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RMA's 2009 Chapter Administrator

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									RMA’s 2009 Chapter Administrator’s Toolbox 800-677-7621

Table of Contents
Page (s) Welcome Letter Chapter Administrator Guidelines About RMA RMA Resources Communication Tools Product Request Form Toolbox Order Form Chapter Web Site RMA Branding Guidelines Membership Resources Chapter Administrator Module Newsletter Resources Newsletter Template Programming Resources Marketing Brochure Template Calendar of Events Template Meeting Notice Templates Credit Card Processing Online Event Registration Event Set Up Form Board Meeting Resources Planning Calendar Template Chapter Roster Template Recognition Resources Sample Thank You Letter Certificate of Recognition Presidents Plaque Order Form RMA Logo Gifts Gold Medallion Award 2 3 4-10 11 12 13 14 15 16-18



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Chapter Administrators Toolbox
Welcome to the world of The Risk Management Association (RMA) and the chapter network. You have been chosen by one of the many RMA local or regional chapters to administrate some key tasks and assist the chapter in completing its mission. As a chapter administrator, you hold the keys to helping the local or regional chapter be one of the best in the global chapter network. This can be a very exciting venture for you and the chapter. All the individuals serving as board members give their time unselfishly to uphold and serve the RMA mission. They meet on a timely basis to serve the financial services community by planning and holding events that address current industry issues, social development (networking), and ongoing training needs. The chapters are the lifeblood of RMA and the entity most visible to the local membership. It is the chapters’ duty to provide value to the members they support, and this duty extends to the chapter administrator. Thank you for showing an interest and agreeing to hold the pivotal position of chapter administrator. We hope you find this toolbox useful. It contains essential information, gathered by a team of RMA volunteers, to help you succeed in your job. We wish you all the success in your upcoming year as a Chapter Administrator. Thomas Archer III, CRC, Whitney National Bank (Subcommittee Chair) Nicol B. Halishak, CRC – FirstMerit Bank NA Steven E. Stewart – Manufacturers & Traders Trust Company Laura W. Martin – Regional Manager Central – RMA HQ


Chapter Administrator Basic Guidelines
Each chapter administrator is responsible for understanding the chapter’s bylaws, its mission statement, and its goals. Each chapter administrator plays a very important role in the success of the chapter, because he or she may be contracted or assigned to perform certain duties that will help relieve the chapter’s administrative pressures, including (but not limited to): 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Marketing all events, programs, and open enrollment classes. Monitoring event registrations and collection of funds. Taking minutes during the board meetings. Sending out reminders about board meetings, general membership programs, and open enrollment classes. Distributing board communications, including the minutes and newsletters. Creating, maintaining, and managing, the membership lists and the mailing lists. Conducting hard mailings for special events or membership recruitment campaigns. Bearing responsibility for specific tasks assigned by the local or regional chapters.

All chapter paid administrators should have a contract with or signed agreement by the chapter and not RMA HQ. All chapter administrators should understand that the chapters, as members of The Risk Management Association, are governed by the RMA HQ bylaws. Therefore, through the chapter bylaws, all chapter administrators are responsible for upholding the policies and practices governed in the RMA corporate bylaws as well. • RMA HQ will hold at least one conference call annually, which will focus on educating the chapter administrators about RMA’s products, services, bylaws, Web site, event registration policies, open enrollments, membership, and chapter network. It will also be a forum for addressing issues from the chapter administrators and the chapters. • RMA HQ is available as a resource to answer any questions from chapter administrators.


The Risk Management Association g
• • Member-driven professional association Sole purpose to advance the use of sound risk principles in the financial services industry Founded in 1914



RMA Headquarters
• • • • Located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 3,000 Institutional members 18,000 Individual members Services: Educational programs Risk management products Industry input to regulators y p g


RMA Chapters
• There are 118 chapters in North America. RMA also has chapters located in London, Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia. Chapters provide the direct link to RMA members. Each chapter is governed by a volunteer board. RMA provides chapter support in four geographic regions, each assigned to a Regional Manager.



RMA Membership Levels
• • Associate – Associates Institutional



Continuing Associates – Certified Associates Professional – Professionals – Certified Professionals – Academics




RMA Credit Risk Certification (CRC)
• Comprehensive exam assessing p g credit skills Three years of credit experience to be li ibl t b eligible Two testing windows: -March th M h through A il h April -October through November Successful examinees achieve: - CRC designation • Requires 60 CEUs every three years to maintain credential





Educational Programming g g
• RMA chapters play a vital role in delivering educational programs to members.



RMA meets the educational needs of its members by offering quality credit-training programs.

What Can RMA Headquarters Do for Your Chapter? D f Y Ch t ?
Value-Added Resources:


1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8)

Regional Manager Administrative services Chapter Web sites RMA course materials Dues billing Sample chapter bylaws D&O liability insurance Information regarding IRS regulations

RMA HQ Resources
Manager – Chapters and Community Banks Southwest Regional Manager Lisa Poirot, CRC The Risk Management Association 1801 Market Street, Suite 300 Philadelphia, Pa 19103 Tel.: 281-344-1124; Fax: 281-232-2514 E: Central Regional Manager Laura Martin The Risk Management Association PO Box 66 Union, KY 41091 Tel.: 859-384-1760; Fax: 859-384-1767 E: Northeast Regional Manager David Arata The Risk Management Association 1801 Market Street Suite 300 Philadelphia, Pa 19103 Tel.:: 215-446-4127; Fax: 215 446-4262 E: Southeast Regional Manager Elizabeth Dailey The Risk Management Association 11250-15 Old St. Augustine Road. PMB 171 Jacksonville, Fl. 32257 Tel.: 904-262-9358; Fax: 904-262-9645 E: Western Regional Manager Erin Jester The Risk Management Association 1175 Shaw Ave. #104, PMB 102 Clovis, CA 93612-3932 Tel.: 559-324-9489; Fax: 559-324-9826 E: Chapter Administrative Supervisor Mary Ann Yurkonis The Risk Management Association 1801 Market Street, Suite 300 Philadelphia, Pa 19103 Tel.: 215-446-4051; Fax: 215-446-4262 E: Central/SW &Western Regional Chapter Support Rosemarie Casler The Risk Management Association 1801 Market Street, Suite 300 Philadelphia, Pa 19103 Tel.: 215-446-4053; Fax: 215-446-4262 E: Northeast/Southeast Regional Chapter Support Anna Shuman, MBA The Risk Management Association 1801 Market Street, Suite 300 Philadelphia, Pa 19103 Tel.: 215-446-4073; Fax: 215-446-4262 E: Open Enrollment Manager Debbie Trexler The Risk Management Association 1801 Market Street, Suite 300 Philadelphia, Pa 19103 Tel.: 215-446-4015; Fax: 215-446-4262 E:


