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Guide to Free Government Grants

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What Are Free Government Grants How to Find a Grant Completing the Grant Application Business Grants Should You Hire a Grant Consultant? Visiting a Local Grant Agency Government Grant or Government Contract Have the Government Fund Your Invention How to Get a Grant for Education Grants for Education Single Female – Get a Grant for Training Become a Real Estate Entrepreneur Special Grants for Veterans Grants to Finish High School Grants for Senior Citizens What Are Free Government Grants

Government Grants and Its Types There‟s no such thing as a free lunch. Although, grants may seem like a free lunch, technically they are not. After receiving a grant from a government agency, the grantee is expected to meet the obligations required of him, which are submitting progress reports on the business or the charity-organization to which the grant was first used.

The grantee decides how much money the agency will lend him – as long as it meet s the criteria of the Government agency. Money is non-taxable and interest fee. None of these programs require the grantee to submit a credit check, security deposits, collateral or co-signers. You can apply even if you are bankrupt or have a negative credit history. Anybody can do so, as long as you are over 18, a taxpayer and a US citizen.

These grants are classified into two kinds. The first kind is the general purpose or operating support grants. This occurs when the government agency bestows a grant to your organization that will be used to operate and support the general expenses in running your establishment. An operating grant is when the lender supports the organizations‟ goal and invests in them to make the most out of the money that they lend you.

Second kind is program development or program support grants. This is when the government supports not only the procedures but also the processes in the progress of the campaign. These include the planned activities targeted to get positive feedback for its culmination.

If you would like to know the common kinds of project grants, here are some of them:

1.) Planning grants A good deal of money and time is spent figuring on a major new program for your company. Research whatever is needed, consult with the people involved, look on other activities you can do before you write a proposal for a planning grant.

2.) Start-up grants Also known as seed money, start-up grants assists an organization during its first couple of years. It is like a push for the business venture to do well without worrying about financial resources. These grants are often for more than a year and it decreases as each year pass. This is because the funder expects the company to slow get into its feet as time goes by.

3.) Facilities and equipment grants

Also known as “brick and mortar” or capital grants, facilities and equipment grants assists the company to buy the physical asset for the establishment. These could be the building, the computers or the vehicle, for example. In the proposal of the applicant, he must defend his proposal for the acquisition he is requesting for. How will this help the company and be of service to his clients? Funders also require the applicants to make a report on their progress because they double check whether the companies are able to maintain these resources over time.

4.) Endowment grants Non-profit charities have money set aside that they use to invest and earn interest in the future. The principal sum remains untouched because they only spend the interest. These are endowment grants and are rampant with charities like hospitals and colleges. The fund-raising efforts for the benefit of hospitals and colleges start from these kind of grants. But the government makes sure that the interest of the principal sum or the endowment remains the same so that there is no need for the endowment to meet the annual operating costs.

5.) Program related investments or PRIs The IRS not only allow grants to foundations, they also permit them to make loans through the program related investments to non-profit organizations.

The PRIs that have been approved are projects that met the requirements to be eligible for grant support. Usually, they are met at a low or sometimes zero interest. But because it is a loan, PRIs must be paid back by the organization. Often times, PRIs are the ones involved in the building project of charities.

Then there are also the grants for the individual person. An example of which is the popular scholarship grant. The difference between a scholarship grant to a scholarship loan is that there is no need for the student to pay for the former, as opposed to for the latter.

A student is obligated to pay back a scholarship loan, especially after he graduates. But a student‟s only obligation when it comes to a scholarship grant is to meet the required grades expected of him and to also submit progress reports of his academic excellence. Look at it as the government funding for his education.

It is the government‟s responsibility to provide us with what we need. As law-abiding citizens, we are required to do what is expected of us. That is the same with the grant. As soon as you received a grant from a government body, make sure that their investment on you will not be put into waste.

How to Find a Grant Find Grant (No Not Hugh)

When you are looking for something, you at least have an idea what you are looking for. It will be easier if you know exactly what you want. This is how you shop for shoes and clothes. Apparently, it is the same technique used when finding a grant.

First of all, you have to identify which government agency provides the grant that you specifically need. Now do not be too impatient because searching for this government agency entails a lot of your time, exertion of a lot of effort and conducting your own research.

But before doing any of these, you must learn how to research on these topics, knowing the scam from the credible ones.

If you are in search of a funding supporting an already existing or a new for-profit business, there will be some difficulty in finding the grant that you need, as well as getting that grant. Most of the time, government grants are bestowed to non-profit organizations. They prioritize services and programs that contribute to the community at an upscale level.

The site we strongly recommend you to check is the US Government‟s website. With its search engine, this site will assist you in finding for the grant opportunity that is suitable for you. Add to the fact that you can also get the 411 on the types of grants. Upon knowing the other grants out there, you may consider your options. Also, it is specified on that site which government agency bestows the grant. You can also sign up on that site in order for you to receive notifications of possible future grants.

Another site you can also have a look at is the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance or the CFDA. This has a list of Government grants and assistance. The Catalog also allows you to punch in key words for you to browse through the available grants out there by Category or by Topic Area.

Now that you found the grant perfect for you, you have to really understand what is written on the Eligibility Requirements. Understand these and make sure that you are qualified before you apply for the grant – so as to not waste time.

Another important note on government grants that you must consider is that they are not available all year-round. Just like fruits in the market, you cannot go there and buy it if it is not in season. You cannot apply for a grant just

because you feel like it. You can only apply when it has the go signal from the Government agency.

The Government agency comes up with the funding for the grant. Once this is met, it announces to the Federal Register that the grant is available.

