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Retired? Want a new hobby?
How about GeoCaching?

SENIORS PAY NO TAX (mention Senior Scope) Upright Headstones $865.00 Flat Granite Grass Markers $385.00 Bronze Plaques $765.00

Geocaching is a unique and growing trend, although it has been around since May, 2000 originating in Oregon following the availability of satellites by the public. Prior to this, it was only available for government and Scams defense use. Gail McDonald is the Manager Coordinator Interlake Tourism Senior Scope-sponsored Association (ITA). She has been involved for 9 for thetotal and has discovyears dragon boat team paddles ered some of Manitoba’s best kept secrets in the process— ”Sunsets over for the environment Lake Manitoba, sunrises over Lake Winnipeg, walks along the beaches, back country roads that lead to the next surprise vista...” Some of the hotspots that Gail has pointed out in Manitoba are the Narrows of Lake Manitoba (the bridge to no-where, as some call it), the Steep Rock limestone cliffs, the Artisan wells on the Hecla/Grindstone shoreline, Matheson WIGGING OUT AGAIN with Island Ferry, etc. The ITA is working hard to promote Interlake as a great spot to visit or live in all seasons. Once they discovered geocaching, they decided to utilize it in their promotions. As Gail explains, “Dave Ulmer, a computer consultant, wanted to test William J. Thomas 3rd Showcase of Fashion Hair the accuracy of the GPS receivers by placing a cache out in the woods I Am Not Aging. in Oregon and then he posted the coordinates online. The first one was Lots of Wigs, Hair Extensions, I’m Accumulating Headwear, Products and PRO wig tips. called the ‘Great American GPS Stash Hunt.’ The coining of the phrase Longevity Status. See “Sevryn, the Mentalist” ‘geocaching’ was in late May by using the word ‘geo’ for earth and ‘cache’ Thurs., Sept. 17, 11 am-8:30 pm TO ADVERTISE to store something or hide something away. In September 2000, the CanadInns Club Regent Casino Hotel Publisher: Kelly Goodman website was officially started with 75 known 1415 Regent Ave. West, Wpg. caches in the world. Right now there are over 845,000 caches worldwide.” Phone: 204-467-9000 Room Ambassador G “Geocaching is a worldwide adventure sport which utilizes GPS devices Refreshments, Gifts and Door Prizes to hide and seek hidden containers called geocaches.” ~ Box 1806 • Stonewall Basically, you can be the hunter, looking for the caches or you can be Manitoba • R0C 2Z0 the one placing the bait - the caches. Anyone can place a Continued inside

INSIDE ◗ Cheque Overpayment

a joy to give! a joy to receive!

the goodness of organic grains!
Wolseley 783-5097 and The Forks Market 957-5097


50 Plus Living Show
“A Consumer Show Designed With Baby Boomers & Seniors in Mind”

LIFE LEASE - 55 and Better


September 26 & 27, 2009 Assiniboia Downs
Saturday 10 am-6 pm & Sunday 11 am-5 pm Admission: $5.00 at the door - 2 for 1 with this ad

National ard-Winning Aw Seniors’ Building

• Connected to Portage Place • Monitored security • 6 appliances • Large games room & lounge • Underground parking • Different floor plans available

For visitor and exhibitor info call (905) 814-0423

Call Ralph & Wendy Fyfe to view units


SPOTLIGHT: Geocaching - A growing trend for retirees, con’t
“The idea was that cachers had to come to the Interlake to get the gold coins.” says Gail. Interestingly, Gail has tracked a coin that started in Teulon, went to Hawaii, then to Idaho, to New Zealand and then to Europe (Germany, Belgium, Holland, Denmark ), going over 42,000 kms so far. Geocaching is for all ages and abilities. Gail states, “Young children with parents (kids are learning GPS use in school now) to seniors that are mobile and wish to travel by using GPS searches, are involved. Many caches are set up with easy access and are perfect for children or people that have physical handicaps, which makes this a sport for all ages and all fitness levels. But, with some caches you need to have a boat or walk over ice in winter to get to, some are ‘right next door’ in a neighbourhood Gail McDonald (left) and Andrea park.” Sweatland receiving a Volunteer Andrea of the Year award. Sweetland of Eriksdale, MB, is a 63 year-old retired teacher and Gail with her GPS at a training session in Teulon. has volunteered on the Interlake Tourism board for Possibilities.” ITA members that set up a cache in four years. “Working on a Board that is regional gives the Interlake receive a gold coin. Bronze coins me access to friends that I would probably never could be purchased, too, and there are only about encounter otherwise,” says Andrea. She enjoys the 20 left. They can serve as collector items as well. involvement of the creative marketing practices to cache. Many communities like to use geocaching to draw visitors. It’s fun to track the travels of your cache. A cache can be anything from a town pin or keychain to a notepad to record messages— anything that someone might wish to leave for another cacher to pick up. Often, history pieces of a community are left for the geocachers to pick up and pass along in their travels. Once you pick up a cache, you must leave something in its place, like a cache item from another part of the world. Gail wanted to do something different to tell the world about the Interlake, so she designed the ITA Geocoin. It represents the diverse culture and heritage, and all that the Interlake has to offer, incorporating their brand, “Inland Oceans, Infinite
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Don’t be lonely!
Where 2 hearts meet YOUR SUCCESS IS OUR 1st PRIORITY

Let our personal in depth screening & continual feedback assure you results in your search for a quality soul mate.