Communication Resources
Communication Tools
RMA templates and sample letters can be found at • Templates for chapter newsletters (quarterly). • Template for chapter calendar. • Templates for program announcements. • Sample letters and invitations. • Template for fold-up marketing flyer. • RMA & You chapter presentation.

Toolboxes (available in hard copy, CD-ROM, or via the RMA Web site)
• • • • • • • • • • • Communication Education Financial Administration Leadership Membership Programming Young Professionals

Recognition Tools
Sample chapter service recognition letters. Sample recognition certificates. Gifts to order (allow six weeks for delivery). Chairperson plaques and gold medallion awards for special chapter service (allow six weeks for delivery).

Product Boxes for Your Chapter Events
No meeting is complete without your RMA display table. RMA product boxes include membership applications, The RMA Journal, product catalogs, product flyers and brochures. Product boxes can be requested using the Product Request form found on the Chapters section of the RMA Web site.


Please print and fill out the form below to make your requests. Fax this form to 215-446-4262. We ask that you allow at least 2 weeks for processing and shipping to your location. RMA pays for normal ground track shipping. You will be responsible for any rush fees incurred if less than 2 weeks notice is given. Questions? Northeast & Southeast Regions call Anna Shuman, 215-446-4073, or e-mail Central, Southwest & Western Regions call Rosemarie Casler, 215-446-4053, or e-mail FROM: (Name & phone)

Please send us the following: Qty:
___ ___ ___

Membership Kits (Application, The RMA Journal, product flyers and brochures) Associate Professional Institutions Applications

___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

Associate Professional Institutions Membership Development Letters on CD Communication Templates on CD Membership Toolbox Education Toolbox Board Orientation Guides Planning Meeting in a Box. (Includes Board Orientation Guides.) Please specify number of participants attending planning meeting ____. Chapter Membership list in Excel on CD RMA Product Box (to be displayed at chapter events, includes: applications, The RMA Journal, product catalog, product flyers and brochures). Please specify approximate number of attendees ____

Name: Title: Organization: Address: City Tel: Chapter: Date needed by: ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ _______________ ST_____ Zip_________ _______________ Fax: _______________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ (Please allow at least 2 weeks for shipping)


TO: RMA CHAPTERS, FAX 215-446-4262
If you would like to receive the RMA toolboxes on CD ROM, which includes all eight toolboxes, please print and fill out the form below. Fax this form to the number listed above. Questions? Northeast & Southeast Regions call Anna Shuman, 215-446-4073, or e-mail Central, Southwest & Western Regions call Rosemarie Casler, 215-446-4053, or e-mail FROM:
(name & phone)

Qty: ___

Description: Toolboxes on CD ROM include: Chapter Administrator Toolbox Communication Toolbox Education Toolbox Financial Administration Toolbox Leadership Toolbox Membership Toolbox Programming Toolbox. Young Professionals Toolbox


Name: Title: Organization: Address: City Phone: Chapter:

___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ _______________ State _____ Zip ______ ______________ Fax: ________________ ___________________________________

*These toolboxes and all templates can also be found online at Click on “Chapters” from the “Quick Links” menu on the left hand side of the screen. 14

Communicating Via a Web Site
Use Our Services: We’ll Maintain Your Chapter Web Site
Like any business that looks toward the future, your RMA chapter may want to consider building a Web site to communicate with your current members and to attract new members. And, like all other forms of chapter communication, a Web site is an excellent place to tell your chapter’s story. RMA offers chapters the service of building and maintaining their Web sites through the RMA Web site. To take advantage of this service, you must collect and send to RMA the following: 1. A summarized history of your chapter (RMA Chapters Division can assist you with this). 2. A list of upcoming local events, including general membership meetings and affinity group meetings. Your chapter calendar would provide this information. 3. A list of your upcoming educational events, including RMA cosponsored events. 4. Any special conferences or lending schools for your chapter. 5. Any special golf outings or other events. 6. A listing of all chapter officers and board members, complete with their contact information, if possible. At least one person must supply contact information. 7. A copy of your most current newsletter. 8. Any events or information regarding your chapter’s Young Professionals group. Information to update your Web site must be provided on a regular basis to include new chapter information and to remove old information. Send your Web site information to: Northeast and Southeast Regions: Anna Shuman, Central, Southwest, and Western Regions: Rosemarie Casler, PLEASE SEE THE ATTACHED TIP SHEET FOR THE CHAPTER EVENT REGISTRATION FORM AND PAYMENT COLLECTION PRACTICES:


T H E




Enterprise Risk Management:
Credit Risk Operational Risk Market Risk

Branding Guidelines for Chapters 2009 1-800-677-7621 16

Like any professional organization,
RMA is dedicated to promoting and protecting its brand. Our members and customers recognize the value RMA brings to the financial services industry. Their participation in RMA events as well as their purchases of our products and services demonstrate their loyalty to the association. We are proud of our accomplishments and our strong reputation in the industry. That’s why we want our brand to be communicated consistently at each chapter around the country. We want all of our communications to reflect RMA’s dedication to excellence. To help you promote the RMA brand in your communications, we have developed these simple guidelines.

