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									Welcome to the Pirau – Pirate Luau

Hello, my name is… Use the site to translate names into Hawaiian. Write them onto name tags which may be decorated with flower stickers. These may also be sorted by color to help form teams for games. Hula Hands: Put on some Hawaiian music to use as inspiration for making pirate moves – digging, rowing, swimming, swabbing the deck, walking the plank, and so on – into a hula. Game: Island Hopping This is played like musical chairs. Tape a copy of a map of Hawaii to the back of a chair. Line up two rows of chairs back to back numbering one less than the number of players. Play a CD of Hawaiian music – when the music stops, players scramble for a seat on an “island”. Remove one chair after each round, leaving the one with the map for last. Those who don’t make it to an island may help with the music if desired. Game: Hooked on Treasure Cut a slot in the bottom of a plastic cup. Cut out a pirate hook shape from a piece of poster board. Cover it in foil. Place it through the slot in the cup. Players put a hand in the cup to hold it in place. Cut out treasure chest shapes from brown construction paper. Punch holes in the top of each. Poke different colored pipecleaners through the holes and twist the ends to form rings. Lay the chests on a table with the rings standing up. Players race to hook the color of their team and carry the chest to a designated spot. Team that gets all of their chests there first wins. Game: Wikiwiki (fly) / Weigh Anchor (stop) This is played like Red Light, Green Light. First person to a designated spot – treasure chest, map of Hawaii, or other choice – is the winner. Project: Treasure Lei Cut a piece of dental floss approximately three feet in length. Cut flower shapes from construction, gift wrap, or scrapbook paper. Punch holes in the middle of each. Cut round coin shapes from yellow or gold paper. Punch holes in each.

Cut colored straws into one-inch lengths. If budget allows, purchase shell beads with holes prepunched from Oriental Trading Company or other craft supplier. Starting with a straw, thread flowers, coins, straws, and shells onto the floss, leaving room to tie the ends in a knot. To prevent items from sliding off, pass the floss back through the first straw, leaving a length free for the final knot. Snack: Kebabs – Cut up fruit beforehand into small chunks. Teen volunteers may be used to assemble the kebabs. Put the fruit in bowls if you don’t want to use kebab sticks. Grog – Ginger ale. Serve in plastic champagne cups for a touch of class or clear plastic cups. Hawaiian bread – Purchase rolls or loaves of bread. Serve warm with butter and jam or honey if desired. Fish crackers – Serve in small Dixie cups. Loot: Purchase plastic gold coins, chocolate coins, stickers, jewels, rings, and whatever your budget will allow. Bury them in a blanket box filled partway with uncooked rice. Use slotted spoons to dig them out. Set a limit on the number of treasures each “pirate” may plunder. Provide each one with a small bag for their loot. Yo Ho, Yo Ho, A Reader’s Life for Me

Peter Pan – J. M. Barrie, 1904 Henry and the Buccaneer Bunnies – Carolyn Crimi, 2005 Roger the Jolly Pirate – Brett Helquist, 2004 Bubble Bath Pirates – Jarrett Krosoczka, 2003 Pirates Don’t Do Diapers – Melinda Long, 2007 Shiver Me Letters: A Pirate ABC – June Sobel, 2006 This Little Pirate – Philemon Sturges, 2005
Heluhelu – Let’s Read!

Luka’s Quilt – Georgia Guback, 1994 Grandma Calls Me Beautiful – Barbara Joosse, 2008 High Tide in Hawaii (Magic Tree House #28) – Mary Pope Osborne, 2003 Junie B., First Grader: Alo-ha-ha! – Barbara Park, 2006 Punia and the King of Sharks – adapted by Lee Wardlaw, 1997
Mahalo (Thank you) Pam Carlson Long Beach Public Library October, 2009

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