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Living Made Easy ltd.
Home Healthcare Products • New & Used


Cal Friesen - lawyer
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direct line 944-7967

If you suffer from chronic bronchitis
and have the following symptoms: ❑ Increase in shortness of breath ❑ Yellow or green coloured sputum ❑ Increase in sputum volume and you are over the age of 60, a current or past smoker of a pack a day or more, then you may qualify to participate in a new research study. For more information contact: Winnipeg Clinic Research Tel: 957-3390

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Tub Grab Bars $44.95 Folding Walker with Skis $99.00 Airgo 3-Wheel Scooter $899 /Reg. 1569.00 Your Airgo Walker
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Wills Estates

- for a couple $200.00 - individual $125.00 - for deceased persons

- fees as set by the Court, please inquire

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Serving Winnipeg and Rural Manitoba

SPOTLIGHT: Geocaching - A growing trend for retirees, con’t
help promote the Interlake including geocaching. Despite all the volunteering Andrea does for the ITA, local library, museum, Eriksdale Recreation Centre, Community Futures West Interlake Board , and others— she still finds time to set out some geocoins in caches in the Interlake. “I have so much fun getting the emails from those that stop by and log their visit. I share it with the Museum Board and the Chamber of Commerce. I have set up a mini circuit for my family to test their skills as an activity at a family get-together,” she tells us. Andrea’s family includes her husband, two grown daughters and sons-in-law to go with them, a grown grandson and a granddaughter-in-law who have two lovely children. Geocaching IS for the whole family. Andrea has tracked one of her geocoins to Italy, Germany, Sweden and back to the U.S. She explains that she and her husband took a workshop in 2007 at Oak Hammock Marsh, just east of Stonewall on Hwy. #67 to learn the ‘sport’. Now Andrea has one more hobby to add to her list that includes using her computer, sewing, Sudoko puzzles, card-making, scrapbooking and getting together with friends at the local coffee shop. If you are interested in learning more about geocaching, you can visit for general information. For the local chapter, visit Here you will find information on workshops, etc. Happy geocaching! ■

39 Years of Harmony
The Senior Citizens' Choir of Winnipeg, originating during the Centennial Celebrations of l970, is looking for new members to join in the 20092010 season. If you are 55+ and enjoy four-part harmony singing, please call us. Men in any age group are encouraged. This prestigious choir has received many awards including the Helga Anderson Trophy at the Manitoba Music Festival in 2005. The choir brings their music to "shut ins" on a strictly voluntary basis, and to all other interested venues. The S.C.C.W's repertoire consists of Broadway Show Tunes; Classical and Sacred music and whatever music requested to suit performing venues, and can boast of having some very fine soloists. The choir begins Sept. 14. Contact Mary: 22l-3373 or SATURDAYS 5:30 p.m. on CTV-TV August 29, 2009 JACKPOT

I’ve learned- That life is like a roll of toilet paper. The closer it gets to the end, the faster it goes. I’ve learned - That it’s those small daily happenings that make life so spectacular. I’ve learned - That under everyone’s hard shell is someone who wants to be appreciated and loved. I’ve learned - That life is tough, but I’m tougher. I’ve learned - That when you harbor bitterness, happiness will dock elsewhere. I’ve learned - That a smile is an expensive way to improve your looks.

$63,000 Kin Pot $314,000

2,000 Prize every week!
Fax: 233-6415



Cards available at selected stores in your area or by mail through head office: Ph: 233-6365

161 Rue Grandin, Winnipeg, MB R2H 0A8

with cheque and your mailing address ITEM QTY PRICE SHIPPING TOTAL

x 3.00 NONE $ x 3.00 NONE $ x 3.00 NONE $ x 3.00 NONE $ x 12.00 NONE $ x 15.00 NONE $ $

Mexi-Three Bean Salad
DRESSING 1 c Thick and chunck salsa Mild, Medium or Hot 1/3 c Fresh lime juice - about 2 limes 1/3 c Vegetable oil 1 tsp Chili powder (or to taste)

Enjoy this feisty flavoured salad any time of the year. Great if you are on a veggie diet!