Our brand is the strong reputation that we have earned since 1914, first as the promoter and protector of credit quality and now as the professional association that champions best practices in risk management across the enterprise.

Using the RMA Logo

RMA’s logo represents the brand, so its use should be consistent throughout our chapters.

w Use the current RMA logo on printed communications. The current logo has the “®” mark. If you do not have a copy of it, contact RMA’s marketing production coordinator, Keara Calu, at or 215-446-4125. w The logo should be printed in black and white or, when printed in color, in black and blue. If you use a professional printer, tell the printer to use Pantone 293 for the RMA blue in the logo. w The logo should never be squeezed to fit into a space. Instead, reduce its overall size.

3 3


Using the RMA Name
w Always use The Risk Management Association in first references. Use RMA in subsequent references. Never use our old name, Robert Morris Associates. w Make sure that your personnel records in your institution’s public relations and human resources offices reflect the correct name of your association. Too often, we receive press clips about promotions or appointments of members indicating that they belong to Robert Morris Associates.

E-Communication Tips
w Consider using e-mail to communicate with members about upcoming events. w Put addresses on the bcc line in large group e-mails. is an examplerecipients’ privacy and This This protects the of bold sans serif ensures that the list . reverse Type cannot be copied by someone who will try to sell them something.

This is an example Writing Tips of serif reverse Type.
w Be brief. w Keep the writing simple. w Use bulleted points and subheads whenever you can. People want to be able to get the information quickly.

Appearance Issues for Printed Materials
w Avoid the use of clip art. Clip art detracts from the professional appearance of reports and other mailings. Microsoft’s clip art is especially bad. w Use no more than two typefaces in printed materials. A sans serif typeface looks good in headlines, while a serif typeface works well in text because it is easier to read than sans serif. w Use type no smaller than 10 point. w Consider using white/empty space. Used judiciously, it gives a clean appearance and makes documents inviting to read. w Avoid the overuse of bold typeface. It’s difficult to read and often detracts from the overall apperance of printed material. w Reinforce the RMA brand in PowerPoint presentations by using the logo. w Use white, almost white, or cream-colored paper stock for newsletters and letters. Bright-colored paper does not convey the professional image of The Risk Management Association. w Ask someone to proofread your communications. It’s hard to see typos in your own work. w Be sure the RMA logo is not so large that it competes with your headline for attention. w Avoid widows and orphans on a printed page. A widow is a word left alone on the last line of a paragraph. An orphan is a word or phrase left alone on the top of a column.



Chapter Administration Module
(for Members Only) To: Chapter Presidents As an RMA Member, you can now access membership information directly from the RMA Web site. Using our new updated CHAPTER ADMINISTRATION MODULE each chapter can authorize one individual to have access to the chapter’s membership roster file. The person you authorize to use this module will be able to download the most current information into a spreadsheet to create mailing labels and monitor membership. Please fill out the form below to designate your module administrator.

Return to: Mary Ann Yurkonis, Chapters & Member Relations Fax: 215-446-4101, Phone: 215-446-4051, e-Mail: To designate your administrator, please fill in the following information. Module Administrator: Chapter Name: Institution: e-Mail address: Phone/Fax: (Please print all information clearly.)

Please Note: Misuse of the membership roster, such as distributing to individuals or institutions for purposes other than to promote an RMA HQ or RMA Chapter event would violate RMA HQ Bylaws and would immediately revoke the users access. Membership lists may not be shared with recruiters, third party vendors, professional firms, businesses, private individuals, or nonmembers without the written consent of RMA HQ.


Spring 2009

Volume 49.1

From Your Chapter President SAMPLE COMMENTARY

Volunteer Spotlight
Insert the name and photo of, and information about, a volunteer who has gone “above and beyond”!

Welcome to our Spring newsletter. I hope you take the time to read through it and give us your comments. It is designed for our chapter members. If you have suggestions for future topics, or if you would like to write an article for the newsletter, please let us know. The goal of this newsletter is to provide you with information you can use within your area. Chapter President
2008–09 (Chapter Name) Chapter Officers

Please welcome our newest members!


Our chapter presents opportunities for individuals to get involved. Chapters rely on the talents of volunteers to stage many of their programs, conduct membership development efforts, and promote the ideals of the Association. To find out more about how you can get involved in our chapter, call (insert contact name/phone/email here.)


Expensive Tuition: Eight Lessons Learned from the Credit Crisis
By J. Tol Broome Jr. This article is a condensed version of the article that appeared in the February 2009 RMA Journal. To read in its entirety, please check out our Web site:

As we continue to work through the most challenging period in the financial services industry since the Great Depression, some lessons are beginning to emerge. While much of the damage was caused by complex credit structures, such as collateralized debt obligations and credit default swaps, most of the “spilled milk” resulted when lending basics were ignored. What follows are eight lessons learned from the credit crunch, as well as some direction on how to avoid a similar occurrence in the future. While lessons can also be learned regarding market, liquidity, and reputation risk, this article focuses on credit risk. 1. Underwrite Your Own Risk The core reason for the credit crisis is that many institutions did not underwrite their own risk. Most of the other lessons covered in this article are offshoots of this one. During the “easy credit” environment from 2002 to mid-2007, many banks abdicated this fundamental responsibility and ignored the basic principles of sound lending. The crux of the problem was an explosion of the “originate and sell” credit model. 2. Make Loans That Can Be Repaid Yes, cash flow is one of the “Five Cs” of credit that we learned in Lending 101, but it was largely ignored during the period 2002 to mid-2007. Again, let’s consider subprime mortgage lending as the poster child of how cash flow was often disregarded in the underwriting process. Hundreds of billions of dollars in mortgage loans were made to borrowers with poor credit ratings, with no attempt made to verify income or employment. The borrowers were often “qualified” with low teaser rates and creative payment structures such as “pick-a-payment.” (We used to call this negative amortization.) To make matters worse, the LTVs sometimes approached or even exceeded 100%. The loans were closed, booked, packaged, and sold (see Lesson #1), but nobody ever asked if the borrowers could repay the debt. 3. Require Equity Speaking of the Five Cs of credit, let’s move on to another one: capital. One of the prevailing characteristics of the easy-credit environment was seemingly unlimited tolerance for leverage. It started

