After the cast list is announced practices begin. The practices are very spread out along the course of the year, but when it gets closer to the opening of the show, the practices become more intense. The Emily Hignight/Knight Beacon state musical was a great success this year. Three Major Metcalf (Mike Flores) talks with Mrs. Boyle (Katie Jacobs). students from Assumption literally living on stage this past month. Andrea were involved Andrea Millea, Michaela Millea student directed “The Mousetrap” Bryne, and Brian Smith put in a lot of time was in “A Chorus Line” and was seen in and effort over this past year. Michaela “The Nutcracker” ballet the 24th and 25th played Val and had a solo, Andrea was part at the Adler Theatre. Good for you Andrea! of the ensemble and sang and danced, and All of these performances show Brian who was part of the tech crew did the what great talent that Assumption drama lighting. The plot followed the journey of students hold. Bravo to all of those who young dancers and performers who wanted graced stages in the area in November. to fulfill their dream on Broadway. The Everyone truly broke both legs. The next whole show revolved around an audition on stage event will be the children’s play, for part of the chorus line for a musical. “The Emperor’s New Clothes”, which Well done Brian, Michaela, and Andrea! will be performed on December 9 and One student at Assumption was 10. Good luck to all of those involved!

Members of “The Mousetrap” cast reherse a crucial scene.

the guest house ready in preparation for the grand opening and their guests. The couple hears of the murder on the “wireless” (radio). There were five guests staying at the house. Arriving first was Miss Christina Wren (Gilly Renk) who said she was a young architect. Following her was Mrs. Boyle (Katie Jacobs), an older, widowed, witch of a woman. Then Major Metcalf (Mike Flores), a retired soldier. Next came Miss Casewell (Annie Cassel), a tomboyish middle aged woman. An unexpected guest, Mr. Paravicini (Frank Agnoli), arrived last. Mrs. Ralston received a phone call from the local police station stating that the murderer would be in the area of the guest house and he was sending a police officer over by skis. This mystery slowly unfolds as Detective Trotter, (Sam Wagner), arrives at the house to interview everyone inorder to figure out who the murderer is. Both opening and closing nights were a success as both the cast and crew of the show showed off what they had Emily Hignight/Knight Beacon worked so hard


New Changes in Gym Class
By Lizzie Wilkens
of the gym classes. The first day that they came they had students take part in circuits. The circuits consisted of one minute sessions of crunches, lunges, push-ups, and “the warrior.” After doing these, the students ran for five minutes around the gym. Many students enjoyed getting a great workout, while others were disappointed that they had to be working so hard in gym class. The second time the National Guard came they brought a new game to Assumption.

Every year, the usual games are played in gym class such as dodgeball, passball, and basketball. But this year the athletic department has made a change in some of the activities that the students participate in. Coach Brainerd and coach Borrison decided to call in the troops in bringing in the National Guard to run some

It was called combat dodgeball. In this game, there were four teams, each team had a crate that contained a water bottle. The object was to run around and try to get the other team’s water bottle into their crate while avoiding being hit by the flying dodgeballs of the other teams. When a player was hit by a ball, they had to do three pushups and tag another member of their team in. This game was very intense and it was shown in the aggressiveness of each player. Some students even noticed a slight bruising a few days after playing. The last time the National Guard was here they brought a rock wall. This has probably been the most exciting activity so far. Students were so thrilled to be doing this in gym class that they even when

outside in the frigid weather to experience the climbing madness. Some students enjoyed it so much that they stayed after school to continue the scaling. These new activities have changed the way students feel about gym class. Many are more willing to participate instead of just sitting on the sidelines, and now look forward to what the National Guard will bring next.

Falling Into Change
By Michaela Gray
As we all know, fall brings change every year. The biggest being the weather, but most of us go through our own winter rituals. Some people despise the change in temperature and some people welcome the cold and the cheerful attitude of the holidays. Many shops, as well as our houses, are gearing for the winter in spite of enjoying it or not. So, whether you’re ready and willing or hating every second of it, winter is coming. Let’s take a look around our school to spot some change. Around every corner, people are turning over the proverbial leaf. Some are getting ready for another hunting season, in more ways than one. Whether it is gearing up for bow season or stalking prey with a charged dodge ball. All kinds of animals are growing a thick winter coat. And taking a glance around the school many of the males are growing thick winter protection around their faces. Also, people are looking for brand new activities such as Dunkball and Bowling. All over our school, students are choosing to step out of the ordinary melancholy winter and try something that brings joy to everyone around them. So, if you haven’t yet found you’re niche, go outside and turn over some new leaves!



ng O i

Let the Hunting Begin
By Liz Phinney
As the leaves begin to turn and the winter weather steadily approaches, there comes a time for those with precise aim and a steady hand. It’s hunting season, deer hunting to be exact. The season, which officially started October first, is off to a great start for senior hunters Mike Thomsen and Ben Schlichting. “We like to hunt off of Mike’s land near Maquoketa usually bright and early before the sun comes up and sometimes after school” says Ben. Word on the street is that these two seem to be pretty competitive with each other. According to Ben, “Mike doesn’t have the bowing skills, because I always bring home the kill.” The two

prepare for every adventure by getting decked out in their camouflage gear, scentfree of course due to deer’s amazing sense of smell, and head out in search for the prize. They sit in tree stands, out of sight, and make calls for the deer. A lot of sitting and waiting is done while they keep their bows ready for any sudden movement. This season Ben has already nabbed himself a pretty good doe. “I shot it right in the heart,” said Ben of his early kill. Ben decided to offer the doe to the Hush Program, an organization that donates the deer to charity. He thought it would be a nice idea to help some people along with having their fun. “Much more is to come,” he says, “and the season is no where near over.”

