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When it comes to youth sports…how much is too much?


Regan McMahon
“Finally someone has taken a look at what the runaway youth sports culture is doing to kids and the American family. We need this book!” - Michael Gurian, author of The Wonder of Boys and The Wonder of Girls
In March 2005, the San Francisco Chronicle published a startling investigation by journalist Regan McMahon, which revealed that today’s kids spend more time in organized sports than ever before, with little downtime, and an increased pressure to perform well. The response to the article was overwhelming, emails from parents and coaches all agreeing with McMahon and begging for more. So McMahon interviewed people across the country — young athletes, parents, coaches, educators, psychotherapists, sports psychiatrists, and professional athletes — to get their take on the issue and learn about their personal experiences. Now, McMahon probes even deeper into the hypercompetitive culture of athletics for children and teens in REVOLUTION IN THE BLEACHERS: How Parents Can Take Back Family Life in a World Gone Crazy Over Youth Sports (Gotham Books, April 19, 2006; $25.00).

Orthopedic surgeons are seeing overuse injuries in children that they used to find only in professional athletes. Games and practices have edged out important family bonding rituals such as dinner and summer vacations. What’s more, the possibility of cash for college has many parents and kids pushing themselves to the extreme. McMahon is a mother of two athletic children, and knows first-hand the pressures that children and teens now face when participating in sports.

Eye-opening and informative, REVOLUTION IN THE BLEACHERS explores:   The emotional and physical dangers of an over-the-top emphasis on sports The damaging impact this obsession with sports and competition has on children and families.  The evolution of youth team sports in America from healthy pastime to the obsessive craze it has become   What parents can do to keep sports positive and fun for their kids Various points of view from parents to coaches to professional athletes to the kids themselves

REVOLUTION IN THE BLEACHERS is a call to arms to bring balance and positivity back to youth sports, offering parents a practical plan of action to reverse the trends within their own homes, their teams, and their communities.

About the Author:
Regan McMahon is the deputy book editor at the San Francisco Chronicle and has written more than two hundred articles, music reviews, and book reviews for various national publications. She lives in Oakland, California, with her husband and two children.
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