with some of the lenders in the unregulated investment banking arena who operated with leverage ratios of 30:1 or higher. But that’s an issue for another article. In the lending arena, the lack of required equity was evident in a number of different segments, particularly in real-estate-related credit. As the housing bubble continued to expand, residential land loans were made to developers at 90–100% of purchase price. Development loans were extended with as little as 10% in “equity,” often allowing the borrower to trickle it in as the work was completed. Home construction loans were done at 80–85% of appraised value, which often allowed builders to put money in their pockets out of the proceeds. Once the house was complete, an eager buyer quickly purchased it, with the equally eager first lien mortgage lenders routinely providing 100% financing. It should come as no surprise that foreclosures quickly reached record levels when the housing bubble burst, given the negative equity position in which many homeowners found themselves. 4. Stick to Your Core Competencies Most banks cater to a certain niche. Generally, the mega banks are very good at serving the needs of the large corporate and retail sectors. Many regional banks thrive in middle-market and small business lending. And community banks focus on local businesses and individuals. Some banks are particularly adept at mortgage lending, while others have mastered certain types of specialized lending such as asset-based financing, leasing, and credit cards. 5. Diversify Your Portfolio This is a particularly tricky lesson as we work through the current credit crisis, for it was in the name of diversification that many banks bought subprime, CDO, CMBS, and student loan paper. Other banks sought to diversify into different geographic areas. These diversification strategies appeared sound at first glance. In many cases, however, the banks violated two other key lending principles. They did not underwrite their own risk, and they moved away from core competencies.


6. Maintain Granularity Granularity is a portfolio management technique similar to diversification. No matter the size of the bank, it is critically important to set lending limits and then manage to them. Many bank failures result from a lack of granularity. For instance, community banks sometimes find themselves in hot water after lending to a single client all the way up to the legal limit of 15% of capital. This is akin to “betting the bank” and is ill advised no matter how strong the client seems at the time of underwriting. 7. Know Your Counterparties and Loan Participants One of the many paradigm shifts of the recent credit boom was the use of credit default swaps to lay off risk. Before 2000, if a bank wanted to reduce risk exposures to a single name, there were two options: 1) find participants to buy specific positions in a specific transaction, or 2) purchase insurance. In either case, the counterparty risk was generally known to the bank and could be underwritten and monitored easily. If the primary borrower defaulted, the bank could go directly to the participants to share in the already funded exposure or to the insurance company with a claim.

8. Everybody Owns Risk In his letter for the October 2008 RMA Journal, RMA president and CEO Kevin Blakely asked, “Whose job is it, anyway?” He was referring to risk management. Answering his own question, Blakely said risk management is everybody’s responsibility. “Anointing the CRO as the company cop, the person expected to keep everyone else in check, is a recipe for failure,” warned Blakely. “When it comes to risk management, everyone’s got a role to play, from the board of directors to the CEO to the lowest-paid employee in the mailroom. Unfortunately, they don’t always accept that.” Amen! The recent trend toward “hunter/skinner” models caused some bankers (and banks) to lose sight of the fact that everybody owns risk. Sure, those who are in “credit” jobs often will have the most experience in underwriting risk and managing a loan portfolio, but the relationship manager is at the point of contact with the client and should play an integral part in managing risk. Account officers with incentive goals skewed too heavily toward production often have been tempted to ignore clear signs of risk (for example, misleading client statements, disappearing assets, surprise liens, etc.) just to make a sale. J. Tol Broome Jr. is Specialized Lending Group manager, executive vice president, BB&T, WinstonSalem, North Carolina. He also serves on RMA’s board of directors. He can be contacted at

The RMA Journal Take a step into the future of banking while maintaining a strong foothold in the fundamentals. Subscribe to The RMA Journal—the official magazine of RMA available 10 times a year in print and digital formats. Please note that December–January and July–August issues are combined. Non-Associate Members (Employees of member institutions who are not individual members of RMA. Annual subscription – $70.00 Best deal – become an Associate – $55.00 per year. Nonmembers (Individuals from institutions not eligible for membership and not in any other membership class, i.e. Academic, Student, Certification, etc. Annual subscription – $110.00 Lock in today’s pricing – two year rate


More RMA…. Just one click away!
November 18, 2008 – The World Not According to GAAP: Accounting Convergence January 13, 2009 – February 10, 2009 – Detecting Fraud in Small Business Lending March 10, 2009 – Real Estate Appraisal Issues May 5, 2009 – State of the Commercial Real Estate Market Credit Risk Challenges During the Next 18 Months

Lending and Risk Management Series

(Your Chapter’s) 2008-09 Calendar of Events

How to Maximize Your Potential by Becoming Involved in RMA

RMA involvement can be of great benefit to your institution. In a time when many are very focused internally, RMA provides a “window on the world” and keeps you on the leading edge with timely knowledge. Community Bank Series
October 7, 2008 – Stress Testing the Commercial Loan Portfolio. December 9, 2008 – Compliance Issues – Flood Insurance and Real Estate Appraisal Management February 17, 2009 – The Future of Community Banking: Where do we go from here? April 14, 2009 – Loan Workout Strategies for Community Bankers. June 9, 2009 – Regulatory Update with Senior Regulators from the FDIC, Federal Reserve and OCC
Time: All audio conferences will be held at 1:00 p.m. (ET), 10:00 a.m. (PT). Fees: Multiple listeners permitted free on the same line (include as many officers as can fit around your speakerphone). Information: 1-800-677-7621 RMA Members: $400 for all five audio conferences or $120 for each selected audioconference (per telephone line). Nonmembers: $600 for all five audio conferences or $180 for each selected audioconference (per telephone line).

Individuals involved in RMA will learn teambuilding and leadership skills that will help them professionally. RMA is a great organization in which to involve your people.

