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					Set Apart Dance Company
“A Life Changing Experience Through Dance”
Lonnie & Sandie McElroy Owner/ Director/ Choreographer (985)590-0216

2009-2010 AD Contest
Dear Parents, Dancers, & Friends, It is time to collect for our 2009 Annual Production Program Book. We encourage all students to participate! Our photo session will be held February 27, 2010. We have two options for you to consider: P You can sell ads to cover the cost of your picture in the book. P You can purchase a picture for the program book. All students MUST be in the program. To ensure that all pictures, ads, etc… are presented correctly in the Program Book, the following is required: P All ads and ad money (or picture money) must be turned in together in a large envelope sealed with your dancer’s full name on the front. P Turn in the Ad Form with you ad money. P If you choose not to sell ads, please turn in the Ad Form and circle Picture Only with your money in an envelope. P Please type your ads exactly the way you want them to be read. Please double check for your grammar and spelling. (Be creative in the fonts, clip art, add pictures, etc...) There are Three Ways to Submit Your Ads P Can be turned in on a CD P Can be turned in on a Jump Drive P Can be via emailed to attention: Dancers Name. If you decide to email these to Set Apart you need to email all ads in one email.

***If you are running for Cover Girl/Guy, you must turn in all your ads and ad money in February 1, 2010 @ 8:15pm. *** If you are not running for Cover Girl/Guy, all your ads/ad money or picture money is due no later than March 1, 2010. NO EXCEPTIONS! Size Personal Business

Full Page ½ page $150 $175 1/4 $75 $100 1 ¾ Page (Business Card) $50 $75 1 ¼ Page $10 $25



Cost of pictures-Attached are samples of picture sizes/ad sizes. ¼ Page Either $100 in ads or $75 ½ Page Either $175 in ads or $150 Full Page Either $325 in ads or $250 AD/PICTURE Restrictions
P Three pictures with an ad is NOT permitted in the program. P Please note that you can not pick out what picture will be in the program. Set Apart’s owner and faculty will decide what picture is best for the program. (This is only done due to time purposes.) P Ads are only placed in the back of the program. You can put your own pictures in the ads if you like. *Every year we will want a unique look for our cover girl/guy. For this year’s program book, we will have a front cover girl/guy, an inside front cover girl/guy, and an inside back cover girl/guy. Only immediate family members will be allowed to combine ads. P The student that brings in the most ad money (over $1,000.00) will be our 2010 front cover girl/guy-you will receive a front cover, one 8x10 black and white cover girl page introducing your dancer and two full pages of your choice in the book. Two reserve tickets.(Must sell at least $1,000.00 in ads) P Our second place Ad Winner will be our 2010 inside front cover girl/guy- you will receive a color cover and one 8x10 black & white cover girl page introducing your dancer, and one full page of your choice. Two reserve tickets. (Must sell at least $1,000.00 in ads) P Our third place Ad Winner will be our 2010 inside back cover girl/guy- you will receive a color cover and one 8x10 black and white cover girl page introducing your dancer. Two reserve tickets. ** If we do not have three Covers, then the remaining covers will be auctioned off to the highest bidder over $1,000.00 March 1, 2010. **Also please be advised that if your child does win one of the covers, you must be prepared to check your dancer out of school in order to take the Cover Girl pictures.

Cover Girl pictures are usually taken during the early week in the early afternoon. All Cover Girls/Boys custome(s) will be chosen by the owner for the cover. We look forward to seeing all dancers’ pictures in our program Be Blessed Set Apart Dance Company

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