Cards week of Sept 5 Cards week of Sept 12 Cards week of Sept 19 Cards week of Sept 26 Bingo Card Sept/09 Pack Bingo Card Oct/09 Pack TOTAL

SALAD 1 15 oz. can Kidney beans drained and rinsed 1 15 oz. can Black beans drained and rinsed 1 15 oz. can Garbanzo beans drained and rinsed 1c Chopped red sweet bell pepper 1/2 c Chopped yellow or orange sweet bell pepper 1/2 c Sliced green onions Combine all dressing ingredients in small bowl. Combine all salad ingredients in large bowl. Mix dressing into salad.Cover and refrigerate several hours to blend flavors.

Check our website for Jackpot amounts & dates: (click on Bingo)

Ladies’ & Men’s 50+ Fashions & for those with Limited Mobility

Glenn’s Moving Service
• Household / Commercial • In House Moves • Local & Long Distance • Appliance Removal

Designed for Comfort & Easy Care
Shop in Person:

20 Years Experience!
For more information call 218-4949 Wpg SENIOR’S DISCOUNT

Dr. Arnold H. Anderson Dr. Matthew W. Anderson Dr. Earl J. Jamora • Open Saturdays and Evenings • Family Practice Children’s Program • Large Frame Selection & Contact Lenses • Visual Field Analysis • Pre & Post-Op Eye Care for Cataract & Laser Patients • Computer Vision Analysis • Retinal Exams • We Accept Most Insurance Plans • 2 Year Warranty on Frames & Lenses
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270 Lilac Street
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90-2200 McPhillips • Winnipeg ___633-7482 353 Main Street • Selkirk________482-3713 258 Main Street • Steinbach _____326-1388 Manitou Lodge • Pine Falls ______367-2390

Cheque Overpayment Scams
You finally decided to sell off some no longer needed items and have placed ads on various online classified sites. One potential buyer has sent you an email showing interest in the items sight unseen and has requested your address so that he can send payment. Shortly afterwards you receive a cheque in the mail which greatly exceeds your asking price. Overpayment scams typically occur when unsuspecting victims sell items online and begin corresponding with a ‘buyer’ who shows little knowledge of the item and no interest in negotiating a better price. Shortly after the communication begins the victim receives a counterfeit cheque either by mail or courier. The cheque will greatly exceed the agreed upon price and will have an attached letter instructing the seller to deposit the cheque into their personal bank account and withdraw the excess funds which can be returned to the purchaser via money transfer. Depending on the type of cheque cashed it can take up to 3 months before your bank advises you it has not cleared. In this case you are held liable and will owe the bank. Anyone selling goods should be suspicious of a cheque received in the mail from the buyer, especially if it is for more than the agreed selling price. The scammers use a variety of excuses to explain the overpayment, but any such excuse should be treated with the utmost suspicion. Consider an alternative method of payment, such as in person transactions for cash or an online payment service through reputable companies. Talk to your bank about the safest way to receive funds from overseas. For more information on cheque overpayment scams visit or Cst. Ben Doiron Winnipeg RCMP, Commercial Crime Section

Keeping fit while helping Meals on Wheels and their clients... and the environment!
Doug Brandow, an early retiree from St. James, Winnipeg, delivers meals from the Health Sciences Centre in Winnipeg. He believes in keeping fit and volunteering. He built the cart to fit the Meals on Wheels equipment and says it only takes him five minutes longer than delivering with his car.


• Arthritis & Joint Pain • Chronic back pain • Osteoporosis • Rheumatism & Fibromyalgia • Migraine, or any other form of pain, try the Pain®Gone pen! • Fast and safe pain relief without using drugs • Clinically proven to have no side effects • Will not effect prescription meds • Use through clothing Check with your local pharmacy! Call for info: 831-0867 or 1-866-817-5374
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Draggin’ Our Behinds - paddling for the environment
Our September sponsor is

Scouts Canada
broadcasting live from their office at

395 Stafford St., Wpg.

Tune in on MTS TV, Channel 725 or on our website - for live audio streaming.

(204) 942-CJNU (2568)

Good meals prepared fresh daily • Monthly menus available • Regular and dietary restricted meals • City-wide service • Deliveries Monday to Friday DAILY $ DELIVERY


