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									Chris C – DJ/Producer

STYLE OF MUSIC PLAYED: Hard House & Hard Trance RESIDENCIES: White Wolf - Zurich, Switzerland (Monthly) Pickle – London (Monthly)

PREVIOUS RESIDENCIES & GUEST APPEARANCES: Resident at ‘TUNNEL CLUB’ Cardiff 1991 Resident at ‘BOLTS ‘ Luton 1991-1994 Resident at ‘LABRYNTH’ London 1994-96 Resident at ‘OASIS’ at ‘Mirage’ Luton 1992-95 Resident at ‘CALIGARI’ Luton 1995-96 Resident at ‘DIZSTRUXSHON’ Humberside 1995-96

Guest appearances include ‘Sundissential’, ‘Frantic’ London, ‘HQ’ Amsterdam, ‘Impulz’ Den Bosch (NL), ‘Eden’ Ibiza, ‘Convergence’ London, ‘Insomniacz’ Sheffield, Doncaster Warehouse, ‘Eurobeat 2000’ London, ‘Soundshaft’ London, ‘Club Kinetic’ Stoke-on-Trent, ‘Dance Factory’ Birmingham, ‘Bagleys’ London, ‘Tunnel Club’ Cardiff, ‘Hyperbolic’ King’s Lynn, ‘Arena’ Middlesbrough, ‘Rhythm Station’ Aldershot, ‘Uprising’ Sheffield, ‘Diehard’ Leicester, ‘Sourcey Nights’ Scunthorpe, ‘Planet Metatron’ Harrogate, ‘Atlantis’ Hornsea, ‘Pleasuredome’ Skegness, ‘Caesars Palace’ Dunstable (warm-up DJ for ‘The Prodigy’ 1995), ‘Sunny

Side Up’ London, ‘Dance Factory' Birmingham, ‘Vibealite’ Stoke-on-Trent, ‘Street Parade’ Zurich (CH), ‘Babalabar’ Basel (CH), ‘Utopia’ Basel (CH), ‘Oxa’ and ‘Sensor’ Zurich (CH), ‘The Venue’ Jersey, ‘Number 10 Club’ Guernsey, 'The Monkey' Guernsey, ‘Black House’ Dornbirn (A), 'Pendragon' London, 'Chunnel Club' London, 'Mass' London, 'Country Club' Yeovil, 'Sound Factory' Plymouth, Club 414 London, 'Ultra Pumpin' Osaka (JPN), 'Vortex' Tokyo (JPN), 'Death Disko' Sendai (JPN), 'Fabtastica' Nagoya(JPN), 'Code’ Tokyo, 'Hullabaloo' Toronto (CDN), 'La Villa' Mulhouse (F), 'Crash' London, ‘Pulse’ Tampere (FIN), 'North' Stoke-on-Trent, Camden Palace – London, ‘Club Liquid’ London, ‘Side Show’ Winnipeg (CDN), ‘Warm & Fuzzy’ Edmonton (CDN), ‘Pier 51’ New York City (USA), ‘Bowlers’ Manchester, ‘Drome’ London, ‘Bay 33’ Sydney (AUS), ‘Hard Kandy’ Melbourne, ‘System 6’ Adelaide & ‘Advent’jah’ Brisbane(AUS)

COMING SOON DISCOGRAPHY: Mind Over Matter (MOM) Records launched in July 97, a collaboration between Chris and Alphamagic Music in London. The label’s policy was to release quality Hard House & Trance material with the first single being Chris’s own ‘The Third Stroke’ b/w ‘White Wolf’ (in acknowledgement of the party organisation in Zurich which gave Chris his European break). Chris has also recorded with DJ M-Zone as ‘GANESH’, with Rob Vanden & D-Zine as ‘TRIPSWITCH’, with DJ’s Fade & Bananaman as ‘MANY MORE’, as 'BEN SEBANELLI', 'A10' with Steve Knight, 'BEATNIQZ' with Jon Doe, with Billy 'Daniel' Bunter as 'TASTY' , with Madam Zu and Mik Cree as ‘NEW BEATNIQZ’, ‘THE MYSTERONS’ and also under his own name. MOM’s sister label ‘MOHAWK’ launched in September of 1998 and concentrated more on the ‘pumping’ style of NRG-House music though, like MOM, retaining its own distinctive sound and style. A third marque, AZTEC, launched in Autumn 99, to run in parallel with Mohawk and replacing MOM which ceased output at the same time. Additionally, 2 further labels ‘NILE’ and ‘PIRATE WAX’ were launched in July 2000 and