Your support and involvement in the local Chapter is essential to our success.



Bring Banking’s Best Discussions Right into Your Own Bank Conference Room!

Don’t miss the opportunity to dial in on some valuable discussion from your desktop!

Industry leaders will discuss issues of interest to you and provide you with the opportunity to ask questions. Participants have the option to dial into any one of the series or purchase a package of the whole series.

The Risk Management Association
(Your Chapter Name) Chapter *
RMA MISSION STATEMENT RMA is a member-driven professional association whose sole purpose is to advance the use of sound risk principles in the financial services industry.

Your RMA Chapter Board

Your Introduction Here
What is RMA? RMA is the only financial services association to champion best practices in risk management while also monitoring emerging trends. Our strong relationship with members and regulators helps us develop new risk management techniques, innovative products, and education and training programs geared to risk management professionals at different stages of their careers. Over 70% of the Association’s revenue is derived from providing products and services to members. What does RMA do? RMA was founded in 1914 to help commercial bankers make better lending decisions through the exchange of credit information. Today, RMA is the only association that specializes in promoting effective and prudent risk management practices for institutions of all sizes, across the entire financial services industry. Headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, RMA has 3,000 institutional members that include banks of all sizes as well as nonbank financial institutions. They are represented in the association by over 20,000 risk management professionals who are chapter members in financial centers throughout North America, Europe, and Asia/Pacific. RMA hosts over 1,000 Roundtables, Conferences and training sessions each year. Our Journal is one of the most highly regarded publications of its kind and our Annual Statement Studies is a resource used by lenders, accountants, business owners and financial professionals.

Helping our members understand sound risk principles will contribute to enhanced profitability and more efficient allocation of capital to support growth. Furthermore, individuals will be better prepared to meet the needs of customers and to grow professionally.

(Your Chapter Name)

What our Chapter does. As one of over 120 active RMA Chapters, the (your chapter name) RMA Chapter plays an active role in fulfilling the mission. Through our area general meetings and educational events we enrich financial services professionals and our region’s banking community. It’s an important undertaking that is led and implemented by loyal volunteers from area institutions -- bringing RMA to you in your own backyard.

RMA _____________ Chapter Presents Our Calendar of Events

_____________ Chapter
General Membership Meetings & Educational Offerings in 20XX:


General Membership Meetings & Educational Offerings in 20XX:


Our programs are open to our members and all prospective members, please join us at our next meeting.

For more information about our program schedule, contact our _______________ Chapter Program Chair:


Chapter Name Presents:

Date Time Speaker: Name Title Company City, State Location: Place Address City, State Cost: $/per person (Members) $/per person (Nonmembers)
Please complete the registration form below and send your reply along with payment to: Contact Name Contact Bank Contact Address Phone: Contact #, Fax: Contact # From:__________________________ Institution:______________________ Phone:____________________________ Address:__________________________

Email:_______________________________________________________________ The Following Individuals From My Institution Will Also Be Attending The Program: ________________________________ ________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________


RMA <<Chapter Name>> Chapter Presents:

<<Program Title>>
<<Name>> <Title>> <<Company>>

Date: Time: Location: Cost:

<<Date>> <<Time>> <<Place>> <<Address>> <City, State>> $/per person (Members) $/per person (Non-members)

For Questions or to Register Contact: <<Name>> <<Company>> <<Address>> <<City, ST Zip>> <<Phone>> / Fax: <<Fax>> <<Email>>

Your Name: Bank: Mailing Address: Phone:



Are you interested in volunteering with the local chapter?


The RMA <<Chapter Name>> Presents:

<<A short paragraph describing the program can be placed in this space.>>

<<Date>> <<Time>> Speaker: <<Name>> <<Title>> <<Company>> <<City, State>> Location: <<Place>> <<Address>> City, State

Cost: <<$>> /per person (Members) <<$>> /per person (Nonmembers)
Please complete the registration form below and send your reply along with payment to: <<Contact Name>> <<Contact Bank>> <<Contact Address>> Phone: <<Contact #>>, Fax: <<Contact #>> From:__________________________ Phone:__________________________ Institution:______________________ Title:____________________________ Fax:_____________________________ Address:__________________________

President <<Name>> <<Bank>> <<Phone>> <<Fax>> <<Email>> Vice President <<Name>> <<Bank>> <<Phone>> <<Fax>> <<Email>> Membership <<Name>> <<Bank>> <<Phone>> <<Fax>> <<Email>> Program/Education <<Name>> <<Bank>> <<Phone>> <<Fax>> <<Email>> Chapter Administrator <<Name>> <<Bank>> <<Phone>> <<Fax>> <<Email>>


Instructions for Processing Credit Cards for Local Chapters
There is a 5% fee for processing payments. After the event, all registration forms need to be faxed in one batch to the attention of Simona Curelariu at 215-446-4101. You also need to attach a Credit Card Payment Summary List, which shows the following: • • • • • Cardholder’s name Payment amount Payment method Credit card number Expiration date

Once all information is received, payments will be processed and a check will be issued to the chapter. Please inform individuals that the charge on their monthly statement will appear as follows: RMA 1-800-677-7621 You can call your RMA Regional Manager or Simona Curelariu (215-446-4031) with any questions.


