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					Conference Programme University of Edinburgh, 6-8 July 2006
Thursday 6 July
John McIntyre Centre, Pollock Halls of Residence 11.00-1.30: Refreshments and Registration (Prestonfield Room) 1.45-2.00: Welcome from Prof. Brian Vickers (Chair, Society for Renaissance Studies) 2.00-3.30: Session 1 Prisca Sapientia (Salisbury Room) Chair: Agnieszka Steczowicz (Edinburgh) > Ita McCarty (Durham): „Reason, desire, poetry in the Italian Renaissance‟ > Phillips Salman (London): „“Quo poetico abreptus spiritu “: Ποίησις in Kepler‟s Apologia pro Tychone contra Ursum’ > Jacomien Prins (Utrecht): „Francesco Patrizi, music and the Renaissance myth of the ancient past‟ Rogues and Pirates (Holyrood Room) Chair: Andrew Hiscock (Bangor) > Liz Oakley-Brown (Canterbury Christ Church University): „Travel, translation and treachery in Thomas Churchyard‟s A Pirate’s Tragedy (1579)‟ > Clare Jowitt (Nottingham Trent): “The Scottish Drake”?: The politics of piracy in A True Relation of the Life and Death of Sir Andrew Barton, A Pirate and Rover on the Sea (1630) Renaissance Women 1 (Duddingston Room) Chair: Abigail Brundin (Cambridge) > Sarah Cockram (Glasgow): „Epistolary Masks: self-presentation and dissimulation in the letters of Isabella d‟Este‟ > Letizia Panizza (Royal Holloway): 'Celio Secondo Curione, Evangelical (1503-1569): promoting the learned Christian wife against St Jerome and clerical misogyny' > Michelle Wolfe (Nottingham Trent): “Time improv‟d”: diaries and devotional practice among dissenting women, 16801720‟ 3.30-4.00: Refreshments 4.00-5.30: Session 2 Fragments 1 (Salisbury Room) Chair: David Rundle (Oxford) > Barry Collett (Melbourne): „The building site account of Corpus Christi College, Oxford‟ > Ian Campbell (Edinburgh College of Art): „Rosslyn Chapel: medieval and/or renaissance?‟ > Paul Davies (Reading): „Architectural Fragments: preserving the miraculous in Italian Renaissance pilgrimage shrines‟ Shakespeare (Holyrood Room) Chair: Brian Vickers (London) > Peter Mack (Warwick): „Montaigne and Hamlet‟ > John Lyon (Bristol): „King Lear, Revision, Conflation, Interpretation: What may we acknow?‟ > Katrine Wong (Leeds): „Women and Music in The Taming of the Shrew and The Tamer Tamed‟ Society for Renaissance Studies 2006


Honour and Privilege 1 (Duddingston Room) Chair: Bridget Heal (St Andrews) > Jane Black (York): „Privilege – Legitimate Reward or Unlawful Advantage: conflicting views in Milan under the Visconti‟ > John Law (Swansea): „Privilege and Honour in a Subject City: Belluno, c. 1400‟ > Stephen Bowd (Edinburgh): „Privilege and Honour in a Subject City: Brescia, c. 1500‟ 6.30-7.30 Playfair Library, Old College, South Bridge Plenary: Prof. Judith Bryce (Bristol): „Between Friends? Letters of Ippolita Sforza, Duchess of Calabria, to Lorenzo de‟ Medici‟ 7.30-8.30 Reception sponsored by Blackwell Publishing

