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Pirates are an intriguing topic. There is a bit of mystery surrounding these colorful figures of the high seas. Many pirates lived along the Eastern U.S. coast. Even our own Charleston had its share of pirates. The 1700’s were known as the Golden Age of Piracy. What is it about these characters and their lifestyle that captures our imagination?

You have chosen a topic based on the ideas presented below. We will read the brief article on “Pirates” found in The New Book of Knowledge in DISCUS. As we read this article together, you should gain enough background information on pirates to select your topic. You will use your research skills to gather enough information about your topic, evaluate the information and synthesize it to produce two pages in a digital scrapbook as a class project. The ultimate goal of this project is to develop a class multimedia scrapbook with visuals and text that will further the understanding of pirates and their place in maritime history. Your multimedia scrapbook will be published on the school Media Center webpage. Your reflection and evaluation of the research process will also be an important part of this project.

1. Develop your research questions based on the “Inch Deep to Mile Deep” technique you learn in the Media Center. 2. Once you finish your brainstorming document and develop at least three strong research questions, you are ready to begin digging for “Treasure.” Use the note-taking page to write in your questions and to record your information. 3. Continue to use the print resources or visit the approved websites in the Pathfinder to complete your research. **Make sure you save any images you need while you are on the website and put the source on your Works Cited page. Once you have completed the graphic organizer, you need to begin planning your scrapbook pages in Powerpoint. 4. You are responsible for producing two complete pages for the digital scrapbook. 5. You will need to attach a bibliography of websites and print resources on the MLA Works Cited form.

QUESTIONS AND TOPICS TO CONSIDER 1. Choose a famous pirate from this list: Anne Bonny Mary Read Blackbeard(Edward Teach) Jean Laffite Thomas Tew Black Bart (Bartholomew Roberts) Sir Henry Morgan Stede Bonnet Captain William Kidd Grace O’Malley John Avery Calico Jack Rackham -Nationality -Birth and death – time and place -How or why did this person turn to piracy? -In what part of the world did this person engage in piracy? -Discuss a notable adventure your pirate had. -What eventually became of your pirate? Tell what ending he or she had. -Other interesting items about the lifestyle of your pirate. 2. Pirate Ships – ship design, famous pirate ships such as the Queen Anne’s Revenge, The Adventure Galley or The Whydah Kinds of Ships – Barque, Brigantine, Caravel, Frigate, Sloop, Galleon, Schooner, Square-rigger 3. Pirate Flags – symbols, meanings, history of 4. Weaponry 5. Life on a Pirate Ship -Ranks of pirates -Jobs on a ship -Rules of the ship -Living Conditions -Clothing and food -Pirates’ Code of Conduct 6. Compare privateers, pirates, buccaneers, and corsairs. Discuss the differences and similarities between these. Investigate and report on some. famous individuals who fit in each of these categories as well as acts of piracy they committed 7. Research and create a “Piracy for Landlubbers Guide” . This could take the form of pirate vocabulary, terms used on ships, etc. Be creative in your presentation.

PIRATE WEB RESOURCES http://www.nationalgeographic.com/mission/real-pirates/ National Geographic’s premier site on pirates. “Real Pirates: The Untold Story of the Whydah”. Lots of other links. http://pirateshold.buccaneersoft.com/pirate_ships.html Pirate Ships http://www.bsu.edu/web/slrak/Pirateships.html More on pirate ships and other pirate topics.

http://www.hickory.k12.nc.us/NVW/Taylorci/codeconduct.htm The simple version of the pirate’s code of conduct. http://tinpan.fortunecity.com/lennon/897/ The Pirate's Life - Dead Men Tell No Tales th TH Summaries of famous pirates and privateers of the 17 and 18 centuries, pirate flags, and pirate ships and their captains. Clickable color graphics allow for full images of ships, flags, and Captain Kidd's privateering letter of marque. http://www.ah.dcr.state.nc.us/sections/maritime/Blackbeard/qar.htm Everything you ever wanted to know about The Queen Anne’s Revenge and the Captain of the ship, Blackbeard! http://www.whydah.com/ Info on the ship called the Whydah http://www.ocracoke-nc.com/blackbeard/ Great site out of North Carolina about Blackbeard, his ships and other pirate info. http://bestoflegends.org/pirates/kidd.html Captain Kidd legends and information from http://www.inkyfingers.com/pyrates/ Pyrate's Providence Pictures of notorious pirates, but no biographies. Good explanation of pirate ships and flags. For those who "intend to go on account,"check out the pirate glossary. http://www.piratesinfo.com/main.php Pirates! Fact and Legend Great site on the history of pirates and their lifestyle. Interesting diagrams on how much compensation a pirate received for the loss of a limb and the parts of a ship. Learn pirate lingo, too. www.nationalgeographic.com/pirates/bbeard.html Great site from National Geographic on Blackbeard/ http://www.geographia.com/bahamas/pirates02.htm Pirates who sailed the area around the Bahamas are included in this great site. http://www.wsd1.org/think/pirate.htm

EVALUATION You will turn in five project pages to your teacher. The first one is your planning document – the KWHL chart. The second one is your research document – the notetaking graphic organizer. Third and fourth are your scrapbook page printed in color and your second slide which contains your information for the scrapbook. The Works Cited form will be the fifth part in your folder. Your presentation to the class should show evidence that you have used the books and Web resources listed to locate information about your topic. Presentations should also show evidence of practice and preparation. Information should be presented in a clear and easy to understand manner. Display your creativity in your visual – the digital scrapbook page. The visual should reflect new knowledge you have gotten from the research.

CONCLUSION Once you have completed the planning and research project you should better understand the life of early pirates. What drove them to this life? What became of the treasures they plundered? Do their artifacts leave behind a clear picture of their adventures? Does piracy exist today in any form?

ADDITIONAL PROJECT AND VISUAL IDEAS -Present a biographical sketch of a particular pirate’s life -Use pirate maps illustrating the seas they sailed and the areas they plundered -Build or draw a model of a ship to explain its parts and functions -Create pirate flags for individual pirates and explanations of design -Create a wanted poster for your pirate listing the crimes he committed and other interesting info

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