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									Latest Trends In Automobiles
Head Up Display LEDs and Forward Adaptive Lighting Organic Light Emitting Diode

Introduction of Head Up Display
An electronically generated display of flight, navigational, attack, or other data superimposed upon a military pilot's forward field of view. Also called HUD Now available for automobiles too

Characteristics of HUD


Information is projected onto a person's visual field, and follows either their gaze or the direction in which their head points. The display is largely transparent, meaning the information is displayed in contrasting superposition over the wearer's normal environment.

Characteristics of HUD

The information is projected with its focus at infinity. Doing this means that the person doesn't need to refocus his eyes (which takes several tenths of a second) when changing their attention between the instrument and the outside world.


The information is produced within the instrument panel in the dashboard and then it is projected upward through a small window onto the windshield. A special coating on a portion of the windshield is used to help reflect the information.


Driver Information Display

BMW-Williams F1 driver Ralf Schumacher's helmet with Head-Up Display, the latest BMW safety feature.


Night Vision Uses a dedicated illumination source to cast near infra-red light upon the road and an internally mounted, near infrared sensor to capture the road scene ahead of the vehicle and display it in front of the driver using HUD

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