Taxes & Delivery included


The ‘Draggin’ Our Behinds’ Dragon Boat team, sponsored by Senior Scope, raced at the 2009 River City Dragon Boat Festival, operated by the Manitoba Paddling Association, July 24-26/09, at the Manitoba Waterski Park. Well, we didn’t win overall, but we did win in our final category, having the time of our lives in the process. But this wasn’t about winning the race. It was about team spirit and helping out with a worthy cause Fort Whyte Centre. Pledge proceeds went to the Environmental Education, Outdoor Recreation and Social Enterprise programs at FortWhyte Alive. Back Row (L-R): Dave MB), Rick It was a win-win for all. Most on our Small (Gillam, la Crosse, Goodman (Ile team were first-time paddlers and they SK), Jade Lebrun (Lorette, should all be proud. We came a long way MB), Greg Hebert (Wpg), from our first practice to our final race. Dave Goodman (Inwood), The youngest two were 13 years, Byron Einarsson (Teulon), and there were 6 grandparents on Wes Magwood (Balmoral), Matthew Einarsson the team, without mentioning ages - (Teulon), Beatrice 20 paddlers, one drummer and one Daigneault (Ile la Crosse, Our 13 year-old drummer, Haley Magwood, of Balmoral, steerperson in all. Haley Magwood, SK), Terrance Small (Grunthal). kept us all in sinc. our drummer, had both her mother Next row (crouching) and grandmother as paddlers (L-R): Sandra Magwood (Balmoral), Monica Magwood (Balmoral), 3 generations! Just goes to show this Kelly Goodman (Stonewall) can be fun for the whole family. Or a Bottom row (kneeling) (L-R): Cheryl Einarsson (Gillam, MB), (Teulon), Small great way to promote your company. Glenda EinarssonMagwoodPaulette Lebrun (Lorette), Sarah (Wpg), (St. Anne), Haley (Balmoral), Suzanne Monteiro I encourage anyone to try dragon Denise Tweed (Wpg). boat racing. Front: Kelly Lewis (Wpg). Missing is Tim Plett (Teulon).

William J. Thomas

Sentimental Journey Productions
Enjoy a sentimental journey with family & friends.

Preserve your memories on DVD
* Life story interview * Memorial or Tribute DVD * Special event Transfer & editing of: 8 mm, Super 8, Slides, Photos, VHS, Video 8, Hi 8, Mini DV, Mini DVD

For info or brochure contact Wendy: 952-0497 (Wpg) Email:

ask for the senior citizen’s discount on a movie ticket. And don’t get me started on coupons. But there comes a time when all willful deniers are forced to cut bait or fish and let me I Am Not Aging. be very clear. I will not accept a “20% off Live Minnows Special” for senior citizens or order the I’m Accumulating Early Bird Fish Fry if I have to produce my Social Insurance Number. Longevity Status. My seminal moment came at a typical greasy spoon diner where I stopped for a bowl of soup It’s around this time of year, with everything at lunch. Like the best of the booth eateries, this dying—flowers, leaves, even the weeds—that I was decked out in checkered table tops and start to feel old. But I can’t. I’m not allowed to. tacky humour. I’m a Baby Boomer. We are not aging. We are Over the clock, of course: “Our clock can gaining life-enhancing longevity status. never be stolen. Our employees are always Now that we dispensed with phrases like watching it.” And above the kitchen door: “Eat “old age homes,” “nursing havens” and “lodges here and diet home.” for the elderly,” we’re about to come up with a So I have my bowl of soup, beef barley, new and more euphemistic name for such which I ordered with extra crackers and it was institutions—“Maturity Spas.” Huh? Sounds great doesn’t it? Makes you want to strap an outboard very good. At the cash register, as I’m paying my motor on the walker so you can get there faster! bill, I ask for a bottle of water and two oatmeal cookies to go. Those places heavy on recreation will be called The waitress is young, bored and obviously “Carpet Bowlaramas” laboring in a place well below her station in life. So I turned sixty-two and like all Baby I’m sure she’s an actress waiting tables but what Boomers I’m fighting age as vigorously as we she’s really waiting for is the big break. once fought authority. When the government Like some day Lorne Michaels will walk into gives us ‘death with dignity’ laws and makes hemlock available over the counter, only then will this joint because somebody in New York told him about the liver and onions that are to die the boomers go gently into that dark night. So I’m denying my age as best I can. I’d sooner for and Rita here will don a red wig and throw starve than dine at an “early bird special.” I’d rather herself straight into Lucille Ball’s Vitameatavegamin routine. pay six bucks for a bucket of popcorn rather than Continued

