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Student Finance and Financial Su


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Student Finance and Financial Support Services for Students

Student Finance and Financial Support Services

Student finance and financial support services are provided by a professional team based at the university’s oncampus Student Centres.

What do we do?
We understand that managing money is not always easy and provide a proactive, non-judgemental service that gives you advice and information on student finance so you can make informed choices.

sessions and specialist workshops. Student Centres have a range of inhouse leaflets and booklets on general and specialist areas of student finance and financial support. Many can also be downloaded from Student Finance web pages. Topics include: • • • • • • • • Student finance and money management Bursaries and scholarships Student finance and financial support Financial support for foundation degree students Tuition fees and funding for Initial Teacher Training programmes Tuition fees for home and EU students Tuition fees for international students Fees for MPhil and PhD students.

How do we do this?
The student finance and financial support team is here to help. We provide advice and information services to help you to develop your budgeting skills and access forms of financial assistance and provide timely information on your tuition fee account. We offer a daily counter service, advertised drop-in sessions and workshops, one-to-one appointments, and a range of leaflets and other publications. We also provide financial information through the Student Finance web pages.

We also have detailed guides and booklets from specialist organisations.

Workshops are offered throughout the year. These can cover general or more specialist areas of finance and can be tailored to meet the needs of particular types of student. Topics include applying for student support and managing your money. Programmes and times are advertised at Student Centres and via Student Finance web pages.

Our services
Information and advice
Through our counter service, you can get information on general areas of student finance, book an appointment to see an adviser, check your tuition fee account, request application forms for funds and bursaries, find out how to make applications for student loans for fees and maintenance, and get details of drop-in

Drop-in sessions
If you have a quick query, you may wish to attend a drop-in session. These last up to 15 minutes and are available during peak periods. They are useful if you want help with applying for the Access to Learning

Fund, student support or other funds and bursaries. Times are advertised at Student Centres.

Web-based resources
The Student Finance website provides information for undergraduates, postgraduates and international students on many areas of finance, including: • • • • Tuition fee rates Student loans and how to apply Additional help from the Government University support, including the Access to Learning Fund and bursaries Living costs and budgeting tips University debt policy and procedures Funding for postgraduate study Initial Teacher Training Funding for students with disabilities Specialist information for international students.

We offer confidential interviews so you can discuss your personal financial issues with our professional staff. Interviews are by appointment only and last up to 30 minutes. If you cannot attend an interview in person, a telephone appointment can be arranged, or you can seek help by email or letter.

Funds and bursaries
We have various funds and bursaries available for different groups of students, including the Access to Learning Fund. Help with applications is available from Student Finance counter staff and through drop-in sessions and appointments.

• • • • • •

Tuition fee management
Student Finance collects tuition fees. Staff can provide you with information on how to pay and give you up-to-date information on your tuition fee account. We aim to work with students who are paying their own tuition fees in an efficient, proactive and professional manner. Students who are having difficulties making their fee payments should seek advice from campus finance staff as soon as possible, so that we can discuss your concerns and help you plan for your future.

Where are we?
Student Centres are located on each campus. Please see the back of this leaflet for addresses and telephone numbers.

Opening times
Opening times vary throughout the year. Please check online at www.gre.ac.uk/ students/centres.

You can contact us with questions, queries and comments online at www.gre.ac.uk/students/finance/ contact or through one of the university’s Student Centres.

Student Centres
Avery Hill
Southwood House Avery Hill Road Eltham London SE9 2UG Tel: 020 8331 9585

Queen Mary Court Old Royal Naval College Park Row Greenwich London SE10 9LS Tel: 020 8331 8526/8553

University of Greenwich Greenwich Campus Old Royal Naval College Park Row London SE10 9LS Web: www.gre.ac.uk

Blake Building Central Avenue Chatham Maritime Kent ME4 4TB Tel: 020 8331 9324/9735

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