The Badger is a famous bike ride by fjzhangm


									Annette Gonzalez Period 6 10-20-05 The Badger is a famous bike rider who races in The Tour De France. The Badger had his tour debut in 1978 and no one will ever forget it. It was in 1979 that the win was more like Merckx and Merckx is one of the good racers. The Badger won the green jersey and the yellow jersey as well and also took seven stages in the process. In 1981 and 1982 The Badger went back to making racers suffer and even won the final sprint, he won it in Paris after his fourth win in five years.

Tour De France

The Pirate’s real name is Marco Pantani He just likes to be called The Pirate. He is a famous bike racer that races in the tour de France. One time Marco Pantani won on a rainy day and he it was in Paris. It looked like a 10-lap race around the city but would be cut short because of the dangerous rain on the French capitals cobbles. At the same time as the field turned onto the broad tree-lined boulevard, the sun came out and hit straight to the riders. Pantani won that rainy day and he was the first Italian to win the Tour De France since 1965.

They are both great bike riders. They also are good racers that race in the Tour De France. The Pirate died at the age of 34. The Badger is still alive.

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