➤ ➤ ➤

I Am Not Aging., con’t
In the meantime, she’ll pass her time picking up a paycheck by cracking gum and jokes at the same time. “That’ll be $6.25, sir.” I used to enjoy being called a “sir” but ever since I turned 60, I resent it. I was sure she was being sarcastic. Oh yeah, she said “sir” but she meant “old sport.” From my money clip, I peeled off a five dollar bill. From the same pocket I fished out a loonie. Six dollars. No more. I was twenty-five cents short. I looked at the little cup of pennies next to the cash register. “Take A Penny. Leave A Penny.” I wondered what the waitress would do if I took twenty-five pennies and left the rest as a tip. “I thought I had enough money,” I said. “I usually only have soup.” “Yeah, but there’s the water and cookies,” she said, holding up the bag. “Not to mention the extra crackers.” “Okay, why don’t I leave the water and . . . .” “I already rang it in,” she said, now tapping her foot to the rhythm of her snapping gum. “Maybe the next time I . . . .” “Maybe you want the Senior Citizens’ Discount. It’s twenty percent off.” Then she hit a couple buttons on the cash register and said: “That would make it $5.95. You got enough for that.” I wondered if she was being nice, offering me a discount to get me out of my cash shortage problem or she just pegged me at sixty years of age. I had change in the car but did I really want to walk all the way across the parking lot and back for a lousy quarter? “Yes, that discount thing will work,” I said, putting down the five and the loonie and reaching for the bag with the bottle of water and two cookies. She pulled the bag back, just out of my reach. “I’ll need some I.D.,” she said. Now it was personal. I couldn’t say I had no identification, she’d seen all my credit cards when I opened my money clip. “Ah, okay. Driver’s license do?” She took the license and loud enough for everybody in the joint to hear she said: “October 18, 1946.” She popped the till and tossed a nickel on the counter, next to which she place my takeout bag. “Just as I thought,” she said. I snapped. “So you knew all along I was a senior citizen.” “No, Libra,” she said. “Forgetful.” I grabbed my bag just as she said: “Would you like to join our Early Bird Eaters Club? They get all kinds of discounts.” That’s when I also grabbed the nickel. And left. As a Baby Boom age denier, I’d been outed by a spiked-hair, twenty-something waitress with enough rings and studs to rig up a clothesline. Unless I stay out of diners with wise-ass waitresses, tomorrow will be the first day of the rest of my strife. ______________________________ William Thomas is the author of nine books of humour including Margaret and Me about his wee Irish mother.


Call for Nominations 2009
• The Love of Learning Award will be presented to an older adult who pursues or shares knowledge gained through study or experience. • The Bridging the Generations Award will be presented to an older adult who is committed to activities that reach out to and earn the admiration of younger persons.
Nominees must be Manitoba residents, 60 years or older.

Creative Retirement Manitoba

For nomination forms, call 949-2565 (Wpg) or visit
Deadline for completed nominations is Sept. 18/09.

(Date subject to change due to Air Canada flight schedule adjustments)

October 14-29, 2009 October 14-29, 2009
$3800 inclusive tour

And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years. ~ Abraham Lincoln

(ShangHai, TongLi (Oriental Venice), 4 nights Yangtze Cruise, Chongqing, Xi’an and Bejing)
(international, domestic flights, 37 meals, escorted from Winnipeg, tax, Chinese visa and more) (Excludes tips & insurance) First 20 people only. First come, first served. Call Bowen 510-2749 (Wpg) 9 am -11 pm

MSOS Showcases Older Manitobans’ Talents
If you can croon in the shower like Frank Sinatra or play guitar like Joni Mitchell, now is your chance to display your talent. The Manitoba Society of Seniors (MSOS), in partnership with Manitoba Lotteries Corporation, is holding a Senior Idol competition open to Manitobans age 50 and over. There is no registration fee and the deadline for registration is Sept. 11. Individuals or groups whose members are 50 and over can register by contacting the MSOS office at 942-3147 or visiting “I want to encourage anyone with a special talent – from whistling to waltzing – to sign up to compete in our Senior Idol event,” said Kimberly Weihs, MSOS executive director. “As well as a showcase for the many talents of older Manitobans, this event is a fundraiser for MSOS and will help us continue our advocacy work on behalf of Manitobans age 50 and over.” Depending on the number of acts signed up, a semi-final event will take place at Club Regent Casino’s Jaguars Dance Club on Oct. 6 at 1 p.m. The finals will be held on Nov. 18 at 1 p.m. at Jaguars Dance Club. “Manitoba Lotteries is pleased to expand its partnership with MSOS by hosting Senior Idol,” said Manitoba Lotteries President and CEO Winston Hodgins. “We are privileged to have been the title sponsor for the recent 55 Plus Games, so we know MSOS is capable of bringing an exciting program to our casino. Best of all, the program will raise funds to support senior Manitobans through MSOS.” Tickets for the semi-finals are $15 and $25 for the finals. They can be ordered by calling The Manitoba Society of Seniors at 942-3147. You must be age 18 or over to attend. The Manitoba Society of Seniors is a nonprofit organization formed in 1979. Our mission is to represent Manitobans age 50 plus by promoting their needs and concerns and by presenting a positive image of older adults in the community. For more information, contact: Marcia Dzik, Manitoba Society of Seniors, 204-942-3147 ext. 302.


1-866-476-4493 or 1-250-294-4268

S OF CA ADE R EC T H E E L D E R IN D R L F O Thorvaldson Y
Celebrating our 50th Anniversary

Community Events & More

Email PSAs to:



Care Center

The Manitoba Fiddle Association Presents:


The 41st Annual Manitoba Open Old Time Fiddle Championships Saturday, September 19
Herman Prior Senior Services Centre 40 Royal Road North, Portage la Prairie, MB
Registration & Jam Session - 11 am -12 noon Contest - 1:00 pm sharp Supper available - 5:30-6:30 pm
Adults $10 / Children $5

After Supper Ent. - Metis Prairie Steppers

Dance - 8 pm-midnight:
Ent. - Michael Audette and the Reel Deal Band

Admission at door only - $12
Includes Contest, Entertainment & Dance.
Contestants, one parent of contestant & under 16 free.