From the Field to the Court
By Meghan Connors
With winter approaching, many changes are occurring at Assumption. One of the biggest differences between fall and winter is the transition from football season to basketball season. Basketball practice started on November 13th, just two short weeks after the football season had ended. While most of the football players are enjoying a much needed break, some are already transitioning into another sport. There are many obvious differences between the two sports, and the transition from one to the other is not an easy one. The players must get used to a new coach, different teammates, different rules, and a new arena. Basketball and football both require players to be in peak physical condition. However, senior Matt Johnson says that “football is much more intense, but both sports are physically and mentally challenging.” When asked which sport was more difficult, sophomores Brady Frieden and Jake O’Rourke explained that there are two different kinds of hard: Football hard and Basketball hard. “Football is more in your face,” said Jake. He explained that it involves a lot more contact, while basketball takes more endurance and agility. “Basketball involves more learning,” added Brady. Junior Asa Klein is glad to transition from football to basketball. “The football season gets me in shape for basketball,” he commented. Another obvious difference between the two seasons is the fans. To many, it may seem like the football fans are more intense than the basketball fans, but Jake O’Rourke explained that the “basketball fans are right there.” The players are able to see and hear the fans better because they are so close to the court. All of these factors play into the shift from football to basketball, however, all of the players are glad to be involved in both sports.



Playing with Lasers
By Stephanie Fox
What the result when a dark room, lasers, and adrenaline are mixed? The answer to that question is LASER TAG. Laser tag is a fun thing to do on a Friday or Saturday night. You can go as a small group or bring a large posse of friends. Michael’s Fun World is the place to go if you’re looking for an enjoyable game of laser tag. At Michael’s Fun World, you can play a game for




only five dollars a person. Upon entering a small room, teams are split up and the rules are announced. After this, another room is entered where the necessary equipment for the game is donned. Following this, a Michael’s employee shows the teams where their pods are. During the game it is the job of a team to capture the opposing team’s pod. A player receives points for a pod capture and shooting another player. When a player is shot three times, they must reenergize. After twenty minutes of intensive play, the game ends, players strip off the gear, and are lead out to a counter to receive their scorecards. A scorecard has a lot of information about the game including: a players overall score, their rank, how many times they shot someone, how many times someone shot them, and their team’s overall score. Within the roughly basketball-sized court playing arena, are two pods, four regenerators (two for each team), and numerous objects to hide behind. Neon paint glows from the walls, and a scoreboard keeps a running tab of each team’s points. Michael’s Fun World is a great place to wander into if there is a need for something interesting to do. For only five dollars, twenty minutes of pure fun can be experienced. But be careful because there is a chance of rolling an ankle or being slammed into pillars during this intense game.


F Fa a b l u l l F o u u n s

w e

A Hairy Situation
By Julia Wonio
Looking around the halls of Assumption, many see numerous ways that the students express themselves with their hair. It is easier for the girls to make statements with different styles than it is with the guys, since most of the Assumption boys have short hair. One way that the boys at Assumption have been expressing their hair style is experimenting with facial hair. Only a select few are able to grow facial hair and there are many different types of facial hair, such as: beards, goatees, sideburns, and

Dunking Bowling Balls
By Brittany Handley
The juniors have started a new fad. This fad is a wonderful thing called DunkBall. What is DunkBall one might ask. DunkBall is just that, dunking a ball. The juniors go anytime they can, but mostly after school, to the Quint City Baptist Church and lower the basketball hoops so they can make some “sweet dunks.” They always bring along a video camera so that they can record all of their insane stunts. Casey White, the photographer for DunkBall, gives the inside scoop. “DunkBall is a combination of skill and insanity. The boys get really intense and it gets kind of scary at times.” The founders of this sport are Brian Skalak, Matthew Golden, and Alex Mallonee. The participants of this new found sport include the captains Brian Skalak, Matthew Golden, and Alex Mallonee. Other usual ballers include: Tom Pettis, Ben Bush, Jeff Karlix, Mike Furlong, Tyler Zinnecker, Jay Golden, Dylan Heathman, Bryan Scott, Asa Klein, Tyler Coiner, and Eric Allen. After a hard day of dunking, the video tape of the day’s activities goes up online. To get a feel for what the sport is all about visit www.youtube.com, to view the all-stars awesome skills. The seniors, however, have rediscovered a more traditional sport, bowling. Ben Schlichting, Peter Young,

