Global Messenger Request Form by fjzhangm


									Global Messenger Request Form
Return to Jamie Lazaroff Office Phone (860) 779-0761 Cell Phone (860) 337-6341 JamieL@SOCT.Org Office Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 8:30am – 2:00pm

1. What is the event 2. Date of the Event 3. Time of Event – beginning to end 4. Location of the event (Please attach directions) 5. Global Messenger Responsibilities at event 6. If a speech is required what should the topic be and how long should it be? 7. Dress for Global Messenger (all GM’s have blue blazers, collared golf shirts and T-shirts – standard attire includes khaki slacks or skirts) *Please request Global Messengers two weeks prior to the event *If you are writing script for Global Messenger they should have copy at least one week before the event

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