For info: Lyla Bilton: 204-284-5391 Larry McLennan: 204-428-5516

Please mention Senior Scope when contacting our advertisers. It helps them track their ad effectiveness in Senior Scope. Thank You.

• Government Approved Facility • 24 Hour Supervision •Reg. Nurse •Health Care Aides 495 STRADBROOK AVE • WPG

Manitoba Open Old Time Fiddle Championship - Sept. 19, Contest 1 pm sharp! Herman Prior Senior Services Centre, 40 Royal Rd. North, Portage la Prairie, MB. Contact Lyla Bilton: 204-284-5391. Quarry Toastmasters, Stonewall - First mtg. Sept. 15 and then Tues. eve’s, 7:30-9 pm, at Stonewall Collegiate, Foods Lab. Improve public speaking skills. Lorraine: 467-2938 or Longitudinal (5 years long) research study on older drivers - Men and women, 70 yrs and over, are eligible to participate. The main purpose is to determine the best tests that could be used by physicians to assess older driver safety. Each subject will annually receive $10 for the 2-1/2-3 hour assessments and overall participation in the study. Parking passes for the University of Manitoba will be provided for visits to the Fort Garry campus. Contact Linda Johnson: 474-7085 or for more info. Transcona BIZ Market Garden & Crafters Market - Thursdays, 11 am-3 pm, until Sept. 17, parking lot of the Transcona Christian Reformed Church at 131 Victoria Ave. West (by the Transcona Library). Fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as one-of-a-kind crafts and flea market items available for purchase. For info or if you’d like to participate in the Market, call Diane or Amanda: 222-8566 Wpg. Grand Squares - dancing Mondays, 7 pm starting Sept. 14 at Glenlee Com. Club, 176 Worthington Ave. in St.Vital, Wpg. Cost $3. New dancers, beginners, all ages welcome. Come as a couple, solo or with a friend. Easy to follow instructions by a professionally trained caller. Dance, stay fit, build friendships. Call Grace M.: 995-7119 or Ron & Shirley: 256-7053. The Community Singers - welcomes ladies who love to sing! Choral experience an asset, love of music "a must"! Starting Wed., Sept. 9 in Club Room of Gable Arms Apts., 1590 Henderson Hwy. Wpg. Call Barb Sydorchuk: 667-2190, Joy: 669-6950, Evelyn Shepel: 338-2554 or email: Zbruch Com Centre Polkafest - Sun., Oct 4, at the Teulon Hall. Music: Female Beat and Four Seasons. Call Mavis for more info: 1-204-667-1770. The Post Polio Network, MB - Meeting Sept. 30, 1 pm at Holiday Inn South, 1330 Pembina Hwy, Wpg. Ms. Tina Holland, Mood Disorders Assoc. of the Canadian Mental Health Assoc., MB; is guest speaker. Open to all Polio survivors, their family and supporters. NOTE: Upcoming conference: Beyond Post Polio – Living Healthier Lives, Oct. 13. For info: 975-3037 or email: Creative Retirement Manitoba - Fall course schedule now available: 130 educational tours and courses for older adults. Daytime classes at various Wpg. locations. For schedule: 949-2565 or visit The Winnipeg International Writers Festival - 13th annual THIN AIR festival, Sept. 20-27. Authors in English and French working in fields from literary fiction to graphic novels and from poetry to picture books. Programming at various Wpg. locations and in several rural communities. Author biographies at: For info, Michael Van Rooy: 927-7327 or Friendship Force of Winnipeg - Monthly dinner meeting, Thurs., Sept. 10, 6 pm, Holiday Inn South,1330 Pembina Hwy., Wpg. Call Val: 889-5550 or visit Windy Corners Toastmasters Club - Meetings Wed’s., Sept. 2, 9, 16, 23 & 30 at noon, Victory Building, 269 Main St. at Water, Wpg. Improve listening, leadership, communication skills. Call 942-5453 for details. Lions Place Toastmasters - meets Wed’s starting Sept. 9, 7-8 pm at 610 Portage Ave., Wpg. Build confidence in public speaking. Open House Sept. 16. Email: or call Ardythe: 772-9982.

