2009 MCR Rate Card by methyae


									201 West Carlos • P.O. Box 531 Alturas, California 96101 (530) 233-2632 • Fax (530) 233-5113 www.modocrecord.com • record1@modocrecord.com

Published In-Print and Online Weekly Every Thursday Morning
Open Monday - Friday, 8:30AM to 5:00PM Publishers Rick and Jane Holloway

News releases received by email, fax or conventional mail are published as space permits and according to content and relativity to the Modoc County area. We welcome letters to the editor with signature, address and phone number required (addresses and phone numbers are not used in the publication). Letters are published as space permits at the editor’s discretion. The Modoc County Record is pleased to publish obituaries free of charge, provided they comply with the newspaper’s guidelines. A photo may be included. Funeral notices submitted by family and/ or friends will be verified with the funeral home before publishing. Obituary forms are available at the office, by fax or by email. Cards of Thanks is $3.75 for up to 35 words or $7.50 if longer.

We accept black and white or color photos. Photos can be mailed, brought in or emailed. We cannot accept photos faxed to us. We can scan photos, take photos off of a CD or take off of a memory card of any size. Scanned photos will be available for pickup on the day of publication. We can return photos by mail, upon request.

A yearly subscription to the Modoc County Record is $25 within Modoc, Lassen and Siskiyou Counties and New Pine Creek, Ore. Cost is $30 outside the area. Student subscriptions are $20 (10 months, September - June). Single issues will be mailed upon request for a charge of $3.00. ONLINE SUBSCRIPTIONS are $30 per year. Current subscribers can include the online subscription on their account for an additional $5 per year.
The Modoc County Record (PUB No. 358-160) is a newspaper of general circulation as defined by statutes of the State of California and is published weekly each Thursday morning in Alturas, CA. Periodical postage paid at Alturas, CA Post Office. Circulation: 4,125.

Payment must be received in full before affidavits are sent. (Price effective January 1, 2008) Type Spec: 9 Pica Wide: 9 Point Justified • Fictitious Business Name Statements or Abandonment of Business Name Statements Run 4 weeks, $75 total • Name Change: Run 4 weeks, $75 total Legal Advertising email is legals@modocrecord.com

per column inch. (Price effective January 1, 2009) 1 Col = 10 Pica = 1 5/8” 2 Col = 21 Pica = 3 1/2” 3 Col = 32.5 Pica = 5 3/8” 4 Col = 43.5 Pica = 7 1/’8” 5 Col = 54 Pica = 9” 6 Col = 66 Pica = 11”
80 inches per month: 10% 120 inches per month: 15% 160 inches per month: 20% $7 per week (three month minimum) Also placed on our internet web site. Cost is $15 for two runs a month. Cost is $30 for large ad, $20 for small ad. Runs once a month. $45 per month for 2”x2” space 3,300 for $300 Standard Birthday ads are $25

• Over 105 words are charged at $7 per column inch. • Pre-Pay Policy - We request prepayment on all classified advertising. • Classifieds are listed on Record’s website at no extra charge • Pre-existing customers will be billed a one time per month $5 billing charge. Classified Advertising email is classifieds@modocrecord.com

Color is available at $90 for one color and $180 for full color.

Deadline is 5PM, Tuesday

Display Advertising email is record1@modocrecord.com

2 Col x 2” = 4”
$19 Per Week

3 Col x 4” = 12”

2 Col x 3” = 6”
$28.50 Per Week

3 Col x 5” = 15” 3 Col x 10.5” = 31.5” $71.25 Per Week $149.62 Per Week
6 Col x 10.5” 6 Col x 20” $299.25 Per Week $598.50 Per Week

2 Col x 4” = 8”
$38 Per Week

These Prices Are At $4.75 Rate, Effective January 1, 2009.

$57 Per Week

Area of coverage by Zipcode:
Adin, CA 96006 Alturas, CA 96101 Bieber, CA 96009 Burney, CA 96013 Canby, CA 96015 Cedarville, CA 96104 Davis Creek, CA 96108 Eagleville, CA 96110 Fall River Mills, CA 96028 Fort Bidwell, CA 96028 Lake City, CA 96115 Lakeview, OR 97630 Likely, CA 96116 Lookout, CA 96054 Madeline, CA 96119 New Pine Creek, OR 97635 Newell, CA 96134 Nubieber, CA 96068 Ravendale, CA 96123 Tulelake, CA 96134 Modoc, Lassen and Siskiyou Counties

201 West Carlos Street • PO Box 531 Alturas, CA 96101 (530) 233-2632 • Fax (530) 233-5113 • www.modocrecord.com News print and display advertising: record1@modocrecord.com Classifieds: classifieds@modocrecord.com• Legal Advertising: legals@modocrecord.com

The Modoc County Record accepts digital ads in the following manner: Email, CDs, DVDs, Travel Drives, Internet Retrieval and customer supplied FTP sites. Email: record1@modocrecord.com. PDFs are pre-compressed and should be sent in as is. Advertiser is required to inform sales person or advertising manager that an email is on its way, via phone or fax insertion order. Required within your Email: Contact Name and phone number, advertisement run date(s), all PO numbers and special invoice requirements. All advertisements must be set to our size or resizing will be made, resulting in loss of quality to the ad. Ads can be accepted in EPS, PDF and Microsoft Word formatting. JPEG cannot be accepted due to low image quality. All ads created in Microsoft Word format MUST be created in the exact size specified. We cannot accept Publisher files. Advertising that is canceled past deadline is subject to Editor’s approval and may or may not be possible. Advertising Color is $90 for one spot color and $180 for full color, plus the cost of the ad. No advertisement position can be guaranteed unless the ad is in full color. Full color advertisements are subject to first-come-first-serve basis. There is no extra cost for setup, graphic design. There is no extra cost to have a graphic in your ad. No ads, graphics or photos may be used without Modoc Record consent.

Discount for display ads are as follows: 80 inches per month: 10 percent 120 inches per month: 15 percent 160 inches per month: 20 percent Display Advertisements turned in past deadline (Tuesday. 5PM), up until Wednesday 10AM, are allowable only if space is available. Advertising that is pre-created, but needs necessary changes are subject to the Modoc Record graphic designer’s substitution choice. Prior approvals are sent out upon request via email or fax. All prior approvals will be stamped with a time sensitive date. If approval or changes cannot be met by such time, the advertisement will run as shown. If changes are needed, it will be faxed back one more time with noted changes and a final ad proof stamp on it. Emailed prior approvals will be sent in PDF or JPG formatting. Photos and graphics may be submitted in color or black and white. Larger photos that are not scaled or cropped work best. Modoc Record can scan logos off business cards but in the event the quality of the image will make it impossible to print well, we assume the right to change the logo. We will make every possible attempt to get as close to the design as possible. New customers and businesses must pay for their advertisement at time of placement, until credit can be established. Once it has, we send out monthly bills the last Friday of the month. Payment is due before the next billing date.

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