One must remember that researching for the right grant, looking for the one that is right for you and applying for it may take a lot of time and effort on your end. The forms are not simply filled up and sent in like how you do with credit card issuers. It does not work that way.

For one, grants are very competitive. Since this is some sort of “free lunch,” a lot of people line up for it to be able to have a grant. However, government agencies sift through all these proposals and only approve those they have a gut feeling on who would make the most out of the money they lent them.

There are some government agencies that would only provide funds to a specific kind of cost or expenses. Therefore, these government agencies will not be able to fully back the grantee up with the entire expenses.

Another thing is that not all grants are available all year-around. You have to check whether the grant that is right for the business venture, charity event or

personal reasons you are interested in is available at that time.

Proposals are necessary because they could be the dealmaker or the deal-breaker. If the program that you are proposing is not compatible with the requirements and interests of the government agency that will provide the funding, there is a possibility that it can be rejected.

And remember, a proposal takes months before it is reviewed and evaluated. After that, it also takes months before you actually receive the funding. Patience is a virtue. You sure need that virtue when you‟re looking for a grant.

Completing the Grant Application Completing the Application

You have to be sure that you are qualified for the grant that you are interested in. You may be able to check this by reading and understanding the Eligibility Requirements.

Often times, you have to check what the government requires from the program you are proposing. For example, a grant for public housing agency can be granted if it has projects that support the reduction and elimination of drug-related crime.

You are also required to compose a proposal. The proposal must contain your goals, your objectives and his plans for the business that he is venturing in. This may be a daunting task because whatever is written could make or break your application. Whatever the government agency behind the grant you are interested in reads in that proposal, it will be the deciding factor whether you get the application approval or not.

That is why some people resort to the Internet to at least have an outline of what the proposal must look like. However, because of the confidentiality of the content for a grant proposal, chances are you will have a hard time looking for some online. The proposals contain confidential information about the company. Naturally because as mentioned before, the proposal must contain the procedures, processes and programs. Having this posted online will get their competitors access on how to better them.

So the best way for you to do so is to do it on your own. Just like anything in life, if you want to get things done right, do it yourself.

In writing, do not be impatient. Most firms devote two to four weeks in general just to compose a Government proposal. They have to make sure that whatever proposal they send to the government agency, it will be the gist of

whatever direction their business endeavor will head to. At the same time, it would have to be credible and deserving of the funding the government could possibly bestow to them.

Gather the information about your company. You can get these in the paperwork they provide you once you start working for them. In this way, whatever you put on paper in your proposal is actually the information the company has divulged beforehand. Thus, it will give the government agency a better idea on why the business needs the extra funding.

If these aren‟t available for you, ask help from those who could possibly assist you in doing so. If your company is non-profit, approach a board member who has a long tenure. If it is a large establishment, go to the program and financial support staff.

Step one: the concept. It is very necessary that you show to government agencies you have a concrete idea where to take your project. You have to make sure that the goal of your project is in accordance with the mission and vision of your company. Whatever documentation you presented, you must keep a copy for yourself, just in case the need for it arises.

Step two: the program. The information you can include in your proposal is:

a.) b.) c.)

the nature of the project and how you plan on pulling it off a timeline for the activities you presented the possible outcomes and evaluation chart that will be utilized to rate the progress of the project


the needs of the staff and volunteers.

Step three: the expenses. Now this is the hardest of them all because it involves money. You cannot specify how much the over-all cost will be. That is why this is the last section of the proposal. At this point, you do not have to give the government agency the full 411, but at least give them the idea on how much percentage will be allotted to this aspect and this aspect.

Names are also necessary. In order to make the proposal more formal when presented, you must do your best to include the names of the people who are the key staff in assisting the proposal of your chosen project. You can also include names of people in the staff who helped you prepare your objective proposal, as well as the cost proposal.

In your proposal, the research that had been allotted to come up with the finished product must be evident. Government agency will pretty much determine the effort of the possible grantee in his proposal. Look at it like the term papers you used to submit to your college professors, a proposal is pretty

much like that. With what you have written there, the government agency will get an idea on the commitment and dedication you have on the project.

Business Grants The Secret to Acquiring Business Grants

Business grants could be one of the most important financial tools that nearly all businesses would need. They may not be the single most significant support businesses could have, but they can get definitely help you start the business right.

Business grants refer to a particular amount of money that is being granted by the government to a particular business. Some people may have thought of it as a “free financial support” from the government, but they are not. That is because there is an equivalent effort, time, and sweat entailed when requesting for grants.

Moreover, not all businesses can avail of business grants. Even if the government provides business grants to support businesses, certain qualifications are required prior to the approval of the business grants.

Primarily, your business should be a not-for-profit organization or it should

include an expansion of a new knowledge or technology. If your business does not fall under these categories, you are not qualified for a business grant.

However, there are some instances that the government may award business grants if your business can prove that it can develop a new technology for economic advancement or if you can meet the requirements. You need to accomplish all the prerequisites at an agreed period to get the business grant. If in case you failed to meet the deadline, your request for a business grant will not be approved.

Secondly, your business should have a business plan. If you think you can qualify for business grants, you should consider having a business plan as well.

Getting the first stage of the application is just the start of your journey. You need to create a business plan in order to guarantee the government that you really intend to develop your business and help the economy. In this way, you can show them that your business aims to develop a knowledge that will boost the country‟s economy.

What most unsuccessful businesses failed to realize is that business plans are extremely important when establishing a business. Statistical reports show that more than 85% of unsuccessful businesses do not have business plans.

The most common problem is that businesses only create business plans to reach their primary goal, that is, to increase their finances. What they do not know is that businesses need business plans to create an effective line of attack. Plus, these also serve as a gauge of the present achievement.