• • • RMA will provide Online Chapter Event Registration Services for chapter meetings and events. For entry into RMA’s Systems, RMA requires the RMA Chapter Event Set-up form to be completed (see attached). Pricing can either be Flat Rate or Member\Nonmember. Member\Nonmember pricing will be based upon RMA Headquarters membership status not local chapter membership status. RMA will provide an online registration page for each event on the RMA hosted local chapter website for which complete information has been submitted. Chapter Event Registration will be online only. RMA Headquarters will not accept registrations by phone, fax or email. The cancellation fee for any meeting/event will follow RMA Headquarters Cancellation Policy as stated below: • Full refunds will be available on all cancellations up to 15 working days prior to the start of the event. Cancellation requests must be made by the chapter to • Registrants who cancel 6-14 business days prior to the event will receive a refund equal to 50% of the fee. • Registrants who cancel reservations 5 or fewer business days prior to the event are not eligible for a refund. • Registrants failing to attend the event (no-shows) will not be eligible for refunds. • You may make a substitution from the same institution at any time. Registrants will be informed to direct all event questions to chapter event contact. Order confirmation email will be sent after a credit card is charged. RMA will provide a secure web page for the chapter event contact to download event registrant information. Download will be based upon an event code provided by RMA to the chapter event contact. RMA will remit paid registrations via ACH to participating chapters after each event (payment will be 5 to 10 business days after the event). Effective September 1, 2009 a 5% service fee will be deducted from the total amount collected. Each chapter will appoint one individual to act as liaison for Chapter Events and to receive Events payment (ACH) and reports. Chapters should complete the Chapter Events Online Registration Request/Authorization form and return it to RMA.

• • •

• • •
• • • •

Questions/Additional Information


Questions regarding the Chapter Events Online Registration Service should be directed to: Cindy Slick, Events Group Supervisor, 1801 Market St., Ste. 300, Philadelphia, PA 19103, phone 215-446-4138/ fax 215-446-4100/ e-mail


RMA CHAPTER EVENTS ONLINE REGISTRATION REQUEST/AUTHORIZATION Our chapter would like to use RMA’s Chapter Events Online Registration Service Chapter Name: ________________________________________________________________ Your Name:__________________________ Institution:___________________________ Address:____________________________ City, St, Zip:_________________________ Chapter Office held - __________________________________________________________ Chapter contact to receive Chapter Events payment (if different from above): Your Name:__________________________ Phone:______________________________ Institution:___________________________ Fax: _______________________________ Address:____________________________ Email:______________________________ City, St, Zip:_________________________ Phone:______________________________ Fax: _______________________________ Email:______________________________

ACH Information Bank Routing #___________________________ Bank Account #_________________________ On behalf of the _____________________________________ Chapter, I agree to the conditions outlined in the “Chapter Events Online Registration Participation Guidelines.” Signature _____________________________________________ Date: ___________________ If you need to make any changes to the above information, a new Chapter Event Online Registration Request must be completed and returned to Cindy Slick. Please return this form to: Mrs. Cindy Slick RMA 1801 Market Street, Ste. 300 Philadelphia, PA 19103 Or Fax to: (215) 446-4100 Telephone: (215) 446-4138 E-mail:


RMA CHAPTER EVENT SET-UP FORM Date:______________________ Please select type of event: General Membership Breakfast General Membership Luncheon General Membership Dinner Audioconference Community Bank Program Conference/Seminar/Education Program Joint Event Networking Event Roundtable Event Women in Banking Program Young Bankers Program Other____________________________

Chapter Name:______________________________________________________________________ Event Name:________________________________________________________________________ Event Begin Date:_______________ Start Time:_______________ Event Capacity:____________ Event End Date:_________________ End Time:__________________ Registration Fee: Member: $______________________ FACILITY INFORMATON (Location of Event): Name of Facility:_______________________________________________________________________ Address of Facility:_____________________________________________________________________ Room/Floor:_________________________ City, State, Zip:____________________________________ Hotel Information (if rooms are blocked for the event) Hotel Name:__________________________________________________________________________ Hotel Address:________________________________ City, State, Zip____________________________ Hotel Phone Number:___________________________________________________________________ Room Rate: Single $__________ Double $___________ Room Rate Cut-Off Date_________________ Additional Information About Event (casual dress, bring your calculator, lunch will be served, etc)__________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ Name of individual to be listed as event contact:____________________________________________ Phone:_______________________________ E-Mail:_________________________________________ Name of individual completing this form (if different from above):_______________________________ Phone:______________________________E-Mail:___________________________________________ Please return this completed form to Cindy Slick via fax to (215) 446-4100, Phone (215) 446 4138, Nonmember: $_________________________


RMA ______________ Chapter 20XX-XX Events Schedule
Date Event Responsibility Comments


2009-10 OFFICERS and COMMITTEE CHAIRS (Please submit by 8/31/09)
All Chapter Board Members must be Individual Associates of RMA. You may E-mail this information to us or submit it on your own form, if you prefer.

RMA Chapter Name: Name: Title: Organization: Street Address: City, State Zip: Phone: E-Mail: Name: Title: Organization: Street Address: City, State Zip: Phone: E-Mail: Name: Title: Organization: Street Address: City, State Zip: Phone: E-Mail: Name: Title: Organization: Street Address: City, State Zip: Phone: E-Mail: Name: Title: Organization: Street Address: City, State Zip: Phone: E-Mail:

____________________________________________________ President

Fax: (First) Vice President

Fax: (Second) Vice President (if applicable)

Fax: Secretary (Treasurer)

Fax: Treasurer



2009-10 OFFICERS and COMMITTEE CHAIRS (Please submit by 8/31/09) Administrative Assistant Name: Title: Organization: Street Address: City, State Zip: Phone: E-Mail:


MEMBERSHIP / MEMBER RELATIONS COMMITTEES Membership Committee Chair (This person will receive all membership information sent by Headquarters unless otherwise indicated below.)

Name: Title: Organization: Street Address: City, State Zip: Phone: E-Mail: Name: Title: Organization: Street Address: City, State Zip: Phone: E-Mail:
Young Bankers Committee Chair


Person responsible for maintaining membership records if other than above.