mustaches, just to name a few. There are also some unusual types of facial hair not seen everyday like the Hulihee, Anchor, or the Chin Curtain. When senior Ben Schlichting was asked about his thoughts on facial hair he said, “Beards grow on your face and come in different shapes and colors. George Holoubek combs his beard daily, and birds occasionally get stuck in them.” When Ben was asked why he decided to shave his beard off, he stated, “My mom said I was a failure, so I shaved it off. But it is coming back rapidly. But now I feel cold and naked.” Some other students who have been able to grow beards are seniors Joe Nagle, Macky Pangburn, George Holoubek, and sophomore Frank Agnoli. Senior Matt Danz had been trying to grow a beard for quite some time before he shaved it off because of a failed attempt, his beard was growing in all scraggly and in patches. If you ask some of the Assumption boys about their beards, they might have some interesting stories behind them, and maybe could give some words of wisdom on how to grow beards like them. Ryan Weber, Tim O’Donnell, Drew Rodriguez, Tom Payne, Matt Johnson, Tom Hintze, Matt Bentler, and Scott Copeland are some of the pin toppling participants. They travel to 30 Lanes on Welcome Way every Tuesday and Thursday night to show off their bowling skills. The usual high scorers include Ben Schlichting and Scott Copeland. When asked why the seniors are so enthused with the sport, Ben Schlichting replied, “Well why is the grass green? Bowling is a good time when we are looking for something to do.” Bowling used to be more common sport during grade school, but lost its flare when the usual middle school bowlers turned into the overly too cool for bowling junior high schoolers. Several people were in a bowling league in grade school, but quit once they got to high-school because of the lack of time. This year the seniors decided to bring back an old and dearly missed sport.

L ea


Volume 48

November 2006

Section Editor
Edition 3

Daniel Banas

‘Tis the Season
By Samantha Barber
The biggest shopping time of the year is finally here. Everyone is scurrying around trying to find the best and most memorable gifts. Some people are definitely hard to shop for. Everyone wants to give that “special” gift. So here are some ideas when shopping for those gifts. Girls are probably the easiest people to shop for. Most girls will love anything. Clothes, shoes, jewelry, and gift cards are unquestionably good ideas! Clothes can constantly be put to good use. Of course, the shoes have to match the clothes, so do not forget to add those in. The outfit will need to be accessorized, so be sure to add fashionable yet beautiful jewelry. If all else fails, gift cards are the way to go. Electronics are also very good! You can never go wrong with iPods and digital cameras. Senior Molly Tomsha says, “I like to get things that I wouldn’t normally buy for myself.” Guys are a bit harder to shop for. They will like anything, but it is finding that perfect thing that makes it hard. Senior Kevin O’Brien says, “I like to receive gifts to sporting events, the movies, and DVDs.” Guys like to receive more electronics. DVDs, CDs, video games, gift certificates to movies, and things of that nature are a good thing to give. Crafty gifts are also excellent and fun to do. Tie blankets, tie pillows, picture frames, ceramics, etc. are very neat and personal. Parents are always trying to buy things that are “in”. When it comes to fashion, we all know that they usually are not very good at buying those things. Places to go for parents who want to buy their girls clothes that are “in” would be Wet Seal, Abercrombie and Fitch, Hollister, and Express. Most girls love those stores and can usually go in and pick a TON of things they would want, but do not want to buy themselves. Some students receive the necessities: socks, underwear, a new toothbrush, a new hairbrush, etc. Guys can always find things they like at Abercrombie and Fitch, Gap, Hat World, Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy, etc. There are always the traditions too. Emily Hignight said, “My parents always give us two chocolate truffles for our stockings.” Some people go to or do certain things together every year. Friends and family do Secret Santas where they choose someone out of a hat and buy little things, like candy, and put them in their lockers or secretly drop them off. Decorating the tree is something a lot of people do together. Also, putting the star up on the top of the tree is a fun family tradition. That is a gift in itself. Finally, gifts without spending money are the most sincere and cherished gifts of all. Hopefully this will make your shopping experience a bit easier. Take these ideas to heart and make this Christmas a memorable one!

Got Problems?
By Liz Phinney
Dear Got Problems, My boyfriend and I are celebrating our two year anniversary, and I have no idea what I should get him. He’s really special to me and two years is kind of a big deal. I don’t just want to get him clothes because that is something I can get him anytime. Do you have any suggestions? I could really use some help. Thanks, Help Me Please Dear Help Me Please, I understand that you don’t want to buy your boyfriend something ordinary like a t-shirt or a pair of jeans. Maybe you should consider getting him a pair of concert tickets or inviting him on a day trip out of town. I’m sure you’ll think of something creative to do, and hopefully these suggestions will give you some ideas. Also remember that he is just as nervous about getting you the perfect gift and making it the perfect day, so whatever you end up doing, try to minimize the pressure of the situation. Sincerely, Got Problems Dear Got Problems, I really don’t want to go to Turnabout because of all the bad things I heard about Homecoming. I don’t think it’s worth it for me to buy a dress and look for a date if it’s not even going to be fun. I’m considering starting a boycott. What do you think I should do? Thanks, Don’t Want to Go Dear Don’t Want to Go, I think starting a boycott is completely up to you but maybe you should reconsider before doing so. I have heard that Homecoming was kind of a bummer this year, but you’ll never know if Turnabout will be the same unless you go. Perhaps instead of getting all dressed up and looking for a date, you could go dressed casually and with a group of friends. I hope you have a great time no matter what you choose. Sincerely, Got Problems