So if you want to obtain a business grant, you must create a business plan. In this way, the government can tell if you really have a strong marketing strategy and if you intend to boost the economy as much as you want to increase your finances.

Here are some guides on how to create a well written, technically and analytically superb business plan.

1. Keep it short and precise

Too much information may only bring more harm than good. When it comes to business plans, investors or the government itself would want a precise and brief explanation of your business strategy. Elaborating them more with extra words may only bore them.

Then again, do not create a business plan that lacks the essential information

that the government needs in order to give you your business grant. Too little information will also put your business on the bad side.

The key point here is to provide the most important facts and state them in a straight and clear-cut manner.

2. Provide proofs

Statistical data and documentations do not just put credible facts on your business plan but can also facilitate your request for business grants. The government would most likely want to see solid information attested by mentioning the primary source of data or through citations or documentation.

It would be even better if you can provide graphical representation of all information in order to provide a more realistic and visual effect.

3. Keep it complete

Never pass a business plan that lacks one of the important parts. See to it that you have all the necessary portions intact before submitting them. Your business plan should always have the proper “pagination,” contact information, and contents and cover page.

4. Keep it real

If you are really aiming for a business grant, do not make it as an excuse to create falsified information. Keep in mind that the government or any other investor will eventually find it out.

Hence, it is best to be reasonable, sincere, realistic, and consistent with your data.

Indeed, business plans may not be the single most important tool to achieve business grants. However, having a well-written business plan can put you on top of the other businesses.

Should You Hire a Grant Consultant? Little Known Ways in Hiring a Grant Consultant – Pros and Cons

If you want to have a well written, concisely wrapped up, and pensively arranged grant proposal, you may need to hire a grant consultant.

Some people say that hiring a grant consultant could mean trouble on your part because most businesses hire these people whenever they are having difficulty in getting things done.

As much as there is some truth to it, hiring a grant consultant that will help you come up with a good grant proposal is just half of the story. If you are to look at it, there is more than just plainly hiring grant consultant to “save the day” or just get things done.

In most cases, hiring grant consultant could also mean good business partnership. Some experts say that this kind of business move could mean “down to business” plan to assist the business.

However, some people insist that hiring a grant consultant is not that important. It can be very useful and advantageous on your part, but it is not compulsory. In fact, it could only mean a waste of your time and money, especially if you can do things by yourself.

So the question now lies on whether you should hire a grant consultant or not. If you cannot make a choice, here is a list of some pros and cons of hiring a grant consultant and see for yourself if it is really important to get one.


1. They can expedite the work for you

Hiring a grant consultant could mean faster results. The ultimate job of grant consultants is to finish your work or plan based on your financial strategy and on time.

Since grant consultants are considered experts on their field, they can absolutely provide you with better and more effective results. They are specifically trained to provide you with utmost service and dedication.

2. They can work more competently and intelligently.

Grant consultants are smarter and more knowledgeable when it comes to writing grant proposals. They are used to allocating the required resources, with considerations and time together, to a particular plan. The thing is, they just know better and that is definitely a great advantage.

3. They can provide impartial opinions and ideas

If you need honest comments or suggestions regarding your grant proposal, it would be better to ask them from people who do not belong in your company. In this way, you can get honest, unbiased, and veritable opinions.

Grant consultants can tell you, with a straight face, if your project needs more time; if your project is being too pushy; or if there is a better way to make the grant proposal and carry out your project.


1. Some grant consultants tend to manipulate the entire grant proposal

Just because they know better, some grant consultants tend to manipulate the entire process of writing the grant proposal or even in completing the project itself.

Hence, it is best to clearly state your expectations from the grant consultant. Keep in mind that the grant consultant should only assist you in writing your grant proposal and in facilitating your project and not take your place as the project manager or coordinator. They should never modify or develop a new concept based on their own personal decision. After all, it is your project and not that of the grant consultant.

2. Additional item on the budget

Even if hiring a grant consultant seemed a good idea, it is still an extra item on your budget. You are paying their services and skills. And since they are considered as experts when it comes to grant proposal writing and obtaining grants, most grant consultants charge by the hour in the same way as the doctors, accountants, and lawyers require for their know-how.

Hence, hiring grant consultant means additional expenses for your business.

3. Grant consultant are not created equal

This may sound so simple, yet, it is considered as one of the most important factor every business should remember when hiring grant consultant.

Why? It is simply because not all grant consultants can deliver the same result. In fact, it does not necessarily mean that anyone who claims he or she is a grant consultant would automatically mean he or she could create an excellent, flawless grant proposal.

Hence, hiring a grant consultant could also mean additional work for you

because you have to make sure if your hired grant consultant finished his or her job well.

So now, the choice lies on you. Should you really hire a grant consultant or depend on your own capabilities, learn how to leverage your time and your resources, and develop your staff into a more competitive group?

If you still cannot decide, study these pros and cons well and weigh the facts. In time, you will understand the importance of choosing one over the other.

Visiting a Local Grant Agency Visit a Local Grant Agency: Why is it so Important?

Developing a new technology or innovation is easier said than done. Generating adequate funds to support your business is a grueling and demanding task for most business owners. And even if you have planned of pursuing your new invention in spite of limited financial resources, you will still need a sufficient fund to assemble your pay registration charges, inventory acquisition tool, or even your monthly rental fees for your space.

Hence, it is best to find feasible financial backups to support your needs. Normally, business owners like you will seek the help of their friends, relatives,

or their family for support. This can be a good day, but these kinds of resources are very limited.

For this reason, experts highly recommend government grants as the most feasible solution to your business‟ funding problems. With a good business plan, a sound mind, a dedicated heart, and a new invention or technological advancement, you can definitely qualify for a government grant.