Name: Title: Organization: Street Address: City, State Zip: Phone: E-Mail:
EDUCATIONAL COMMITTEES Program Committee Chair (for General Membership Meetings)

Name: Title: Organization: Street Address: City, State Zip: Phone:

Fax: 35

2009-10 OFFICERS and COMMITTEE CHAIRS (Please submit by 8/31/09) E-Mail:
Education Committee Chair

Name: Title: Organization: Street Address: City, State Zip: Phone: E-Mail:

Name: Title: Organization: Street Address: City, State Zip: Phone: E-Mail:
Public Relations Committee Chair


Name: Title: Organization: Street Address: City, State Zip: Phone: E-Mail:
Nominating Committee Chair


Name: Title: Organization: Street Address: City, State Zip: Phone: E-Mail:


PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITIES COMMITTEES Paper-writing Competition Committee Chair

Name: Title: Organization: Street Address: City, State Zip:


2009-10 OFFICERS and COMMITTEE CHAIRS (Please submit by 8/31/09) Phone: E-Mail: Fax:

OTHER COMMITTEES (Please insert name) Committee

Name: Title: Organization: Street Address: City, State Zip: Phone: E-Mail:


Name: Title: Organization: Street Address: City, State Zip: Phone: E-Mail:


Name: Title: Organization: Street Address: City, State Zip: Phone: E-Mail:



SAMPLE THANK YOU LETTER TO CEO, SR. ASSOCIATE OR SUPERVISOR DATE NAME TITLE BANK ADDRESS CITY, STATE, ZIP RE: Name of RMA Volunteer Dear Name: All too often, we take for granted the positive efforts of the few, who by their actions greatly benefit many. Such is the case of (Volunteer’s Name), and I wanted to make sure you knew about it. In banking, I think that it is pretty much universally agreed that, as an institution, we all benefit from RMA. We can count on receiving RMA’s Annual Statement Studies book and, on a monthly basis, RMA provides a more comprehensive benefit through readings from the Journal of Lending & Credit Risk Management. And while RMA continues to wow us with new and innovative products and services, I would suggest the greatest value comes from what is gained at the local level. Accordingly, our RMA group—your group—is only as good as the aggregate efforts of the very few who have volunteered their time to actively take leadership roles. Locally, we provide educational workshops and round tables, as well as seminars from professionals in other industries that we interact with on almost a daily basis and, of course, there is the benefit of maintaining and maximizing a personal network within the local banking community. RMA’s value is probably different for each and every one of us who has chosen banking as our profession. But those events do not happen by themselves. They take time, work, and leadership. (Volunteer’s name(s)) and others like him (or her or them) voluntarily provide these qualities to the local group so that all of us in banking have the opportunity to benefit. As you can see from reviewing the enclosed agendas, RMA sponsored some very timely and dynamic programs in the 200_ - 200_ year. Hopefully, you were able to attend one or more. In the coming year, we have planned an even more aggressive agenda. The fruition of this could not, and will not, occur without people like (volunteer’s name(s)) who have agreed to serve our group for the 200_ - 200_ year: (volunteer’s name) in the capacity as the chapter’s (RMA position). It’s people like this who make things happen. Accordingly, I want to extend a sincere thanks to you for supporting their belief and commitment in RMA. From my perspective, a pat on the back is well deserved. Thanks, and, hopefully, I will see you at one of our meetings this year. Sincerely, Name RMA Title Chapter Name CC: Name of Volunteer


Certificate of Recognition
of The Risk Management Association The Chapter


In appreciation of exemplary service hereby recognizes: _______________________________

On behalf of all Associates and in appreciation for leadership for the (year) RMA year as Chair of the ___________________ Chapter of RMA. ________________________
, Vice President Chapter


, President Chapter


PRESIDENT PLAQUE ORDER FORM (Please type) Please fax completed order form to: 215-446-4262, Attn: Mary Ann Yurkonis
(Your order will be forwarded to the order fulfillment company.)



(i.e. 2005-2006)


(Please include functional title and telephone number)



Joseph S. Vanelli MTM Recognition Inc. 405 West Germantown Pike Norristown, PA 19403 TEL # 610-277-1463


RMA Chapter Gifts W/RMA Logo
1. Crystal Striped Box - 24% full lead crystal box with press-molded stripe pattern that creates exceptional highlights and beauty. 3” H x 4 1/4” Deep. Deep etch RMA logo imprint. Individually boxed. Price: $38.50 each Silver Carriage Clock – Large lantern shape analog clock with storage compartment in front (clock door opens.) 4 5/8 x 2 3/8 x 2 3/8. Individually boxed. Price: $34.41 each Designer Desk Clock – Silvertone (durable non-tarnish plated surface) desk clock with contemporary look and classic elegance. Clock has alarm. Overall size: 3 7/8 x 2 ½ x ½. Individually boxed. Price: $32.42 each Solid Brass Money Clip (B50V)- Gold plated solid brass with heavy-duty steel clip to hold beautifully cast RMA logo medallion on clip. Individually boxed. Price: $5.75 each Millennium Leather Passport Travel Wallet - Black travel wallet has zippered closure and pocket for passport, tickets, travel documents and card and currency pockets. Size: 5 x 9 ¼ x ¾. Price: $25.30 each Carrington Bowl – Beautiful mouth-blown imported crystal graced with exquisite color and clarity. Perfect for snacks, candy, nuts, etc. Size: 3” H x 6” Dia. RMA logo lightly etched. Price: $19.80 each Tempered Glass Coffee Mug Set - Boiling hot or icy cold! These 13 oz. tempered glass mugs are versatile and durable. A unique alternative to a traditional design. RMA logo lightly etched on one side. Boxed as a set. Price: $16.00/set of 2 mugs Victorinox Swiss Army Knife - The original Swiss Army knife and international symbol of quality, ingenuity, and versatility. The “Bijou” Swiss Army knife features red 2 1/4” handle, cutting blade, scissors, nail file with screwdriver tip, toothpick, and tweezers. Hot-stamped RMA logo. Vinyl sheath and individual box. Price: $16.50 each Two Compartment Insulated Tote - Durable two-compartment denier nylon insulated tote is perfect for the beach, boat, or backyard. The top compartment with two-way wraparound zipper holds 12 - 12 oz. cans of your favorite beverage plus ice! Wraparound webbed handles with selfmaterial grip allow easy portability. Royal blue with white trim and RMA logo. Price: $14.00 each Heritage Canister – Lidded glass canisters in 22-ounce size. RMA logo lightly etched. Size: 5.5” H x 4”W. Price: $13.34 each Elegant style Silver Keyholders. Beautifully curved Star design. Overall size: 4 x 1 ¼ x 3/8. Price: $6.29 each Satin Silver Money Clip (782L) Price: $5.25 each Divot Repair Ball Marker w/Key ring (B162L) Price: $6.25 each 41

2. 3.

