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									Atholton High School Drama Boosters Board Meeting Minutes February 9th, 2009
In Attendance Nathan Rosen Randi Miller Becky Bushong Alan Dudderar

Holly Schotz Irene Hechler Andrea Keating Sherry Whiteford

Laurie Diener Jackie Scott Robyn Siegel Lois Gamerman

Chip Yawney Mary Ellen Dudderar Eileen Jones Donna Greenwald

Lauren Nam Mike Lasser Gail Poole-Vaughn Lisa Lieman

Holly Schotz called the meeting to order at 7:05 P.M. Approval of Minutes Holly Schotz presented the minutes of the January 14th meeting. Lisa Lieman made a motion to accept the minutes. Andrea Keating seconded the motion, and the minutes were approved. Budget We didn’t have a chance to get to the budget report. Staff Report Nathan Rosen informed that the Cappies Steering Committee decided to reduce the number of reviews that the critics need to write in order to vote from 5 to 4 per critic. NYC Trip nd Lois Gammerman reported that 4 tickets are left for the musical Shrek on March 22 . She handed out the seating chart of the theatre where we’ll be watching Shrek, and which seats we have purchased. Lois recommended that the boosters provide “breakfast bags” for the people who are riding the bus to the show. Lois can donate the bagels and muffins. Eileen motioned that the boosters pay for the purchase of the bags, cream cheese, water, and juice, and have Lois donate the plain bagels and muffins of her choice. The motion was seconded by Mr. Rosen, and was approved by all. Drama Banquet th The banquet is scheduled for Monday, May 11 . Lisa Lieman priced out the banquet meal from three different restaurants: Three Brothers ($7 pp), Pasta Blitz ($7.84 pp), Mama Lucia ($7.50). She recommended Mama Lucia who will waive the $25 delivery fee. The committee will decide on the choice of the food vendors and will start working on the invitations. Committee Presentations  Flower Sales – Becky has contacted Walnut Springs for the annuals and Grandfather’s Nursery for the vegetables. Vendor prices are about the same as last year. Grandfather’s Nursery cannot guarantee the price for the vegetables until March. We can either set a price based on last year’s pricing, or do not offer preordering for the vegetables. We also need to decide whether we’ll do only pre-orders or point-of-sale at school or th both. Becky would like to do more of the pre-orders and hanging baskets. Orders must be in by April 6 . Customers will be charged tax at the point of sale. Becky informed that the flower sale is not scheduled on the school calendar. She will talk to Ms. Hendricks about scheduling it, and whether there are other school activities rd th rd th scheduled for May 3 or May 10 . May 3 may not be good because that’s the day after the prom. May 10 is Mother’s Day. An idea was raised about having the pre-ordered flowers be picked up at the Drama Banquet on th May 11 . We could not come to consensus on which date to have the sales.  Nominating Committee – This committee, consisting of Stephanie Gurwitz, Gail Poole-Vaughn, Eileen Jones, has started working on their recommendations for the next year’s executive board and committee chairs.


Show Specifics th  Cappies Dinner – scheduled for Saturday, March 7 . Irene reported on behalf of Jeffri that her 10-person committee has decided on the menu. The dinner will be based on the country picnic theme, with picnic type of finger foods. The committee needs two kosher crock-pots, server ware, and electric cords. The next meeting will be on 2/19 at 7 P.M. at either school or Mad City.  Lobby Sales – Eileen Jones did not hear from I Love Theatre about the possible sale of statuettes for the spring show. Mr. Rosen motioned to not sell I Love Theatre items this time. The motion was seconded by Randi and approved by all. Robyn Siegel has bought the chocolate bars. Items are still needed for the raffle basket. Andrea recommended that we purchase 40 fresh flower bouquets from Trader Joe’s at $4.99 each for resale at the shows. Show Meals – Gail needs 4 volunteers to help with the potluck dinners and the matinee pizza lunch. Mr. Rosen will request 4 tables and 3 trashcans for each night. Ticket Sales – Tickets sales during the lunch periods will begin Tuesday, 2/24 thru Wednesday 3/4, except for Friday, 2/27 when schools are closed. Mary Ellen volunteered to sell tickets during lunch periods. Robyn and Eileen will be available as backups to Mary Ellen. Mr. Rosen will request a table for the ticket sale during the lunch periods. Tickets will be night-specific and color-coded. Mr. Rosen stated that the volunteers helping with the show would not need a ticket to watch the show while volunteering as long as seats are available. If it’s a full house, the volunteers may stand and watch the show without a ticket. Mike will send eschoolnewsletter about the ticket sales with the link to the order form on the drama website. Publicity/Posters – Randi has gathered a list of locations at which the posters can be hung. The posters will be ready by the end of this week. We will need five of them to be laminated. Distribution will start next week. Randi passed around a sign-up sheet for the volunteers to select the locations where they want to post. Mike will contact Ms. Leonard to put up a sign about the show on both sides of the marquee, if possible. Photographer –Greg Land will be taking cast photos on Tuesday 3/3, and photos of the show during the matinee on Wednesday, 3/4. The cast photo order form is ready and Andrea will hand them out during rehearsals. She will also draft an email about the photos and send it to Holly and Mr. Rosen for mass mailing. Sherry Whiteford will take candid photos backstage during the dress rehearsals, and possibly make DVD slides, but not for sale. The boosters will discuss in the fall the possibility of selling photos as a fundraiser. Cast Party – Chip may be willing to host the cast party. He will let Holly know for sure within a week.

 




New Business th Fundraisers – Laurie and about 7 other booster members met on January 29 to discuss the fundraisers. Several ideas were discussed, including survival kits, bowling night, and flower sales. She feels that the boosters definitely need a fundraiser committee for next year. Donna Greenwald researched the possibility of having a bowling night. One option is to rent out the entire Brunswick Bowling alley for cosmic bowling on Sunday 3/15 or 3/29 from 8 P.M. to 10 P.M. It was calculated that at least 160 people would need to attend the fundraiser to achieve a profitable outcome. Mr. Rosen felt that the drama students alone will not fill that capacity, and if we shared the fundraiser with another group at school, the profits would have to be shared. Also, he felt that the March dates are too soon after the show and the N.Y. trip. Donna will find out the details of regular bowling (not cosmic), and other possible dates. Laurie found that Hammond High School has an on-going fundraiser at Three Brothers. She contacted Three Brothers about setting up a similar fundraiser with them. Next Meeting April 15th, 2009 at 7:00 P.M. Meeting was adjourned at 9:45 p.m. Respectfully submitted, Lauren Nam Secretary, AHS Drama Boosters

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