Friday 7 July
9.30-11.00: Session 3 Locating the ‘Alcoran’ in Early Modern Britain (Salisbury Room) Chair: tba > Matthew Dimmock (Sussex): „Swapping “the Geneva Bible” for the “Turkish Alcaron”: Imagining the Qur‟an in Reformation England‟ > Stephan Schmuck (Aberystwyth): “The scattered scripture”: Reading the Qur‟an in Purchas (1617)‟ > Matthew Birchwood (Queen Mary, London): “Strange Lights”: The “Alcoran” and Revolution‟ Renaissance Women 2 (Holyrood Room) Chair: Letizia Panizza (Royal Holloway) > Abigail Brundin (Cambridge): „“Marketing” the woman writer in Renaissance Italy: the case of Vittoria Colonna‟‟ > Eleonora Carinci (Cambridge): „Discorso sopra l'Annonciattione by Maddalena Campiglia: Interpreting the figure of the Virgin in the late-sixteenth century‟ > Daniella Rossi (Cambridge): „Literary Courtesans in Renaissance Venice‟ Objects 1 (Duddingston Room) Chair: Patricia Allerston (National Galleries of Scotland) > Valerie Taylor (Sussex): „Stories from the Vault: travelling silver at the Gonzaga court of Mantua (1400-1500)‟ > Cinzia Maria Sicca (Pisa): „Binding by Cloth and Gold: the copes of Bishop Fox and Cardinal Passerini, their makers and donors‟ > Elizabeth Currie (Independent scholar): „Appearances and Reputation: the Orsini of Pitigliano and the cost of court display‟ 11.00-11.30: Refreshments 11.30-1.00: Session 4 Utopias (Salisbury Room) Chair: Nick Phillipson (Edinburgh) > Sam Wood (Leeds): „False Profits: enclosures, colonies and Utopia‟s rhetoric of productivity‟ > Chloe Houston (Birkbeck): „The Utopian Hat: clothing and satire in the early modern utopia‟ > Lisa Walters (?): „Science, Knowledge and Dystopia in Margaret Cavendish's The Blazing World (1666)‟ Renaissance Art (Holyrood Room) Chair: Jill Burke (Edinburgh) > Kristin A. Arioli (Missouri-Kansas City): „Memorialization in the Making: Pope Julius II, the Bologna campaigns, and the Trajanic fresco cycle at the Palazzo dell‟Episcopio, Ostia‟ > Michael Bury (Edinburgh): „Why was Michelangelo‟s Last Judgement controversial?‟ > Debra Higgs Strickland (Glasgow): „Signs of Reform in the Prado Epiphany by Hieronymus Bosch‟ Society for Renaissance Studies 2006


Parental Responsibilities (Duddingston Room) Chair: Suzanne Trill (Edinburgh) > Melissa Hollander (York): “[Y]ou are the father of it and no man but you”: Conceiving fatherhood in Edinburgh, c. 1560-1625‟ > Jennie Jordan (Nottingham Trent): „Mini-men, skirts and armour: Fathers and sons in seventeenth-century England‟ > Tim Reinke-Williams (Warwick): „A Mother‟s Work was Never Done: relationships between mothers and their adolescent and adult offspring in early modern London‟ 1.00-2.00: Lunch 2.00-3.30: Session 5 Honour and Privilege 2 (Salisbury Room) Chair: John Law (Swansea) > David Rosenthal (Edinburgh): “Alessandra and her sisters”: Honour, gender and social change in early modern Florence‟ > Louisa Connor Bulman (Manchester): „Honouring the Madonna and honoured by the city: votive images at SS. Annunciata, Florence, c. 1430-1530‟ > Andrea Gáldy (Florence): „Sign of Prestige or Path to Virtue: Cosimo I de‟ Medici‟s collection of antiquities‟ Religion (Holyrood Room) Chair: Stephen Bowd (Edinburgh) > Agnieszka Steczowicz (Edinburgh): „Wonders, Enigmas, and Riddles: Paradoxes in Renaissance Theology‟ > Natasha Constantinidou (Edinburgh): „Superstition, perceptions of religious practice, and doctrinal orthodoxy in the late Renaissance‟ Progresses and Shows (Duddingston Room) Chair: Richard Mackenney (Edinburgh) > Susan Anderson (Leeds): “Could I but Eccho finde, Shee would returne me answere yet”: Echo devices in Elizabethan progress entertainments‟ > Jayne Archer (Aberystwyth): „Chorography and the Elizabethan Progresses‟ > Phil Robinson (Exeter): „A Tale of Too Many Cities: Dekker‟s Lord Mayor‟s Shows‟ 3.30-4.00: Refreshments 4.00-5.30: Session 6 Fragments 2 (Salisbury Room) Chair: Stella Fletcher (Warwick) > Fabrizio Nevola (Siena): „Rewriting Siena‟s Pasts in Stone: Humanists, Antiquarians and the Built Fabric‟ > Philippa Woodcock (Queen Mary, London): „The Tomb of Gaston de Foix: reconstructing appearance and intent‟ > Genevieve Warwick (Glasgow): „Fragments of Process: Bernini‟s bust of Louis XIV‟ Law and Politics (Holyrood Room) Chair: tba > Harald Braun (Liverpool): „The Fragmentation of Political Languages in Renaissance Europe: case studies from early modern Spain‟ > Tracey A. Sowerby (Oxford): „Richard Morison‟s Persuasion that the Laws should be in Latin and his scheme for the reform of the commonwealth‟ > Adolf Giuliani (Cambridge): „The idea of interiorisation of language in Camillo Gallinio‟s commentary on the Digest‟s title De verborum significatione (1582)‟ Revaluations (Duddingston Room) Chair: Helen Vincent (National Library of Scotland) > Alexander Lee (Edinburgh): „Faith, will and reason: rethinking Petrarch‟s Secretum‟ > Barbara Brumbaugh (Auburn): „Erasmus in Arcadia‟ > Kevin Killeen (Reading): „The Politics of Painting‟ Society for Renaissance Studies 2006