4. 5. 6. 7.



10. 11. 12. 13.

RMA Chapter Gifts with RMA Logo

SHIP TO: Name_______________________________________________________ Company___________________________________________________ Address_____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ City, State, Zip_______________________________________________ Phone_______________________________________________________
ITEM Crystal Box Brass Money Clip Tempered Glass Mug Set Swiss Army Knife Double Compartment Insulated Tote Silver Carriage Clock Designer Desk Clock Leather Passport Travel Wallet Carrington Bowl Heritage Canister Silver STAR Keyholder Satin Silver Money Clip Divot Repair Ball Marker QUANTITY COST TOTAL _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________

1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10) 11) 12) 13)

_____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ ___ ___ Freight & Handling ____________________ Make check payable to MIR for this total: ____________________

Ordering Instructions: 1) Select desired merchandise and complete entire order form. 2) Make check payable to MIR for total amount. 3) Mail check and order form to: Marketing Incentive Resources, Inc. 1296 Helmo Avenue North St. Paul, MN 55128 Attn: Bob Johnson 4) For large orders of any single or multiple items, please contact Bob Johnson at Marketing Incentive Resources (651) 738-6563, or fax (651) 738-0244. 5) Please allow 3 - 4 weeks for delivery.

Chase & Sons

Quality Service Since 1952

Tangible Advertising, Inc.

For 2009 we are offering the following A. T. Cross items to RMA Members
(Includes RMA Logo on Clip) Model No. Model Price

Classic Century Series
3502 350105 3505 2502 250105 2505 2702 5702 2902 Lustrous Chrome PEN Lustrous Chrome Pen/Pencil SET Lustrous Chrome Rolen Ball Pen Classic Black PEN Classic Black Pen/Pencil SET Classic Black Roller Ball Pen Satin Blue w/Chrome PEN Satin Burgundy w/Chrome Penn Satin Back W/Chrome Pen $28.50 49.50 41.50 39.50 62.50 43.50 29.50 29.50 29.50

10K Gold Filled Classic
4503 450105 Gold Ballpoint Pen Gold Pen/Pencil Set 48.50 99.50

Medalist…w/Polished Gold Appointments
3302 330105 Polished Chrome PEN Polished Chrome Pen/Pencil SET 39.50 62.50

AT0152-1 AT0152-2 AT0152-3 Black Ballpoint Pen w/Silver Trim Blue Ballpoint Pen w/Silver Trim Red Ballpoint Pen w/Silver Trim 32.50 32.50 32.50

There is no minimum order quantity on any of these items. Additionally, ANY other Pen, Pencil, Pen/Pencil Set, or Desk Set manufactured by A. T. Cross is available with the RMA Logo (minimum order for items not listed above is 24 units). Please contact us for RMA-only special pricing on any item not listed above.

Place your order:

Chase & Sons 125 Argilla Road Andover, MA 01810 Phone: 978.475.8857 / Fax: 978.475.8858 / E-Mail:


Chase & Sons
Tangible Advertising, Inc.


RMA – 2009
Price $28.50 49.50 41.50 39.50 62.50 43.50 29.50 29.50 29.50 Total

A. T. Cross Writing Instruments
Classic Century Series
Quantity Model No. 3502 350105 3505 2502 250105 2505 2702 5702 2902 Lustrous Chrome PEN Lustrous Chrome Pen/Pencil SET Lustrous Chrome Roller Ball PEN Classic Black PEN Classic Black Pen/Pencil SET Classic Black Roller Ball PEN Satin Blue w/Chrome PEN Satin Burgundy w/Chrome PEN Satin Black w/Chrome PEN 10K Gold Filled Classic Gold Ballpoint PEN Gold Pen/Pencil SET Medalist…w/Polished Gold Appointments Polished Chrome PEN Polished Chrome Pen/Pencil SET Adventura Black Ballpoint Pen w/Silver Trim Blue Ballpoint Pen w/Silver Trim Red Ballpoint Pen w/Silver Trim

4502 450105

48.50 99.50

3302 330105

39.50 62.50

AT0152-1 AT0152-2 AT0152-3

32.50 32.50 32.50

Authorized By______________________________ Need By:_______________P.O.No.____________ (date) (if required) Ship To:__________________________________

To Order


By Mail:

_______________________________ _______________________________ _______________________________ State__________ Zip _____________ Tel. No.______________________________ Bill To:______________________________ _______________________________ ______________________________ ______________________________ State___________Zip_____________

Chase & Sons 125 Argilla Road Andover, MA 01810 978.475.8857 978.475.8858

By Phone: By Fax: By E-Mail:

You will be invoiced after your receipt of goods


Questions about Your Promotional Advertising Needs? Can’t Decide What You Need?
The answer is now at your fingertips.
TO: RMA Members and Chapters

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*Cross Pens excluded as RMA Price is specially negotiated w/Cross and reflects greater than 20% Discount already.

Chase & Sons
125 Argilla Road Andover, MA 01810

Tangible Advertising, Inc.

Ph: 978.475.8857 Fax: 978.475.8858



An award designed for presentation by the chapters to recognize the outstanding achievements or contributions of local Associates who have volunteered time and talent to RMA. The cost of this 3"x5" award is $19.95. This includes the award itself (which the local unit personalizes with its name and the name of the recipient), a lucite display case, postage and handling. Possible recipients might include program and other committee chairpersons; outstanding committee members, newsletter editors; and other individuals who have done exemplary work for the chapter. To order, contact RMA’s Customer Care Department at 1-800-677-7621. Provide them with the Product No. (61004) PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL GOLD MEDALLION AWARDS WILL USE THE WORDING CHAPTER.


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