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									Client Feedback Data
Client Feedback Centre We have received Question (in brief) TNO is punctual… Informed about status… TNO has met org. needs… TNO approachable… Team met expectations… S/W met expectations… Confident to update… Happy with training… TNO solved problems… Confident to use stats… TN has +ve effect on org… TN increased IT skills… Sales/enquries increase… Intends to continue site… Regularly maintains... 49 CFF's so far out of SA 21 18 18 26 21 12 9 14 16 7 8 6 6 4 6 A 18 19 16 14 16 19 18 18 17 10 15 11 7 5 10 N 4 6 8 4 6 10 14 8 9 13 8 13 12 17 9 D 2 1 2 1 1 2 4 4 2 5 2 4 6 5 7 115 = A % 37 39 33 29 33 39 37 37 35 20 31 22 14 10 20 43 N % 8 12 16 8 12 20 29 16 18 27 16 27 24 35 18 % D SD NC % % % 4 0 8 2 2 8 4 0 8 2 0 8 2 2 8 4 8 8 4 10 4 8 12 10 14 2 0 2 2 0 4 4 8 8 6 10 8 8 8 29 29 27 29 29 29

SD NC SA % 0 4 43 1 4 37 1 4 37 0 4 53 1 4 43 1 0 1 1 0 2 2 4 4 3 5 4 4 4 14 14 13 14 14 14 24 18 29 33 14 16 12 12 8 12

49 49 49 49 49 49 49 49 49 49 49 49 49 49 49

How has Tradenet affected your Business/Community Group? Please answer in terms of increased sales or enquiries, new customers or contracts. If it has had no effect, please say so. Comment Blends Ltd. have had no effect from the website. One potential customer made a small enquiry but we have not done anything as of yet. At least 8 definite sales through the website, <£100 per sale. More business enquiries through site too. Site found through other advertising media such as business cards and Yellow Pages / www.yell.com No extra business No effect. This is due to my type of business Business has really picked up since being with Tradenet, Plus plenty of enquiries. None. None We have had a few enquiries from people who have seen our website The website has assisted Knowsley Business Watch in raising it’s profile outside the borough. As a Knowsley industrial crime prevention membership scheme we are governed by the boundaries of the Industrial and Business arks for our membership base. All 330+ members have been given the website address and can now access our monthly crime reviews which are listed in the files section of our web pages. KBW also has as an associate members scheme which is made up of companies from the security industry. These companies can be kept well informed via the website as to current crime trends in the area and this should also assist in retaining there membership. Future investors I the area can also be referred to the site information We have had several enquiries/sales in the local area from the website, each worth less than £100. We are pleased with the effect on business. Tradenet Has increased our enquiries None None No Effect As yet we have received no increased enquiries, however we have our website as a link on other groups websites As yet, there has been no tangible effect but I think this has

mostly been due to us not developing the site fully We have constantly had increased enquiries since launching the website We have a lot of people contacting us regarding stories and leads No effect – as of yet. Still a lot of work to do on the site It has had no effect on increased sales or enquiries to date. Tradenet has given our organisation a much higher profile in the industry and has attracted new sales/enquiries from new customers. People visiting my site are pleased with it. One definite new client via web site (Age Concern) No effect Tradenet has little effect on my business, with no increase in trade No No effect whatsoever The tradenet website hasn’t really effected my sales As of yet we have had no new customers or enquiries as a result of the web site, much of our new business is gained through word of mouth. We have added the address to our letterhead and business cards etc so that existing/new clients can go online and read up a bit about our organisation and the work we do if they want to. We have had some contacts via the website. I am unable to comment on how often the site has been accessed because I haven’t worked out the statistics bit that’s been mentioned yet! We see it as an important method of information being publicly available There has not been a great increase of the uptake of new members since the site has been launched. No direct contact via the website has been received by us and as there is no hit counter on the site it is difficult to ascertain any direct impact that the site has had Tradenet has made a big impact on our business due to sales online and a large amount of enquiries through this medium Customer enquiries have increased since Tradenet has been involved with the website. It has been a distinct advantage to have customer enquiries e-mailed direct to me rather than via a third party server as was the previous case Has increased sales and enquiries. Contracts have been achieved. Pleased with response will recommend!