Government grants are referred to as assistance coming from the government. These are given in the form of money.

With this type of assistance, small businesses with new inventions can readily start with their innovations without difficulty. Plus, they do not have to pay back whatever amount they have obtained from government grants.

In the United States, both the federal and state government has various grants available for research and development projects. In this way, the government does not just help small businesses in pursuing their goals but it also helps strengthen the economy by providing the nation with state-of-the-art innovations.

If you have a new invention in mind or is already developing a new technology,

it is best to seek help from your local grant agency.

Needless to say, with or without new inventions, you should still try to visit your local grant agency. Here are some of the advantages:

1. To get a clear and comprehensible details about the government grant available in your area

Visiting your local grant agency will entitle you for direct answers on your inquiries. In this way, you will be able to learn the specific requirements in order to avail of the government grant.

Keep in mind that the prerequisites for government grants may differ depending on the locality or the state. Hence, what works for the other states may not be applicable in your area.

2. To facilitate the application process

Do not believe in hearsay or information that has been handed down from one person to another. You may only waste your time going to your local grant agency knowing that you already have the requirements intact, but in actuality, you do not.

Hence, to facilitate the application process and to ensure that you have the complete list of the requirements, it is best to visit your local grant agency.

3. To know your limitations

Contrary to popular belief, applying for a government grant is not an easy task. You do not just simply fill up an application form, send it back, and wait for your blessings.

Keep in mind that government grants were not created equal. Most grants give financial support only for particular types of expenses and costs.

Hence, by visiting your local grant agency, you can instantly assess and evaluate if you can qualify for a particular government business grant or not.

4. To know the schedules

Local agencies do not accept grant proposals or applications all throughout the year. Hence, to cut back time, money, and effort, it is best to visit your local grant agency now and find out about their schedules. In this way, you can easily leverage your time and money in creating grant proposals and meet the

required deadline.

5. To obtain a valid grant application

Many unscrupulous people are trying to take advantage of other people‟s problems or weaknesses. They provide grant applications that are not even authorized and recorded with the Central Contractor Registry.

By simply visiting your local grant agency, you will be able to acquire a legitimate and valid grant application. In this way, you can be sure that your request for government grant will be processed.

Indeed, visiting your local grant agency is not that hard. If you want to know the precise and correct details about government grants and other information about the application process, a visit to your local grant agency is the ultimate solution.

Government Grant or Government Contract Government Grant or Government Contract: A Hard Choice?

Knowing the differences between a government contract and a government grant can save you sweat, money, and time. Knowing the differences between

these two major financial support will not only give you a clearer view, but will also guide you on choosing the best funding assistance that you can ask from the government.

Generally, government contracts and grants are both government programs, in which, the government allocates a certain amount of money to help a particular small business.

Since they are both from the government, many people are confused whether government contracts and government grant are the same or not.

In essence, government contracts refer to acquisitions while government grants refer to assistance. Hence, from that point of view, it already states the big difference between the two.

Government Contracts

In the United States, the federal government is considered as one of the biggest contractor. Normally, the federal government requires consumer products like milk, sugar, etc; military products such as guns and other types of ammunitions; and services like consulting agencies or contractor services.

Basically, government contracts are considered as “award instrument” setting up an equally binding lawful bond between the seller, known as the contractor, and the government, known as the buyer.

In government contracts, the seller is obliged to supply or distribute services, supplies, or goods to the government. The seller‟s operative and serviceable qualities are described in the contract.

The actual process, in which, the government purchases supplies, services, goods, or products is known as acquisition. Acquisition is made through the “award of contracts.”

Normally, the government acquires goods, services, etc. for their own utilization. The government can also provide these acquired goods and services for use by “non-government organizations,” taking account of the “general public.”

Consequently, government contracts are not limited to services and goods. It may also include research and development projects. This type of government contract is typically bestowed for a particular technical, methodical, or systematic inquisition and analysis aimed towards specific parts of “research and development,” which the government considered necessary.

Research and Development Government Contract include the following:

1. Utilization of comprehension and information obtained from research, aimed at producing devices, models, materials, systems, or methods to uphold the necessary research, such as techniques to complete “novel improvements” to systems and equipments on hand.

2. Plan of demonstration procedures, activities, processes, and techniques that completely support the operation of research and development.

3. A scientific exploration, rigorous study, or specific scientific investigation intended for acquisition of more complete scientific information or comprehension

4. Viability of distributing or employing “research and development” results to group situations or to the community

Like government grants, businesses can also generate notable income on government contracts. However, it has long been proven that the government usually takes time before they can pay the purchased amount, usually 4o days.

Hence, it is best to develop counter measures to accommodate this kind of situation because it is just the way things are in the government.

Government Grant

As mentioned, government grants refer to the assistance that government agencies provide to small businesses or any other type of businesses that have technological developments.

Even if it appears as if the government is assisting small businesses on their new endeavors, the government is the one who is chiefly benefiting from the program. By providing assistance to businesses that develop new technologies or innovations, the government is also strengthening its economy by creating a well-built “economic infrastructure.”

Experts say that government grants are considered as the most remarkable form of financial support. Usually, government grants are given out in monetary forms and are usually utilized for a special function.

The best thing about a government grant is that it is not a loan that you have to reimburse or settle up in the future.

Sounds good? Read on.

The problem with most businesses in considering government grants over government contracts is that they consider grants as free money. What they do not know is that not all business can avail of government grants.

To avail of government grants, your business should have a new invention or should be developing your existing technology to enhance operation and functions of your services or goods. Hence, one cannot simply rely on government grants to fund his or her business.

