Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 park proj by fjzhangm


									Ensueño Europe Brochure

Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 park project by Six Frags

Welcome to my first RCT3 venture! Ensueño is a park chain, and the first park in this chain is situated in Switzerland, Europe. The park is 180x180 and peep-friendly (I hope ;) ) It’s divided into four themed sections, and also contains a nearby resort…

Beyond the sections in the park and what they contain:

Entrance Area When arriving in the park, you‟ll enter the entrance area at first. You‟ll notice several shops and services, to prepare you for a day full of pleasure… Take a ride on the Ensueño Express, and notice all the attractions you can visit on your stay at the park… After experiencing the beauty of the entrance and it‟s plaza, it‟s time to make your choice: Where will I go to next? You can choose from three directions to go; Future Flight, Wild Wild West Island or the Forgotten Kingdom…


Ensueño Europe Brochure Forgotten Kingdom When arriving through the ancient gate at the Forgotten Kingdom, you‟ll notice a world from the past… In the background lurks a giant wooden rollercoaster themed after Robin Hood. Do you dare to take a ride and experience to old glory days? Also try out The Black Knight; A topspin ride in where you‟ll experience the battle of this old brave knight… When you‟re tired and hungry, grab a steak at Sherwood‟s Steakhouse…

Expedition Ensueño Pack your bags, because we‟re going to take a travel.. We‟re going on expedition à la Ensueño!! In this expedition you‟ll experience several adventures where you can only dream off.. Watch the pirates when splashing into the pirate‟s cave on „Journey to pirate cave‟! Try to avoid the lethal „Mosquito‟, and experience the beauty and dangers from the MiddleEast, on „Search for Fata Morgana‟… Don‟t forget to get some tropical drinks and souvenirs, from the bazaar.


Ensueño Europe Brochure Fright Fair You think fairs are „fun‟? Well, not on this fair, because this fair is haunted… See why this fair has become like this in the „House Of Horrors‟, or ride the flat-rides outside. Watch out though, for some poisoned drinks and eats around this fair…

Future Flight Take a travel into the future, visit the Future Flight section! Experience the ultimate „tilt‟ in System failure, where the machinery acts… weird. Or feel how it‟s like when being a „Rocketeer‟… When you‟re not such a dare devil, you can also visit the more gentle „Robot war‟, where our future machinery is battling… Also, don‟t forget to take a future snack at Café “Espace”…


Ensueño Europe Brochure Wild Wild West Island The ultimate journey to the Wild West, situated on an island in the middle of the park. Experience the canyons in „La aventura acantilado‟, and make a rough swing on „Wild Bill‟. When you‟ll getting tired and want to go home, you can hop on the Ensueño Express and travel back to the Entrance plaza, where you can leave the park.

Ensueño Resort Stay a couple of days and hire a bungalow in the luxery Ensueño Bungalow Park. Right in the middle of the park is a lake where you can take a fresh swim in mother natures water… Or, when you want a much cleaner swim, you can go to the Ensueño pool house, where you can swim both in- and outdoor.

I hope you’l have a nice stay at the park and resort! -SF -4-

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