The Dine Team

By Ben Schlichting and Andrew McClanahan
The place that got our stomachs turning this time was Panchero’s, where the burritos flow like wine. Panchero’s is on Utica Ridge road. We went in the place with smiles on our faces and nothing in our bellies. Panchero’s has a lot more than just burritos, they have tacos and all other different styles of Mexican food. We both decided on burritos for our meal. Ben got chicken and I got steak on my wonderful burrito. It was very amusing, because we got to pick what kind of salsa we wanted; including beans, sauces, and peppers. I have to say that it was an excellent meal; however, the restaurant did not carry out the Mexican theme… it was too American. As we ordered, they were very generous with the amounts of food on the actual burrito. It was huge! Both of us knew that we were going to get full and we were sure ready for it. When we sat down we were both ready for the delicious meal in front of us. We began to eat, and our mouths were in heaven when the burrito glistening in that grease fell into our mouths with the marinating guacamole. Before we knew it, we realized that the burritos were actually way too big. We were almost done when we looked at each other, both thinking we could not take another bite. After eating the spicy burritos, we slurped down our pops, and were on our way. Panchero’s is exceptionally satisfying and a good hardy meal.

By Daniel Banas
Recently, the teenage population has coined the phrase “I own you!” Walking through high school hallways, one will hear this oh so common expression used repeatedly. By definition, it means that the person talking has topped the other person and therefore “owns” the other. Another common usage of this saying is when “So and so owns you!” Mostly used after a severe burn by a third party, this is perhaps the greatest of all owning. If you still don’t have a clue what this means, here are a few examples: at the Thanksgiving mass, Father Busher said, “I’m going to do more of a dialogue homily today; where I’m going to talk a bit, you students can talk a bit, and hopefully, Mr. Huber won’t talk at all.” Another example might be, “Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because there isn’t any of the hublub, there aren’t any presents, and it is all about being thankful... and Mr. Huber isn’t there. As I said, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.” One last example would be, “I’m planning on getting an extra turkey this Thanksgiving, and not inviting Mr. Huber.” Many “He owns you!” rumbles came from the senior section, thus proving these as excellent models of this popular saying. There have also been a few modifications to the “I own you” phrase. Now, people can have co-ownership of others. So remember to share your friends when you and others get multiple burns!

AP Photo

A plate-sized burrito topped with rice.

Section Editor
Daniel Banas
Volume 48

November 2006

Edition 3

Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan
We had heard different things from many people on this movie before taking the leap of faith. The general attitude was that it was hilarious because it really pointed out some of the crazy differences that we in America don’t even think twice about. Sacha Baron Cohen starred as Borat in this comedy, and he has been doing this character for some time now. He was on “Da Ali G Show” and actually starred as Ali G. You might also recognize him from “Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby.” He was the pompous French racer who owned Ricky Bobby in everything. We were expecting good things as we sat down in the theater. The introduction certainly did a first-class job. Random moments in this movie definitely quenched our undying thirst for fine comedy. The majority of the movie

By Brett Dugan, Cam “The Panther”, and Matt Danz
was highly based on ignorance and many offensive jokes. If you can’t handle some risky jokes or you plan on taking your parents with you to see Borat, I would tell you that you are not a very smart person and that you should probably just stay home and play a fundamental game of Catch Phrase. There were many parts in this movie that we absolutely loved. Brett’s favorite part of the movie was the Jew encounter. He also enjoyed the drivers’ education portion of the film where Borat had to learn to drive on the American roads. Cam’s favorite part of the movie was when Borat tried to purchase a gun for self defense, but for all of the wrong reasons. Matt’s favorite part of the film was the naked wrestling throughout the hotel because it was so unbelievably out there. He also enjoyed this part

because halfway through, a group of eight people sitting in front of us decided that they no longer wanted to be in the theater and left. We were overjoyed because now we had our footrests back. After the film, we all looked at each other to see the final word or reaction in each others’ faces, but there were few comments. There were only childish smiles like we had seen something we shouldn’t have but was funny because it was so ridiculous. We recommend this movie to anyone that likes a little bit of dirt in their comedy and needs a random laugh. Brett: 6.5/10 “Ummm” Matt: 7/10 “I don’t like people.” Cam: 7.7/17 “Someone brought a forty in here!!”

The “Fash-On” police are back and ready to give you the Thanksgiving style you need. The fall season is always about wearing the right colors. One color that is big this season is red. When you are shopping for clothes, don’t be afraid to throw in a red belt or red accessory. It goes well with many different colors and can spice up any outfit. To stay warm and look nice doing it, you can wear a long knitted sweater. Keep the colors simple and dress it up with accessories and colorful tanks underneath. Just because your clothes are stylin’ doesn’t mean you can neglect showing off some hot new kicks. One shoe style that is undeniably in this season is Ugs. They are

“Get Yo ‘Fash-On’!!” Idiot of the Month
By Casey White and Molly Daly
warm, they go with many different outfits, and most importantly, they show that you’ve got style. Don’t be afraid to sport them with some straight legged jeans or any other cute pair of jeans. For the fellas out there, we went out and caught some fashionable guys who have some advice for you. Josh Kyle, a junior who always sports the latest trends, wants you guys to know that your belt is a very important accessory. It must match not only your clothes but it must match your shoes as well. Don’t be afraid to be different and start some of your own trends. Although we do recommend you listen to us if you want to be idolized by all your peers for your amazing fashion sense, you should still be yourself. Now that you know all the new fashion tips, go out and get a new outfit for Thanksgiving that everyone will love. And remember, we will always be watching!

