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									The Wonder of Children
Annual Report 2006-07

Boys & Girls Club of Kingston & Area

An Invitation from our President
Over this past year, the Boys and Girls Club of Kingston and Area has continued to grow and serve more and more children in our community. In 2006-07, we served over 1700 children in after-school programs, outreach programs, and summer camps. This growth can be attributed to the tremendous work of the staff and many volunteers at the Club who develop top quality programs for Kingston’s children and young people, but it also reflects the needs that exist in our community. These include the need for after-school care for parents who must work longer shifts, the need for an increasing number of single-parent families to find affordable childcare, and increasing concerns about safety of children home alone. The Club has worked hard in the past year to respond to these very real concerns, whether it is by increasing our outreach programs, enhancing our after-school transportation program, or continuing our supper program…all while remaining affordable to local families. As a volunteer with the Boys and Girls Club, I have seen first hand how the staff and volunteers carry out the most critical part of our mission…that is, being caring and respectful role models. It is this important job that impacts on the lives of children. In fact a national survey showed us that many children credit their Boys and Girls Club leaders with having a major impact on their life choices. I am so pleased to be a part of an organization that is truly life changing. I warmly invite you to read on as we highlight our success and milestones of the past year. Yours sincerely,

Karen Sutherland Owner/Operator, McDonald’s Restaurants of Greater Kingston & Area President, Board of Directors Boys & Girls Club of Kingston & Area

From our Executive Director: Thank You!
“A good place to be.” That is our tag-line and we endeavour to be just that, in many ways. Although we serve the entire city of Kingston and area, our Clubhouse draws primarily from the several adjacent neighbourhoods. Statistics show us that these neighbourhoods are “economically marginalized.” For the families around us who are struggling, we need to be a good place for their that they can afford, run by staff they can trust. My job is to ensure that we can provide top quality programs for all children while maintaining their affordability. I have many people to thank for helping me do just that, from our great staff to our dedicated board of directors, to the many program volunteers who help us out every day. I am also grateful for the many people who consider the Boys and Girls Club when making donations—from the smallest individual donation, to the longterm, large supporters like Sears Canada, RBC Financial Group, and McDonald’s. Thank you! Special thanks also go to the Rotary Club of Kingston, the Syl Apps Celebrity Golf Classic, the Kids for Kids Hockey Tournament, the Golf for Kids Golf Tournament, and the many people behind these activities. Organizers of fundraising events like the Taste of Kingston and the Dragon Boat Race also receive my gratitude. We also rely on the Boys & Girls Club of Ontario and Canada for their ongoing support of program initiatives. And finally, a big thank you to the United Way, the Ontario Trillium Foundation, the Community Foundation of Greater Kingston, the Davies Foundation, the McConnell Foundation, and the Webster Foundation. Together, we are truly providing “a good place to be.” With gratitude,

Harold Parsons Executive Director

Mission Statement
To provide a safe, supportive place where children and youth can experience new opportunities, overcome barriers, build positive relationships and develop confidence and skills for life

Our Core Values
Collaboration We work together with families and volunteers in each community, in partnership with the public and private sector, to create healthy community solutions to providing children and youth with what they need for optimal development.

Speaking Out We speak out on behalf of children, youth and their families to reduce disadvantage, enhance their lives and enable their voices and ideas to be heard.
Respect and Belonging is e place, where every child We provide a safe, supportiv valued in an environment of listened to, respected and del Our staff and volunteers mo inclusion and acceptance. n and respect attitude, cooperatio honesty, fair play, positive for self and others.

Inclusion and Opportunity We strive to offer children and youth from all economic, cultural and social backgrounds access to the resources, supports and opportunities that will enable them to overcome barriers and achieve their positive potential in life.
Empowerment We believe all young people can grow into responsible, contributing and self-reliant members of society. Children and youth are at the centre of everything we do. Through adventure, play and discovery, we encourage and empower them to develop healthy lifestyles, a life-long passion for learning, leadership and life skills and a sense of social responsibility.

Exercising Active Bodies
Boys and Girls Clubs have always had a strong sports and recreation component, and here in Kingston it’s no different. We offered a broad variety of active programs in 2006-07, such as our gym games, outdoor games, basketball, floor hockey, yoga, Hip Hop, and karate. These programs encourage children to get active and have fun staying active, and our counselors encourage them to think about healthy eating and healthy lifestyles. Through these programs we also encourage fair play and teamwork. We help those who lack confidence to get involved, and we encourage skill development.

“We like the Sporty Girls program... we feel we can play any time. When there are boys in the programs, they are rough or don’t let us play.” — Giovanna & Katie Sporty Girls Program

e offered In 2006-07, w rs of spor ts over 1000 hou programs to and recreation uth. children and yo

Feeding Hungry Souls
In January 2006, we served our first supper program. Since that time, we have served a free supper every school night to all the children in our after-school program—that’s about 100 to 150 kids each night!