Rupert’s Land Caregiver Services - Looking for volunteers to join fundraising committee to help plan for and participate in various fundraising activities. Committee meets monthly, Sept.-May. Call: 452-9491. Fort Garry Women’s Resource Centre - Female lawyers and Articling students are needed to volunteer at Fort Garry Women’s Resource Centre to facilitate legal workshops from Oct. to late spring 2010, on a variety of topics. Workshops will be at 1150A Waverley St., #104-3100 Pembina Hwy. or #104-210 Ellen St. (at Ross), Wpg. Call Colleen: 477-1123 or for info. ALCOA-MB - Peer Leader volunteer opportunity. Educate older adults on the importance and benefits of physical activity and healthy living. 2-day training session: Sept. 16 & 18, 9:30-3:30 at Wellness Institute, 1075 Leila Ave., Wpg. Call Sue Mackenzie for info: 632-3947 or toll free: 1-866-202-6663 or email: Good Neighbours Active Living Centre - Volunteer Position: Café Co-ordinator. Oversee day-to-day operation, supervise café volunteers, maintain and shop for supplies as needed. Work with other café coordinator. Hrs: Wed. & Thurs., 8:30 am-1:30 pm, Sept.-May. Call Anne-Marie Dyck for details: 669-1710. River East & Parkside Meal Programs - need volunteers to assist with their Noon Meal once/week, Mon.-Fri., 11:30-1:30 in North Kildonan area. Serving, clearing, clean-up. Call Debbie: 667-6812. Meals on Wheels - Want to volunteer? Deliver noon hot meals to people in your community, 2 hrs, once/week or twice/month! Training, screening and gas honorarium provided. Shirley/Christie: 956-7711. Health Sciences Centre - needs volunteers to help with “Lunch and Leisure” program, Mon-Fri, 11 am1:30 pm, to assist with giving patients an opportunity for a social lunch in a cafeteria setting. Call Sandy: 787-3533 or email Parking and bus tickets are provided for volunteers.

Moving Furniture & Small Items

746-4318 746-6141
Morris, MB


S.N.I.P.P - Spay/Neuter Inner-City Pet Program - Call 995-4405 if you are low income and would like your cat spayed or neutered for only $25! Space is limited. Your cat will be picked up with a cat carrier and delivered back to you. Once paid for, your name goes into a draw to win a gift basket worth over $200. South Interlake Seniors Resource Council Inc. - offers services for seniors and those with disabilities to help them remain independent, safe and comfortable in their own homes and communities. The areas of Stonewall, R.M. of Woodlands, R.M. of Rosser, R.M. of Rockwood, (wards 1,2,3,4). Services include Driver/Escort Program, Mobility aid Lending Service, Handy Helper & Housecleaning, Friendly Visiting, Telecheck-Telephone buddy, E.R.I.K. (Emergency Response Info. Kit), Life Line, Caregiver Support Group meets last Wed. each month, also Form assistance and Resource information. For more info, call 467-2719. The Services to Seniors programs in North Eastman - designed to assist seniors to continue living independently in their homes. Services include: transportation, friendly visiting or phone calls, foot care, housekeeping, yard work, minor home repairs, Meals on Wheels, Congregate Meals, Lifeline, ERIK®, errands, etc. For more info, call the site nearest you. Brokenhead Outreach for Seniors at 268-7300, H.E.L.P. Centre (East Beach area) 756-6471, Springfield Services to Seniors 444-6128, Two Rivers Senior Resource Council, Lac du Bonnet/Pinawa 345-1227 or Whitemouth/Reynolds 348-4610 and Winnipeg River Resource Council 367-9128.

25th Annual Lions Purina Walk for Dog Guides
Sun., Sept. 27 • Birds Hill Park
Evey day, Canadians with disabilities rely on their Dog Guide. 100% of funds raised go to raising, training and providing Dog Guides to Canadians with visual, hearing, medical, autism or physical disabilities. Friendly, leashed dogs welcome. For pledge forms or info, Norm: 895-1607, Bev: 444-2693
Sponsored by the Charleswood-Tuxedo Lion’s Club & East Kildonan Lions Club.

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H A I R & B E A UT Y S E R V I C E S ________________________________ On my way mobile hairstyling: 955-2116 Wpg.

Household/Commercial, Local/Long Distance, Appliance Removal, etc. 20 Years Exp. SENIORS DISCOUNT
MOVING SERVICES ________________________________ Glenn’s Moving Service: 218-4949 Wpg. PAV I N G & C O N STR U CTI O N ________________________________ KC Paving: 204-736-2749 (Sanford) or 981-3082 (Wpg) PHAR MAC I E S ________________________________ Good Shepherd Pharmacy: 2416 Portage Ave - Wpg @

Cal Friesen - lawyer: 944-7967, 200-1630 Ness Ave., Wpg. WILLS: $175/couple, $110/individual.

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Wm. B.K. Pooley B.A., L.L.B.: Lawyer, Notary Public - 783-1632
(Wpg) Your MOBILE LAW OFFICE - Days-Evenings-Weekends.

H E A LTH C A R E & R E L ATE D S E R V I C E S ________________________________ Victoria Lifeline: 956-6777 or 1-888-722-5222.