By Cam DePauw
Due to recent events, it is clear that a new article called “Idiot of the Month” is needed. This feature should reappear in every issue until the end of the year. So the Idiot of the Month, which really happened in October, is the one and only Flipper, a.k.a. Zack Guzzo. As everyone knows, he flipped his truck last month and it has been strongly encouraged for EVERYONE to call him Flipper or some other name that makes him look like a complete idiot. The story goes that he was just getting back to Assumption from
Cam DePauw/ Knight Beacon

Flipper’s truck after attempting a donut.

team dinner, and he was really jacked up after singing songs really loud with Tom Pettis. This is when he decided to pull off the Assumption drive, do a donut in the grass, and flip his truck. (Note: he did not even complete one whole donut before flipping over. That is weak.) This is why Zach Guzzo is the Idiot of the Month.

Pizza or Chicken?
By Emily Hignight
When many look back on their difference in the lunchroom. Assumption high school experience, different things recently installed fancy new machines that come to mind: old friends, favorite are, in theory, supposed to help the line teachers, football games, and of course, go faster. In reality, they seem to go either school lunches. What do the students at slower or at the same speed they went Assumption have to reminisce about when before. The account system these machines it comes to lunchtime? Godfather’s pizza work with are a good idea. Instead of a and chicken. Naturally, there is a sprinkling student having to carry around money, of hamburgers and hot dogs, but students which could be spent before lunch, or are mostly served locally bought pizza carrying around a pass, which could be lost, and our feathered, egg laying friend, the students have an assigned account in which chicken. a lump sum of money can be deposited. When Godfather’s pizza was first The only downside is when the money in introduced to Assumption, many students that account becomes dangerously low were thrilled. Sam Barber recalls, “I like or disappears altogether. So, students be when it first warned: the came. It lunch staff will was like a not hesitate to little treat, punish those who but now the try to get a lunch treat is being but do not have over-used.” enough money Chicken, to in their account. many, is the Recently, they only white refused food to a meat. It student who did comes in not have enough various forms, money in his such as patty, account for the finger, stick, Thanksgiving AP Photo lunch until he whole, and These men struggle to get down pizza after pizza. everyone’s produced paper favorite: the money. nugget; but is there a thing as too much Lunchtime is the vital part of a chicken? The answer is “Yes”. Despite student’s day. It is a time where students its fowl goodness, there is such a thing can refuel, replenish, and relax. At as chicken overkill. Some of the other Assumption, that time is threatened by students recall past lunches that have made a repetitive menu and a flawed payment few appearances this year. Lizzie Wilkens system; but what can you do? As much as recalls, “Yea, Pizza Fiestata, that’s my fav.” students are bored by the food served, they There have also been random lunches will continue to eat it. Whether it is pizza introduced to the student body such as or chicken … or pizza or chicken, students baked potato, pretzels, and a pizza burger. will continue to line up after the lunch bell The food is not the only rings.

The Blurb:
Random People Doing Random Things

Is he talking to his imaginary friend or the wall?

Volume 48

November 30, 2006

Section Editor
Edition 3

Tim Rohlf

Top Five Sports Stories of November
By Tim Rohlf
With the holiday season coming and everyone counting down their favorite gifts to receive and give, I decided to countdown the five biggest sports stories of November, and here they are: 5. Chase for the Cup. No matter if you love NASCAR or you hate NASCAR, it is one of the main “sports” in America, and the season is finishing up. The season ended two Sundays ago, and the champ was Jimmie Johnson. 4. NBA and NHL. Since the calendar turned to November, the marathon NBA and NHL season starts and until the late season stretch run and playoffs begin, NO one cares! The teams play 82 games and after a while, the players are tired, the coaches are tired, and fans and media lose interest. Wait until April, when it gets exciting, to talk to me about professional basketball and hockey. 3. College Basketball. A new college basketball season is upon us, and quite frankly, not many big time collegiate programs in this area are going to be any good. The Iowa Hawkeyes are going to have a rebuilding season, after losing the heart and soul of the team the past four years, Greg Brunner and Jeff Horner, both four-year starters, captains, and all-Big Ten performers. They have an inexperienced team, but return two catalysts to last year’s great season: senior guards Adam Haluska and Mike Henderson. For the Hawks, I predict between 16 and 20 wins and on the bubble for a NCAA Tournament appearance. In the beginning of the season, the Hawkeye Basketball team has been sort of a mixed bag. After dominating The Citadel, and defeating a tough Toledo team, the Hawks struggled. The lost by 12 to eleventh ranked Alabama, and got destroyed by veteran Villanova. Don’t worry Iowa fans, the Hawks will be fine. Meanwhile, the Illinois Fighting Illini lost the two captains and leaders of a team that lost in the second round of the NCAA Tournament. The Illini should be good, not great, and they have a chance to make the Tourney again. Another rebuilding team in the area is the Iowa State Cyclones; the ‘Clones have a new look team and a new head coach, Greg McDermott, former coach at UNI. McDermott will have the ‘Clones playing tough, but they don’t have the talent this year to make a deep run into March. If you are looking for a basketball winner in this area, wait until April (see above) and look towards the NBA. 2. Da Bears. The 9-1 Chicago Bears are running away with the best record in the NFC and the NFC North; they are winning the NFC North by five games over the mediocre Minnesota Vikings and Green Bay Packers (both teams are 4-6), and the NFC by two games over the New York Giants, Seattle Seahawks, and New Orleans Saints(64). The Bears have a lot of work to do, however, if they want to be shuffling on Super Bowl Sunday. The offense is a Jekyll and Hyde team, and the Bears success depends solely quarterback Rex Grossman; when he plays well, no one can beat the Bears; when he plays poorly, the Bears are in a battle with their opposition. The Bears most recent game was exempletory of their season last year; they put the game in the hands of the defense and the running game, and the Chicago Bears defeated the tough New York Jets 10-0. The Bears can clinch a playoff spot as early as November 25. The Bears have a stranglehold on homefield advantage throughout the playoffs so the Road to Super Bowl XLI comes through the Windy City.