Indeed, government grants and contracts are extremely different from each other, but they both carry out positive results in return.

Have the Government Fund Your Invention The Secret Success of Small Businesses – Have the Government Fund Your Invention

Do you believe in the saying, “You reap what you sow?” This old adage may mean nothing to other people but it is definitely one of the best dogmas any business owner could ever have.

Of course, it is a well-known fact that no business can start making money without investing some money first. You need to invest money on securing licenses. You need money to establish your business, from the planning down to the last details. And even if your business is already established in the market, still, you will need money to invest in your new product or in developing a new technology.

In fact, in the United States alone, statistical reports show that most businesses spend more than $100 million just to build up and introduce a new “consumer product” or more than $200 million to embark on and launch a new “pharmaceutical product.”

Now you know why businesses revolve on money. There can be no other tool that is as important as money in the business world.

Hence, if you do not have all these money to start and develop your business, you can never see your business grow. The saddest part is that you can never achieve financial stability.

So if you are having some problems in funding your new business idea or product expansion concept, it is best to find good financial sources.

Generally, most business owners will run to their family, relatives, or friends to get financial backups or investments. Others would turn to financial institutions such as banks or lending companies.

As much as these things can help you fund your new project, these sources are inadequate, or they can charge you with higher interest rates, which, in turn, will put your business on a financial risk if neglected.

For this reason, additional financial help is necessary. Why don‟t you try having the government fund your invention? Government grants are one of the most common and efficient financial alternatives you can get. Even if it requires a lot of documents or paper works, the support you will obtain is still beneficial on your part.

Why the Government?

The government is willing to support those businesses that continuously evolve into a more progressive industry by developing and entertaining new industrial and technological concepts. The government seeks to help those businesses that, in spite of the limited resources, can still develop innovations and launch them in the market without hesitation.

By doing so, the government believes that ideas like these can, likewise, help them develop and expand the country‟s economy. That is why the government is willing to help those kinds of businesses.

In the United States, the government devotes approximately $70 billion yearly in subsidizing development and research projects. Both the state and federal government are very dedicated to promote and cultivate inventive projects in the country.

For this reason, the U.S. government had created various assistance and programs to finance the growth of “new technologies.”

Among the many government programs, the Small Business Innovation Research or the SBIR is one of the most commonly employed services because it mainly focuses on the small businesses.

Through the government‟s Small Business Innovation Research Program, small businesses are encouraged to delve into their technological capabilities.

With this program, the government supplies the enticement to small businesses in order to make money on their moneymaking schemes. In doing

so, competent small businesses become part of the country‟s research and development (R&D) field. Thus, state-of-the-art improvement or invention is motivated.

The government, likewise, benefits from these innovations as it gains industrial and consumerist atmosphere. This happens when the government is able to reach its particular development and research requirements.

Through this program, the government grants financial support as much as $1 billion in a year to small business in the country.

Although the SBIR is a general funding program of the government, each department in the U.S. government has their own SBIR program. The allocated amount may also vary depending on the allotted budget of the funding agency.

For example, the Department of Defense has a specific Small Business Innovation Research Program specifically dedicated to small businesses that have R&D projects. Most of the small businesses that they support are those that have R&D projects catered to the needs of the Department of Defense. The Department of Defense‟ can allocate up to $850,000 annually for the early-phase R&D.

If you are a small business with an emerging technological research and development project, make your business plans now and seek the help of the government for additional financial support. Protect, preserve, and boost your invention through the government‟s funding R&D programs such as the SBIR.

How to Get a Grant for Education

A crash course on Education grants

What are Education Grants?

Education grants are monetary help from the government to people who are more or else in need of support regarding education. There are various types of education grants all of which has its‟ own set of targets. A complete list of this as well as the details may be found in the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) website at

How to apply

Application details are usually included in the description of each grant at the CFDA website, however, in general, an applicant needs first to be eligible for

the grant, in order to do that, she must have proof of her eligibility.

In addition, almost all grants require an application process that includes writing a grant proposal to the respective to the grant giver, in this case the U.S. government

What are the Grants?

The CFDA offers list f several grants that are outlined into different subcategories, these are:

* Dental Education And Training * Education Equipment And Resources * Educational Facilities * Elementary And Secondary * General Research And Evaluation * Handicapped Education * Health Education And Training * Higher Education General * Indian Education * Libraries And Technical Information Services * Medical Education And Training

* Nuclear Education And Training * Nursing Education * Resource Development And Support Elementary, Secondary Education * Resource Development And Support General And Special Interest Organizations * Resource Development And Support Higher Education * Resource Development And Support Land And Equipment * Resource Development And Support School Aid * Resource Development And Support Sciences * Resource Development And Support Student Financial Aid * Resource Development And Support Vocational Education And Handicapped Education * Teacher Training

If you‟ll look at the website, you‟ll see that there are a lot of grants to choose from, however, for the general purpose of furthering your education the four sub categories, Elementary and Secondary, Higher Education General, Resource Development and Support Higher Education and Resource Development and Support Student Financial Aid, would probably be the most common sub-categories to choose.

Each category is also subdivided into individual grants; these contain the

details, application process, eligibility information and financial support outline of each grant.

Here are a few examples for each of the four categories.

Elementary and Secondary

There are 58 grants in this category, one of which is the Javits Gifted and Talented Students Education Grant Program.


Applicant: These are for state and local agencies.

Beneficiary: The teachers, students, agencies of higher education as well as non-profit firms may benefit from this grant.


Application forms may be obtained from the website,


This is a competitive grant so better go all out on it. The Assistant Secretary for Educational Research reviews each application and is the one who decides grant awardees.