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H E AR I N G S E R V I C E S ________________________________ Sound Hearing Solutions Hearing Aid & Audiology Centre:

Residential & Commercial: Driveways, Parking Lots, Farm Yards. Serving Wpg & rural MB. FREE Estimates.

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Birchwood Medical, 889-5555. FREE city-wide P/U & Delivery, FREE Unit Dose Blister Packaging. SPECIAL SENIORS DISCOUNT

Ladies’ & Men’s 50+ fashions & for those with limited mobility


D E NTU R I STS ________________________________ Daien Denture Clinic: Winnipeg Mobile Service 791-9792.

453-7653, Wpg. National Award-Winning Seniors’ Bldg.

R E A L E STATE / H O U S I N G ________________________________ Kiwanis Chateau / Century 21: Ralph or Wendy Fyfe -

Beausejour Main Office / Lac du Bonnet Office 268-3488. Specializing in hard-to-fit cases. 10% Senior Discount.

EYE C A R E S E R V I C E S ________________________________ Anderson Family VisionCare: Winnipeg 633-7482,

LI V I N G / A C C O M M O D ATI O N S ________________________________ Thorvaldson Care Center: 495 Stradbrook Ave., Wpg.

Royal LePage Dynamic Real Estate: Call Ute Vann anytime at 989-5000 or 1-877-800-5066. Accredited Seniors Real Estate Specialist SRES®. 2009 Special 10% discount for 55 plus (calculated off of final net commission
after payment of co-operating commissions and broker cut.) SENIOR CARE ________________________________

Selkirk 482-3713, Steinbach 326-1388, Pine Falls 367-2390. For all your eye care & eye wear needs. Ask about our 2 for 1 promotion!
F O O D & R E STA U R A NTS & M E A L S E R V I C E ________________________________ Harman’s Meal Service: 233-5005, Wpg. Good meals

Herman Thorvaldson - 452-4044. An Intermediate Care & Gov. approved facility. Reg. Nurse & Health Care Aides. CELEBRATING OUR 50th ANNIVERSARY - 2009!

prepared fresh daily. Regular & Dietary Restricted Meals. City-wide service. DAILY DELIVERY $7.90 includes taxes and delivery. Marriage Commissioner (NOW Chapel Available), Rural, Christian and Travel matchmaking. SENIORS DISCOUNT

M ATC H M A KI N G S E RV I C E S ________________________________ Singles Today: 452-8092, Wpg. 19-222 Osborne Street.

Home Instead Senior Care: 953-3720, Wpg. Alzheimer/Dementia care, Companionship, Meal Preparation, etc. Trusted Care for the Senior You Care for.

Director, 982-8316 (24 hr). 4477 Main St. Cemetery, funeral and cremation pre-arrangements. Receive a FREE Estate Planner and FREE Will Kit! South Manitoba Memorials: 3517 Main St., Wpg. 1-866-334-9397. E-mail:, SENIORS DISCOUNT

F U N E R A L / M E M O R IAL S E RV I C E S ________________________________ Glen Eden Memorial Gardens: Ria Dubrow, Cemetery

I was having trouble with my computer, so I called Eric, the smart 12 year-old kid next door and asked him to come over. Eric clicked a couple of buttons and solved the problem. As he was walking away, I called after him, “So, what was wrong?” Eric replied, “It was an ID ten T error.” I didn’t want to appear stupid, but nonetheless asked, “What’s an ID ten T error?”

It’s a J


1. Can you decipher what the sequence of these letters represent? ACE GIK MOQ SUWY MaxAbility Mobility & Medical Equipment Dealer: 482-4281, 402 Main St., Selkirk, MB. Grab Bars, Tub Rails - 2. What number from 1-10, in word form, will (Delivery & Installation), Walkers, Scooters, Medical make this sentence correct? Compression Stockings & More! SENIORS DISCOUNT In this line there are ______ e’s. 3. The answer to this question might hurt Eric smirked ….. “You haven’t a little. Can you name a common word heard of an ID ten T error starting and ending with “HE”?
before?” “No,” I replied. “Write it down,” he said, “and I think you’ll figure it out.” So I wrote down ID10T I used to like Eric …….
Courtesy of the Paradise Village News, St. Anne, MB

Service-Rental-Delivery-Installation. Consignments accepted. Wheel & Geriatric Chairs -Bath Safety Products Lift Chairs - Airgo 3-Wheel Scooter $899 / Reg. 1569.00

M O B I LIT Y P R O D U CTS & M E D I C A L E Q U I P M E NT ________________________________ Living Made Easy Ltd., Home Healthcare Products New & Used: 665 Archibald St., 231-1746 (Wpg). Sales-

How Smart are you?

1. The letters are the ‘odd’ letters in the alphabet. (ie.: 1, 3, 5, 7). Note that all the vowels including ‘Y’ are in odd positions. 2. Seven. 3. Headache.