November 2001 respectively (the former being transferred to Madam Zu to run in February 2001, the latter ceasing operations in July 2002). Chris parted company with Alphamagic in the summer of 2002 to concentrate on new independent projects, including the launch of his new label ‘APACHE’ in November of that year. Previous and forthcoming releases, both solo and collaborative (as of August 2002) are as follows: ‘CRISIS’ by Ganesh (Phoenix Rising Records) 1995* ‘INFINITY 95’ by Chris C & M-Zone (DW Records) 1995 ‘DIZSTRUXSHON’ by Tripswitch (GBT Records) 1996 ‘BACK AGAIN’ by Ganesh (Tinrib Records) March 97** ‘PENTIUM’ by Chris C & M-Zone (Tinrib Recs.) Release 24 Apr 97 ‘ECLIPSE EP’ by Chris C & M-Zone (South Of Sanity) Jul 97 ‘MiG 101’ by Chris C & M-Zone (New Planet Recs.) Release Aug 97 ‘RAM RAIDER/TIC TAC’ by Tripswitch (GBT Recs.) Release Jul 97*** ‘WHITE WOLF’ by Chris C (MOM Records) Released July 97**** ‘DREAM ON’ by Many More (MOM Records) Released Sep 97 ‘CONSEQUENCES’ by Chris C (MOM Records) Released Sep 97# ‘RUBY(RED)/SLITHER’ by Ben Sebanelli (MOM Records) Dec 97 ‘HOUSE OF STICKS’ by Chris C (MOM Records) Released Jan 98 ‘THE LAST HURRAH’ by Ganesh (MOM Records) Released Feb 98 ‘FOOL’S GOLD’ by Chris C (MOM Records) Released 4/98 ‘PLYMOUTH’ by Chris C (MOM Records) Released 6/98 'CITRUS/TORPEDO' by Chris C (Upforit Records) Released 9/98 'DAMNED LIES!' by Chris C (Upforit Records) Release Scheduled 10/98 'UNLUCKY FOR SOME' by A10 (MOM Records) Release Scheduled 10/98 'PUMPIN' by Beatniqz (Mohawk Records) Released 10/98 'ONCE AGAIN (WITH FEELING)' by Beatniqz (Mohawk Recs.) Jan. 99 'KICK IT!' by Beatniqz (Mohawk Records) Released May 99# 'MAKE IT ROCK' by Tasty (Honeypot) Released Apr 99 'MITSUBISHI BABY' by Chris C & Jon Doe (Endeavour Recs) Due Sep 99 'MOVEMATIC' by Chris C (Mohawk Records) Released July 99 'FREEFALL & FOOL'S GOLD' by Chris C (Mohawk Records) October 99 'COMOCEAN' (Beatniqz Remix) by Freeland & Jeffrey (Mohawk) Oct 99 'TEMPTRESS' by Beatniqz (Mohawk) Released Oct/Nov 99 'PEOPLE' by Beatniqz (Mohawk) (Alphamagic Sampler) October 99 ‘999 MATRIX (Chris C Remix) by Madam Zu (Mohawk) – December 99 ‘WELCOME!’ by The Captain & Chris C (Tinrib Records) – December 99 ‘THE CALL’ by Chris C (Aztec Records) – December 99 ‘SIDE SHOW’ by Sebanelli (Aztec Records) – March 2000 ‘HULLABALOO’ by Chris C (Mohawk) – February 2000 ‘KEEP IT COMING (CHRIS C REMIX) by DBSK (Bulletproof) – Mar. 2000 ‘WE HAVE 2 SEE (NEW BEATNIQZ REMIX)’ by Paul Gaarn (Replay) – 10/00 ‘PROGRAM OVERLOAD’ by Chris C (Aztec) – Due April 2000 ‘GET ON THE FLOOR’ by Chris C (Mohawk) – Due April 2000 ‘FRANKIE SAYS..’ by Chris C & Dynamic Intervention (Bangin’ Out) – 5/00

