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									Camp Discovery: A Brownie Adventure
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Camp Discovery: A Girl Scout Adventure
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Badge Programs for Brownies & Junior Girl Scouts
The Discovery Museum Science & Space Center offers a variety of educational educational, fun badge workshop experiences and exciting outdoor camping adventures. Our unique programs are specially designed to immerse scouts in dynamic activities while they complete badge requirements. All programs are conducted by the museum’s own experienced and knowledgeable education staff members, and take place on the museum grounds. Fees include all n mus necessary materials and badges. Girls are welcome to sign up as individuals or as a troop. ividuals

Brownie Girl Scouts August 3-4-5, 2009 9:00am-12 Noon Discovery Museum Science & Space Center $60 per girl 24 Girls

Junior Girl Scouts June 22-26, 2009 9:00am-4:00pm Discovery Museum Science & Space Center $200 per girl 24 Girls

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Here’s a lot of summer adventure packed into 3 half-days for Brownies! Girls will perform fun science experiments (like making Glop!), use laboratory equipment, explore the many fascinating properties of water, and learn all about the properties of air while making fascinating flying objects. Brownies will earn one badge each day, so everyone will be very busy! Morning snack provided. Girls will earn 3 Try-It Badges: Science in Action, Water Everywhere, and Movers

What a wonderful week of hands hands-on science fun! Girls will explore the museum’s 14 wooded acres as they learn orienteering, visit the planetarium to learn about astronomy, get acquainted with the resident animals, perform fun experiments in the lab, rock ou with out geology, and launch into space as a crew member on the Challenger Learning Center’s Rendezvous with Comet Halley simulated space mission! Morning and afternoon snacks are provided, and Campers bring their own lunches. Girls will earn 6 different badges: Rocks Rock, Finding Your Way, Wildlife, Aerospace, Sky Search, and Science Discovery

To register for either of these two events, please call the Discovery Museum Science & Space Center: (916) 575-3942

3615 Auburn Boulevard Sacramento CA 95821
(916) 575-3942

Exploring Nature: Eco-Explorer Try-It!
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Nature Investigators: Earth Connections Badge
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Overnight at the Museum: Camp Together Badge
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Brownie Girl Scouts Saturday, May 23, 2009 9:30am-Noon Discovery Museum Science & Space Center (916) 575-3942 $12.50 per girl 40 Girls 4 Program Aides

Junior Girl Scouts Saturday, March 28, 2009 8:30am-12:30pm Discovery Museum Science & Space Center (916) 575-3942 $12.50 per girl 40 Girls 4 Program Aides

Junior Girl Scouts 7:30pm Friday, Sept. 18, 8:00am Sat, Sept 19, 2009 Discovery Museum Science & Space Center (916) 575-3942 $40.00 per girl 30 Girls & Adults No Aides needed

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Fee: Capacity: Aides:

Fee: Capacity: Aides:

Earn your Eco-Explorer Try-It! Have fun learning about nature at the Discovery Science & Space Center! Explore the Center’s 14 wooded acres and find living and non-living things to include in your ecolist. Make a habitat box for an animal from Sacramento County. You will create a food chain that shows how energy is passed from one living thing to another. The Center provides a nature notebook for you to record your studies and then take home with you. Fee includes program materials and Try-It.

Spend the morning exploring nature at the Discovery Museum Science & Space Center’s 14-acre nature area. Do a hands-on study of the ecosystem, and learn the web of connections that ties plants, animals, and the environment together. Meet live animals and see how they adapt to their habitats. Learn to identify local trees and plants. Fee includes a journal to record your new ecology knowledge, and the Earth Connections badge.

To register for any of these three events, please contact Girl Scouts Heart of Central California, (800) 322-4475 or

Camp outside on the Discovery Museum Science & Space Center’s 14 wooded acres! Girls will earn a “Camp Together” badge. Museum staff will oversee activities such as orienteering, evening nature walk, exploring the night sky, and an indoor planetarium star show. Campers should plan and bring their own dinners and breakfast as part of the requirements for earning the Camp Together badge. The Museum will provide 5-person tents, indoor restrooms, barbeque pits – and s’mores! Troops must provide their own first aider. Council Camp Rep will be in attendance and adult overnight campers will be in accordance with Safety Wise regulations. Museum gates will be locked at dusk for security.

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