Incredible discount available in India for thoracoscopic surgery by amit222


									Incredible discount available in India for thoracoscopic surgery
Thoracoscopic surgery in India to cure severe lung diseases has proved to be successful in curing many patients having spinal cord disorders. Thoracoscopic surgery in India is conducted in cities like Mumbai and Delhi, which have some of the finest hospitals in the country Indian lung surgery institutions provide excellent hospital service at a low cost. Medical tourism in India help foreign patients in getting quick appointment from the doctors, conduction of their thoracoscopic surgery in India's best hospitals at very low cost. The services offered here are world class and the costs are too low. This is the main reason why many foreign patients visit India to get their treatment done. Thoracoscopic surgery is a very complex surgery hence only few surgeons who performs this surgery. Thoracoscopic surgery is a minimally invasive surgery that allows the surgeon to make smaller incisions in the skin and avoid large muscle retraction. Several small incisions, termed portals, are made on the side of the chest wall and one lung is deflated (this is called single lung ventilation) to increase access to the thoracic spine. A thin telescope-like instrument with a tiny video camera and light at its tip (called an endoscope), is inserted through one of the incisions. This allows the surgeon to see video images of the spine "inside" the body on a computer monitor in the operating room. Small hollow tubes are then inserted through the other incisions. Using the video monitor as a guide, then the surgeon inserts specialized surgical instruments through the portals to perform the fusion surgery necessary to correct the scoliosis. Thoracoscopic surgery in India at Mumbai and Delhi is available to foreign medical tourists at an affordable cost. With the changing technology in the field of medical science the procedure for thoracoscopic surgery has also changed and improved according to the course of time. Medical tourism in India offers world class medical infrastructure with high international level of standards. In India the hospital costs are very less as compared to other countries. Indian doctors are expert in their work and the hospital staff working under them is dedicated to the welfare of foreign patients who come to get speedy health gains. For more details about thoracoscopic surgery in India, visit us at or mail all queries at

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