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Exploring The Past Since 1982 July, 2009
East Texas Treasure Hunters Association Longview, Texas ************************************************************************
President – Dana Logston 903-984-4712 Treasurer – V. G. Rollins 903-758-2336 Editor – Sue Anderson 318-742-7850 Board Member – John Hitt 903-663-0316 Vice President – Terry Smith 903-734-7682 Secretary – Diane Mathews 903-687-2777 Huntmaster - Terry Smith 903-734-7682 Board Member – Margaret Logston 903-984-4712

************************************************************************ Meeting Place: American Legion Post 140, 305 American Legion Blvd. Longview, TX Time: 7:00 P.M. on the 2nd Monday of each month. Visitors welcome.

JUNE MEETING NOTES There were thirty-six members and three visitors at the June meeting. The visitors were Darrell and Debbie Crosby of Whitehouse, Texas, and Mitchell Shelley of Gladewater, Texas. V. G. stated that the club would pay ten times face for silver coins sold to the club. The next club hunt was discussed. It was voted to have a night hunt on Saturday, July 25th at Terry and Maries. Ice cream will be served at 07:30 P.M. The hunt will begin at dark. Absolutely no lights of any kind can be used during the hunt. All targets will be in the grass. Bert Sharp presented a talk about ground penetrating radar machines that can see twenty feet into the ground. Useful for finding civil war hut locations and outhouse holes. Jimmy Clark told a story about finding a billfold while water hunting. He returned the billfold to its owner complete with the folding money it contained. . . . .
Gold coin winners: Raffle: V. G. Rollins Door Prize: Sue Anderson

Bert Sharp has established a web site for the club. It can be found at WWW.MYTREASURESPOT.COM. The monthly newsletter is posted on the site.

July Club Meeting: Monday, July 13th at 07:00 P. M. FMDAC will sponsor a day at treasure week, July 11-18, New Stanton, PA Club Night Hunt: Saturday July 25th, at 07:30 P. M Coin, Stamp & Card Show, July 25th & 26th. Bossier City, LA, Convention Center FMDAC will sponsor a day at Southern Indiana Treasure Fest, July 27 – August 2nd FMDAC Convention and Hunts, Olathe, Kansas October 16, 17, & 18th, 2009 Civil War Relic & Coin Hunt, November 7th, Ft. Donaldson, Tennessee

Coin 1st David Glover 2nd V. G. Rollins 3rd Candra Deese 1st Kenny Mathews 2nd Jimmy Clark 3rd Candra Deese 1st Tommie Deese 2nd A. D. Carver 3rd Nealie Valentine 1st Tommie Deese 2nd Billy Shivers 3rd Doris St. Clair 1st Billy Shivers 2nd Kenny Mathews 3rd Nealie Valentine 1st Kenny Mathews 2nd Candra Deese 3rd Gayla Morrow 1948 Dime 1918 Wheat Penney 1961 Mexican Peso 10K Gold Ring with Blue Stone Gold Ring With Emerald Stone 10K Ring With Stone Lumber Token Palmolive Soap Falstaff Beer Great Seal Button Skypilot Premium Ring Square Nail Fox Hunter Watch Fob Silver Ring Commercial Bank Fob Money Clip Small Cross Gold Chain

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