Higher Education General

This section has a total of 115 grants one of which is Benjamin Gilman International Scholarship, which provides financial assistance to College undergraduates who wish to pursue studies in other countries.


Applicant: Any U.S. citizen student who is enrolled as an undergraduate who is currently receiving a Pell grant

Beneficiary: The student


The website provides further information on this

subject however; scholarships are announced by IIE (Institute of International Education) through their publications. Applications should be sent to the IIE office.

Resource Development and Support Higher Education

In this section, there are 36 grants listed. The Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Foundation, one of the 36, is a scholarship aiming to support academically excellent students who are inclined to pursue mathematics, engineering and natural sciences with a permanent trust fund.


Application: the Goldwater faculty representative of his or her college may recommend a junior or sophomore, provided that the course is a two or a four-year course.

Beneficiary: the beneficiary should be a student enrolled in a college or university that has been accredited by the Department of Education.

Resource Development and Support Student Financial Aid

The Morris K. Udall Scholarship and Excellence in National Environmental Policy Foundation is one of 23 grants under this category. It aims to give opportunities for students to choose environmental courses and also for Native Americans and Natives of Alaska to engage in courses including tribal public policy and health care.


Applicant: Sophomores or Junior with excellent academic standing who are pursuing careers of environmental aspects as well as Native Americans with inclinations towards tribal public policies and health care.

Beneficiary: Sophomore or Junior U.S. citizens may benefit.


There will be an appointed Udall Faculty Representative for every institution who chooses the student to be awarded the grant.

Single Female – Get a Grant for Training

Grants to Help the Single Female Parent

Being a single mom these days can be so tedious, generally statistics say that single moms are one of the most disadvantaged parties in the United States.

Believe it or not, single female parents:

* are rarely awarded spousal support, in it only occurs in 15% of divorce cases.

* who are actually awarded spousal support doesn‟t get the support anyway. Statistics say that only 36% of the 15% of total women awarded with spousal support actually get this support.

* who are given spousal support rarely getting the whole amount; it‟s usually less than half actually.

* suffer from a fall in their standard of living, after divorce, while a male‟s standard of living actually increases by 15%.

And because of the recurring social stature of women, most single female parents are those that used to be homemakers, meaning they are jobless and have no experience as a worker whatsoever. This is a problem because they

are dependent on their husbands for income, and once that income goes away, they are left with nothing.

There is one way to recover from such a blow, some women already have a start on tertiary education, and only need the money to finish it. Fortunately, the government offers various grants that target single moms who want to finish their education.

What is a grant?

A grant is usually a form of financial support that the federal government offers to certain eligible people. The government offers over 900 grants and out of these nine hundred there are a few grants targeted towards single mothers. The Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) has a complete list of all the grants that may be applied for and this can be found at their website at

If you‟re one of the mothers who want to pursue higher education, it is best however to go to the financial aid office of your respective college or university. Usually, grants, especially scholarship funds have faculty representatives for each school who can assist students who are applying for grants.

Who is eligible for a grant?

Usually grants awarded by the US government are only for U.S. citizens. Aside from those criteria, each grant has its own set of eligibility rules. Some only cater to undergraduates, some only to juniors or sophomores, some only for Native Americans some only for Alaskans, and yet another some that target the course rather than the origin of the applicant. For example, there are a lot of grants that offer scholarships for outstanding students who are studying the sciences or tribal politics of Native Americans.

Why apply for a grant?

As a single female parent, furthering your education is one of the sure fire ways to find a living where you can earn more than minimum wage, sure minimum wage is ok if you‟re single but if you have a child or children, it‟ll be a lot harder to find time both for work and for childcare.

How to prepare for a grant application

1. Get the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance from the financial aid office of your college or university. You can also get the list from

2. Study the grants that are applicable to you, not just the eligibility but also the application process and the purpose of the grant as well as the Government department giving it.

3. Ask yourself where are you going to apply? Does your application have to go through the school, does it have to go through the local government or can you send it directly?

4. These projects usually have assessment pages where they show previously or currently funded individuals or institutions, study these to find out your chances of getting the grant.

5. Know what types of paperwork are required note down everything you already have and everything that you still have to get.

6. Call the contact persons and ask to get an application kit.

7. After filling the kit don‟t forget to include your grant proposal; most of the judgment is based on this piece of writing. It‟ll help a lot if you attend or at least have read previous grant proposals.

8. Make sure to have the application in before the deadline.

Become a Real Estate Entrepreneur

Real Estate Apprentice Grant your way to being a Real Estate Entrepreneur

The real Estate apprenticeship grant is one of the few grants that actually offer financial assistance for people who seek profit. Usually, government awarded grants are provided only for non-profit individuals or institutions.

The program aims to improve the US real estate industry by providing education and training to people interested in pursuing real estate as a career. It awards grants every six months totaling to $1,000,000.

By assisting new real estate agents the grant aims to help these novices increase their sales by giving them guidance and training, as well as the stat-up cost, all to improve the real estate industry as well as to improve the individual.

What can this grant do for me?

Based on each type of grant each finalist awarded the grant receives an estimate of $7000 in the form of:

1. Compensation of your licensing fee as well as the provision to attend any class offered by RealtyU School for once year.

2. Unlimited online access to a real estate mentoring service as well as counseling calls from your mentor.

3. Software named Transaction Manager that can be automated to store data from every transaction for every deal you make. It automatically calculates and stores due-dates and is very good for easy data access and storage.

4. A free consultation from McLean International Consulting at your own office. They will give you advice on business system technology.

5. A marketing package which includes the designing of your own stationary, business cards, envelopes and letterheads, a custom brochure, printing and design of PowerKards as well as your very own web site.