Shooting for State
By Emily Fuller
The varsity boys basketball team is off to an early start with many 6 a.m. practices. The boys say that six in the morning is way to practice early, but it is definitely worth it. They are currently having two-a -days! A.J. Ewen says that shooting hoops in the morning is a great way to start his day, a statement echoed by Anthony Miller. The season is looking good so far. The team consists of Anthony Miller, A.J. Ewen, Kyle Steinbrecher, Asa Klein, Joe Derooi, Matt Johnson, Jake Christophersen, Chris Kolar, Kyle West, Ben Bush, Tom Pettis, Zack Kaczmarek, Rob Gogulich, J.D. Scharff, and Dylan Heathman. The team has a lot of potential. Anthony Miller is looking awesome at shooting guard/ small forward. A.J. is the player of the calls also known as point guard. Kyle Steinbrecher is looking good at power forward, Joe Derooi’s position will be shooting guard and Asa Klein at center. The team has many contributors coming of the bench. They are all a threat. This is Coach Finn’s second year and the team is really excited to play for him. The boys have done a good amount of running to start of the season. They are going through fundamental drills so that they are up to their highest level. The MAC will be very competive this year. Traditional powerhouses Central and Bettendorf are looking pretty good this year, but not good enough to defeat the Knights! The opening game of the season is on December 2nd in Cedar rapids against Cedar Rapids Washington. A.J. is very excited to show off his good looking black uniform in the season opener Good Luck Boys! The team and the crowd are all very excited to do the O’Donnell stomp, while cheering on the Knights!

If they get through the likes of the Saints, Giants, and Seahawks to advance to the Big Game, they will likely be underdogs to the AFC Champion, which is led by Indianapolis Colts, the 9-1 frontrunner, with the 8-2 San Diego Chargers and Baltimore Ravens in hot pursuit, followed by the 7-3 Denver Broncos. 1. Ohio State. Michigan. Scarlet and gray. Maize and Blue. The ‘Shoe. The Big House. OH-IO. Hail to the Victors. Arguably, the best rivalry in all of sports, either collegiate or professionally, is the University of Michigan Wolverines pitted against The Ohio State University Buckeyes. It is often referred to as the 100-yard war. In the history of the storied rivalry, the most anticipated game is happened last Saturday; number one Ohio State and number two Michigan. The atmosphere for the game was more somber than usual on the day before the game, because of the passing of legendary coach, Bo Schembechler. Bo was the most famous coach for the “Maize and Blue” and with Woody Hayes, long time Ohio State head coach, took the rivalry into a good one into the best in college football. In a tenyear span, called the 10-year war, Hayes and Schembechler led these teams into legendary battles, and the winner of each game went to the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA. These two great coaches played a conservative game, but that was not what the current coaches, Lloyd Carr of Michigan and Jim Tressel of Ohio State. This is the first team in Michigan v. Ohio State history that both teams are defeated and both teams are ranked in the top two. The winner of this game will go on to play for a national championship. These two titans are both 11-0 overall with a 7-0 record in the Big 10. The matchup to watch was the Ohio State offense, led by Heisman hopeful Troy Smith against the stingy Michigan defense, led by one of the best lineman in the country, Lamarr Woodley. Michigan struck first with an early touchdown, but the Buckeyes responded with 21 straight points, and Michigan was on the verge of being blown out of the game. But, the Wolverines scored, but immeaditely, ethe Buckeyes scored a touchdown, and at half, it was 2814 Bucks. Michigan came out of halftime, firing on all cylinders, and it was 28-24, and the sellout crowd of over 101,568 at Ohio Stadium got nervous. Ohio State scored a touchdown, and these two great teams scored back and forth over the remaining of the second half, with Ohio State winning 4239. Ohio State clinched a spot in the national title, Troy Smith increased his stranglehold on the Heisman. Since they played great in the loss, Michigan still has a chance to play for a national championship.

