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									Contact: Sondra Katzen Public Relations 708.688.8351 Stingray Bay at Brookfield Zoo Just the Facts… Open May 26 through September 3, 2007

Admission Admission to Stingray Bay is $2 (zoo members pay $1). Children 2 and under are free.

Description Stingray Bay is an interactive saltwater exhibit featuring marine life in a visual and educational display. It provides zoo guests the opportunity to not only view marine life but to touch, and at various times, participate in the feeding of the marine life collection. The exhibit maximizes guest access to the animals while being sensitive to animal husbandry needs.

Animals The two species exhibited at Brookfield Zoo’s Stingray Bay are:  Cownose stingrays (Rhinoptera bonasus)  Southern stingrays (Dasyatis americana)  Both the cownose and southern stingrays are hardy species that interact well with people. In addition, both species lend themselves well to feeding from guests in a safe and fun manner. All exhibit animals are fed supplemental food in addition to feedings by guests, and the animals have pool zones where they are able to swim away from guests if they choose.  Stingers—The stingers on the stingrays are painlessly clipped with a nail clipper and grow back. Living Exhibits staff, who manage the exhibit, monitor the stingrays throughout the season to insure no stingers exist that could present any risk to guests or staff.  Animal Diet—The stingrays are fed a mixture of river smelt and shrimp.  Animal Off-Season Housing—When not on exhibit at a zoo, aquarium, or museum, the animals reside at a Living Exhibits animal care facility. Animal Care Animal care for the collection on site is supervised by a full-time exhibit supervisor and an assistant exhibit supervisor both of who work for Living Exhibits. Animal care standards are designed by Living Exhibits staff. Living Exhibits animal care and veterinary policies and practices are in accordance with community standards. In addition, animal care on site is designed to be consistent with the Chicago Zoological Society’s veterinary and animal care standards.

Physical Exhibit The approximate specifications of the exhibit are:  16,000 gallons of saltwater  Pool depth: 18 inches - more -

Stingray Bay at Brookfield Zoo Just the Facts…—add 1    

Pool dimensions: 25 feet x 55 feet Pool perimeter: 160 feet The bottom of the pool is covered with a two-inch layer of crushed Aruba Puka shells. The pool is constructed of steel reinforced, poured concrete with a plaster finish on the inside and shotcrete (or Gunite) on the outside. The outside perimeter of the pool is embossed with subtle fossil impressions featuring sea stars, fish, etc.  The pool is under a 40-foot by 90-foot open-sided tent.

Life Support System (LSS) The Life Support System is designed to provide both biological filtration and mechanical filtration. In addition to the minor bioload introduced into the water by the animal’s waste products and uneaten food, the maximum nitrogenous waste contribution to bioload comes from perspiration and other chemicals present on guests’ hands and forearms when they reach into the water. Washing of hands in fresh water prior to putting hands in the water helps mitigate the introduction of these components into the animals’ environment. (Compliance to hand and forearm rinsing is mandatory.) The exhibit life support system is comprised of sand, carbon and biological filtration, ozone augmented protein fractionation, heating and chilling of water, backwash and makeup water capabilities and ultraviolet water sterilization. Salinity is maintained at 31–33 ppt (parts per thousand) and the temperature of the water is maintained at between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Sun & Surf Shop The 1,600-square-foot gift shop is located under the 40-foot by 80-foot tent. The Caribbean-themed shop features:  Beach-themed items include: colorful flip flops, shorts, ladies resort wear, sarongs, tank tops, T-shirts, beach toys (inflatable rings and balls), beach towels, body boards, and toys such as beach toy sets, soft paddle ball set, and soaker guns.  Stingray and tropical island-themed merchandise include: plush animals, jewelry (necklaces, earrings, and bracelets), straw hats, pink flamingo and parrot statues and figurines, wind chimes, candle holders, lighted moving pictures and other wall décor, picture frames, and puppets.  Pirate-themed merchandise include: T-shirts, pirate eye patches, PVC swords, pirate hats, jewelry, socks, and puppets, games, tub toy sets, flags, temporary tattoos, puzzles, and spy glasses.

Sun Deck The beach-themed outdoor café is on a 50-foot by 60-foot wooden deck decorated with tropical plants and umbrella tables. A railing encircles the deck with additional bar-stool seating. Caribbean music also adds to the ambience. The café features three stations:  Sunset Grill features char-grilled sandwiches (Caribbean jerk chicken with pineapple garnish and ―stingray‖ hotdogs on a stick); Zoodles (made-to-order vegetarian noodle stir fry)  Fresh Island Smoothies—Daiquiris, margaritas, mai tais, pina coladas (both alcoholic and nonalcoholic) available in assorted flavors and served in either 16- or 24-ounce souvenir cups.  Corona® Beach Hut—Corona® Corona® Light, Modelo® especial, and Miller® Light beers.

Trade Winds The 1,600-square-foot snack shop features sodas, bottled water, Dippin Dots® and other pretzels, hot dogs, popcorn, munchies. # # #

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