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Game Design Document

Copyright Jeff DeGordick, 2007

Table of Contents
Design Overview … 3 Controls … 3 Game Camera … 3 Interface/GUI … 4 Saving System … 4 Special Moves … 4 Unlockables … 5 Game Objects … 6


Design Overview
Brunch is a 2D high score-based game where you play as a shark and eat swimmers and boats for points. The game controls like the old classic, Snake. The player moves through the water automatically at a constant speed and needs only to press the arrow keys to change direction. There’s a certain amount of depth beyond this, including special moves and unlockables. Special moves can be bought at any time through an inventory menu system available through the pause screen. These moves cost a certain amount of blood that the player builds up by eating things. Once the player has purchased a special move, it will be mapped to a specific key and will be available immediately. Rather than just have the player strive for a high score, Brunch will also feature unlockables in the form of alternate themes. These themes include different object and character sprites as well as the background, and different sounds and music. Striving to unlock these themes will give the player a reason to play repeatedly and play often.

The movement controls are just like the classic Snake where you only need to press a direction key to automatically move in that direction at a constant speed, rather than hold that direction key to keep moving there. The player can move through all objects without any collision detection. The only time collision comes into play is when the player presses the Bite key. When the player registers a bite with another object, the player will eat the object (in the case of propane tanks, this can be deadly). Change direction to the left Change direction to the right Change direction upward Change direction downward Bite Special Move 1 Special Move 2 Special Move 3 Special Move 4 Pause menu … Left Arrow … Right Arrow … Up Arrow … Down Arrow … Spacebar …X …C …V …B … Enter

Game Camera
Brunch will entirely be shown from a top-down view. The whole play area will be in view at all times; no camera movement will take place at all.


The front end menu of Brunch will have five options:  Start Game – start a new game  High Scores – see the high scores list  Controls and Tips – see the controls and tips screen  Exit Game – exits Brunch  Credits – see the credits and copyrights screen The in-game menu accessed from the pause screen will have three options:  Resume Game – leaves the pause menu and goes back to the game in progress.  Chomp Shop – accesses menu where you can buy special moves and select unlockables  Quit Game – exits the current game and returns to the front-end menu The Chomp Shop inventory/options menu has four special moves for the player to purchase which will be mapped to the X, C, V and B keys. The player can also select object and character sprites, and music from what they’ve unlocked. The Chomp Shop will show how much blood (points) the player has to purchase special moves. In-game, the following GUI will be shown:  Top-left corner – the player’s lives (represented by shark teeth)  Top-right corner – the player’s score  Bottom-right corner – the player’s special bar (see Special Moves)

Saving System
When something is unlocked or purchased, the game will automatically save this information so that the next time the player plays Brunch, all of these things will be available to the player. The high scores list, including scores and names will also be saved.

Special Moves
    Four special moves will be available for purchase via the Chomp Shop inventory/options menu. When purchased, they will be mapped to a specific key. When a special move is performed, a drain in the player’s special bar will occur. The player’s special bar will refill ¼ for every 2,500 points they gain.


The player performs a dash across the screen in whatever direction

Blood Cost Special Bar Drain
2,500 1/4



they’re facing. This move automatically performs the bite action for the player. (the player is immune to damage during this move) Lightning will rain Thunderstruck down on all objects in the ocean and render them temporarily paralyzed, leaving them easy prey for the player. The player spins Spinball extremely fast and creates a turbulent force that acts as a pinball, ricocheting very quickly all around the screen, killing everything in its path. (the player is immune to damage during this move) A swarm of different Red Sea sharks will vertically line up at the left side of the screen and sweep across the entire screen, killing everything.










    When the player reaches certain point plateaus, they will unlock a specific theme. Each theme is comprised of player and object sprites as well as the background, sound effects and music. The player has the option to switch whole themes or to mix and match different elements from different themes. The player can manually switch everything except for the sound effects. The sound effects will always match the appropriate sprites.

Original Theme:
Player Sprite … Great white shark


Swimmer Sprites Boat Sprite Damaging Item Sprite Background Music Unlocked at

… Modern-day swimmers … Modern-day small luxury boat … Propane tank … Blue water … “Why Can’t We Be Friends?” by War … Default theme (available from the start)

Pirate Theme:
Player Sprite Swimmer Sprites Boat Sprite Damaging Item Sprite Background Music Unlocked at … Skeleton shark … Pirates … Small row boat manned by a pirate … Powder keg … Murky green water … “Spinal Theme” – Killer Instinct 2 … 20,000 points

Robotic Theme:
Player Sprite Swimmer Sprites Boat Sprite Damaging Item Sprite Background Music Unlocked at … Robot shark … Robots … Decaying metal ships … Futuristic energy explosive … Dark blue water … “Glacius Theme” – Killer Instinct 2 … 50,000 points

Game Objects
            Normal movement speed of 5 Can move left, right, up and down Blood Lust movement speed of 7 Tailspin movement speed of 25 Hyperspeed movement speed of 35 Starts off with 5 lives Gains an extra life for every 5,000 points (max of 5)

Movement speed of 3 Moves left, right, up or down Changes direction every 2 seconds When one is killed, a new one is spawned in a random location 2 seconds later Worth 10 points


          Movement speed of 5 Moves left, right, up or down Changes direction every 3 seconds Drops a damaging item (propane tank, powder keg, etc.) every 2 seconds When one is killed, a new one is spawned in a random location 2 seconds later Worth 50 points

Damaging item
Is deployed from boats every 2 seconds Doesn’t move Stays on screen for 2 seconds If bitten by the player, explodes and takes one life from the player (except when the player is in Colossus mode, in which case it takes half of a life)


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