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Treasure Trove – One Pager


									Party Pirates – Mini Game – Treasure Cove – One Pager
Treasure Cove
This is a mini-game for 2-4 players in party mode. Players compete to see who can collect the most treasure from the ocean floor before the timer runs out. The timer is set for 2 minutes. The person with the most treasure is awarded 50 points, second place is awarded 40 points, third place 30 points, and fourth place is awarded 20 points. Players start on their pirate ship and dive into the sea, swimming to the bottom to collect treasure from chests or the ocean floor itself. They have a breath meter which they have to be aware of, when it runs out they are forced to surface for air. Once a player picks up treasure, they return to their pirate ship on the surface to collect it. Treasure Players can carry two small treasures at a time or one big treasure. Small treasures consist of:     Bar of gold Jewelled goblets etc. Small bag of coins Small bag of gems Worth 1 gold Worth 2 gold Worth 5 gold Worth 10 gold

Large treasures consist of:     Small treasure chest Large jewelled figurines Large bag of coins Large bag of gems Worth 10 gold Worth 15 gold Worth 20 gold Worth 25 gold

Sharks & Blowholes Watch out for sharks and blow holes. Sharks will eat your pirate, and blow holes will suck you up and spit you into the air. If a player is launched out of a blow hole or eaten by a shark, they are not eliminated. They restart on the pirate ship and dive into the water again. Diving Players can dive by waving the nun-chuck and the wii-mote to the side in sync, simulating swimming with your arms, this will double your speed, but it will also shorten the time you can hold your breath. When the timer runs out, the points are awarded and the game moves onto the next mini-game. The party game ends when one player reaches 1000 points. (The point threshold can be adjusted by the players for customization of game length.)

Robert Ling


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