Pinning the Pack
By Meghan Connors
Wrestling practice started on November 13th, and the team is excited for the upcoming season. This year, the team is led by head coach Pete Bush and assistant coach Nate Brohammer. The junior varsity team will be coached by Paul Stubbs. The Assumption wrestling teams, both varsity and junior varsity, will participate in over twenty tournaments and duals this season. Senior Cliff Simmons explained to us, “tournaments involve many teams competing against each other, and duals involve two teams facing off against just each other.” With only two seniors on the team, the varsity team is fairly young and inexperienced. “We don’t have many experienced high school varsity wrestlers,” said Cliff. The wrestlers expect to be do very well in tournaments, but only fair in duels. They are hoping to qualify a multiple wrestles for state. The team has five home meets this year, so you need to come out and watch the wrestlers. One of the seniors,Cliff Simmons, gave us an overview of the varsity team: Josh Kyle will be competing at 112 lbs, Scott Stichter will wrestle at 130/135 lbs, Noel Pacha will be at 160 lbs, Nick Harper will compete at 171 lbs, Willie Argo is wrestling at 189 lbs, Drew Sheeder will compete at 215 lbs, and Cliff wrestles in the heavyweight division. The first Assumption junior varsity meet is December 2nd in the Assumption gym while the varsity team has their first meet December 7th in Burlington; the season runs until the state tournament in Des Moines that is on February 2124th. This winter, don’t forget to come out of the cold into the gym and support the Assumption wrestling program.

Senior Chris Kolar (left) tries to lead the Knights to a great season. Contributed Photo-

Ready, Set, Bowl!
by Ben Schlichting and Andrew McClanahan
When you think of many popular winter high school sports in Iowa, basketball and wrestling are the sports that come to your mind. However, this winter, a new sport is gaining popularity in high schools statewide: bowling. While most people do not think of bowling a sport,I think some people like to call bowling a hobby and a fun time. Well I have news for you, some people bowl for a high school sport and they are not men; they are women. The Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union (IGHSAU), the sanctioning body for all girls high school sports, has added bowling as a varsity sport. Each team has five starting bowlers and each person bowls ten frames and the team with the highest cumulative score wins. Also this year, there is a state tournament in Des Moines with eight teams from each class. In this sport, leave your cheering, chanting, and noisemakers home; violating any of these rules will result in an automatic ejection. In the MAC Conference, five schools have bowling teams: Davenport Central, Davenport West, Davenport North, Muscatine, and Pleasant Valley. So freshman, sophomore, or junior girls, if you want to bowl competitively, start a team!

Ohio State running back Antonio Pittman (29) had a 56-yard touchdown run to lead the Buckeyes to the Big 10 Title. Amy Sancetta, AP

Section Editor
Tim Rohlf
Volume 48

November 30, 2006
signs and definitely have a different style this year.” While captain Michelle Riefe said, “We went for what Iowa wanted and we think that we’ll do an amazing job.” The hopes of the squad proved to be a reality. They executed their routine flawlessly, but unfortunately were runner-ups to the state championship. The girls are very proud of their title.. Julia Wonio says, “We worked really hard and were hoping for a 1st place finish, but everyone still did a great job. Johnston kind of came up from behind, but I think all the girls on the team can agree that our second place finish was not deserved and we should have gotten first! KTHANKSBYE!” Junior Liz Hasenmiller says, “Next year, we’ll have a very strong tumbling with the in-coming freshman, but we will still have a lot of work to do on stunting.” With that being said, the cheerleaders ended their season on a good note and hope to come back even stronger next year!

Edition 3

Cheerleaders Succeed at State
By Allison Kane
On November 4, the Assumption High School cheerleaders headed to the annual state competition at the Veteran’s Auditorium in Des Moines, Iowa. This is the 14th straight year the squad has gone to the state and they are considered to be one of elite teams in the state. In fact, Assumption cheerleaders had won ten consecutive state champion titles from 19952004 and they also placed second in 2005. This year, the squad was composed of seniors Sara Baldwin, Kylie Wolfe, Lara McCambridge, Julia Wonio, Lisa Stanforth, and Michelle Riefe; juniors, Kathleen Loftus, Katie Arp, Molly Moylan, and Liz Hasenmiller, sophomore Bailey Randone, and freshman Kylie Quigley, Courtney Vogel, Kaylee Denger, Molly Lovewell, Beth Oliger. With the previous titles fresh on their minds and redemption for last year’s routine, the cheerleaders were confident to perform their 2006 state routine. Senior Julia Wonio said, “We went into state feeling confident about our routine because we had worked really hard since the summer and we were ready for a comeback after last years disappointing finish but the squad had high hopes for the competition.” Captain Lara McCambridge said, “We hope to nail the