6. A detailed demographic information system about neighborhoods in the country.

7. 20-30 real estate books.

8. The real estate Success Kit with a mortgage calculator and a Laser Dimension Master.

9. Free printing from Express Copy

10. A one-year subscription to visual tours to help you create visuals for online listings as well as train you for neighborhood tours.

11. You become a member of the Real Estate Cyberspace Society

12. A subscription to the online magazine Broker Agent News and the print magazine, National Real Estate.

Who are eligible for the grant?

U.S. or Canadian nationals are allowed to take part in the grant provided that they have already taken a pre-licensing course at an accredited Real Estate School. The school should be state or nationally accredited and the participant must have taken the class during the six-month grant application season. If however the applicant has already passed his/her licensing examination, he is eligible for the grant if he has passed for a license within the same six months

of grant awarding season.

How do I apply?

Go to their website, and register as one of the applicants. The application form is electronic and you will be asked to enter personal information. However, you are only allowed 500 characters per question so answer it carefully and briefly.

What Criteria is used for this grant?

The questions on your application form aim to assess your communication skills, integrity, creativity, entrepreneurial spirit and uniqueness. Therefore your application form should contain as much of the talented you as it can.

The organizers who give it an initial grade, and then a panel of judges who are veterans first view the questions or otherwise well known in the industry are asked to judge each application form. These may range from industry leaders to sponsors of the grant.

15 judges one of them, the chairman of the panel, is appointed by the foundation. The chairman will then act as the coordinator for all judges as well

as the judging process. The foundation only chooses the best and most experienced leaders in the industry and you are ensured that these people will be impartial.

Other things you should know.

* Always be ready with your proof of eligibility as the panel may request it.

* Finalists who are selected must be interviewed by the judges so prepare to look your best.

* It‟s ok that you work for a real estate brokerage, but you may not work for a financial institution, insurance company or a title company on a full-time basis.

* The award isn‟t tax-free

* If you do receive the grant, you will be required to show proof that you are indeed a licensed real estate agent.


Once a finalist, you will be required to remain active as an agent.

Special Grants for Veterans

New Careers for Veterans and the Government Grants that Make Them Possible

Upon discharge or retirement from active duty, military veterans often face the harsh reality of „normal‟ life. That is, they begin to tense about finding a job, building a home, or getting along with a new line of work as opposed to their military duty.

This is why the federal government, as well as some non-profit organizations, has offered grants to help make the transition from military to civilian easier for veterans. For their service to their beloved country, it is the least that can be done for them.

Some military personnel, upon discharge, do not find shifting to civilian life a piece of pie. This is especially true in the case of non-technical specialists. Grants are available in many forms and qualifications to help every veteran find a niche in civilian life.

For specialists such as military service engineers, researchers, designers, and

others, turning to a career in consulting seems like the best shot at normalcy. Unfortunately, not everyone discharged can take advantage of such skills. Many veterans go for less than lucrative jobs just because they don‟t qualify for better paying jobs. Also, you will have to factor in the fact that many of these veterans have also acquired some sort of disability due to their tours of duty.

Many veterans of past wars such as World War 2, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War – not to mention the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan – have acquired physical or even emotional and mental disabilities as a result of life on the field. The government has at least allowed some grants to help these people find get on better footing.

Government Grants Government grants are made available every year with the Annual Federal Budget. This allocates a good deal of money for various government agencies to forward projects and grants. This budget should be used to forward the welfare of those covered by each agency. The projects may be forwarded by various entities: agencies, cities, states, and even the President himself. However, ultimately, it is Congress that gets say on which projects to push through with.

Grant projects become available to the agencies once the budget is made

available to them. Various grants will then be offered to those that qualify for certain projects. These grants will become available on the CFDA, or the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance. This would be a good place to look up a grant that fits your qualification.

There are various grants aimed at veterans through the government agency that specifically deals with them – the Department of Veterans Affairs. There are too many grants to list here, but suffice it to say that there are grants to deal with homeless veterans, continuing education programs, home building grants, and grants that help veterans with their jobs such as job training grants.

Education and job training grants are great for those that are looking for a new career but desire more training to be better equipped for the job market. Home grants are also a great way for veterans to get their feet firmly planted on stable soil so that they are in a better position to earn.

Finding Veteran‟s Grants All you have to do to browse these grants is to log on to to find a comprehensive and complete listing of these grants. There will be many other websites promising to be the best and most exhaustive list of grants around. However, you will find that many of these sites will either

extract a fee from you or will forward you to bogus sites and scams.

It doesn‟t help that the official websites of the US government are never on the top of the search engines lists. You will find many sites claiming to be the „official‟ web portal of the United States government only to show every evidence of being a pay site or a partner site to other grant-assistance web sites.

While there are legitimate grant-assistance websites, do be wary of the fact that there are always people ready to take advantage of people on the Internet.

It is not piece of cake Applying for a grant is straightforward. However, getting them approved is another question. You will have to study the grant carefully so that you know if you truly are qualified. Getting a grant approved is a very competitive affair. So you will need to study how to create grant applications that is both qualified and attention garnering.

Grants to Finish High School

Get Through High School with the Help of a Government Grant

In today‟s fast-paced and eagerly competitive world, not having an education is career suicide. College graduates make anywhere from 40% to 200% more than those that have only graduated from High School. This means that getting an education is a given when seeking a more lucrative and successful career.

Unfortunately, one of the biggest hindrances to this rise to success is the fact that education costs money. And not everyone has enough for their daily bread and milk – much less high school or college tuition. While going to a public high school can definitely keep the costs low, there are those that seek to obtain better education or even support for their public high school education through grants.