6.30-7.30 National Gallery of Scotland, Weston Wing, The Mound Renaissance Society of America Plenary: > Prof. John Monfasani (SUNY at Albany): „A Tale of Two Books: Bessarion‟s In Calumniatorem Platonis and George of Trebizond‟s Comparatio Philosophorum Platonis et Aristotelis‟ 7.30-8.30 Reception sponsored by the School of History and Classics, University of Edinburgh

Saturday 8 July
9.30-11.00: Session 7 Medical Markets (Salisbury Room) Chair: Patricia Allerston (National Galleries of Scotland) > Jane Stevens (Cambridge): „The Lazaretti of sixteenth-century Venice‟ > James Shaw (Sheffield): „The market for medicinal drugs in Renaissance Florence‟ > Alexandra Bamji (Cambridge): „Medical pluralism in seventeenth-century Venice‟ Objects 2 (Holyrood Room) Chair: tba > Victor Morgan (UEA): „Armillary Spheres at the Elizabethan Court‟ > Peter Windows (Birmingham): „The Badile album of Renaissance drawings and the beginnings of art collecting‟ > Jack Hinton (Philadelphia Museum of Art): „Cabinets “after Goujon”: Form and meaning in early seventeenth-century French furniture‟ > Joanna Eastwood (Cambridge): „Jewellery and exchange in The Comedy of Errors and The Merchant of Venice‟ Reading Practices (Duddingston Room) Chair: Suzanne Trill (Edinburgh) > Andrew Hiscock (Bangor): “Fast fettered in … ancient memory”: Ralegh and the arts of remembering‟ > Jonathan Olson (Liverpool): „The Origin of “Telamond”: Spenserian spelling or printing error?‟ > Louise Wilson (York): Paper on English translations of Iberian romances, title tbc Privilege and Honour 3 (Prestonfield Room) Chair: tba > David D’Andrea (Oklahoma State): „The Honour of Italian Renaissance Charity‟ > Piers Baker-Bates (Cambridge): „Privilege and honour in the relationship between Ferrante Gonzaga and Sebastiano del Piombo‟ > Sarah Alyn-Stacey (Dublin): „Intellectual Activity at the Court of Savoy under Marguerite de France‟ 11.00-11.30: Refreshments 12.30-1.30 National Library of Scotland, George IV Bridge Plenary: Prof. William Sherman (York): „Digging the Dust: Renaissance Archivology‟ 1.45-2.30 Reports from chairs and closing discussion: „Directions in Renaissance Studies‟ (Chair: Brian Vickers) For further information, please contact the Society for Renaissance Studies Conference Co-ordinator: Dr Stephen Bowd School of History and Classics, University of Edinburgh, William Robertson Building, 50 George Square, Edinburgh EH8 9JY E-mail:

Society for Renaissance Studies 2006


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