How could Tradenet improve? Think about the Tradenet team, the software, the training, and anything else you can think of. Comment A bit more flexibility with page layouts, possible 1 free choice to be designed with support of Connect staff I think we should have a bit more flexibility in the template and more space to use more media (photos /films). The software could be more user friendly and flexible to customers needs. The counter on the Shopkeeper which has just been introduced is only seven days, this should be more continuous, which would be much more useful. No improvement needed. It just hasn’t worked for our company. Software is outdated I’m happy the way it is More Contact with users to test I.T Knowledge and to support the lapses identified. The software is sometimes slow to respond I think that Tradenet is an excellent project and I cannot fault the help, assistance and support that I have received from the Tradenet representative Donna Cashen We have found the staff at Tradenet helpful, supportive and always willing to try and solve any problems encountered. I Think Tradenet could be improved by doing more training on a regular basis None None More Training Tradenet Has met all of our needs and I can think of no improvements None Extra ways in which we can make our website look ‘cool’ for the 21st Century!! By giving what they said would be available, i.e. Council tenders No Comment I cannot think of any way in which the team could improve, Donna was very helpful and friendly and we were kept well informed of progress on the site and training days. My contact with the team has been limited in frequency – mostly because of constraints of time in terms of working on the website. When I have had contact with the team they have been very patient and helpful To be contacted at least once a month for regular feedback.

Hit counter, more space for the scrapbook

Do you have any other comments to make? Comment A good way to get on the web, however, perhaps need a little more support in initial stages to ensure information is added and updated more frequently. Excellent good training very clear and precise and to my own competence. Mark Perry has been totally professional and extremely knowledgeable across all areas. He has definitely gone the extra mile to benefit our business. It has been a pleasure working with him and believes he is truly an asset to your organisation. Friendly, helpful and approachable. Didn’t like the restricted format of the Sitemaker templates, confesses that his failure to make more from the website has been to do with him, the Tradenet team has made every effort to help him. It would have been good to get some of the younger lads involved with the website but we have had too big a workload. Service has been excellent, Tradenet have always kept in touch. Not in anyone’s face. The project has highlighted the advantages of having a web presence, and Right Choice will continue to exploit e-commerce through other avenues. Services I used were good. A big thank you. We have found as a company Tradenet will improve Kemtec internally IT wise. Will take longer with our customers. I am now looking at ideas for future sponsorship for the site from security companies, so that the site can be financed once the two year free period comes to an end. Finally, the help and support I have received from Tradenet has also increased my own knowledge of the internet and web site building. We would have no hesitation in recommending Tradenet to other business colleagues. I would like to thank Tradenet and its staff for all their help and support. None None Good idea, but would like more training I intend to make better use of the facilities and resources Tradenet has to offer We have difficulty updating our website due to time and work

commitments, otherwise we are happy with the website and choice of designs Tradenet has had no effect on our business because we have not had the site up and running due to our own technical difficulties. Have had a few minor hiccups amending the site through my own negligence. Tradenet staff have been extremely helpful and supportive when asked for advice. Waste of time. I was also told that my existing web address I reluctantly signed to you now has to be released by the Internet company The people I have had contact with have all been very nice & pleasant, but nothing the website promised ever came to fruition and no-one called to see how it was doing or I was doing with regard to the website. No Comment I think the project is very useful for small businesses and community groups like my organisation. The staff are approachable, helpful and friendly and supportive. No other comment No other comment No other Comment Mark Perry has been a knowledgeable and skilled asset to my business. I am very pleased with the results of his efforts. According to our corporate brochure designers, they are unable to put our brochure on the site you provide. This has limited our usage and forced us to look elsewhere for internet website design. We are unable to develop our business relationship with Tradenet, but thank you for the support you have provided.

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