Fall Sports Review
By Matt Schlue
Assumption’s multiple fall sports had another big year and formally ended with the annual Fall Sports Banquet on November 14th. The long summer of training and hard work was rewarded in the teams were competing in their fall sports The fall sports teams of 2006 represented Assumption with pride. The football team this year had an intense season. The Knights had an impressive 6-3 record; some individuals were recognized with Matt Bentler and Willie Argo were named first team all conference. The football season unfortunately ended with an abrupt ending when they lost a nail biting game to Muscatine in overtime. The defensive unit this year was stingy and amazing with the team pitching a great five out of nine shutouts. Cross country this year started strong with a good early part of the season, with the boys and girls teams running and trying to win as a team. The teams struggled with injury this year, but were able to bring the team together at districts. The boys, ravaged by injuries, race their hardest had a tough race at districts and missed state by one place. A bright spot on the boys’ team was that sophomore Tommy Harris qualified for the state meet and performed well there. The girls had an amazing race at districts which lead them to state where they ran a good race. The boys and girls cross country teams had good seasons, and both should be back next year running at the state meet. Golf had a record breaking year. Senior captains Tom Payne and Drew Phinney broke old many school records. The upperclassmen laden had a great season that lead them to the state tournament. Senior captains Tom Payne (left) and Drew Phinney At state, the team had an disappointing talk about their state golf team. Kevin O’Brien, outcome, but it is was not because of lack Knight Beacon. of effort. This was the third Assumption team to ever make it to the state tournament, and the first since 2003. These players put in a lot of rounds of golf in the summertime in order to succeed in their season. The Assumption volleyball team had a tough season. Even though the team was on a short end of many matches this year, they had a lot of fun. The team gave it their all in practices and the games. The Assumption volleyball team was a close group of girls that enjoyed the sport and had a lot of fun, while working hard, and learning teamwork.

MVP Spotlight
By Molly Daly
The cheerleaders are all smiles with their performance in the state tournament. Contributed by Mrs. O’Rourke.

Girls Ready for Redemption By Allie Brandtner
As we enter winter, another season of girls basketball is upon us; this year, our girls have high hopes for glory. The girls are planning and hoping for another MAC championship and winning that elusive state championship in Des Moines. Although the team is very talented, the team is very inexperienced and may be one of the most inexperienced team in the conference. The girls team has no seniors, thirteen juniors, and two freshmen. Junior Katie Ford says, “We have good team chemistry, and we are looking forward to our season.” For those of you who forgot about last year’s season or if you needed to refresh your memory, the Assumption Lady Knights were champions of the MAC Conference, and were ranked 1st in state entering the regionals. For the third straight year, Assumption made the state tournament; however, they had a disappointing upset in Des Moines, losing in the first round to unranked Audubon, the third straight year the girls came home without any hardware. But this could be the year the girls achieve greatness. The girls’ first game was against Anamosa on Monday, November 20 in Anamosa. The destroyed Anamosa 62-28 and the next day, they beat a tough Cedar Rapids Xavier team 5441. All the girls are excited to start playing games, and especially excited to start team dinners! Their first home game is Friday November 24 against Cedar Rapids Jefferson. This winter and early spring, make sure that you come out home and away to cheer and support to Lady Knights on their road for redemption.

This column will highlight Assumption athletes in each issue. Novemeber’s student athlete is junior Desi Baker, who plays basketball.

1. What are your expectations for this season? To win state and MAC. 2.What’s your favorite thing about the basketball season? Team dinners and Molly Daly!! 3.How long have you played basketball? Since the beginning of 6th grade. 4.What’s your best basketball memory? When I threw an ally-oop pass at the YMCA. 5.Who is your favorite athlete? Dwayne Wade, I love him and we are going to get married.

Annie Smith and the Lady Knights hope to swat away the competition this season. Contributed photo.


Knight Life
Volume 49 November 2006 Edition 3
Kevin O’Brien/Knight Beacon Kevin O’Brien/Knight Beacon

Section Editor
Molly Tomsha

Emily Hignight/Knight Beacon

Juniors Brian Skalak, Tyler Zinnecker, Brian Scott, and The members of the Student Hunger Drive committee are Adam Arnett admire each other’s awards at the Fall sports Christina Wren (Gilly Renk) teases Mrs. Boyle (Katie Jacobs) during a performance of “The Mousetrap”. glad to be done unloading their truck of food. banquet.

Kevin O’Brien/Knight Beacon

Matt Johnson/Knight Beacon

Kevin O’Brien/Knight Beacon

Freshman Matt Hannon prepares to launch a dodgeball in some poor soul’s direction.

Mary Beth Bushm, Ashley Willows, Katy Kautz, Beth Oliger, Allie Ontiveros, Elziabeth Hines, Molly Lovewell, Laura Green, and Kathleen Kadavy enjoy their lunch and social time.

Freshman John Blough proudly hoists this heavy box full of cans high above his head during loading day.

Kevin O’Brien/Knight Beacon

Emily Hignight/Knight Beacon

Matt Danz/Knight Beacon

Ali Nemec, Kim Hunstad, Adrian Foley, Jamie Fries, and Claire Daniel examine thier varsity letters they earned for a good volleyball season.

Freshman Joe Daniel contemplates his next move while Sean Finn makes his in this intense game of chess.

Senior pirates Tim O’Donnell, Ben Schlichting, and Tommy Hintze enjoy the pirate life during the Spaghetti Supper.

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