‘SEDUCTION (Chris C & DIP Remix) by Yoji Biomehanika (Aztec) – 7/00 ‘NRG FILES VOL.2’ by Various Artists (Mixed CD Album) (Alphamagic) -6/00 ‘THE QUEEN & I’ by Chris C (Nile Records) – August 2000 ‘FIRE ON THE MOON (Yoji Biomehanika Rx)’ by Chris C (Aztec) – June 2000 ‘DREAMER (Chris C vs DIP Remix)’ by Ian M (Tidy Trax) –September 2000 ‘V8’ – Chris C vs Dynamic Intervention (Mohawk) – Due November 2000 ‘TRADE BOY’ by Chris C (Mohawk) – October 2000 ‘MINDBENDER’ by CHRIS C & DYNAMIC INTEREVNTION (Mohawk) – 12/00 ‘RUN AMOK!’ Double CD Album (Mohawk) – September 2000 ‘MOTIV8OR’ by Chris C (Aztec) – October 2000 ‘DIRTY TALK’ by Sebanelli (Mohawk) – February 2001 ‘WANNA GET HIGH’ by The Mysterons (Nile) – February 2001 ‘NOMAD’ by Chris C (Mohawk) – March 2001 ‘ASSASSIN’ by Chris C & Choci (Mohawk) – March 2001 ‘A NEW GOD’ by Chris C (Aztec) – May 2001 ‘THE DARK SIDE’ by Chris C (Mohawk) – May 2001 ‘FREEFALL (Remixes)’ by Chris C (Mohawk) - August 2001 ‘NAKED’ by Chris C (Mohawk) – November 2001 ‘ETC’ by Chris C & Matt Clarke (Aztec) – October 2001 ‘A DROP OF THE HARD STUFF’ by Chris C (Pirate Wax) – November 2001 ‘AMOKALYPSE NOW REMIXES’ Various Artists (Mohawk) – Sep/Oct 2001 ‘AMOKALYPSE NOW’ 2CD Album – Various Artists (Mohawk) – Oct.2001 ‘CONTROLLED DESCENT’ by Chris C & Dave Nation (Mohawk) – Jan 2002 ‘DEAD ON A RIVAL’ by Chris C & The Doktor (Pirate Wax) – Feb 02 ‘KYORA’ by Chris C & The Doktor (Nile) – November 02 ‘SYSTEM 6’ b/w ‘WHIPLASH’ by Chris C & Odyssey/Sonic (Pirate Wax)- 7/02 ‘CALL OF THE WILD’ by Chris C (Nile) – July 02 ‘HARDCORE DISCO (CHRIS C & THE DOKTOR REMIX) by Bass-X – Sep 02 ‘VOLANTE’ by Chris C & The Doktor (Tidy Trax) – January 03 ‘TOKYO TELEFON’ b/w ‘BOYS DO’ by Chris C (Apache) – November 02 Future projects include solo, remix and collaborative releases for Apache, Nile, LoTek (USA) and Tidy Trax.

JOURNALISM: Chris wrote the ‘HARD TIMES’ Hardhouse and Trance Report for ‘TO THE CORE’ magazine in the UK aswell as event reviews and label/DJ profiles. ‘TO THE CORE’ was one of the leading UK Dance magazine with distribution in 22 countries world-wide.


GENERAL INFORMATION: Chris has been DJ’ing for 10 years having been ‘discovered’ warming-up for his long-time friend and DJ Tony De Vit. In fact, Chris used to act as Tony’s record buyer in London up until the time Tony’s career skyrocketed. Similar in style and content to DJ’s like Andy Farley, Lisa Lashes and Ian M (from London’s legendary ‘Trade’ club) his profile continues to rise both in the UK and worldwide through his DJ’ing and recording. Chris has collaborated closely with both Jon Doe and Dynamic Intervention (Mik Cree) over the past few years and continues to record once with Dave Edge (aka The Doktor), Chris’s engineer on all of his MOM releases. His name is known across the global Hard House circuit and as a direct result Chris has found himself DJ’ing in such countries as Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Switzerland, Ireland, Finland, Austria, France, Taiwan, South Africa, Canada and the USA. Further details can be found on the Mohawk Records website.

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