Fortunately, the government also puts a premium on education and has earmarked a good amount of the federal budget towards helping qualified students obtain financing for their studies through grants. Educational grants are a great way to help alleviate some of the financial burden an education can sometimes bring.

Government Grants Government grants are made available every year with the Annual Federal Budget. This allocates a good deal of money for various government agencies

to forward projects and grants. This budget should be used to forward the welfare of those covered by each agency. The projects may be forwarded by various entities: agencies, cities, states, and even the President himself. However, ultimately, it is Congress that gets say on which projects to push through with.

The great thing about grants is that they are non-taxable, and you do not have to pay for them at all! (There are some programs that will require some sort of payment, but as a general rule federal grants come without strings attached.) In all, there are an estimated 1,500 government programs aimed at helping qualified students afford an education.

Grant projects become available to the agencies once the budget is made available to them. Various grants will then be offered to those that qualify for certain projects. These grants will become available on the CFDA, or the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance. This would be a good place to look up a grant that fits your qualification.

There are various grants aimed at helping students get through both high school and college – there are even grants that will get you through graduate programs. There are too many grants to list here, but suffice it to say that there are grants to deal with homeless veterans, continuing education

programs, home building grants, and grants that help veterans with their jobs such as job training grants.

Finding a Grant There are a lot of ways through which you can find grants for your educational needs. The best thing to do, first of all, would be log on to to find a comprehensive and complete listing of these grants. Look specifically for grants that pertain to your profile. And take note of other similar grants.

Aside from government grants there are tens of thousands of other educational grants offered by each state, by private foundations, and other non-profit organizations. A good way to find these grants would be to consult with some local education officials or to log on to the internet, which should help you find a matching organization for your need.

Next you will have to make sure you qualify for the grant you have chosen. The basic qualifications for a person to avail of these grants is that he or she must be a legal citizen of the United States and should also belong to a household that pays taxes. There may be slight alterations to this basic requirement, but that should be the general rule.

You should then apply for a FAFSA, or the Free Application for Student

Financial Aid. This application will make your eligible for a Pell Grant. The amount this grant offers depends on your current financial situation, your dependents, and other considerations. No matter what amount this grant offers, it should not be taken in stride since every single dollar going towards your education should be worth it.

Getting the grant. Grants are easy to file, yet hard to win. You will need to learn how to produce a convincing, honest, and thorough grant document. The race here is very competitive since there are many that file for these grants and only a few do get their applications approved. Make sure you study the grant specification properly and make sure you are truly qualified for the grant.

Grants for Senior Citizens

Government Grants Help Senior Citizens with New Careers

Being a senior citizen is not easy, especially in a fast-paced culture such as the United States. Elderly people find more time to do lots of things. Unfortunately, most other people they want to do these things with are either busy or working. At least, there‟s a pension they can use to enjoy their golden years – and maybe even a hefty savings.

But what happens if by some circumstance the elderly person does not have a pension, or enough social security, or if he or she is in dire financial straights without savings to cushion the blow. Being less mobile and incapable of the backbreaking work needed to dig themselves out of this financial rut, they find themselves pretty helpless and financially vulnerable.

The federal government puts great importance in taking care of the elderly and has created numerous programs to address their needs. Among these programs is the institution of financial grants to special projects for the elderly. These grants may include housing, medical care, and even jobs and job training especially designed for elderly citizens.

Applying for these grants does not require too much. You only have to be a taxpaying citizen of the United States and you have to meet specific requirements for application. For example, you will need to be of a certain age, income bracket, and so on to be eligible for certain grants.

There are different grants all depending on your profile. And there is no one general profile for any grant. This means that there is a grant for pretty much every need across the board among the elderly. Availing of these grants is a great way to get started on a new life, especially when a job from 9 to 5 doing office work may no longer be advisable for the elderly.

Grants also give senior citizens a greater window of opportunity to take advantage of – which is a great service to them because opportunities dwindle the older they get. A grant may open the doors to a new skill, a new business opportunity, and extra finances for elderly working citizens and better health and home service.

Also there are grants for institutions and companies so that they may accept elderly workers (those 55 and above) and pay them competitive rates. The grants vary. Some can be applied for by companies and others are applied for by the elderly themselves.

Government Grants Government grants are made available every year with the Annual Federal Budget. This allocates a good deal of money for various government agencies to forward projects and grants. This budget should be used to forward the welfare of those covered by each agency. The projects may be forwarded by various entities: agencies, cities, states, and even the President himself. However, ultimately, it is Congress that gets say on which projects to push through with.

The great thing about grants is that they are non-taxable, and you do not have

to pay for them at all! (There are some programs that will require some sort of payment, but as a general rule federal grants come without strings attached.)

Grant projects become available to the agencies once the budget is made available to them. Various grants will then be offered to those that qualify for certain projects. These grants will become available on the CFDA, or the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance. This would be a good place to look up a grant that fits your qualification.

Finding Senior Citizen Grants All you have to do to browse these grants is to log on to to find a comprehensive and complete listing of these grants. There will be many other websites promising to be the best and most exhaustive list of grants around. However, you will find that many of these sites will either extract a fee from you or will forward you to bogus sites and scams.

Also, you should make sure that you know exactly what kind of grant you are looking for. As mentioned earlier, there are senior citizen grants for most every need. If you are looking for a change of career in the golden years – a new small business, job training, or job openings that match your age, then there are grants that can assist in this process.

While there are grants for many needs, the landscape can still seem a little hazy for those that are not acquainted with the application process for grants. There are some services available that will help you write grant applications, find suitable grants, and follow up existing applications. However, it still would be best if you first consulted with official government institutions first. I hope this information has helped. For additional resources, visit

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