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					Premier’s Summer Reading Challenge – see the enclosed goodies in your crate today!!
What is the PRC?

The Premier's Summer Reading Challenge will run during the 2007-08 summer school holidays and children from Kindergarten through to Year 7 will be invited to enter the Reading Challenge. There will be prizes for children to win by participating as well as incentives throughout the Challenge that will keep children focused on reading. Information on how to register for the Challenge and the exciting prizes on offer will be available on the website below in November. So keep an eye out! What is happening 2007-08    Official launch 6 December 2007 with a pirate theme. Libraries will be the first point of contact over the summer Libraries will start to receive promotional materials from early November through exchanges.

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Both schools and libraries will receive entry forms but only libraries will receive the incentive prizes. Prizes will include stickers, bookmarks, pencils, door hangers, book labels and balloons. Writing WA will be coordinating Author visits – keep a look out on PLO for further information. The challenge will have a greater profile this year and there will be many more prizes in the draw; for example IPODs, signed football jumpers and balls, book vouchers and much more (See the entry form for full details). DET will have games and puzzles on their site after the launch date of 6 December you may want to use this site as part of your holiday program.

What are libraries encouraged to do?      Publicise and promote the PRC working towards an official launch day of 6 December 2007. Dust out your pirate gear… for your own library launch Spread the entry forms far and wide to try and capture children who are not library members –perhaps visit local youth clubs, PCYC, day care centres, leisure centres or shopping centres. It is suggested that you stamp the entry forms with your library name before distribution so that they will count as coming from your library. Join and encourage as many children as you can to complete their reading logs…. YOUR Library could win an Epson data projector!!! YES, you read right, the library with the most entries as a % of their 0-12 membership figures will win a data projector. The membership figures will be taken from the statistical bulletin, if you have not entered these figures November will be the time to do it! The incentive prizes and titles from the recommended reading list could form part of an interesting display in your library or other community place. Ensure members from your library have access to the recommended reading list. This list is now on PLO and titles with less than 50 copies statewide have been relisted on Webselect. Participate in developing a statewide collection of resources with a pirate theme. Add your good ideas to the YPS blog – the best idea will receive a “surprise prize” so hope to hear from all you creative people out there. If you are not a member of the YPS blog contact so you can be added as a user. Add “pirate titles” to the booklist on the YPS blog.

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On the 19th February 2008 count all your entries, provide a cover note saying how many entries you have enclosed and what library they are from and send too:

Premier’s Summer Reading Challenge C/- Department of Education and Training 151 Royal Street East Perth WA 6004 Please do not send the completed entries to SLWA.  On the 19th February 2008 complete the evaluation form which will be sent to all participating libraries in January 2008. There will be a dinner voucher as an incentive prize to encourage you all to complete the evaluation. This prize will be drawn from all the completed evaluation forms received by the end of February. Enjoy promoting a love of reading!