We recognized that some kids were running low on energy, and some were telling us that they weren’t getting meals until late each night. With the support of many sponsors, we started the free supper program early in 2006. We are now finding that kids are more energetic, and there are fewer incidences of poor behaviour. Working families are thankful that we can assist them with ensuring their kids are fed a healthy meal at a reasonable time of day. Meal time is also an opportunity for us to talk to kids about healthy lifestyles, as well as a great time to develop social skills.

e er camps, w th. luding summ , inc ren and you In 2006-07 eals to child 18,000 m ser ved over
children “The supper program is great for my way my because we work until 5:00 pm. So this them over kids have something nutritious to hold until they get home.” — Melonie, parent

Encouraging Creative Minds
As well as physical activities, we encourage creativity through our many arts, crafts and other creative programs.

In 2006-07, w e ran 26 different cr eative programs.
We offer programs such as jewelrymaking, arts and crafts, and painting. We work with talented volunteers, including professional artists, who nurture the love of art as well as teach the practical skills necessary. Children come away with a feeling of pride, accomplishment, confidence, and improved skills. They share those skills with the rest of the Club—some of our budding artists even wanted to create an art calendar to sell to raise money for the Club’s programs as a way of giving back.

“This club is like my second home. If I weren’t here every day then I’d just be hangin’ out, maybe getting into trouble. I get to do fun things here. I get to see my friends.” — Clubhouse member

Program Highlights
er-School ransportation to Aft T

fely to the Club Getting members sa up members ek , the Club bus picks er y day of the school we city of Ev in the central part of the rteen different schools at thi 30 kids the Clubhouse. About n and brings them to Kingsto ride the bus each day. o are working by gram assists parents wh The transportation pro ordable price. to a safe place, at an aff transporting their kids

Outreach Programs
Bringing the Clubhouse to the kids Each day of the week , we provide after-school programs at one of twelve different schools in the King ston area. For two hours, kids can play, create and have fun in a caring and supervised environment.

Summer Camps
Week-long day camps We offer day camps all summer long, including our regular Clubhouse Summer Camp, our Science Camp, Creative Arts Camp, and our Leader-in-Training program. In 2006-07 we also expanded to offer summer camps at the campus of St. Lawrence College, Kingston.

Board of Directors 2006-07
President: Karen Sutherland Past President: Chris Stafford Vice-President: Matt Holmberg Treasurer: Gary McCabe Secretary: Richard Holmes Directors: Jim Gibbons Alicia Gordon Brian Mabee Leslie Myles Directors: Cyrus Regnart Michelle Rivet Roch Villeneuve

Core Staff 2006-07
Harold Parsons Executive Director Alicia Coffin Assistant Executive Director & Volunteer Coordinator Tony Gargaro Community Development Brandy Young Program Director Lisa Parsons Office Manager Tanya Westlake Community Development Assistant Sonya Beaudrie Program Coordinator Kayne Corneau Program Coordinator Beth Dunkinson Program Administrator Hal Pearson Custodian Susan Fields Supper Program Coordinator

Program Volunteers
In 2006-07 we had over 130 program volunteers. These volunteers are crucial to our ability to offer great programs that are accessible to all children, regardless of their financial situation.

Financial Statements 2006-07

A complete copy of our audited financial statements are available upon request.

2007-2008 Challenges & Opportunities
In the coming year, we are faced with many challenges in meeting the needs in the community. We see these as opportunities to develop children... to make an impact:

More and more kids

Over the past five years, our membership has grown over 500%. And with each week, more kids sign up to become members. Given the low cost of membership, and a limited amount of room in our building, we are faced with the challenge of providing programs and staffing for these children that meet their needs.

More older youth

children have been focusing on In the past few years we s are “growing now finding that kid aged 4 to 12, and we are We now y don’t want to leave. up” in the Club...and the s, and we are er of 13 and 14 year old have a growing numb to retain propriate programming allenged to provide ap ch these young people.

Operating an old building

The Robert Meek Community Youth Centre is a converted school built in 1920, and there are significant costs in running, maintaining, and improving a building of this age.

The Boys & Girls Club of Kingston & Area Endowment Fund
As part of our long-term planning, the Boys & Girls Club of Kingston & Area has established a permanent endowment fund held with the Community Foundation of Greater Kingston. The fund yields investment income on an annual basis that is put directly into the operating budget of the Boys & Girls Club. This is one way we are planning for the future to be able to offer the programs and activities that our community’s children need. For more information on how you can support the future of the Boys & Girls Club of Kingston & Area by contributing to the Endowment Fund, please contact Jim Vowles at 613-542-8955 or

Over the past five years, our membership has grown over 500%.

Boys & Girls Club of Kingston & Area
559 Bagot Street, Kingston, Ontario K7K 3E1 613-542-3306

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